15 Creepiest Videos Ever Recorded In A Plane's Cockpit

The concept of aviation is pretty amazing. The idea that a massive piece of metal can propel through the air is something that was considered a fable at one point. Floating along among the clouds can give a peaceful and soothing sensation to many. You would probably think that there’s not a whole lot to see except the sky from the cockpit of an airplane. That would be totally false! Cameras in aircraft cockpits have recorded some pretty strange and totally creepy things. Whether it is a military jet, a crop duster, private recreational plane or a commercial jumbo jet, there are frequently cameras rolling and documenting everything.

Maybe the creepiest part is the idea that in the cockpit of an aircraft, you are a completely separate observer, seeing everything, but isolated from what’s happening. There is certainly a disconnect between pilots and the rest of the world. They are alone and at the mercy of nature to a certain extent. For this reason, the aircraft cockpit is the best way to make some pretty amazing observations! So after scouring the internet, here are 15 of the creepiest videos that have ever been recorded in the cockpit of an aircraft. Some are shocking, others are disturbing, but they are all very creepy!


15 Storm Landing

For most people, any kind of aircraft landing is an incredibly intimidating idea. The idea of landing an aircraft in the midst of a thunderstorm with pounding rain is absolutely terrifying! Many people won’t drive their car in the middle of heavy rain, so when forced to land an airplane in these conditions, even pilots have to be a little uncomfortable. This video shows cockpit footage of what this kind of landing looks like in real life. It’s scary, intimidating and even seems to be a little rocky. What makes it even worse is that it is a night landing as well. No one watching this video could be able to tell where on earth the plane is supposed to be, but I guess the pilots and their extra precise instruments made it work.

14 United Flight 232 Crash


United Airlines Flight 232 crashed in Sioux City, Iowa on July 19, 1989 after losing all flight control. There were 296 people on that plane and sadly, 111 died in the disaster. In listening to the activity in the cockpit, the last 20 seconds are absolutely chilling. Hearing the alarm screaming at them and the interactions of the captain and first officer, it is clear that they are doing everything they can to get the plane on the ground as safely as possible with a minimum loss of life. You can plainly hear one of the pilots yelling “left, left left…!” just before the crash. Even with the 111 casualties, the crash has been regarded as a well executed emergency situation by the crew. This audio however, remains a haunting reminder of this horrific accident.

13 Refueling Gone Wrong

How could adding highly flammable fuel from one aircraft to another while in mid-air at extremely high speeds possibly go wrong? It’s not quite as easily done as in the movies, but it is a very real maneuver that can be executed. In this video, you will see an attempt to refuel a jet that seems to be going according to plan until suddenly, it goes completely, completely wrong! The plane goes totally out of control and nearly collides with the refueling plane before dropping back down. What is even more creepy is the warning sounds of the flight computer when the whole thing goes wrong! There is something about being in a huge metal tube going out of control thousands of feet above the ground that is just a little strange.

12 Lightning From Above


When flying above the clouds, weather is a very different experience. It can be incredibly peaceful and beautiful, but it also gives a very unique perspective on what we tend to think of as dangerous weather conditions. This footage from inside the cockpit of an airplane shows the view of a lightning storm from above the storm. More than just the storm, it shows an amazing view of a single bolt of lightning shooting higher above the clouds. It shows an amazing perspective of how storms work and all from the peace and security of the airplane cockpit. It appears that the pilot was flying safely over the storm, given the blue sky and fluffy white clouds all around. Getting to see a storm from this angle is both awesome and a little strange, because it is so rare.

11 Runway Near a Cliff

Runways are supposed to be very long, perfectly flat stretches of land for planes to have the time to properly slow their speed. We take for granted that there is always plenty of flat land around to allow for this. In this video, it shows a landing in the mountainous regions of Columbia. Now, how anyone could possibly find the runway among all these mountains is beyond comprehension, but in this video, you will see the whole approach process. The creepy and very intense video shows the plane approaching a runway that is just a few yards away from a very steep cliff! There is apparently enough flat land to allow for a runway, but not a whole lot to spare. Landing is bad enough, but taking off could be far worse!

10 Goose Crashes Through Windshield


Birds are a very large problem when it comes to flying an aircraft. Planes will avoid them like the plague because they can severely damage the aircraft (about like hitting a deer with a car.) In this video, a recreational pilot in a smaller prop plane takes off and while in the air gets a very terrifying surprise. A goose flies through the windshield, breaking the glass and causing a huge problem! There are even splotches of blood on the window where the goose burst through. Amazingly, the pilot and passenger weren’t harmed and even maintained their composure through the whole experience until they safely landed. It makes for a great story as well as a substantial repair to the aircraft. It could have gone horribly wrong, but instead provides a very entertaining video!

9 F-16 Collision in Air

This video defines creepy and alarming. F-16 jets are used by the military for carrying out a variety of air based missions. They fly high and in close proximity to one another. This video is so strange because it appears to be completely out of control! It is black and white and very difficult to determine what is going on based upon the video. But the audio that is included is crystal clear! The pilot screams “Mayday” more than once and indicates that he must evacuate the craft. The sirens and alarms continue as the craft spins out of control, with continued radio traffic heard by the recorder until the inevitable conclusion. Absolutely amazing and shockingly creepy video, depicting the strange calm the camera has despite the chaos going on all around.


