15 Creepy Crimes That Remain Unsolved To This Day

When a horrible crime is committed, it affects everyone to different degrees, but even more so if the crime is never solved. The victim's families, the police officers that work on the case, the community the crime happened in, and sometimes even the entire nation are all affected by not knowing what happened, whether a killer is still out there and whether everyone is safe. There's also some version of closure that's needed to move on. Even if one is almost certain that someone missing is already dead, you never know for sure until a body is found, and even if a crime hasn't been committed for a long time, it's still very hard to feel safe until the person that committed the crime has been caught.

What follows is a list of some of the creepiest and most bizarre crimes that still haven't been solved. Despite all of the hours that have been put in by law enforcement agencies over the years, and even though a lot of people might think they know what has happened, all of these cases remain complete mysteries to all of us. Perhaps, in reading this piece, someone's memory will be jarred, and maybe, that someone might have information that could help solve one of these cases. That would make a lot of family members really happy.

Until then, these remain 15 creepy unsolved cases that will keep you up at night.

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15 The Chicago Tylenol Poisonings

FILE - In this Sept. 30, 1982 file photo, a bottle of Extra-Strength Tylenol from the same lot, number MC 2880, found to have caused cyanide poisoning to people in the Chicago area is displayed in Chicago. About 35 years ago, Johnson & Johnson recalled more than 20 million bottles of Tylenol capsules after someone laced the painkillers with cyanide and put them in store shelves in the Chicago area. Seven people were killed. Johnson & Johnson repackaged Tylenol with tamper-resistant packaging. (AP Photo/File)

This was one of the creepiest cases ever. In 1982,  a 12-year-old girl had a cold and took three Tylenols. She soon died. Then, a postal worker died later that day. Two of his family members took a couple of his Tylenol, and they died, too. Three more people died in the Chicago area over the next few days. It was discovered that the Tylenol was laced with cyanide, and all bottles of it were immediately removed from the shelves. Whoever did this was never caught, although there were a few strong suspects. This changed the way that medications such as this were bottled in stores. Believe it or not, when things like this were sold back then, there was no way to be able to tell if the bottle had been opened or not when one was purchasing it.

14 What happened to Nicholas Barclay?

One morning, a boy Nicholas Barclay took off to play basketball in Texas. He was never seen again. After three years of him being gone, a man in Spain claimed to be Nicholas because he was homeless and needed a place to stay. He had a French accent and looked nothing like Nicholas, yet the family of the missing boy took him in and acted like there was nothing wrong. Eventually, it turned out that his ruse fell apart, and he was exposed as a con man, but then, he said that he thought that the family actually killed Nicholas, which would explain why they were afraid to out him as being a fraud. Check out the awesome documentary, The Imposter, to learn more about this incredibly bizarre case. You won't be disappointed.

13 The Lost Girls in Panama

In April of 2014, two Dutch students named Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers went for a hike in Panama. They never returned. There were numerous attempts to call 911 from one of their phones, but there was no signal. Searchers went looking for them to no avail, but a few weeks later, a woman from Ngobe turned in one of the girls' backpacks. In it was a camera that showed numerous photos taken in the middle of the night. The search continued, and eventually, numerous bones were found of both of the girls. Was it just an accident or were the two murdered? Something seems off about this case, but it doesn't seem like any answers about what really happened will ever be found out in this case.

12 Where is Ayla Reynolds?

Ayla Reynolds was 20 months old when she vanished from a home in Waterville, Maine. Supposedly, she was last seen in her bed at 9 PM, and when her father went to check on her in the morning, she was gone. There was then one of the largest searches for her in United States history, but it was to no avail. There were two other people in the house besides her father when she disappeared. Investigators later found blood in the house. Many people theorize that she was killed by one of the people in the house, possibly accidentally, and then the killer/s disposed of the body and never told anyone. Regardless of what happened, it appears that no one will ever find out. Ayla was declared dead in May of this year.

11 The Disappearance of the Jamison Family

In Oklahoma in the year 2009, Bobby and Sherilyn Jamison vanished. They were supposedly going to finalize the sale of land they were going to buy, and in fact, $32,000 was found in their truck. They were never seen again. Rumors started that they had committed group suicide, that they were dealing drugs, that they were in a witness protection program, or that they had faked their own death. In 2013, their remains were found by a couple of hunters less than three miles from where their truck had been abandoned. The autopsy was inconclusive, and at this point, it's highly unlikely that anyone will ever know what happened to the family, although this case is not that old, so one never knows.

10  What Happened to JonBenet Ramsey?

The case of JonBenet Ramsey is one of the most famous, not to mention, one of the strangest unsolved mysteries ever. In case you've been living under a rock, she was a child beauty queen who was killed in her home over 20 years ago at the age of 6. Before the body was found, her parents called the police to say she was missing and to report finding a ransom note. Later, a total weirdo named Mark Karr claimed to be guilty of her murder, but a DNA test showed he was never there. Both of her parents and her brothers have been suspects in the crime, although some studies have come out and said that they couldn't have done it. At this point, it seems like no one will ever know what happened in this case, but a lot of people can't let it go.

