15 Creepy Confessions Of Sailors At Sea

The sea is a massive and wondrous world, a place that we haven’t even fully discovered. The things that exist in the depths of the sea are still somewhat undiscovered. Many people working on cargo boats or fisheries spend their life at sea. The fishermen of the sea have seen things that some of us hope never to encounter. The sea can be, at times, a creepy place, where mysterious things that can’t be explained happen. Sailors and fishermen are people who've spent a lot of time in seclusion with the sea and have seen remarkably creepy things occur. Whether they're strange sightings involving creepy creatures or even have to do with finding themselves in dangerous situations where they weren’t sure they were coming out alive, there are some pretty awesome stories here.

We love anonymous confessions on the internet because that’s where you get the really creepy and amazing stories that you wouldn’t otherwise come across. People feel safe confessing weird things when they know that their identity's kept secret. Why is that? What could they have seen that was so terrible that they don’t want anyone to know that they've said it out loud. Some sailors and fishermen feel as if it’s a curse to talk about things that have happened to them at sea. Check out these awesome tales of the sea, and see if you think twice about venturing out to the sea yourself. If you dare!

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15 The Lizard Man

This guy wasn’t sure if he had seen things when he saw what appeared to be a lizard man. "On a 41-foot sailboat in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, with about seven other men, doing a shake-down/test cruise, planned to be out for about 12 hours, we got caught in a tropical storm. We had just barely rigged storm hawsers and storm sails because the one fellow onboard who was the best sailor sensed the storm was almost on us; otherwise, we would have died. This was at about 3 pm, and although there was cloud cover, of course, the ambient light was such that you could see 2 miles or so in any direction. We're all on deck, working lines, checking the damage, and the bay around us is choppy and churning and foaming. I look about 15 feet of[f] the starboard side, and something swims to the surface, breaks the surface, looks at us, then submerges again. It was like a thin man, with a humanoid shape, arms articulated like a man, a human head, but its skin was covered in scales like a snake. It looked at us, blinked its weird, heavy-lidded eyes, then dove back under. I made an instant decision that I was not going to say anything. What could I say? 'I just saw a strange creature, take my word for it!' As I stood there, one of the other sailors piped up and said, 'I just saw a brown thing pop up on the surface! It looked like a lizard man, with a scaly face. It blinked at us with these big eyes and then went back under'” (Ranker)!

14 Pure Blackness

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The scariest part of the sea can be being out there at night. “My father raced a 42′ sailboat from Marion, MA to Bermuda, twice. He said the scariest part of it was just how utterly pitch-black dark it is out there on a cloudy, moonless night. They had to reset a breaker or something like that and had to turn the running lights off at one point; Dad said it was nearly impossible to tell if his eyes were open or closed. On the other hand, he said seeing the clear night sky full of stars with zero light pollution was absolutely breathtaking. It wasn’t until then that he understood how ancient celestial navigation was possible” (Thought Catalog). The sea can be a very mysterious place to be, and that’s why it’s not surprising that people have gotten lost at sea.

13 Vent in the Ocean Floor

If someone told you that there was a vent in the ocean floor, would you believe them? “A guy in Florida gave the boat I was on coordinates for somewhere between the Turks and Caicos banks and Hispaniola, saying there was something “mind-blowing” out there and we had to check it. I guess he told the captain what it was, but he wanted to keep it a surprise. When we reached the coordinates (which required some motoring), we found a source of constant bubbling. We didn’t really understand what it was until the captain threw a bucket over the side and filled it up with the bubbling water… and drank out of it. It was a pillar of fresh water coming from some vent in the ocean floor. Bizarre” (Thought Catalog). We’re not sure why there would be any type of vent in the water, but it must've been something to see for sure.

12 Dog on the Beach

Just when they came upon an island, they thought they saw a dog on the beach, but it turned out to be something much weirder. "My favorite was something he actually saw on land while out at sea. On an incredibly remote and rugged part of Tasmania's West Coast, the crew noticed what appeared to be a dog on the beach. As they got closer, they noticed it was sniffing around in some seaweed and walking a bit differently to a dog. As they continued to get closer, they also noticed something else -- it had what appeared to be the outline of stripes along its back half. Yes, still to this day, they believe they saw an 'extinct' Tasmanian Tiger (or Thylacine). Regular sightings are still reported in Tasmania, and many local fishermen have also reported seeing them in that particular area" (Ranker).

