15A Baby

Ok, let's be serious – a baby is not terribly frightening. But to the parents of Baby Melda Ilgin, who put the ten-month-old baby girl in a flotation device and then promptly forgot about her, the experience was no doubt the most terrifying one possible. Baby Melda, like a cute

little shark snack, floated a kilometre from the Turkish beach of Küçükkuyu towards the Isle of Lesbos, before being picked up by the coast guard.

One can only imagine that Baby Melda’s grateful parents were overwhelmed by the generosity of the ocean, to reject their sea worthy little tot. It is harder to figure out how Baby Melda herself felt about it, although one does rather appreciate a desire to visit a Greek island rich in history in one so young. Perhaps she will grow up with an affinity for the sea and a desire to travel far and wide on its comforting bosom.

Or perhaps she will just be grateful she still has her feet.

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