15 Creepy AF Pics Of People's Basements

If you had to think of the scariest place in your house right now, there’s a good chance you’d say the basement. It’s a dark and damp place filled with spiders, centipedes, and other terrifying unknown horrors. Most people have that moment when they must go in their basement, but they hesitate to wonder if getting whatever is down there is even worth it. If you do make the brave journey down there, you know that feeling of turning off the lights, sprinting up the stairs, and definitely not looking behind you.

What makes basements so scary? Every horror movie that takes place inside someone’s home always has a scene in the basement. Whether someone has to go down there to grab something or they’re chased down there and forced to hide, nothing good ever happens in the basement. Some people have nice basements equipped with home theaters or gaming tables. For those not lucky enough to have a secret escape, worn brick walls and flickering light bulbs await. Even people with nice finished basements have a creepy feeling when down there alone. If you don’t have a basement, you might have something creepier, like a pit or a crawlspace. No matter what, what lies underneath the house is never a welcoming sight.

Send this to a friend with the creepiest basement you know! Do these make your basement look like paradise or is yours scarier than all of them combined? Let us know! Here are 15 Most Haunting Images Taken In Basements Around The World:


15 Basement Boiler Room Where Mentally Handicapped Adults Were Held Captive

Unfortunately, basements all over seem like places where kidnapped people are kept for torture. That's the unfortunate case of this basement, which belonged to a Philadelphia woman who kept mentally handicapped adults chained up in the boiler room. She would foster them in order to receive disability checks, and all of the money, she ended up keeping for herself while they withered down to skin and bones in the basement. More horrifying than keeping them chained up, she would also prostitute the female adults in order to make extra money. This woman was truly a horrifying one, and luckily, she received life in prison for her horrifying crimes. The adults were only discovered after her landlord went into the basement without her permission to check on the boiler room. If he had not, who knows how much more pain they would've had to endure.

14 Jonbenet Ramsey's Basement Where She Was Found


One of the most notorious unsolved crimes in American pop culture has to be the murder of the young starlet Jonbenet Ramsey. Jonbenet was found murdered in her basement decades ago, and to this day, it's still unknown what happened to her on her final day. What's known is where her lifeless body was found. The photograph above shows the basement in which Jonbenet took her final breaths. It doesn't even look like a creepy basement that normally frightens most. It's well lit and clearly serves as a place for storage for the family. Unfortunately, for Jonbenet, this basement was a place of horror. This poor little girl had to endure so much pain and trauma in this basement. For many of us, basements are nothing more than just a made up creepy place, but for her, it was the darkest reality.

13 Whose Eyes Are Those?

In the picture above, you can clearly see some creepy creature with green eyes staring back at the camera. The creepy green-eyed monster is nothing more than a cat, the subject of the photo. The photographer took this picture of the cat intentionally to show how creepily she was staring up at everyone from the basement. What the photographer also ended up capturing unintentionally is the second pair of green eyes floating above her! The basement doesn't look all that out of the ordinary; however, the extra pair of green eyes staring back makes it absolutely horrifying! The intention of the picture was just to snap a goofy picture of a cat being creepy. What resulted was a terrifying picture of a demon being freaky! This picture is just another reminder to never, ever go in your basement alone at night. You never know what's staring back at you!

12 Ghost Kids Caught Playing With Toys


There isn't much that you can clearly see that's creepy in the photograph above; however, the story behind it makes it terrifying. This image was taken in a basement that's not nearly as terrifying as the rest of the ones on the list as it looks redone and is equipped with children's toys. The owners of the basement were hearing strange noises at night and had some things move around without explanation, so they decided to check out their nanny cams to see what the source of the noises might be. They got their answer, but it definitely wasn't what they were hoping for. When reviewing the footage, they quickly realized that something was in the basement pushing the toys around, playing with them, and moving things around! Of course, some would say it's a hoax, but it's still a lot of work just to get a little attention! In a basement where there's little airflow from the wind, the likely explanation for the moving toys is nothing else but ghost children.

11 A Nightmare Infestation

The last thing we would want to find in our basement is some sort of ghost or demon. Not only do those never seem easy to get rid of in movies, but finding them also suggests that stuff like that is real, and once that door opens, you can't ever really close it. Thankfully, most of us will go our entire lives without ever having a run-in with something paranormal. However, one thing most of us will have to deal with at some point in our lives, especially in the basement, is an infestation! At any point in time, there's probably a spider somewhere in your house within several feet of where you sit. That's common. What's not so common is the rat infestation in the picture above! You might have a mouse in your house at some point in your life, but the number of rats that are in the picture above is insanely terrifying!

10 A Dead Body Found Frozen In A Warehouse Basement


The image above is no doubt an incredibly unsettling one. It was taken in one of the worst cities in the U.S. today, Detroit. The image was taken in the basement of an abandoned warehouse after several people had gone in and out seeking adventure in the abandoned building. Adventure is what some visitors got indeed when they stumbled upon the lifeless body frozen in the watery depths of the basement. The man was likely homeless, as no one had reported him missing before his body was found. Unfortunately, it's unknown what caused his death, and not many people seemed to go out of their way to figure out what had happened. The body even remained in the basement for several days after 911 had already been called. Not only is finding a dead body in a basement horrifying, but how little authorities cared once it was found also makes it all the more unsettling.

9 What Is She Crying For? 

The image above looks like it was taken in a pretty basic basement. You have creepy, rundown shelves with random tools strewn about. The lighting is grungy, and the floors look damp and dirty. That's not even the creepiest part of the picture, however. The little girl featured in the photograph clearly looks upset, and we don't blame her. She claimed that there was someone else in the basement with her that was causing her to be so upset. In an attempt to capture something paranormal, her mom took the picture of her hoping something might pop up in the background to give more clarity as to what was making the young girl so upset. What she captured wasn't clear, but the blurry blob in the bottom right corner is allegedly a hint that something else was there besides just the mom and her daughter. Some claim it's just her finger, but the mom swears it's a hint that something else was there. What do you think?