9 The Vanishing of the Beaumont Children

Beaumont children unsolved murder

This one is so creepy it's unreal. In January of 1966, three siblings, aged 9, 7, and 4, took a 5-minute bus ride from their home to the beach in the morning. They were expected home by 2 but were never seen again. Many witnesses said that they were seen playing with a man on the beach. The case became one of the most infamous in the history of Australia but was never solved. There have been some suspects over the years, including one convicted pedophile who was apparently at the beach that day but who recently died. It seems unbelievable that someone could kidnap and murder three children on the beach in broad daylight and get away with it, but that's exactly what seems to have happened in this situation.

8 Who Committed The Girl Scout Murders?

In 1977, three girls who were 8 to 10 years old were attending a camp for girl scouts in Oklahoma when they were bludgeoned, raped, and strangled on a trail leading to the showers. Prior to these murders, a note was found at the camp that said that three girls were going to be killed, but it was ignored and thought of as a prank. There were numerous people who were questioned and suspected of the crime, but no one was ever caught. It's amazing, not to mention really distressing that someone can get away with such a horrible crime and just go on living his life without any repercussions, but, at this point, since the crime was 40 years ago, it seems like this very creepy case will never be solved.

7 The Vanishing Sodder Children

The Sodder Family had 9 children and lived in West Virginia. On Christmas Eve of 1945, their house burnt to the ground. The parents and four of their children made it out safely, but 5 of the children were missing, but there were no human remains found in the fire. No one ever knew what happened to the rest of the children. The two parents always felt that their children were still alive and claimed that the fire was arson to cover up an abduction. At one point, they received a photo in the mail of a young man that they thought was their adult son Luis. No one will ever know what happened in this case; that's almost for certain. For one thing, it happened 70 years ago, so it will almost certainly forever remain a mystery.

6 The Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac Killer is responsible for at least 5 murders and possibly more. In 1968, he shot to death two high school students then killed three more people over the next year. He began to send taunting letters to the newspapers in code, using details that could've been known only by the killer. In one, he said, “I like killing people because it is so much fun.” People were thrown into a total panic, waiting for him to kill again, but as far as anyone knows, it never happened. This leads many to think that he either passed away or was incarcerated for other crimes because it's very rare that a serial killer will go on a killing spree of this nature and then just stop, but that's exactly what happened. There have been numerous ideas of who he was and many books written on the subject, but it still remains a mystery.

5 The Polaroid Kidnapper

In June 1989, a Polaroid was found in a parking lot in Florida. It showed a young woman and a boy gagged and bound. The two had pleading looks on their faces. Some think that the woman is Tara Calico, a woman who vanished while out for a bike ride in New Mexico, but no one is sure. While it's possible that the photo is some sort of prank, it sure doesn't look like one. There's been no further information on who the boy might be; nor has there been any sign of Tara. One thing for sure is that if it was a real photo, whoever did that to them is likely to have done it to other people as well. This one was so long ago that it's another creepy mystery that will probably never be solved, and one that just might keep you up at night.

4 The Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia case is one of the world's best-known unsolved murders. Numerous books and television shows have been inspired by it, and when it happened, it was one of the most famous murders in the world. Elizabeth Short was a 22-year-old actress who was found dead and in two pieces in a park in Los Angeles, her body was severely mutilated, and her face was given a "Glasgow Smile." The case was an enormous deal in the press, and numerous men actually claimed they were guilty of it, but all were discounted by investigators. There were numerous suspects, but none were ever charged. This case remains one of the most famous and creepiest unsolved murders in our nation's history.

3 What Happened to Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman?

Lauria and Ashley were two teenagers who had been best friends since kindergarten and who were having a sleepover at Ashley Freeman's home to celebrate her 16th birthday. That same night, the Freeman home was set on fire, and both of her parents were found dead with gun wounds to the head. It was shown they were killed before the house caught fire. The two girls were missing from the home and have never been seen again. The thought is that they were abducted and probably killed, not that they had anything to do with the crime. Ashley has been declared legally dead at this point. Despite all of the different rumors swirling around, this has remained a total mystery that will not be solved anytime soon.

2 Who Was the Oakland Child Killer?

In 1976 and 1977, a killer of children was active in Oakland County, Michigan. 4 children, all between the ages of 1o and 12, were murdered. They were abducted and held for a long period of time and sexually assaulted before they were finally killed. The person behind these crimes was never caught. The whole area went into a total panic for years, as parents worried about their children being abducted and killed. There were numerous suspects, including John Wayne Gacy, but no one was ever charged. This is one of those cases that one has to wonder if the person was eventually convicted of other crimes and then went to prison. Can one do something this sick and then just stop? Apparently, we'll never know.

1 Who Killed Dorothy Jane Scott?

Dorothy Scott, who was a 32-year-old single mother from Anaheim, California went missing one day in 1980. This disappearance alone would have been odd enough, but the fact that she had, for months, been getting phone calls at work from an unknown man who alternately told her how much he loved her and then threatened to kill her made the case even more mysterious. A week after she vanished, an unknown man called her parents and said, "I've got her." The calls kept happening from time to time until 1984, when her remains were found by a construction worker. Investigators obviously believe that the man behind the phone calls is the same person that abducted and killed her, but no one has any idea who it was or what his motive was.

Source: Wikipedia

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