15 Creepy Coincidences You Can't Ignore

If the world does move in mysterious ways, then some people are being moved more mysteriously than others.

Somewhere in the infinite number of universes, there is a version of us who’s doing the exact same thing we are doing right now. Also somewhere in the infinite number of universes, there is a version of us who’s lived the exact same life we are living right now but with a few minor tweaks and differences. The chances for coincidences are near endless.

But this is all just a random guess in the grand scheme that is life and we’ve yet to know if multiverses do exist. Since we’ve yet to prove the existence of these so called multiverses, when it comes to coincidences between two like individuals, we have to rely on the world we are thriving in. With that in mind, the chances of coincidences are greatly reduced.

Coincidences are a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time by mere chance. Coincidences come in all forms. It could be two separate persons born at the same time and given the same name. It could also be something as simple as two identical but not related individuals chancing upon each other.

However, there are some coincidences that are just downright insane and near impossible when we think about it. If the world does move in mysterious ways, then some people are being moved more mysteriously than others. Here are the 15 creepiest coincidences you just can't ignore.

15 Mark Twain And Halley's Comet

Mark Twain was a literary figure who was responsible for Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Then we have Halley’s Comet, a comet that passes by earth every 75 years or so. These two may be oddballs at first but they share one very interesting thing in common.

Born Samuel Clemens, Mark Twain was born the exact year that Halley’s Comet passed by earth. Surprisingly enough, Mark Twain died the same year it passed by earth a second time. While this may not be that creepy of a coincidence as the comet passes by earth every 76 years, what makes it creepy is that Mark Twain himself predicted his death.

“I came in with Halley’s Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year, and I expect to go out with it. It will be the greatest disappointment of my life if I don’t go out with Halley’s Comet. The Almighty has said, no doubt: ‘Now here are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together.'”

14 King Umberto’s Double

Back in 1900, King Umberto of Italy came across a man who looked exactly like him. While this is already a big coincidence, King Umberto and his “double” found more things they had in common when they began to talk to each other.

Both were born on the same day and year, in the same town, and had the same name.

They were both married on April 22, 1868.

Both of their wives were named Margarita.

Both had a son named Vittorio.

They both had been decorated for bravery on two separate occasions.

The next morning, King Umberto told his aide that he wanted to make his double Cavaliere of the Crown of Italy. However, King Umberto found out that his double was shot dead. On the way to the funeral, King Umberto was also shot and killed.

13 The Lincoln-Kennedy Coincidences

Both Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were assassinated during their terms as President. However, the list of coincidences goes way beyond this.

Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846, Kennedy in 1946. Lincoln was elected President in 1860, Kennedy in 1960. Both were active in the fight for civil rights and both of their wives lost a child while they were living in the White House.

Both were shot on a Friday and in the head. Lincoln’s secretary named Kennedy warned him not to go to Ford Theatre, Kennedy’s secretary named Lincoln warned him not to go to Dallas.

Both were assassinated and succeeded by Southerners by the name of Johnson. Andrew Johnson who succeeded Lincoln was born in 1808, while Lyndon Johnson the successor of Kennedy was born in 1908.

John Wilkes Booth was born in 1839, Lee Harvey Oswald in 1939. Both had three names that totalled 15 letters. Booth hid in a warehouse, Oswald hid in a theater. Both killers were assassinated before their trials.

12 Edgar Allan Poe’s Novel Predicted A Shipwreck And The Crew's Cannibalism

The focus of this coincidence is Edgar Allan Poe and his only novel (he typically wrote short stories and poems), The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym that was published in 1838. A part of the book’s story was when the crew of a ship find themselves in a bit of trouble as their boat acted up.

With no food or water, the crew managed to catch a tortoise but this wasn’t enough. To survive, the crew drew straws to see who was to be sacrificed and eaten for the sake of the others. That unlucky man was Richard Parker.

Here’s where it gets creepy. In 1884, a ship named Mignonette left England and headed towards Sydney, Australia. Mid-way through, the ship broke down and the crew managed to survive using a lifeboat. With no food and water, the crew caught a turtle. Like in the novel. One of the crew members coincidentally named Richard Parker fell overboard and drank seawater to quench his thirst. He was already a goner at this point. The other crew members killed Richard Parker to ensure their survival which is eerily close to Edgar Allan Poe’s novel.

