15 Creepiest Things We Ever Caught On Security Cameras

Security cams, CCTV, surveillance cameras – more and more of our lives and our world are recorded on a continuous basis. In cities like London, UK, you can expect to be on camera virtually anytime you're out on the street. Along with government and other outdoor surveillance, there are cameras in offices, some corporate environments, and even in people’s private homes.

Most of the time, all those cameras capture boring footage of people in their ordinary lives, doing ordinary things. Once in a while, though, they capture a dramatic crime in progress or a violent incident of some kind. Occasionally, too, they capture something weird or inexplicable. Other times, they seem to document something sinister and out of this world.

Thanks to the interwebs, we can now indulge in our fascination for creepy mysteries uncovered by security cams and CCTVs all over the world. From the weird to the disturbing, the criminal to the tragic, here are 15 moments that will leave you haunted.

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15 Possessed Baby

baby is possessed
Via yahoo.com

The wisdom behind the use of baby monitors and/or baby cams is debatable. After all, babies slept on their own for centuries before such recording devices were ever invented. On the other hand, they allow parents to be more responsive to a baby when they hear cries in the middle of the night. What parents don't expect, however, is to see their adorable little tyke, in the middle of the night, pulling disturbingly demonic moves like something out of Paranormal Activity. Connor, the tot in the video which was taken by a nanny cam somewhere in Australia, is seen climbing to the railing of his crib, where he balances perfectly for about 22 seconds. The video, which garnered millions of views on Youtube, was uploaded by someone who claimed it wasn't his or her child and had many questioning its origins. As the baby cries for some attention, his face, with ghostly glowing eyes, turns to the camera. Possessed child or just a hungry kid? You decide.

14 Ghost Girl On Trail Cam

Ghost-girl-on trail camera
Via dailymail.co.uk

Trail cams are an intriguing idea that lets us capture animal behavior in the wild without the taint of human presence to spook them or influence the way they act. The results, however, have included some surprises, like this ghost girl who showed up on a trail cam in Cambridge, New York. The camera in question was hidden in a very secluded area of the woods and wasn't an area anyone would typically allow a child to roam in alone. Speculation ran wild when the image was published in local newspapers. One resort owner claimed it was his granddaughter, but where are her legs?? There's also a local legend about the ghost of a girl who was killed along railways tracks that once ran through the wooded area...

13 Woman Slashed In Broad Daylight

woman randomly slashed in nyc
Via nydailynews.com

It's every city dweller's nightmare – the random attack by a disturbed stranger. Something you could never see coming or ever be prepared for. That's just what happened to a New York City woman back in January 2016. Surveillance video captures the shocking attack that happened right out of the blue as she was on her way to work. About a block from her destination, a man runs up to her with a knife and slashes her face. The incident took place near West 23rd and Seventh Avenue in the upscale Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. Seven stitches were needed to close two wounds, one on her face near her mouth and another that slashed her nose. As the victim later said in an interview, it was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. At the time, it was the third random slashing in the city in as many weeks.

12 Bomb In The Subway

Brussels terror attack subway
Via youtube.com

Transit security cameras bear witness to so much, both bad and good. In this day and age, sadly, that includes terrorist attacks. This chilling image comes from raw CCTV footage of Camera #2 at the Zaventem Airport subway station in Brussels, Belgium on the morning of March 22, 2016, just at the moment a terrorist's bomb explodes. The blast was followed by a second one at another metro station elsewhere in the city about an hour later. After the explosion, the video records the terrified commuters fleeing in all directions. Fourteen people were killed immediately, and dozens were injured, and the violence of the explosion and the nature of the injuries suggested there were nails in the homemade bomb. The incidents put all of Europe on heightened terrorist alert.

11 Attempted Kidnapping

Abduction caught on CCTV
Via indiasamvad.co.in

This CCTV image of an attempted kidnapping comes from a surveillance camera in Bangaluru, the capital of Karnataka state, and the epicenter of India's high-tech industry. In the horrifying sequence, a 22-year-old woman talks on the phone when a man approaches and grabs her. Physically overwhelming her, he tries to drag her to a deserted construction site as she screams for help. As the woman told the story to media later, she bit him and was knocked unconscious in the ensuing struggle. When she came to, he was gone. She said she suspected he was going to take her to the construction site to rape her. Police later announced that they had arrested a man they said was responsible.

10 Coulrophobia

clown breaking into house
Via dailymail.co.uk

In October 2016, a Texas man was horrified when he viewed CCTV surveillance footage, only to find a man dressed as a clown trying to break into his house as he slept. To make it worse, the clown was brandishing a knife. It's an urban legend come true – so much so, that some viewers cried fake when the footage first surfaced online, questioning the video's authenticity. However, the whole clown phenom is undeniably out of control, peaking from summer to fall 2016, to the point where the White House even got involved at one point. Seems like a full-body costume with stylized make-up makes for a great disguise when you want to commit crimes and generally terrorize people. "Coulrophobia" is the word for fear of clowns.

9 Woman Wandering

woman wandering in the rain
Via ranker.com

A YouTube user going by "Rainey Schuyler," who hails from the mountains of Colorado posted this video clip of surveillance footage on a private property in September 2013. In it, a figure that appears to be a woman or a man with a very slight build wanders around on a deserted lawn. The night was cold and rainy, and it occurred in the mountains, quite a distance from anything other than a deserted country road and with no neighbors within walking distance. What on earth is she doing there? Perhaps, she’s wandering for help after a road accident. A darker version of events suggests someone, left her, disoriented and drugged, in the middle of nowhere. There’s no update on this one, so we can only hope whoever it is found her way home.

