15Never Go Into Abandoned Insane Asylums

Some places just scream terror, horror, and ghosts. Paranormal entities are said to inhabit the place they were in before they die. That's why cemeteries, hospitals, and houses with a dark past are often the homes of many ghosts. We, people, see places like this, their instinctive nature to explore

and be curious kicks in. This results in some rather creepy stories.

One sibling pair decided to visit an abandoned asylum of all things, late at night. As one would expect, the area is haunted and is not without a few spirits that roam the abandoned halls. In the case of the siblings, what they got was a case of pure terror. In one section of the asylum, they began hearing the sound of several babies crying. They're very lucky they didn't see the source of the sound. That would've been a more frightening story to tell.

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