11 The 27 Club

Dying is a part of life and at one point in ours, we’re sure to bite the dust one way or the other. We can’t predict when or where we’ll die and it’s one of the biggest mysteries of our lives for sure. However, musicians and other artists may have to be extra careful when they reach the age of 27.

Coincidentally, a high number of artists and musicians have died at the age of 27. This mysterious phenomenon aptly referred to as The 27 Club has taken quite a few big names and the list continues to grow. The members of the club include Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and many more. The club was made famous only after the suicide of Kurt Cobain back in 1994. The most recent star to become a member of the infamous club was Amy Winehouse when she died back in 2011.

10 Destined To Wed

Not all coincidences are deadly and fatal. Some are just cute and romantic– albeit still creepy. Nick Wheeler and Aimee Maiden were set to wed each other in 2014. The coincidence comes in play when they discovered that roughly 20 years prior to their magical day, they had already crossed paths in their childhood.

Back in 1994, Nick Wheeler spent time with his family at a beach. He was 6 years old then and his parents took a shot of him with his cousins while they were building a sandcastle. Of all the people in the world, a young Aimee Maiden happened to be caught in the picture as well. They were kids and total strangers then and they definitely had no idea that they would eventually end up marrying each other.

While it’s easy to say that it’s possible and not weird since they could’ve lived in the same county, they actually lived far away from each other at the time. The Wheeler family was just on a vacation at Mousehole, Cornwall, where Aimee Maiden grew up.

9 70-Year-Old Finnish Twins Die - Same Way, Same Place, Two Hours Apart

There have been a ton of coincidences between twins but none can compare to this creepy coincidence between two Finnish twins. In 2002, a pair of identical twin brothers; both 70, from Raahe, Finland were run over and killed by trucks while on their bikes during a snowstorm. While this may sound pretty normal in hindsight, it’s worth noting that the accidents are two separate cases.

The Finnish twins were killed in separate accidents on the same day and along the same stretch of road but they occurred a mile apart. The second brother was killed just 2 hours after his brother got killed. The second brother didn’t even know that his twin had died. This denies any speculation that the other twin decided to commit suicide after finding out that his brother had died.

8 The Titanic's Story Was Told In A Novel Over A Decade Before The Incident

We all know the story of the Titanic. A seemingly unsinkable ship that got taken out by an iceberg. It was a tragedy at sea that took countless lives. It has been put in media through films and books. Perhaps the most memorable one being James Cameron’s take on the tale. But if everyone knew the story behind the Titanic and one specific book, then it would be even more memorable.

Back in 1898, Morgan Robertson wrote a book titled The Wreck of the Titan or, Futility. This is in 1898, exactly 14 years before the tragedy of the Titanic. It gets creepy as Robertson’s work seemingly predicted what happened to the Titanic.

Both ships were British-owned steel vessels, both around 800 feet long and sank after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic, in April, "around midnight." Aside from these details, there are lot of other creepy resemblances between the book and the real ship.

7 The Lefties

Being left handed is a pretty special thing. In America, only 10% of the population is left handed. Simply put, the odds of coming across a left handed person are very slim. Despite these odds, many of the Presidents of the United States have been left handed. Over half of the last 14 Presidents are left handed. Even weirder, five of the last seven Presidents are left handed. This is a big coincidence considering that kids were forced to become right handed in school in the past.

The creepy part is that in the last elections, voters had to choose between lefties only. In 2008, Barack Obama and John McCain were both left handed. In 1996, Bob Dole and Bill Clinton were both lefties. In 1992, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Ross Perot were all lefties. Considering how small the left handed population is, the fact that this many US Presidents are lefties is definitely creepy.

6 The James Twins

University of Minnesota psychologist Thomas Bouchard had been studying twins and to his surprise, he chanced upon a really mysterious coincidence. Two identical twins who were separated at birth found out they were twins when they saw each other in Ohio at the age of 39.

Both of the adoptive parents of the twins named them James.

Both hated spelling but they enjoyed math and carpentry.

When it comes to adulthood, both were in the same line of work. One was a security guard at a steel mill while the other was a deputy sheriff.