8 Crash Landing With Skydivers


Skydiving is an amazing activity involving a huge rush of adrenaline followed by the feeling of peace and serenity when gracefully returning to the earth via parachute. The most dangerous part of skydiving is supposed to be leaving the airplane, not staying inside of the airplane! In this video, it shows the entire crash of a plane carrying skydivers, all the way through the evacuation of the aircraft itself! The plane allegedly had engine failure causing the crash. Amazingly, it appears that everyone got out of the plane and suffered no injuries, but the plane itself was toast! It is very clear because of the tumbling and loss of control of the camera that once they hit the ground, it got really rough, forcing them to have to evacuate upside down!

7 Angry Air Traffic Controller

Pilots both in the air and on the ground are in constant communication with air traffic control. The air traffic controllers are responsible for the safe landing and takeoff of aircraft in an orderly fashion. With only a certain number of runways and multiple aircraft coming and going all the time, it has to be a well oiled machine! It’s no wonder that controllers tend to get a bit agitated with novice or student pilots. In this video, you’ll hear the conversation between a novice pilot and air traffic control where the controller gets increasingly angry! They are supposed to maintain their cool and be professional, but it’s hard when the guy either isn’t listening or just can’t grasp the concept of where he is or what he is doing!

6 Miracle on the Hudson


How could there be discussion of creepy cockpit stories without including the “Miracle on the Hudson?” The creepy part of the whole story is how the pilot managed to act so quickly with such great instincts to save everyone on that plane. The story from flight 1549 leaving New York’s LaGuardia International Airport in 2009, has become so famous, they made a movie about the whole ordeal. Just three minutes after takeoff, a flock of geese struck the engines, causing a loss of all power. Captain “Sully” Sullenberger had to make an instant decision to avoid crashing the plane into downtown Manhattan! Sully and air traffic control attempted to find a nearby runway for an emergency landing, but it was no use. Sully’s famous words “we can’t do it, we’re gonna be in the Hudson” sent chills as people listened to the recording. He amazingly landed in such a way that the plane did not immediately sink and provided enough time for passengers and crew to be rescued safely.

5 Pilot Breakdown

The job of an airline pilot is undoubtedly stressful. They have the lives of hundreds of people in their hands every time they enter the cockpit. In this case though, the captain of a JetBlue commercial jet had some sort of breakdown, putting all of his passengers lives in jeopardy! The first officer recognized his erratic behavior and convinced him to step out of the cockpit, at which time he locked him out and declared an emergency, making an emergency landing. The captain began banging on the door and started yelling in an irate rant to the passengers. This continued to the point that several passengers restrained the captain to prevent him from causing anyone harm! Smart thinking on the part of the passengers... I wonder if they got some travel vouchers for their trouble?

4 Pilot Locked Out of Cockpit


It is not really every day that the pilot announces to everyone that he has been locked out of the cockpit. This video isn’t exactly footage from the cockpit, but it is certainly “about” the cockpit. When the captain stepped out to go to the restroom, it seemed that he was unable to get back into the cockpit. He is shown announcing that the first officer would be making an emergency landing. There was no panic, but a whole lot of confusion. Apparently there was some kind of malfunction with the door and the incident was not the fault of the captain in any way. While the passengers all broke into applause when the plane landed perfectly and safely, the airline stated that the situation was being taken very seriously.

3 Flying on the Edge of Space

Unless you are an astronaut, there is only so high you can go in an airplane before you have to begin coming back down. This video shows the amazing journey that is possible for United States Air Force pilots flying in the high altitude U-2 jet. At approximately 70,000 feet, the pilots of these aircraft use a pressurized suit similar to what astronauts wear. The beauty and magnificence of this footage is breathtaking, but it is also a bit eerie. Where the pilot is flying, there is a clear visual of black space just out of reach. Compared to all of us on the ground that look into the daytime sky and see clouds or blue, it is very creepy to feel as if you could almost touch space!

2 Joking With Trump Plane


With more fun banter between pilots and air traffic controllers, one pilot has the enjoyment of getting to see Donald Trump’s private jumbo jet taking off at the same airport. A pilot tells air traffic control that they are trying to get a picture of the jet before they taxi to the runway. Indeed, air traffic controllers take their jobs highly seriously, but that does not mean they don’t have a sense of humor either. In the recording, you can hear air traffic control’s communication with the Trump plane pilots and their statement about “making ATC great again!” This banter is far from creepy, but it is surprising to hear such an exchange from the folks in the tower. But just about everyone agrees that a little laughter is always a good thing.

1 Lightning Striking Plane

It’s obvious that no one recommends standing in the middle of a thunderstorm with a large metal rod pointed at the sky. One of the first things kids learn about lightning is that it is attracted to metal. By this logic, a huge piece of flying metal up in the sky where the lightning originates should be giant target right? Well this logic is pretty accurate, but it doesn’t cause the level of damage one may imagine. Aircraft are designed with this hazard in mind and when it happens, while it’s likely loud and very bright, it shouldn’t cause any significant damage to the system. But that doesn’t stop it from looking absolutely amazing to anyone watching. Feast your eyes and enjoy these creepy and stunning images of airplanes that were struck by lightning!

Source: YouTube, Daily Record

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