15Branch Davidians

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It all started back in 1929. Victor Houteff, a Bulgarian immigrant living in Southern California, wrote a book titled The Shepherd's Rod: The 144,000—A Call for Reformation. In this book, he felt as he had a worthy message for the church he belonged to, the Seventh-day Adventist. However, they believed

it went against their basic teachings and rejected Houteff. As a result, he picked up his operation and moved to Waco, Texas. The group believed that the return of Jesus was imminent and opted for a simple life in preparation. The group was relatively unknown until David Koresh came to power. He gained notoriety for the suspicion that he has many young “spiritual” wives and was stockpiling illegal weapons. In February of 1993, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms conducted a raid in which four agents and five Davidians died. Then, the FBI took control of the raid which ended up lasting 51 days. In total, 76 Branch Davidians died, leaving only nine survivors.

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