Both married a woman named Linda whom they divorced.

When they remarried, both of their wives were named Betty. Surprisingly, both also had a son named James Allan.

5 The Super Bowl Poster And The Death Of The Poltergeist Actress

The Poltergeist is revered as one of the pioneers in the horror genre. It’s about a family who is staying in a house built atop an Indian burial ground. The film had a ton of memorable and creepy scenes but the one where the clown doll comes to life is the creepiest. It’s even creepier once you know the coincidence that occurred.

In the scene, the boy had a poster of the 1988 Super Bowl XXII on his wall. Take not that the film launched in 1982 and there was no indication that the scene was set in the years after 1982. Fast forward to real life January 31, 1988, it was Super Bowl XXII and it was in San Diego. A lady, who resides in the state, by the name of Heather O’Rourke died from a mysterious illness. Who’s O’Rourke you ask? Well, she’s the young girl in Poltergeist. The film with the Super Bowl XII poster.

4 The Porsche Spyder Of Death

Back in 1955, Hollywood actor James Dean bought one of only 90 Porsche Spyders in the world. It’s a prized car and the actor was sure to have spent a ton of money for it. He dubbed the car “Little Bastard” and coincidentally, it took his life in an accident. Aside from James Dean’s death, the car has also caused a lot of other troubles to other people.

First of which was the man who bought Little Bastard. George Barris tried to restore the car but during the process, the engine fell out and broke both of his legs. Next, Troy McHenry and William Eschrid bought some parts of the car that they later installed in their own cars. McHenry’s car crashed into a tree and killed him, while Eschrid’s car flipped causing fatal injuries. The list goes on with a few more deaths and injuries all attached to the original Little Bastard. Needless to say, it was probably a cursed car.

3 The Curse Of Bruce Lee

Before GSP, Anderson Silva, Fedor Emilianenko and a slew of other martial arts personalities, there was Bruce Lee. It is without a doubt that Bruce Lee was one of the reasons why martial arts was placed at the center in the first place. However, there are a ton of creepy coincidences between the martial artist's and his son’s death.

Bruce Lee’s Chinese name roughly translates to “Lee’s Little Dragon.” He was also born on November 27, 1940, during the year and the hour of the dragon. However, Lee’s parents insisted on calling him Sai Fon to ward off demons. Here’s where things get creepy.

A movie based on the life of Lee titled Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story added a few new tweaks to his life. In the film, Lee was depicted fighting inner demons. In the last scene, the demon chose to instead attack Brandon Lee, Bruce’s son. The weird thing is that Brandon Lee died two months prior in a freak accident before the film launched. It was yet another case of the Lee family curse.

2 Character In Demolition Man Shares A Name With A Future Murderer

The 1993 sci-fi action film, Demolition Man starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes was a pretty action packed film. It was about a cop and a criminal who wind up in the future after being sentenced to a term in CryoPrison. Early on in the film, sharp-eyed viewers get a list of the other criminals joining Wesley Snipes’ character in CryoPrison.

The names include Quentin Hyde and Scott Peterson. Two seemingly normal names. The latter of the two isn’t all that normal though. In between 2013 and 2014, Scott Peterson was an infamous criminal. This guy murdered his pregnant wife! The creepy part is that the writers of the film had managed to predict a criminal of the same name a few years prior to the crime. Out of all the possible names, what are the chances that the writers managed to pick Scott Peterson as the name of a random criminal?

1 The Matrix Predicts 9/11

Back in 1999, The Matrix was launched in theatres and it was a pop culture hit. The film tells the tale of a computer programmer played by Keanu Reeves who discovers that the world he’s living in is a lie and it was nothing but a computer program. Reeves’ character was made to believe that it was only 1999 when in fact, it was 2199.

In the film, machines have programmed everything that has happened to every person in existence so that it can simulate life. This also means that the robots are familiar with everything that has happened in recent history. The creepy part occurs in the interrogation scene between Neo and Agent Smith.

Agent Smith Goes through Neo's files and he happens upon his passport. A few curious viewers decided to pause the moment his passport was revealed and the expiration date on the document was, you guessed it, September 11, 2001.

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15 Creepy Coincidences You Can't Ignore