15 Creepy Confessions From People Who Had Paranormal Experiences

It seems as though there's more to this world than meets the eye. For as long as the history books have recorded, mankind has been very curious about whether or not the dead stay dead. Countless people are on a quest to learn more about paranormal activities and ghosts, but to no avail. To this date, no one can really prove if ghosts do exist.

It's hard to believe the ghost stories we hear about unless we see ghosts ourselves. Honestly speaking, is seeing a ghost really that exciting? The nun from The Conjuring, the 13 ghosts, and a whole lot of other paranormal figures have terrified us in film and TV, but despite the shocks and scares, we are still very curious about the spirits that choose to roam the earth.

There have been countless people who've allegedly experienced something out of the ordinary, and these people have quite the story to share. It's up to us to figure out whether these stories are real or not. Still, the fact remains that these stories and confessions are just downright creepy. Here are 15 creepy confessions from people who've had paranormal experiences.

15 Never Go Into Abandoned Insane Asylums

Some places just scream terror, horror, and ghosts. Paranormal entities are said to inhabit the place they were in before they die. That's why cemeteries, hospitals, and houses with a dark past are often the homes of many ghosts. We, people, see places like this, their instinctive nature to explore and be curious kicks in. This results in some rather creepy stories.

One sibling pair decided to visit an abandoned asylum of all things, late at night. As one would expect, the area is haunted and is not without a few spirits that roam the abandoned halls. In the case of the siblings, what they got was a case of pure terror. In one section of the asylum, they began hearing the sound of several babies crying. They're very lucky they didn't see the source of the sound. That would've been a more frightening story to tell.

14 Unwanted Visitor

Unless called upon using a Ouija Board, ghosts are always considered as unwanted visitors. They barge in without notice and most importantly, their company is just not needed. Before we know it, ghosts and other paranormal entities will enter our room. They come in so discreetly, we often mistake them for our loved ones and this results in even creepier stories.

As told by one person who encountered a ghost, he was having a good night's sleep in his brother's room when all of a sudden, a little girl began to cry in the corner of the room. At first, he thought that the figure was that of his sister. However, he remembered instantly that it was impossible for his sister to be crying at the corner of the room because she was at a sleepover.

13 Grandparents Still Care

We're still unsure whether or not we're okay with seeing our dead loved ones in ghost form. As much as we love them, seeing ghosts is still a completely different thing. People have reported seeing their dead loved ones time and time again and it's a story we're all too familiar with. If we were placed in their shoes, is it really nice to be haunted by someone we know and love?

According to a creepy confession of a person on the receiving end of a visit from his dead grandparents, ghosts can actually be comforting. That is if that ghost was previously related to you before they died. We sometimes long to see the loved ones we lost and seeing them in the form of something paranormal is completely different. Then again, unless we get to see a ghost in person, it's hard to say what we feel about this.

12 Demons Do More Than Just Scare

Being haunted by a demon is way scarier than being haunted by a ghost. While ghosts want to just make their presence known most of the times, demons try to harm humans instead. Evil forces are at work when demons come to visit and those who think they're being pursued by one should get help immediately. One unlucky individual was on the receiving end of a demon haunting that scarred him for life.

What started out as an innocent meeting between a ghost boy and the storyteller turned into something more sinister. Another figure aside from the ghost boy appeared in the room and according to the person confessing this creepy tale, the figure was without a doubt a demon. Aside from appearing right in front of him, the demon made most of the things inside the room shake. Who knows what could've happened next?

11 The Ghost's New Friend

All we know about ghosts is that there's still no valid proof of them ever existing and that if they do exists, they're creepy and not for the faint of heart. One of the common beliefs about ghosts is that they tend to latch on to people they find interesting. As one person found out, it's not always best to hang around with a person who can interact with ghosts.

This one unlucky person apparently had a friend in college that says she's been followed by ghosts ever since she was just a wee kid. Of course, it's hard to believe such a story at first but as the person telling the story said, strange things began happening around her ever since she hung out with her roommate. It seems as though the ghosts following her roommate has found a new person to bother and follow around all day. On the bright side, at least she can ask her friend to tell the ghosts to stop.

10 A Demon's Got A Crush

Demons and ghosts are two completely different entities. Ghosts are just the lost spirits of people who used to roam the earth. Demons, on the other hand, are completely evil forces. It's obvious which of the two we'd rather have as visitors. People who see and feel ghosts are unlucky enough already but being liked by a demon is the true definition of "bad luck".

A poor lady once had a dream that a demon liked her. To make the poor lady "his", the demon scratched her in her dream. That's a creepy story enough on its own, but it doesn't end there. When the girl woke up, she did have a scratch on the same spot the demon touched in her dream. We don't know what happened to the girl afterward but if we were in her shoes, we'd be rushing to the nearest exorcist in just a few seconds.

9 Watching Her Sleep

Some ghosts are here because they have unfinished business with our world. Some ghosts are here because they want to exact revenge on the people that wronged them. Some ghosts... just love to watch over humans. There have been countless stories of ghosts being seen watching over someone. Even creepier is the thought that these ghosts watch over someone who is sleeping.

As told by one unlucky lady, she apparently has a ghost that loves watching her peacefully sleep at night. As a non-believer in ghosts, she dismissed the idea of it when her dad told her that he saw a ghost watching over her one night. She finally believed in ghosts when in one night, a male figure walked from her door and through the wall! It was definitely a terrifying experience for her and we hope that she sleeps well nowadays.

