15 Creepy Confessions Of Chilling Things Seen By Train Conductors

Trains have been an important part of our society for the past 200 years, and when we think about trains, we really don’t think about all the weird things that can happen on trains. We just think about how easy trains make traveling, especially if you want to go on a tour of the countryside. They are the beastly machines that take care of our agriculture and shipping needs, as well as travel. The conductors that control these machines have seen some pretty amazing things during their travels, things we rarely want to talk about.

With the release of Murder on the Orient Express,\, we thought we would delve into the mysteries that occur while on a train. If you love murder mysteries, then you will love the movie, never mind the insane cast that includes Judi Dench, Michelle Pfeiffer, Johnny Depp, and Kenneth Branagh. Based on a book by Agatha Christie, the story revolves around thirteen strangers that are stranded on a train with an unknown murderer. Although it's just a movie, we can just imagine the weird things real train conductors see while everyone else is asleep. It’s a creepy thought and that’s because there is just something mysterious about trains. Think about the railways that just seem to go on forever. There are many opportunities for strange and unexplained situations to occur. These stories will not only creep you out, but some of them will make your skin crawl.


15 An Evil Entity

Now, this story should be the basis for the next horror movie. A train conductor hit a young lady while she was walking between two tracks early in the morning. The creepy part, however, is that they thought they hit two different people. "The woman that I saw was white, heavy set, and in her late 40s, and she was walking toward the train leaning out in front of us. When myself and the brakeman walked back to find the woman, what we found did not match what I had seen. She did not go under the train, so she was mostly in one piece. We found a Latina woman who was very thin. I later found out she was in her early 20s. The brakeman started asking me if we had hit two people and described the woman in her 40s, the same as I had seen." By the looks of the older, heavy women, both the conductor and brakeman believed she was possessed by something "evil, twisted and full of pain."

14 Underground Noises


This conductor heard voices in the tunnel, but there wasn’t anyone there! One night, he was working at the tunnel with a couple of his colleagues when they heard terrifying screams. They ran down the tunnel to see if anyone was hurt, but they couldn't find a soul. "We were in the deep underground section and we all heard that same noise that was creepy. We have heard a colleague speaking about walking alone in the tunnels, again away from all people close to him at night, and hear someone whispering, and another colleague heard chains at an abandoned station. I'm not a supernatural person, but have I no reason to doubt these guys and their stories since they were told to me one on one when I asked a similar question to OP. It’s very quiet when you're on your own underground, so it could be the mind playing tricks I guess, but still a creepy experience.”

13 The Man In Camo

There is a strange man called Hannibal Lecter and he’s not who you think he is. Whenever an animal was killed on the tracks, there was a special man they called. One night, they hit a deer and this man's colleague made an unusual photo call, a creepy one in fact. " The engineer doesn't hesitate, gets on the radio, and tells the central control to call Hannibal Lecter, and gives the milepost. I look at him sideways, but he doesn't explain. We continue our run into the city, turn around, and head back out the same way. As we come up on the site where we hit the deer, there is a guy in full camouflage on the side of the railroad, butchering the carcass, with a big pile of steaming deer guts next to the track. Engineer gives a toot on the horn and we continue with our run."

12 Scared Of Skin Removal


Who knew train workers would have to deal with dangerous chemicals? One day, he was working under a railcar and usually, when he did, he would worry that something would go wrong with the safety valves and chemical would peel the skin off his face. Yikes! "One day under a particularly dangerous car, I felt a giant 'shift' and a small 'trickle' of liquid come down on my safety suit. Now, not wanting to die, I began to run for the showers while frantically stripping off this large plastic suit. It turns out, I forgot there was snow on the car and got a little freaked out over melted snow."