8 Who Is He


The thing that makes the photograph above so horrifying is what little information comes along with it. This photograph has been making its way around the internet for a while now with very little context. The only thing that's known for certain about it is that it's horrifying. Because of the little information provided, many people believe it's nothing more than a hoax. If it were real, someone would probably try to take credit for finding it. However, there's very little information about it, but the mystery makes it all the more frightening. The face also looks real in the way it's expressing terror. Sure, it could easily be a mask, but the smirk on the face makes us think it's more than just that. Whatever it is, we want it out of our basements and as far away as possible! Real or not, this image is giving us nightmares tonight.

7 Ariel Castro's Horrifying Basement

One of the most horrifying found-missing-persons tales of the century has to be that of Ariel Castro. Several missing women were found in his basement after one brave woman was able to escape and get help. This Cleveland man kept these women tied up in his basement, raped and beat them, and even impregnated one. The one he impregnated wound up having his child and raising it all by herself in the basement. A horror story like this seems like something you only see in movies; however, it was the unfortunate reality for the women who were trapped in that horror story. Luckily, all the girls made it out alive and healthy and are now living normal lives. As for Ariel, he wound up hanging himself in his prison cell like the coward he was, escaping a long trial and years of imprisonment and torture that he so greatly deserved.

6 A Ghost In The Dust


The image above came from a woman who was renovating her home. She decided to snap a photograph of the progress she had been making so far to showcase all of the hard work that she had put into fixing up her home. However, what she ended up capturing is all the more terrifying. In the dust in front of the fireplace, you can make out what looks like the shape of someone's head! Imagine pouring your life savings all into a fixer upper project, only to soon find out that it's actually infested with ghosts! That's probably better than the rat infestation we saw earlier, though, as this ghost is most likely harmless. Some would state there's no ghost at all, and that it's only the dust making a strange shape. It's a very strange shape indeed, enough for us to believe it might be something spooky. What do you think?

5 Leftover Supplies In A Vet's Basement

The photograph above was taken by a group of explorers who decided to break into an abandoned building. They soon discovered that the abandoned building they were rummaging around in actually happened to be a closed down vet's office! In the basement of the building, they ended up finding this terrifying specimen in a glass jar! The look of the creature is absolutely terrifying. The fact that it was left behind indicates something sinister might have gone on here. Why was this building abandoned in the first place? What went on in the basement of this vet's office? Perhaps there was a mad scientist who experimented with animal fetuses like something straight from a horror story. No matter what the truth of the situation is, luckily, these explorers even made it out alive to share this horrifying picture with us. Seriously, though, what on Earth could this possibly be, and why does someone want to preserve it in a jar like this?

4 Who's Lurking In The Corner? 


As we've already seen on this list so far, basements seem like a place where ghosts really enjoy hanging out. What is it about basements that make the paranormal stay down there? Spiders like to hide in places like basements because they're cool, damp, and free of wind so they can make a nice web without it being destroyed. Do you think the same can be said of ghosts? Or perhaps, ghosts are all around us, and we only look for them in basements because that's a place we feel the most scared? In the photograph above, you can see another ghostly figure lurking in the corner of this creepy basement. Some would say that this photograph is fake because why would someone take it in the first place? Others think that it's nothing more than a strange figure made by dust and fog. What do you think it is?

3 Can You Spot The Creep In The Picture? 

The photograph above is a tricky one. When you look at it, it looks like yet another creepy basement. You have everything in it that would be on a checklist for someone wanting to build a creepy basement. Then, your eyes follow the red circle in the middle. What's it circling? Is there a creepy ghost lurking in the shadows? Is a set of demon eyes glaring back at us? There's really nothing you can see in the picture, so maybe we should look around. Have you seen it yet? If not, look along the left side of the picture! All of a sudden, you can see what the creepy thing about the picture is! Of course, this one was probably set up as a trick hinted by the fact that they circled something else to try and trick you. Still, it's pretty scary once you finally see the face staring back at you from the side, knowing it was looking at you the whole time you were searching the picture!

2 Basement Where A Dead Body Was Found


This picture is yet another one taken in a Detroit basement. In this photograph, however, there's no frozen body. This one was more of a closed crime scene, so the horror isn't captured in the photograph. Still, we get a peek at the basement where yet another dead body was found, this time, with a clear cause of death. The body found floating in this flooded basement was discovered with a fatal bullet hole in its head. The basement is in an abandoned house and was only discovered after some squatters tried to make this their own home. No one had reported the victim missing, so maybe the victim didn't have close relations with anyone. Either way, the fact that two Detroit basements with dead bodies found in them appear on the list suggests this city is in serious need of help.

1 Abandoned Hospital's Flooded Basement

The horrifying photograph above is yet another one taken of a basement in an abandoned building. This time, the building is a hospital. It's always terrifying to stumble upon a hospital that was left abandoned. Did it close down when patients needed it the most? Or perhaps, it simply moved to a new, better location. Either way, what's left is almost always creepy. This one is mostly disgusting rather than horrifying. Imagine walking around this basement only to fall into this disgusting sludge that floods the halls. Imagine all the leftover residue stirring together to make one big nasty hospital soup all flooding the basement. Luckily, nothing too horrifying can be seen in the photograph. But imagining walking through the disgusting sludge is enough to give us nightmares about being trapped in the flooded basement. What's giving it that diarrhea-like color? Looks like we won't be eating soup for the next couple of days...


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