8 They Can Be Friendly Too

Say what you will about ghosts, but if there are any occasions when they actually hurt humans, it's very rare. Ghosts and other paranormal entities just try their best to get attention from humans. Some do this to ask for some help so that they can finally move on from this world. Some ghosts are just plain nice and they don't mean to do anyone harm.

One story from someone very lucky says that like Casper, the ghost we all know and love, ghosts are friendly at times too. The storyteller was lucky because the ghosts didn't want to scare him. During a get-together held at his friends' cottage, ghosts seemingly began roaming around. According to him, the ghosts were friendly but he didn't expound why. It's likely because they were trying to spark a conversation with the storyteller at some point during the party.

7 Noisy Neighbors

Living alone is not a tough thing to do. The feeling of independence is actually pretty nice but solidarity isn't always a good thing though. There are people who prefer houses that are a few blocks away from neighbors but if one is afraid of ghosts or any other paranormal activity, then it's best to live near another person. At least near enough to hear them from time to time.

One person who was living alone is kept up late at night. Aside from the uneasy feeling he got from the new house he lived in, there was just something else bothering him. He'd been hearing people talking in his house. He lived alone and far from his neighbors. Unless he left the TV on at the other side of the room, then the sounds he heard most probably came from the ghosts who were having a little friendly chat.

6 A House With Visitors

Sometimes, people get the short end of the stick and manage to land a house that has more than a few unwelcome visitors. We're all pretty familiar with the house in 112 Ocean Avenue. It's a house most commonly known for the Amityville horrors. Many of the residents in the house have reported paranormal activity and we're all pretty lucky to live in such a house.

Not all of us are lucky though. One confession tells us of a person's sad life living in a house with a ton of paranormal activity. The ghostly apparitions come so often, he's gotten used to them. We're not sure whether or not getting used to ghosts is a good thing. Despite being accustomed to the ghosts, there are still a few occurrences that make life a lot harder for him. Body parts coming out of corners is definitely not something you get used to.

5 The Dead Breathe

The only way for people to truly become ghosts is if they die. No heartbeat. No breathing. Nothing. The existence of ghosts has been debated by many and there's still no definite answer to it. Aside from being completely scary and frightening, there's not much we know about ghosts. Maybe even after they're dead, people would still prefer to breathe.

As one unlucky person found out, ghosts breathe... and they breathe loud. According to one confession, he began hearing someone else other than him breathing. The room he was in was visibly empty and to cut short, there was no way another person was inside that room. It's hard to pick whether seeing or hearing a ghost is better but if that ghost prefers to breathe loudly, we'd rather see him them because a breathing dead person is way scarier and creepier.

4 A Visit From Grandpa

Most of the paranormal experiences that people experience at the comforts of their home are often made by alleged ghosts who was a previously deceased loved one. If we're going to get visited by a ghost, it should at least be a loved one. It's nice knowing that those deceased loved ones still care about us from beyond the grave but we'd rather not get the visit.

Just one night after his grandfather died, this storyteller tells of a rather creepy and scary coincidence. All of a sudden, he begins hearing loud footsteps, slamming doors, and objects being moved around. It's obvious that the one making the noise was good old grandpa but if we were in that position, we're better off not having been visited instead. We guess that even in death, grandparents are still longing for the attention of their grandkids.

3 The Ghost That Haunted Before

Not many people believe in ghosts and it's hard to make them believe in one unless they see it for themselves. For individuals who've allegedly seen ghosts, the best way for them to prove if what they saw was real was by asking people if they've seen one particular ghost haunting one particular area. This has been the deciding factor of those skeptical about the existence of the paranormal world.

According to one confession, he never believed in ghost. It wasn't until he saw the figure of an old man that he began to think otherwise. After moving into a new house, the man saw that figure and the logical thing to do was to ask previous owners whether or not they've seen the figure as well. To his horror, the ghostly apparition has been haunting the place for several years already and all those who've lived in the house have seen the ghost as well.

2 Ghosts Haunt Our Noses Too

The most common paranormal encounter we hear about is about a person seeing a ghostly figure. It's a very haunting idea to see someone from beyond the rave roaming this world with us but apparently, not all ghosts haunt by appearing in front of us. Ghosts haunt in an array of ways and they come in nearly all shapes, sizes, and even smell.

A creepy confession tells us that some ghosts prefer to haunt by leaving a particular scent. In this case, a ghost that leaves a smell of patchouli wherever it is haunting one particular house. The scent moves around the house leaving for some pretty creepy surprises. It's easy to dismiss that someone from the household might've just lighted up a candle but one detail worth noting is that some of those in the household have allergies to scents.

1 Dogs See Everything

Dogs are considered man's best friend, and they are the best animal companion to have inside a household. Dogs are amazing creatures. Their sense of smell and sound is more advanced than a human's and because of these, they are able to hear and smell things that we don't. Apparently, dogs are able to see some things we can't see as well and this includes visitors from the other side.

Anyone who has ever had a dog can relate to this confession. The boyfriend of one unlucky house owner says that there was a shadow lurking around his girlfriend's room. The girl, of course, denied this since she has been in the house for quite a while. Suddenly, the dog started barking at the door where the alleged shadow was. Who knows what the dog saw, but that was one creepy coincidence.

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