15 Creepy Creatures Caught On Camera

The world is a terrifying place filled with creatures. By "creatures," we’re not referring to the worst people you know in the world -- you know, the kind of creature that eats the leftovers in the fridge that you were looking forward to eating all day. Or the kind of creature that talks too much during the movie. We’re talking about creatures, as in the kind of thing ripped straight from a horror movie -- creatures with strange teeth, misshapen hooves, slimy skin, and overall, a menacing purpose. The world is filled with them!

Some people believe that the world is filled with mythological creatures, stuff only talked about in urban legends. Others believe that there are creatures on the planet put here by aliens or other extra-terrestrials. No matter what you believe, we’ve gathered up some pictures for you to see today and decide what you think the origins of these creatures are. Are they real images or only hoaxes meant to get attention? Is the world a horrifying place filled with even more horrifying things, or is everything fake? Whether it’s an alien caught on film or a humanoid caught on a security camera, we’ve got all sorts of creatures for you to look at and decide for yourself what you think might be walking around on this planet we call home.

What’s the most convincing on the list? Which do you think are clearly fake? Share with your friends to see what they think! Here are 15 Disturbing Creatures Caught On Camera:

15 Possible Alien Spotted By An Off-Duty Cop

The photograph above was taken in Great Britain by an off-duty police officer. He was on his way to visit his father when he realized he’d be traveling through a place known for some alien-like behavior. This place was said to have strange lights passing over often that many believed to be the result of aliens. He decided to take his camera with him in case he ran into any strange lights like discussed in rumors. What he ended up running into was much more terrifying than just some lights! It’s hard to clearly see, but you can make out what looks to be a strange alien-like creature through the bushes! Since the photograph was taken on film, it’s been proven to be authentic and that the figure was actually there. Whether or not it was real or a person wearing an alien suit is for you to decide.

14 Strange Human-Like Goat Starts Witchcraft Rumors

The photograph above was taken of a baby goat born in Argentina and with a very human-like face. As soon as the baby goat came out, rumors of witchcraft started to go around with the villagers who believed something magical was involved to give it such a human-like face. Unfortunately, the goat was born stillborn, and it’s likely that it was born this way simply from a deformity and nothing out of the ordinary. Deformities are common among farm animals, as they aren’t given as much medical attention and medication as humans are when they’re expecting. It’s still a pretty freaky coincidence that this goat happened to be born with a face so similar to that of a human. It almost looks like a human wearing a goat costume. This is freaky enough for us to stay far away from goats for the time being.

13 Utah Police Capture Humanoid On Dash Cam

The picture above was posted on the Utah police’s Twitter after they believed they might have captured some sort of humanoid on their traffic camera one creepy night. The fact that it came from local authorities and not just some teen on the internet already makes it a little more believable. They thought it was spooky enough to share with the world, and we’re scared enough to believe it! The figure does look strangely human, and if you look hard enough at where the head would be, it appears that there’s a very strange face staring back at you! It’s a chilling image, but of course, like all pictures of creatures taken around the world, this one has plenty of skeptics. Some claim that it’s nothing more than a tree branch. Others believe it’s just a strange figure made from some smoke or fog. Do you believe it’s evidence of a strange creature?

12 A Goat Born With One Eye Gets Worshipped

The goat with one eye was born in South Africa. Seeing a cyclops like this is not at all common, especially among animals that survive! This goat is alive and walking around perfectly healthy aside from the fact that it's blind. You would think with one super massive eye, it would have better sight than the rest of its goat friends, but unfortunately, because of the deformity, it has lost its sight. Because of this strange rarity, some villagers have actually begun to worship this goat, believing that its one eye holds some sort of magical powers! Sure, it’s a strange coincidence that it happened to be born with one massive cartoon-looking eye instead of two normal ones, but nothing else about this goat suggests it’s some sort of magical being. Some people wouldn’t be willing to take their chances, however.

11 Jersey Devil Or Just A Sick Squirrel? 

The Jersey Devil is another popular mythological creature that seems to have scared the residents of New Jersey for the past several decades. The Jersey Devil is allegedly the son of the devil and looks satanic-like. This photograph terrified residents when it surfaced on the internet claiming to be evidence of the Jersey Devil! Of course, skeptics have come forward claiming that there’s no such thing and that this is nothing more than a squirrel with no hair! Once it’s put into that perspective, it’s pretty easy to see that that’s probably what it is. However, the skeptical skeptics inside us think that there’s no way this is nothing more than a squirrel! It’s pretty terrifying-looking, and until we have it captured and sent to a lab to be studied, we’re believing that this is proof of a much more terrifying creature’s existence in this world.

10 A Human-Lamb Hybrid Starts Bestiality Rumors

The photograph above has to be one of the most frightening creatures on this entire list. It was born to a lamb in South Africa. Yeah, that’s right -- this is supposed to be a baby lamb! The creature’s birth immediately sparked rumors of bestiality with claims that the farmer is the one who had impregnated the sheep! Of course, cross species breeding isn’t possible for two animals so different, so those rumors were quickly silenced. It was clear that the baby lamb was born with a variety of deformities, all of which caused it to look so terrifying. Its head looks so large and human-like because of swelling in the brain. Unfortunately, this baby lamb didn't survive; however, these terrifying images of it will live on in our nightmares for eternity! This is definitely an image we won’t be able to wipe away from our brain!

9 Could This Be Nessie? 

The photograph above is probably the clearest and most recent picture of the Loch Ness monster taken so far with it emerging on the internet in March of 2017. With so many rumors of this sea creature wandering the lake now, it’s become a popular tourist spot with people all over the world visiting, ready with their cameras to capture something spooky to share with the world. The problem that many people have with this particular photograph is just how close the creature is to the boat. It seems as though the people on the boat would've been able to get better evidence of the creature since they were much closer than the people on the hill who took the photograph. This has led many people to believe that the strange thing sticking its head out of the water is nothing more than a tree branch. What do you believe?