11 It Might Be Voodoo

This story is seriously disturbing. First, there is the dead dog and then the culprits turn it into a creepy scarecrow. This is definitely something that we would not want to see at night or ever for that matter. These conductors got more than they bargained for on the job. "Creepiest thing I ever saw was in West Philly. Someone cut a Pit Bull's head off and stuck it on sticks in the shape of a cross beside the track. They stuffed fruit and flowers in the body where the head was and spread flowers around it. There was an unlit candle at the base of the cross. Looked like some messed up voodoo stuff." Whoever did that to the dog is severely twisted, and it’s scary to think there are people like that in the world.

10 A Gory Scene


Animals getting hit by trains is a common occurrence, but this one was more like a bloodbath. One conductor was on a freight train one night when it was heading home. They went passed a pasture where a cow had escaped. They saw the cow on the tracks in front of them. Instead of it running off the tracks, however, it just started to run down the tracks. "The coupler on the front of the engine lifted the cow by its butt and rolled it under the engine. As the now-dead cow tumbled under the engine and the following cars, some part of it caused an air hose separation. This caused the train to apply its emergency brakes. Once the emergency brakes are applied, a conductor has to walk the whole train to inspect it. My uncle hopped down to inspect the gory train to find the air hose separation. About four cars back, he found the separation and coupled the hoses back together. As he looked up from the hoses, he noticed the tail of the cow hanging down from one of the knuckles. My uncle thought it would be funny to bring the tail up to show his engineer. He grabbed the tail and pulled a little to dislodge it from the knuckle and attached to the tail comes what he calls a "meat doughnut" which of course was the cow's butt hole."

9 The Crying Woman

Unfortunately, train tracks and stations can be a place of choice by people who are considering ending their life.  "He was working at a station one day and there was a woman crying on one of the benches. A few of the staff asked if she was okay or needed help, but she completely ignored them. Next thing they knew, she threw herself in front of one of the express trains. They were finding pieces of her as far as the next station along." That would certainly be a horrifying sight.


8 Never Trust a Man In A Trench Coat


This story is one of the creepiest yet! Who could have been the man in the trench coat? One night, there was a train that went into an emergency in the middle of winter. The conductor had to stop the train and give it a once-over before he could continue on the trip. He stopped it in the middle of a small town and you won't believe what happened next. "As I'm walking by one of the houses on the outskirts of this town, I see a guy standing in the driveway about 50 feet from me, wearing a trench coat and a hat. The first thing that struck me as odd is that it was way too cold to be wearing just a trench coat. I shine my lantern on the guy, wave, and say 'Hi.' Nothing. The guy doesn't even move. I continue walking past the guy to the end of the train while often looking back. I get to the end, turn around, and head back. I get back to the house where this guy is standing and he is still there in the same place in the same position. I don't even say anything this time. I just speed back to the head of the train. The next day, I'm taking a train back home during the day and paying special attention to this house as we go by it. There is nothing there. The drive isn't shovelled. Nothing is there that could have been mistaken for a guy in a trench coat. I have since been by this house dozens of times and I have never seen a car parked there, or a light on, or anything at all."

7 A Shooting Range

This is a strange story about a man that would do anything to get the right picture. One train engineer kept having to deal with a guy who would stop his car in the middle of the tracks so he could take pictures. The train practically had to slow to a crawl to avoid hitting the guy. "He did it three times taking pictures. They chewed him up, but he wanted photos. He'd drive at least a couple hundred miles to do this (out of state license plates). Note, this truly is the middle of nowhere. If you call the sheriff, it takes about an hour. I don't know the protocol back then for trains. One of the train workers was weeks from retirement and basically didn't care. On their next trip, he took a gun and just started shooting a the guy's car. The guy ran back to his car and drove out of there like a bat out of hell after he shot it a couple of times. They never saw him again. I'm sure you guys dream about doing something like that. Justice."

