15 Creepy Beach Discoveries That Are Still Unexplained

When you think of mysteries, the first thing that probably doesn't come to mind is the beach. After all, the sandy shores we visit are for vacation or, at least, that's what we intend for them to be. The last thing on your mind is mystery, unless of course you're reading an exciting book while soaking up the sun. So it's safe to say that the beach is for fun, right? Most of the time that would be a correct assumption. However, many people have experienced very traumatic and fatal situations within the mysteries of what lies beneath the shores. Beaches may seem safe and relaxing most of the time, but over the past few years, the world has had strange and terrible things wash ashore, murders that can't be explained, and various other mysteries that are hard to wrap the mind around.

These weird occurrences leave us with more questions than answers, but they need to be heard. How are we to solve such mysteries without letting the world know about them? Whether it be human feet washing ashore, or strange substances along the coastline, these crazy happenings deserve answers. So take a look at the strange occurrences below. Some seem rather normal while others will haunt you for years to come. We live in a strange and complicated world, and these mysteries, which still have yet to be solved, are just fair examples of just how weird things can be. After all, the ocean is the world's largest graveyard.

15 Radioactivity Found At Aldeburgh Beach

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When we visit the beach, the last thing we expect to experience is exposure to radioactivity. However, after scientists in England started studying evidence collected from the beaches in Aldeburgh, that's exactly what they found. During one of their routine monitoring of the shores, scientists were baffled to find Strontium 90 contamination. This is a highly radioactive substance that's produced by nuclear reactors. The substance that was found within the sediment samples from the beach were examined and scientists determined that the levels were too low to do any actual harm to humans. However, the fact that any amount of radiation made its way to our beaches is both astonishing and terrifying. They believe the contamination was a result of the Chernobyl incident, along with the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. A comment from the Environment Agency was released regarding the incident. They stated: "We are continuing to work with the operator but it is important to note that these results are unusual and the levels of radioactivity detected are very low."

14 Massive Whale Death, Patagonia

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Whales are very interesting and majestic creatures. They flow through our oceans, surviving on krill and other small beings. They are a beautiful sight to behold and yet so devastating to see dying. However, scientists are still unsure about what killed so many whales during a massive whale stranding in June of 2015. During an observation flight over the Patagonia area in Chile, the 337 whales were spotted. However, due to the remote location and rough sea tides, researchers and scientists still haven't been able to reach the shores to study the whales up close. The cause of death is still unknown, but some scientists believe it could be due to a bloom of toxic microorganisms that sometimes occur naturally in the oceans. If this is the case, no pollution would have been involved. But the question still stands: What could have killed off this entire group of whales on such a massive scale?

13 Feet From The Ocean

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Imagine walking along a sunny coast. You're enjoying the wind in your hair, the nice rush of the ocean water against your feet. The sand is soft and everything is peaceful. As you're searching for shells and other ocean items, you noticed something large out of the corner of your eye. It's a shoe, probably just left by someone on the beach. Then, you take a look inside and notice there's a human foot resting within. Believe it or not, this is something that's been happening for awhile. All along the coast in the Pacific Northwest area, people have been finding feet and shoes. They wash up on the shore, and it's only a matter of time before someone finds them. They have shown up on the coasts of British Columbia, Washington state, and other areas in Canada. Over a period of ten years, 20 human feet have been found. What's so strange is that most of them have been right feet, with a few coming in as pairs of left and right. No one has been able to determine why this is happening. However, some people think it's because of suicides, while others lean more towards hurricane victims.

12 George's Island Murders

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In 1876, a ship experienced some issues at sea when they decided to rest and made their way to George's Island, located just off the coast of Canada. The storm became so intense that the crew decided they had no choice but to leave the ship and make way for the island. There were five men all together and in the end, only one made it out alive. The sole survivor told a tale of how they all tried to escape to the island during the storm. According to the man, he was the only one who made it alive. The others had drowned. His story was believed for quite some time, until fishermen decided to take a trip to the island, considering the fishing spots that surround it. When they reached George's Island, three bodies were discovered on the coast, all of them without heads. It appeared they had been murdered. Upon further inspection of the island, another man was found near two tents chopped up and covered in axe wounds. The murders were never solved and the man who survived was never seen again. To this day, no one knows the identity of the survivor.

