14 An Arm....In A Shark.....In A Shark?


In Sydney, Australia, in 1935, a 3.5 meter long Tiger Shark was captured for display in the Coogee Aquarium.

“Bloody Ripper!” thought everybody, until the poor lil shark looked a bit sick, coughed, and vomited out a human arm in front of a horrified audience.

Who knew sharks could vomit?

Anyway, it turned

out that this shark had indeed eaten another shark who had eaten the arm, which had a distinctive tattoo. Upon examination of the arm it also turned out that the arm had been severed with a knife, and media publication of the tattoo led to the identification of a well known criminal and police informer by the name of Jim Smith, who had until this time been missing.

The shark-expelled arm sparked a murder investigation, and the killing of the shark, and then a second murder of a Reginald Holmes, who confessed he had thrown the severed arm into the ocean on instruction from a Mr. Patrick Brady, who had been ordered to kill Smith by gangster Eddie Weyman, who had in turn been informed on by Smith. Quite the drama.

In the end, despite Brady being arrested and charged, he was acquitted and to this day the true story of the arm in the shark in the shark is known only by the ocean – and for some time I suppose the shark knew. If it even cared.

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