8 Monstrous Snake

Borneo monster snake
Via dailymail.co.uk

Surveillance footage is sometimes routinely taken by helicopters over flood-prone regions to monitor any changes in water levels that can mean potential trouble. That's how this alarming image of a huge snake was captured swimming down the river Baleh in Borneo in 2009. While some observers declared it a fake image, villagers who live in the area point out that other pictures of the creature, estimated at 100 feet in length, were taken in different areas of the river. Locals have named it Nabau after a mythical sea serpent of ancient times. In fact, there have been fossils found of massive prehistoric snakes in South America, including one called the "Titanoboa," which was so big it could eat a crocodile whole.

7 The Rake

Bizarre in home cctv
Via disclose.tv

This pic is just weird. If you view the view clip that this originates from, the “creature” goes up and down the hallway. The footage is said to come from a private home somewhere in the northeastern United States. Now, we’re not really buying that this is some kind of mythical creature, but whatever it is, it’s undeniably creepy and seems to easily move in a way that most human beings don’t. The figure is supposed to be The Rake, an urban myth that spread, not coincidentally, in the northeastern US during the summer of 2003. There were numerous sightings and pics that showed up online and in the media, many of them depicting the humanoid creature in the woods. There's very little information available about the phenom now, with most accounts of The Rake supposedly destroyed... Our point is, even if this is a dude in a costume, what is he doing skulking through his own home like this? Who else is there? Should we call family services??

6 Crazed Brazilian Gunman

crazed brazilian gunman
Via dailymail.co.uk

The creepiest thing about this image is that it's real. In April 2011, Wellington de Oliveira, age 23, entered the Tasso da Silveira elementary school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and went on a bloody shooting spree that ended with 12 students being shot dead and his own suicide. In documents, videos, and photos found after the murder, it’s clear that Oliveira idolized Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung-Hui, who murdered 32 people in a 2007 rampage at that institution. He even wrote a rambling, psychotic manifesto about his admiration for Cho, whom he called an “icon” in terms that sound similar to Cho’s own writings. Oliveira also wrote about his abuse and bullying, which he claimed began in school and continued as an adult, as justification for the horror show. This chilling image captures him slipping between classrooms down a deserted hallway, gun in hand.

5 The Creeper

the creeper
Via blumhouse.com

"The Creeper" was the nickname given by Chicago media to the eerie thief seen in this security camera image. He was also known as “The Bucktown Creeper” and “The Ghost,” and it’s easy to see why. Believed to be responsible for a string of home robberies in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago during the summer of 2016, locals were terrified of the creepy man in the Adidas hood. In this security-camera footage, he's seen standing over a couple as they sleep on their couch, in their home, and he watches them for several minutes. The couple in the video was completely unaware of his presence, only suspecting something was wrong when the woman couldn’t find her purse the next morning. Even two dogs, also asleep in the room, didn’t awaken. A check of their security camera revealed the weirdo thief, who was eventually arrested after the video images were circulated in the press.

4 Ghost In The Tearoom

ghost in the tearoom
Via theblackvault.com

The owner of a cafe in Perth, Australia called in ghost hunters back in 2012 after he checked out CCTV footage that appeared to show an apparition, a ghostly transparent figure with an eerie glow that hovered in a doorway. In the middle of the night, the CCTV camera in the tearoom was set off by a motion sensor, resulting in the intriguing footage. The owner of the tearoom told media that he wasn’t surprised because employees had reported a number of ghostly incidents, including chairs that moved on their own, strange voices being heard, and unexplained chills going down their spines. He also submitted the footage to Paranormal Investigation Scotland, who were impressed with its convincing nature.

3 Bitten By A Snake

bitten by a snake
Via dailymail.co.uk

Bull snakes have to escape flooding, too -- at least, that’s what we’re assuming happened in this bizarre scene captured on CCTV outside a bank in Oklahoma during the flooding of 2015. As the man told the media later in interviews, he was distracted by looking at his cell phone while wading through the flood waters across a parking lot in Chickasha, OK. Surveillance footage captured the second the bull snake – luckily, not a venomous species – as it sinks its fangs into his leg. He leaps out of the water, shaking the snake off his leg before hurrying on his way. After reporting the incident, local wildlife service came to catch the snake and release it, unharmed, in a drier, less populated area.

2 Lurking Stalker

stalker on cctv
Via mirror.co.uk

This image and others from CCTV footage were released by police in Queensland, Australia in an attempt to identify the bizarre creep stalking a woman. The man was seen on video on two different occasions, not just hanging out outside her house, but literally skulking in the shadows. Along with lurking about, the man actually went up to the windows and tried to peek inside. When a passing vehicle shone light into the woman’s driveway, he hid behind her truck. Needless to say, the woman who lived in the home was terrified. Talk about everyone’s nightmare! We’re hoping the police were able to identify this dude and get him off the street pronto.

1 Hit And Run

hit and run
Via ktla.com

Sometimes, security cameras capture terrifying moments where we know the outcome is an awful tragedy. LAPD released images from surveillance video that depicts the unlucky last moments of a man about to get hit by a car. The move was made back in 2015 in an attempt to identify the driver of the car. The footage, which comes from two security cams in the University Park area a few blocks north of the USC campus, clearly shows the accident victim lit up by the car’s headlights just moments before the vehicle speeds into the 58-year-old man. The victim was catapulted about 70 feet into the air before landing, and he died of his injuries. After the accident, only a backpack, a mug, and shoes were left at the scene.

Sources: YouTube; mirror.co.uk

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