11 Killer Waves

When we watch movies like The Perfect Storm, we think that waves so big that they can crush a boat are just special effects for the movies, but we can’t be more wrong. The sea is a very dangerous place, and if she’s feeling testy, she can do some horrible things. Fishermen being killed by huge waves happens all the time. "Freak waves. Sadly, the amounts of fisherman [sic] killed by freak waves is [sic] too high. Imagine Mother Nature just unleashing a huge wave out of nowhere that obliterates a fishing boat, killing those on board. He's participated in many searches for bodies and those of lost fisherman at sea -- including hauling numerous bodies on board and liaising with police in the searches” (Ranker). The sea is a terrifying place, and it’s kind of sad to think that bodies can get lost and are never found.

10 A Glow in the Water

This story makes you wonder what was really in that water. "RAN 2000ish, the Indian Ocean on watch maybe 0200. Pitch black except for stars and quiet, apart from the diesels. I notice a humming sound, sorta halfway between hearing it and feeling it. This goes on for a while, but all of a sudden, it got a lot more intense, and suddenly, I notice a glow way under the water. I thought it was bioluminescence on a shark or whale or something, but it kept floating up and suddenly just SHOT off maybe half a naut mile, taking the hum with it in about 1 or 2 seconds. Nothing can move that quick underwater. I reported it, and it was logged, but nothing came off [sic] it. I heard stories from shipmates about the same thing happening, but the glow goes into the air; dunno about that, but what I saw, I have no explanation for" (Ranker).

9 A Crib Floating

There are a lot of creepy thoughts that come with seeing a crib float by you while at sea. "I was en route to northern Japan after the terrible tsunami happened for disaster relief (Marines). Anyway, I had stepped outside to a catwalk for a smoke after not seeing the sun for a few days. It turns out that it was extremely foggy and snowing, which I had never thought about. The ship was basically reduced to a crawl; it was all very silent and quite peaceful. After chain smoking for 10-15 minutes, I started to hear things hitting the ship. Had trouble seeing at first, but once I saw the roof of a house and a crib float by, I realized where we were. Ran back to my living area to grab some friends. We all get back out there and silently observed people's lives floating by us. Not super crazy or bizarre, but it's something I'll never forget. Spent the next week and a half dealing with crazy weather shifts doing my part in the cleanup effort" (Ranker).

8 Weird Dolphins

Silent and staring dolphins seem especially odd and creepy; we shudder at the thought. The description of them makes us think maybe they aren’t dolphins at all. After all, a lot of weird things can happen at sea. The dolphins in this story were so strange that the people who saw them wondered if the creatures were from another planet. Maybe they were; stranger things have happened. “When we were out at sea one night, we saw something particularly odd. At night, we were relaxing when some strange-looking blunt-faced dolphins were coming up to the bow to just stare at us. These particular dolphins looked like they were from another planet, but after some research, they were, in fact, of this planet” (Thought Catalog). Well, that’s a relief. Their silence, however, is very creepy. Usually, dolphins are up for a little chatter when they come across humans.

7 A Deck Full of Dead Birds

A strange weather occurrence caused a bunch of birds to fall dead on the deck of their boat. Not only is it creepy, but it’s pretty gross as well. We’re not sure what we would do if we found a bunch of dead birds on the deck of our boat. “I was sailing from Chicago to south haven Michigan at night. We were hit with such a bad storm halfway, it blew all the swallows 45 miles out to sea. Because they could see our masthead at nighttime, they all tried to land on it. So, every time lightning struck (like every half second for six hours), all you could see was the deck covered in dead birds. Gave my friend a solo cup and told him to start scooping. Very weird stuff” (Thought Catalog)! A solo cup to scoop up dead birds? Gross!

6 Explosion in the Water

This guy thought that he was under attack when the water around him started exploding. "I was fishing in [a] 17-foot Mohawk canoe off the main bridge in Titusville, FL. I have a trolling motor on the side of the canoe, and I head for my spot down the south shore. Over to my left, just as I arrive at the south end of the trough, I see a pod of manatee in the water about 75 yards away. I have a little camera stowed away, and I decide to get some pics. That's the last thing I remember before the loudest noise that came from all around me. Water exploded -- around and under my 75lb canoe with 150lb me in the back. The front of my canoe went up at over a 45% angle, and the rear of my canoe, with me in it, came off the surface of the water some amount such that my battery came off the floor. In the front of my canoe, all my tackle and such was [sic] launched into the air. I remember seeing a single large pinfish (not mine but one belonging in the water) arcing over the whole mess as I gripped the gunnels. It's not obvious what happened to me for a minute. I was so afraid and so vulnerable and unsure if it would happen again. The pod of roughly 21 manatees (number from ranger) had come into the lagoon area recently, and as it turns out, they have a similar danger signal to beavers -- they slap the surface of the water when that many do it and it's in 2 feet of water, and they are really frightened by my entry into the area, it can almost violate the laws of bowel physics” (Ranker).