11 Vincent's Golden Nugget

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Searching for buried treasure isn't something that's commonly heard of in today's world. Such stories are usually reserved for children's tales and the stories of pirates and such. Sure, there are still people who seek out the opportunity in the real world, but few people ever find something as valuable as Vincent Thurkettle did in 2016. Vincent had been searching a beach in Whales near a charter ship that sunk in 1859 when he came across something highly valuable. The gold nugget he came across is said to belong to the ship, which is worth 120 million pounds. The nugget itself is worth 50,000 pounds, and Vincent certainly worked hard to find it. For seven years, he spent six weeks each year searching until finally the nugget was found. It seems like a long time, but for six weeks out of each year, the money certainly added up. 50,000 pounds is equal to more than $60,000 in the U.S.

10 Spanish Treasure Found In Florida

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Once again we have another story involving the rare find of buried treasure. A man by the name Eric Schmitt found a vast amount of gold buried deep beneath the sea. His discovery came in 2015 while Eric, his wife, and sisters were diving during one of their gold hunting trips just off the beaches of Florida. Among the artifacts were 40 feet of gold chain, 51 precious gold coins, along with a very rare coin known as a "Tricentennial Royal." These special coins were made specifically for King Phillip V of Spain. It is believed that only six are in existence. They were never meant to be used as currency, but as presentation pieces. As a result, they are highly valuable. The special coin by itself is worth $500,000, due to its rarity. The family found it hard to keep their find a secret until it was time to reveal the information to the public.

9 Mysterious Oil Tanker

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Every day, strange things are washing up on beaches all around the world. These things often have no explanation, but very rarely are they larger than a whale. Last year, an oil tanker washed up on the beaches of Liberia, located in West Africa. This wouldn't have been so strange if it wasn't for one simple fact. When the ship washed ashore, no one was on board. The entire crew, along with every lifeboat, was gone. It's commonly speculated that pirates operating in the waters were responsible. However, it's unlikely that was the case, considering that oil prices had lowered at the time, making ships like oil tankers less of a target for these types of people. Another suspected outcome was that the captain didn't have enough funds to cover the cost of keeping a crew, so they all left. It's not certain what happened, but people are still trying to figure out what could have caused the entire ship's crew to disappear.

8 Maserati Dude On The Beach

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People on the beach probably don't expect to see very expensive cars simply driving past them. However, just a few months ago, a man in a very expensive Maserati came rolling up on an Australian beach. Maseratis are very low to the ground. They're not the ideal vehicle for driving in the sand, but maybe this guy didn't know that. He continued on for a short distance until he was stuck. He tried various ways to lighten the load of the vehicle, like throwing everything in the car out into the sand, all while spurting out very strange comments to the people around him. A few tried to offer help, but he denied them. Then in the heat of the moment, he took out his golf clubs and started to hit a few golf balls into the ocean. No one was entirely sure what had happened, but the man started talking about the end of a breakup. Many people simply assumed he was having a mental breakdown after a broken heart. However, the real conclusion was never discovered. Maybe he just needed to have a moment of insanity?

7 The Circle of Love

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="964"]Perfect spot: Located in a world of its own on the Marieta Islands in Puerto Vallarta, just a few miles off the coast of Mexico, they were used to conduct military tests because they were uninhabited via: dailymail.co.uk[/caption]

For many couples and sightseers, one of the places you can't miss out on is commonly referred to as "Love Beach." It's located in Mexico just off the coast on Marietas Islands. This magical place looks like something straight out of a romance novel. However, the history may shock you. While it's certainly a beautiful beach, it wasn't created naturally. The large opening that reveals the sky above is actually the result of an explosion due to testing from the Mexican government, which occurred in the early 1900's. The spot where the hole is now was used as target practice, resulting in what we have now. The crystal blue waters flow in from the ocean outside, creating the feel of a private beach. In recent years it has become a very popular spot for couples and romantics. If you never get the chance to go, pictures are scattered around online. However pictures, as they say, simply don't do the beach justice.