8 What Creature Is This

The photograph above is a still taken from a video that showed this terrifying desert beast stalking its way through the Portugal desert. When it comes to an image like this, a lot of questions pop up right away. What is this beast? It could potentially be an alien hiding in the desert. If that were the case, wouldn’t there be more or some sort of spacecraft? Wouldn’t it also be better at hiding if it had the ability to fly a ship undetected to the Earth? It could also be some sort of desert creature, like bigfoot but with sand. If that were also the case, don’t you think more people would've spotted this creature at some point? The desert does seem like an easy place to hide, however, seeing as how everything is the same couple shades of tan. The last option is that it could also be an elaborate hoax, but really, what’s the fun in believing that?

7 Is There Life On Mars? 

Most of the pictures on this list have discussed Earth creatures and beings that were photographed on our very own planet. The picture above differs from the rest, however, in that it was actually taken on Mars by a spacecraft NASA uses for the exploration of another planet. Of course, NASA has stated time and time again that it’s just a rock. If they actually did find other life on another planet, however, do you really think that they’d tell us about it right away? The strange shape of this creature definitely has us thinking it’s more than just a clump of rock. It looks as though it has legs, as you can see the other side of Mars through the bottom of it. It also has a different color and shape than the rest. There are certainly skeptics, but this is a pretty convincing photograph of life that exists on other planets.

6 This Creature Is A Living Thing In Our World

The picture above was taken of a real-life creature on this real-life planet that’s real and living. OK, so we know we repeated ourselves several times, but of all the pictures on the list, this one seriously looks the fakest! It doesn't look like it’s a real living and breathing creature, but that’s exactly what it is! It’s a sea slug and is actually a fairly common creature found at the bottom of the ocean. It has a brain and thought processes and breathes just like you and me. It looks faker than all the potential fake pictures on this list and looks more photoshopped than the other images that are clearly real. We’re always looking to the sky to find signs of strange creatures living out there, but there are plenty of aliens on our ocean floor!

5 A Double-Headed Snake Is A Common Bug

The picture above scared one woman after she found what she believed was a double-headed snake in her home! It’s a terrifying creature to find because snakes are scary enough as they are, but one with two heads is all the more terrifying. Not only is that scary, but also, discovering an undiscovered creature has to be a pretty horrifying phenomenon. Is it an alien? Is it evil? Is it dangerous? Is it already too late for me after making eye contact with it? Luckily for the woman who found this strange thing, it’s not any of those things and is actually a pretty common elephant hawk moth caterpillar. That’s right -- this thing will eventually cocoon and just turn into another annoying moth that flies straight into our porch light. Although this is a common discovery, it’s still a scary reminder of how little we all know about the world around us and how many unidentified creatures there are lurking in our own homes.

4 Camel Spiders Making Home In Arizona

Spiders are probably the scariest bugs in existence. Something about the way they move and the webs they build makes them completely horrifying. A bug that’s almost as scary as a spider has to be a scorpion. They’re like little land lobsters that have multiple ways to inflict torture on their victims. What’s scarier than a scorpion and a spider? The camel spider, which is basically a hybrid of both. These spiders are also absolutely massive and are known to eat small mammals and birds sometimes! Most people believed that these bugs were foreign to the U.S.A., but it’s been discovered recently that they actually are native to Arizona! Experts say that aside from a nasty bite, these bugs are mostly harmless to humans. That may be true physically, but we’re certain there’d be some mental scarring if we were to ever run into one of these creatures!

3 Strange Sea Creature Off The West Coast

The Loch Ness monster is one of the most well-known creatures in our world. The idea of a dinosaur-like sea monster roaming around for decade after decade has intrigued many throughout the years. Most people believe the Loch Ness to only be located in Lake Loch Ness, but what if there are other animals swimming about like Nessie? The photograph above was taken off the coast of Alaska by a land manager who saw the terrifying thing swimming through the water and snapped a picture to share with the world. Some have looked at this creepy pic and believed it to be evidence that there's an Alaskan version of the Loch Ness monster. Others have stated that it’s probably nothing more than just a rope with chunks of ice on it. For it to terrify even experts is something we’re not willing to play games with. What do you think it could be?

2 Teens Capture A Possible Gnome

The picture above is a still taken from a video recorded by several Argentinean teens who were playing a game of soccer at the time. They heard something strange in the bushes and realized that this gnome-like figure was running across the path! It was dark out, and the camera wasn’t the best, so the quality of the video makes it pretty hard to see what’s going on clearly. However, it’s easy to see that it’s likely not CGI and that there was, in fact, something there with the boys. Whether it was just a little person trying to get home at night when a bunch of teenage boys were terrified by its site or it's actual evidence of something more mythological is for you to decide. If it was just a hoax or it was a little person trying to pass through the boys, this video can be extremely offensive for those who are living with a disability.

1 Is This A Sea Creature?

The photograph above is similar to the first one that we saw on the list in that it was taken on film. When something is taken on film, it’s much harder to fake than something digitally recorded. We pretty much have the ability to snap something on our phone and alter it to make people believe we found something spooky. When something is recorded on film, however, it’s much more believable that it’s really something taken by someone who wasn’t trying to fake anything. The thing that could make this photograph of a sea creature inauthentic is if it were someone wearing a fake sea creature suit and swimming through the water. The chances of that are incredibly low, meaning that this is definitely something that someone caught swimming through the water! There are still skeptics who will say that it’s a trail of seals or dolphins or that it’s just a strange-shaped log. However, the skeptics of those skeptics will believe that this is very good evidence that there's a strange creature swimming about in our waters.

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