15 Creepy Confessions Of Kids Who Experienced The Unexplainable

Children always tell tales; sometimes, they're from their imagination, while other times, it’s something a little different. Sometimes, kids tell tales that will surely creep you out, tales that are undoubtedly not made up stories. Kids say the darndest things -- or do they? Imagine hearing a creepy tale from your child, a story that you couldn’t explain away. When it comes to the supernatural or paranormal, children seem to be more open to these experiences than adults are. Especially in horror movies, kids are always the ones that a spirit or entity attaches itself to, probably because their minds are more open than adults are. If you were to remember anything as a child, a paranormal experience would certainly stick in your mind and even haunt you right into adulthood. Do you remember the creepy things that happened to you when you were younger? Things you saw that you couldn’t figure out? Something that was unexplained? When you’re a child, a paranormal event can seem so much more horrifying than if you were an adult. If you like creepy tales, then you're sure to love these stories.

There are creepy tales told by children about experiences they had that couldn’t be explained. These are the stories that will keep you up at night and always keep you wondering what’s under your bed or in the closet. These are the ones that you will always wonder about.


15 The Shadowy Man

The tale of a shadowy man roaming the house, watching your child, and knocking things over is something that would be a parent’s worst nightmare.

“I always felt like I was being watched in my room, and if I had the door open to the hallway, I would SWEAR I'd see someone walk by out of the corner of my eye. One day in my bathroom, the shelf that had my sister's beauty stuff fell down. The shelf wasn't loose or hanging; all the stuff had to bounce out of a two-inch-high lip into the sink. One time in the middle of the night, my sister's 100-year-old dresser, which she got as a gift from our grandma, just "fell" over. My sister said she heard the sound of someone pushing. My mom and sister used to yell at me for sneaking around the house - only I wasn't home or in my room. They said they saw a man in shadows that was about my height. One day, we also ran into the old owner, and my mom asked the lady if she had ever experienced anything in the house. The lady started crying and said no one believed her, but yes, she experienced a lot of stuff. I moved out around that time. I do not miss that place." (Reddit)

14 A Visit From the Devil


A terrifying story about a child who had an encounter that could have resulted in the child’s death. Whether the child’s death had something to do with the encounter is something his brother will always wonder about.

“There is a five years’ difference between my brother and I. One night shortly after I was brought home, my brother was a sleep [sic] in his room. He heard knocking and scraping around in his closet. He woke and watched a man he describes as the Devil exit the closet. He walked to the foot of his bed, smiled and said, 'I’ll see you soon kid,' and then returned to the closet. My brother, terrified went running into my parent’s [sic] room and immediately told them what had happened. For the next few nights, they let him sleep with them. Just a few nights later, the ceiling in his room collapsed, crushing his bed.” (Sliptalk)

13 Teleporting Kid

Do you believe that teleportation is possible? If not, you might change your mind after this story.

"I was in first grade, hanging out at recess with a friend. He was shooting some hoops outside, and I was playing DS, sitting on the pavement. I remember him asking me if he could make a shot from halfway across the court. I told him he could try, but he probably wouldn't make it. Suddenly, my dad asks me what I mean, and when I look up, I'm sitting on my living room carpet, talking to my dad, and it's dark out. I was sitting in the same position, playing the same game, same level, and the same exact spot in the level. Everything continued normally that night, and I didn't tell anyone at the time, but looking back, it is really freaky. I thought it was a dream for the longest time, but thinking about it, it didn't really feel like a dream, and I don't really remember dreams that well."

12 The Man on the Lawn


When it comes to kids talking to strangers, there are always rules: generally, not to do so. So imagine finding out your child not only talked to a stranger but that the stranger may have been some creepy monster, one that was standing right on your front lawn?

“I was visiting my sister and her family; we were sitting around the table eating dinner. My niece, age 3 or so, said ‘Daddy has broken eyes.’ We laughed, and I asked, ‘Who else has broken eyes?’ thinking she meant blue eyes. She said, ‘You do too, Auntie! But not mommy.’ We all have blue eyes, so that’s not what she meant. My sister asked, ‘What do you mean broken eyes?’ She responded, ‘The man standing on the front lawn told me that Auntie & Daddy have broken eyes.’ My brother-in-law ran outside; there was no one on the front lawn.” (Reddit)

11 An Intruder

Creepy strangers inside your house are probably the last thing that you want to discover, especially one that smiles at your son in a creepy way. What would you do if a black-eyed stranger was found beside your bed? We think it’s one of the creepiest stories ever. Who is this creature?