6 Thousands of Ducks

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We've all seen what a rubber duck looks like. They're very common bath toys that have been around for a very long time. Some people collect them and others use them as little toys for children during bath time. But in 1992, a large shipping crate full of the famous yellow rubber ducks found its way into the sea. It was swept away and 28,000 rubber ducks were let loose into the Atlantic ocean. When first hearing of this, some people were angry that even more plastic had made its way into the ocean. However, the ducks proved to be useful to scientists who were studying the path of the ocean currents. They were able to prove to them that the ducks washing up in various places meant that the ocean's currents moved a certain way. This was good news, and gave the scientists a lot of new information about the ocean. The ducks are still showing up all around the world.

5 Thousands of Beached Creatures

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Just last year, thousands of sea creatures washed up on the shores of Canada on the western coast of Nova Scotia. Sometimes this happens, but what was so strange is that at least 20,000 sea creatures washed ashore. The variety of creatures included lobsters, scallops, fish, starfish, crabs, and many other types. It was a massive sea graveyard that terrified the locals along with the scientists. To this day, no one is quite sure why it happened. Scientists entertained the possibility that seismic movement under the ocean floor could have caused an earthquake that released a pocket of poisonous gas, killing the animals on the beach. It certainly brings to mind what many people have been speculating involving the end of times. But for now, nothing absolutely globally devastating has occurred. Yet, with such a massive scale of dead creatures, it does make one wonder. How close are we to the end of times?

4 Long Island Serial Killer

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Try to picture walking along a beach in New York. You're making your way down the sandy shores and suddenly you come across a strange looking burlap sack. Inside is the body of a woman who has been missing for quite some time. For a Suffolk County police officer, this was a terrible truth when he and his dog came across a sack. It held the remains of Melissa Barthelemy. Just 24 years old when she died, Melissa had been murdered by someone who would come to be known as the Long Island killer. The next few days, the police recovered three other bodies, all of them women. They were found in a marsh on Gilgo Beach in Long Island, New York. Eventually the victims were identified and everyone was hopeful that they wouldn't find more bodies. However, over a span of four months, six more bodies were discovered. What makes the killings even worse was the fact that a toddler was found among the bodies as well. The killer is still being searched for.

3 Trunko

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In 1924, people were blown away when a mysterious blob appeared on the shores of Margate, South Africa. A strange blob doesn't really sound like something to get upset over. The mass was of a strange substance. What was so strange is that the blob remained on the beach for ten days. No officials or scientists came to inspect the blob or even take photos to show that it existed. Today the only proof of its existence comes from this photo. Researchers and experts have no idea what the blob was or where it came from. Perhaps scientists at the time didn't feel that the blob was important enough to be researched. Judging from the size of the strange mass, it's possible it could have been a giant whale of some sort, washed up on land with a strange film. The man in the photo was never identified, making it even harder to find the source of the photo.

2 The Montauk Monster

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The first glance at this creature tells you that things from your nightmares really can exist. The animal above is obviously deceased with its toned flesh and strange-looking bruises. It was discovered in 2008 when it washed ashore in Montauk, New York. Many people have speculated it to be anything from a strange raccoon to a mutated experiment that the government accidentally let out. There have been theories on this creature due to the fact that not long after it was discovered, the body disappeared, never to be heard of again. The body has yet to surface and no one ever truly released a statement or confirmation about what the creature really was. All we have to go on is the picture taken and experiences by people who have seen the creature in person. Speculation continues to this day. Maybe soon we will have a solid explanation, however the chances of the truth being revealed seem rather bleak.

1 The Monster of Sakhalin

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With so many strange creatures washing up on our shores, it makes you wonder what secrets many of our countries could be hiding in regards to weird creatures and unauthorized experiments. Most people speculate that the government isn't hiding anything from us. However, some creatures make us think otherwise. Take for example the crazy find located on Russia's Sakhalin Island. The abnormal animal was found on the shores in 2006. Members of the military came across it and noticed how different it looked. Before anyone could notice, they disposed of the creature in a timely manner. Judging from the way the animal looks cut and butchered, it looks like something from an experiment. Not long after, stories were circulating about the discovery when people started to notice that it was slowly being suppressed. It makes one worry why their government hurried to get rid of such a strange and unusual thing.

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