6 Twisted Souls


There are some twisted souls out there that take joy in trying to derail a train. We’re not sure what kind of sick people would do something like this, but what was worse was, they sat there watching and drinking beer. Thankfully, this time, they didn’t succeed. "Some guys laid a bunch of landscaping stones and tie plates on top of the tracks for about 100 yards in front of their trailer park. We could see them all standing back from the tracks drinking beers and waiting. It was all fun and games until our 12,000-ton train started crushing all the stones and sending shrapnel everywhere." Hopefully, the conductors got off the train and taught them a lesson. Someone could have been seriously hurt and they were using it as entertainment. There are definitely a lot of terrible people out there.

5 Finding A Body

In some cases, conductors will find bodies that were hit by other trains. A railway is a very dangerous place indeed. One locomotive engineer had been on the job for 15 years before he saw his first dead body. The first dead body he did see was actually hit by another train and he thought it was creepier than anything else. "I've hit a few cars and people before, but I never had to go back and look (that's the conductor's job). The person we found wasn't really identifiable as a human being, just a pile of meat. What gave it away were the scraps of clothing mixed into the pile. As far as weird things, there are a few people out there that are really 'in love' with trains. You can use your imagination as to what these grown men do in the middle of nowhere at 2 am."

4 The Scavenged Pony


It’s sad when you think about the animals that get hit by trains, and we wonder what happens to their bodies afterward. One conductor came across a dead pony and it bothered him for a long time after. "During my first week as a trainee on the job, we came across a dead pony next to the tracks that must have been hit only a few hours earlier. The next morning, going back the other way, we passed by it again and it looked like what you would expect to see on a Discovery Channel show. Scavengers had gotten to it that night and it was maybe half a pony at this point. Nature is pretty rad." This would be a pretty gross thing to see.

3 Just When A Paramedic Arrived

Thank goodness a paramedic arrived after a train ran someone over. One paramedic used to cross tracks on his way to work and one time, he saw a stopped train. There was a figure on the tracks, so he rushed over to see if he could help."It turns out the guy had tried to crawl underneath the train while it was stopped only to have the train start moving while he was underneath it. The guy must have been about 60 years old. The train had crushed one of his legs. Being a lifeguard, my brother made a tourniquet and called 911. The man survived, but his leg had to be amputated. The paramedics said he would have died within the hour from blood loss if my brother hadn't been there." He was definitely very lucky.

2 Forgotten For 10 Years


This is not only a creepy story, but a sad one as well. One man had to do some cleanup in a train yard and his colleagues warned him that he might see some weird stuff. But weird would be the understatement of the year, as it turned out. While cleaning, he went into a train that had a lock on it, but figured it was so old, it probably was fragile enough to kick in. "Then I noticed something very disturbing — a skeleton perched against a wall. I noticed that it was wearing a leather jacket and clutching a pill bottle in its bony hands; it was a suicide. I walked a bit closer and grabbed the pill bottle from its hand, the prescription date was 10/9/96  — this guy had been rotting in a train for ten years and nobody noticed his absence. I pressed the button on my radio and told the guard to call the cops, there's a dead guy in here and he's been here for a decade. About five minutes later, a cop car pulled up and an off-duty cop stepped out and walked up to the train. It turns out that this man had been missing since 1997 and nobody cared enough to look for him. He was an elderly man who lost his wife and offed himself in a train. He was there for 11 years and was never disturbed. When they buried him a few days later, I was the only one to come. All of his family was dead or didn't care enough to come.”

1 A Ghost Of A Man

When a conductor got onto the scene of the derailment, he saw a man he didn't realize was perhaps a ghost. The man was crossing the tracks and walking away. The conductor didn’t think anything of it because curious people often went to check out derailed trains. "The derailment was caused by a truck that had been hit and then pushed by the engine. My dad sees the man in the truck, and realized he looked like a beat-up version of the man he met while crossing the tracks. He got the man's driver's license when the sheriff's deputy showed up. The way my uncle put it was 'your dad almost passed out and had to sit down. He didn't say why because you don't do that around railroad men.’”



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