“When my son was six, he said he came upstairs to brush his teeth. He looked down the hall where he could see into our bedroom. He said there was a bald man with black eyes standing on the nightstand next to mommy’s side of the bed. He turned to look at my son and smiled at him. He told us later on when we came upstairs to get our other little ones ready for bed. I looked around the house and in the closets but didn’t find anything.” (Sliptalk)

10 Long Lost Sister


Some people believe that people who've passed before can come back and make contact with us, like family members who've died. Personally, we think that it sounds a little creepy. But others take comfort in that fact. In this story, a little girl was contacted by someone she didn’t even know existed, but it helped her through a traumatic incident in her life.

“When my little sister was about four, she stepped barefoot on broken glass. Nicked a major artery and nearly bled out. After an extended stay in the hospital, she told us that she wasn’t scared in the hospital because ‘a little girl held her hand and told me she was protecting me. She said we were sisters.’ She didn’t know this at the time, but on [sic] of our sisters had died just after birth many years ago.” (Reddit)

9 Watching From the Window

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night to see a demon at your window.

"I was young, 5 to 7, and I was sleeping in between my parents. I woke up, and I remember the clock reading around 4 am. There was something standing by the window, looking out into the front yard. It looked like a man in a brown wool robe. I sat up in bed, and the thing turned and looked at me. Dear God, that face. Extremely pale white skin, lots of really pronounced wrinkles, and the face drooped like it was melting down into a really pointy chin, almost similar to a Scream mask, but with all of the features of a living being. Its mouth was hanging open, and its eyes were wide, almost like it was worried or frightened. It kept its gaze on me while it moved away from the window and out the open bedroom door. The second it exited the room, the lights turned on on their own, and both of my parents jumped up on either side of me, breathing heavily like they had just woken up from a nightmare. To be clear, I was fully able to move during this, so I don't think it was sleep paralysis, but I'm not sure what it could have been other than some kind of demon.” (Reddit)


8 Severed Head


When kids are contacted by ghosts or entities, they don’t necessarily think that it’s with something evil. Kids can often be susceptible to spirits because they're innocent and may not even realize that they're in any danger. They'll befriend a ghost or a spirit, thinking that they have a new friend, someone they could talk to, and they'll often trust these entities. Sometimes, it turns out to be nothing, while other times, these stories are the inspiration for the next horror movie. In the case of this boy, he doesn’t seem alarmed at all by his encounter, and that in itself can be terrifying. “When my little brother was 3 or 4, he told us about a severed head that had no skin that was hanging from the curtain rod in his bedroom. He didn’t seem to be scared of it.” (Sliptalk)

7 The Non-Friendly Ghost

Ghosts can be non-threatening, while other times, they could be a danger to your kids. What seemed to be a normal funny situation to the parents turned out to be something entirely different. Who knows what kind of entity this one was and what it wanted from the child. Hopefully, this wasn’t one of those tragic situations where something happened to the child.

“Friends of mine moved into a new house with their 4-year-old son. He kept talking about a boy being in his room, which they brushed off. Eventually, they humored him and suggested he talk to the boy. The next day, they ask[ed] how it went. Their son said, ‘I asked him if he wanted to be friends. He smiled and nodded. But I could see [he] was lying.’” (Sliptalk) The child had a feeling that something was off when he talked to the ghost.

6 Mysterious People


There are many stories when it comes to shadowy figures. Who are these mysterious ghosts, and what do they want? These children spent years seeing these creatures, and they fear them. What do they want from the people that they haunt? We can only hope that their presence is totally innocent.

“When my grandparents lived in their old house in California, they had an upstairs that my sister and I were afraid of. We used to see shadow people moving from room to room. We often refused to nap up there due to these shadowy presences. Adults never believed us, but I remember watching them from the stairs hoping not to be spotted. Now I’m grown; I thought it was my imagination as a kid until my sister mentioned it asking if I remembered. I still don’t know what they were.” (Sliptalk)

5 The Cat Came Back

A story about a loving pet that died and then came back to life.