5 A Dead Body

There’s probably nothing worse that you can find at sea then a dead body. "Once, I almost hit a dead body when returning from a trip at the end of the day. It was just turning dusk, and I was coming in from about 15 miles offshore after a day of fishing. I was cruising around 25 knots when, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something bright yellow just off the port side of the boat and almost made impact with it. I slowed down and turned the boat around in an attempt to find whatever it was I almost hit but was unsuccessful, and it was getting late, and the sun was almost down, so I decided it would be best just to head back in. The next day, a body in yellow waders washed up onshore about 25 miles to the North. I can't say for sure if it was the same yellow object I almost hit, but I'd be willing to bet it was” (Ranker).

4 The Plane Crash

There have been many planes that have crashed into the sea and were never found. "Not amazing in a good way, but on the flight deck during flight ops, business as usual, launching planes and dodging jet blast. All the sudden, the air boss calls out to get ready for emergency landing. In like 3.5 seconds, the landing area was completely clear before I could even realize what was said. Well, the jet didn't make it to landing. I watched a 60-million-dollar f-18 just go into the ocean. The pilots ejected and needed to get pulled out of the water, of course. It all happened so fast I would almost swear that the helicopter pilots literally appeared out of thin air, spun that b*tch up and were hovering over the water with a rescue swimmer roping out in an instant. This all happened in what seemed like less than 5 minutes. I was in total shock and sick to my stomach because nobody immediately knew whether or not the pilots were okay. They were; both had quite a few broken bones. The same jet I watched take off minutes before was deep six'd" (Ranker).

3 Living Dolls

One man was working a cruise ship when a creepy woman boarded with weird dolls that she pretended were real. "I worked on a cruise ship for seven months as a youth staff taking care of kids while the parents party it up. At certain parts of the day, we close the playroom to the older kids and just let parents with their children that are under 2 come in. This woman comes to the gate with a double stroller with two of the ugliest looking babies I have ever seen in my life. She asks if she can come in with her babies. Of course, I oblige, but something seems a little off. She takes the babies out of the stroller and puts them on the blanket where we have toys placed upon in the middle of the room. It is then that I realize what was so strange about these babies: They were dolls. This woman was taking pictures of them with the toys and pretending they were alive, names and all. I just looked over at my co-worker, and she's giving me the same look of shock and horror that I had on my face. We had no clue what to do or say. News spread quickly to another crew member on the ship about her. Apparently, she [had] bought gold bracelets for them at the jewelry shop on board. That woman is by far the most amazing and strangest thing I have ever witnessed at sea" (Ranker).

2 A Real UFO

If you're on the fence about UFOs, then this story might change your mind. “Coast Guard here. Strangest thing I saw would be a UFO, I sh*t you not. I was on midwatch at midnight to 4 am. I was the lookout and noticed this light in the distance; we weren’t by land and the radar didn’t show anything. I watched this light gain and lose altitude and go back and forth for over an hour. I was pretty transfixed by this thing; I wish it could’ve gotten closer. It really made me think about what’s out there that we know nothing about. It actually scared the sh*t out of me” (Thought Catalog). It really makes you wonder what's out there in the world and what would happen if they decided to make themselves known to us. Like we said, the sea is a very scary place.

1 Creepy Frog

We’re not sure what to think about this story. We just hope we never run into this creepy creature. "My mother told me that her father claimed he had spent a night in a swamp with a friend, hunting for frogs, and ended up seeing something that looked like a giant frog. When they shined their light on it, it stood up and started walking towards them on both its legs. They ran for their car and sped off. It was stranger still because it was the only weird story grandpa ever told. He was also a teetotaler, so unless he had some sort of hallucination, I have no idea what he thought he saw. The only other possibility is he decided he would bullshit everyone just because" (Ranker). A giant frog that stood up and started walking towards them? Yeah, no thank you. We would've been speeding away fiercely as well.

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