"When I was six years old, I had a cat named Buster. Suffice it to say, Buster didn't like being hugged and coddled all the time by, so he hated me. He was also an outdoor cat, so he would often spend most days outside and then come in for the night. One night, Buster didn't come back in the house. Our area was also well known for an abundance of coyotes. My parents were being a bit hush-hush about Buster's disappearance, but I didn't get the hint. That night, when I was drifting off to sleep, Buster jumped onto my bed. He lay down by my head and let me pet him until I fell asleep. Honestly, I was shocked because he had never done this before. The next morning, I triumphantly walked downstairs and related to my parents that Buster now loved me because he slept in my bed during the night. My parents looked at me inquisitively and sat me down to let me know that while they were outside the night before, they had found Buster's body in the alley behind our house. They thought he had been harassed by a coyote, but he was dead, so he couldn't have slept in my bed that night.” (Reddit)

4 Lady in White


Spirits are often seen staring out windows. It’s one of the great scare tactics of horror movies. Who wants to see something mysterious peeking out their bedroom window?

"I was home alone for a weekend a few years ago while I was still in high school. After school one day, I was driving home, and when I passed in front of my house, I thought I saw an old lady in white clothes in my sister's room looking through the window. I thought it was stupid, so I went into the room to check out what it actually was, but I couldn't find anything. I pretty much forgot about it until later that night. I got a call from a very panicked and scared neighbor saying there was some old lady pacing back and forth in my sister's room. I still have no idea what it was, and I've never seen anything like it since." (Sliptalk)

3 Whispers From the Closet

When a boy meets the monster in the closet, it can be a horrifying experience.

"When I was a kid, my brother and I would get stuck with babysitting the neighbor's kid; his name was Alex. Alex was really fond of my Lego set. He would play for hours, while my brother and I would play video games in the living room. So one night, when I fell asleep on the couch, my brother came to me and said, 'Alex is under your bed and shaking.' I go [sic] inside to find him on the verge of tears as he was trembling profusely under my bed. 'What's wrong? Why are you under there?' Alex whimpered, 'Him,' while looking at the sliding closet. As I walked toward the bed in order to help him out, he ran; he ran all the way back over to his house and waited on his front steps until his parents got home. Now my parents were out to dinner with his, and he explained the whole story in detail to both his parents and mine; his explanation sent shivers down my spine. My mom told me that Alex was playing with my Legos when he heard a slight murmur from my closet, something that resembled a faint vocalization of 'come here.' He said that he looked behind him and noticed the closet had a slight opening with light peering in from my lamp. He stared at the crack until he saw an eyelid open. He told us that there was a man in my closet. Alex then hid under my bed. My family rushed back into my house, and in horror, we find [sic] my closet door open and a few things missing. My window had been left open when it was previously closed and a few things knocked over, which had not been touched previously.” (Reddit)

2 Being Choked


There have been many documented incidences when people have been harmed by a spirit or an entity. In this case, there were multiple incidences when the child was harmed.

"So, I was staying at my aunt's house in Mexico. My cousin's room had two beds, so I slept in there. I remember not being able to sleep well, and I had a bit of pain coming from my thighs. I had sweatpants on and somehow had scratches on my inner thighs, almost like a bunch of cat scratches. My aunt came in and searched the bed for anything, but never found anything that could've scratched me. She also noticed that I had a bit of bruising on my neck as if someone had tried to choke me. It was just me and my cousin. It definitely freaked me out, and I rarely ever go visit my aunt anymore. If I do, I stay for a few minutes only." (Reddit)

1 Creepy Dog

There are mysterious animals everywhere, and some can be quite dangerous, so it’s best to stay away from them. It’s hard to say if this animal was a sick one or something that crawled from the world of the paranormal, but it’s a pretty creepy story.

"I was walking to the school bus one day with my little brother when this animal walks [sic] over to us from the neighbor's yard. It looked like a dog, but it was kind of deformed. No collar or anything like that. And it was totally silent. It stopped and looked at us with the most human-like stare. We backed away and took a different route to our stop. I texted my brother about this a couple weeks ago, and he also remembers this, how creepy it was, and how odd the 'dog' was acting. This would have been around ten years ago or so." (Reddit)

Source: Reddit 

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