15 Creepiest Things Found On Google Earth

Google Maps and Google Earth are two highly useful apps that make your life so much easier when traveling and trying to find directions when you wonder about a traffic situation somewhere you’d never been before, they help you to plan your route or commute and so on. But not only that. Those apps let you browse places that are a million miles away, right from the comfort of your own home. You can sit in your living room in Austin, Texas, for example, and, at the same time, walk the streets of Tokyo. They make it possible for you to visit almost every place on earth.

And while this is often really awesome and interesting, sometimes it can get a little bit creepy. There have been some truly weird things and places captured on camera by Google satellites, some of which are downright terrifying. Some of them are just creepy looking camera glitches (or not?), while others often are really freaky and hard to explain. Here are 15 creepiest things found on Google maps that will give you goosebumps and, sometimes, make you feel really uncomfortable. You can check out each and every one of this things on the app yourself if you find it hard to believe it’s real.

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15 Pigeon People

This pic was snapped in Tokyo, Japan, on a sidewalk along the Tamagawa-josui. Here are the coordinates if you have the urge to check it out and see for yourself: Lat, Long: 35.7040744,139.5577317. It is close to the Musashino Art University, which led us to believe that the bird people in the picture are actually art students who did this as a prank. They probably put on some rubber pigeon masks and creeped out people walking down the street. For anybody who’s seen Hitchcock’s Birds this whole setup can be pretty freaky, not to mention people suffering from ornithophobia (fear of birds). For the rest of the population, this could actually be considered as kind of a funny idea and definitely an original one. Of course, there are some people that believe this picture is the proof that aliens exist.

14 Come Downtown And Play

Well, that’s a weird message to be found on top of the building, don’t you think? Who knows who it was written for? This was captured in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, and if you want to check it out for yourself, here are the coordinates: Lat, Long: 35.141533,-90.052695. We can only guess what stands behind this creepy message. Maybe it was written by a person who was just trying to be funny or to catch media’s attention. Or maybe the person saw cruising something in the air, such as planes or drones or who knows what. Or maybe it was written for aliens, inviting them to “come down and play”. We’ll probably never know the answers behind “Who?” and “Why?” but it surely is a curious thing to see on Google Maps.

13 A Human Skull

Well, even the bravest and the most fearless amongst us would probably agree that this one really is creepy. This Google Maps shot captures what appears to be a human skull lying on the ground somewhere in the open. And where there is a skull, there must also be an interesting background story. Unfortunately, we don’t know what that story is. Who was this person? How did he/she die? Why isn’t their body in the cemetery? It is quite unsettling not to know the secret behind this skull. We can only guess how it ended up there. The veil of mystery that is covering this picture and the story behind it is what makes it particularly interesting, as well as super freaky. What do you think happened here? We’ll probably never know.

12 A Murder Scene?

This image is not only creepy, it is actually downright horrifying. It looks like somebody is dragging a dead body along the dock, preparing to throw it into the sea. The red mark on the dock really resembles a blood trail that a dead body would leave behind if it was being dragged. This really reminds that we have no idea what is going on in the world and that crimes are being committed at all times. Of course, there are people who wouldn’t agree. Some people believe that we watch too much television and see crimes everywhere. They believe that the dock is just wet and the person is dragging who knows what, but it surely isn’t a dead body. Nobody knows for sure but there is no wonder that this picture was a reason for big discussions.

11 Say “Cheese”!

This is a pic from Los Hoyos, Mexico. There are people wearing animal masks, standing on the road. What makes this shot particularly creepy is the fact that they are staring straight into the cameras. It really creates that uncomfortable feeling of “Who knows what they are up to?” It is possible that they just did this on purpose to get a bit of media attention. They probably knew that Google Maps shooting was scheduled for that time and decided to have some fun with it. However, the picture itself is really freaky and it is something you really don’t expect to stumble upon while you’re just sitting at home browsing through some maps. Nobody knows who those people were or what their intention behind this was.

10 A Sign In The Desert

This trippy triangle was scratched in the desert in Nevada, just north of Las Vegas. Things like this are often associated with aliens. Just remember the movie Signs with Mel Gibson where there were signs in the field made by aliens. However, maybe we just like to think in that direction simply because we’ve watched too many sci-fi movies. Who knows? But one must admit that it is curious when something like this appears somewhere in the middle of nowhere and there is no logical explanation to who left it there or why. It certainly makes it easy for your imagination to run wild with strange occurrences like this one. Maybe it was just a prank, maybe it was some kind of a cult, or maybe there really were aliens in Nevada. Who knows?

9 An Alien With A Bike

Seriously, what is this? It sure is creepy! This is a shot from Loraine, France and it captures something that is way beyond anybody’s imagination. It looks like a deformed person with dark skin, blonde hair, and huge red eyes. Of course, the first thought that comes into the mind is that it is just another camera glitch, but why isn’t anything else on the pic deformed then? For example, the bike. There has been some speculation going on about this pic. There are people who are sure that this is a living proof that there are aliens living amongst us, they obviously ride bikes, too. Some people think that this is not an alien, but some other paranormal being instead. Skeptics, of course, don’t believe any of that and they are sure this is just a tiki statue.

8 Not-So-Hot Girl

Well, this is one really creepy looking camera glitch. Or is it? Let’s just hope it really is just that and not some kind of alien. There are actually 3 possible explanations to this freaky picture. Let’s go with the most likely one first and say that something strange happened with Google Maps camera and, as the result of that, this deformed person appeared on the picture. In real life, it is probably a perfectly normal blonde chick. The second possibility is that there was some kind of glitch in the matrix. The third possibility is that aliens are real and they are visiting the Earth dressed as tourists and they are admiring historic treasures around the globe. Of course, some people would say that the pyramids were built by aliens anyway, so they are basically just coming back to see if they did a good work there.

7 Man Preying On Something

It is hard to assume what is the man in the picture doing, but it looks like he’s lying in wait and preying on something. The gas mask that he’s wearing is what makes this picture even more disturbing. Why would he need that? Maybe he was just re-enacting some event with his friends, maybe he was playing some kind of a game, maybe he was working with some kind of gas that he didn’t want to inhale… There are many possible explanations for this, but seeing a man with a gas mask, hiding under a tree in the middle of forest surely is creepy. If we knew the logical explanation and the background story to this picture, maybe there wouldn’t be anything weird about it, but when we’re left in the dark guessing as many disturbing thoughts come to one’s mind.

6 What Is This Thing?

It is hard to guess what this is, but it doesn’t look like anything good. Of course, there is always the most obvious possibility of this being just a camera glitch. Something weird happened with Google Maps cam and as a result of that, we got this distorted picture when, in reality, there is actually nothing strange about this place. On the other hand, there are people that what we see in the picture is a result of some kind of a paranormal activity. It might be a portal to some other dimension, it might be some sort of radiation, it might be a shadow of something big and scary… It is really hard to tell what this one might be. However, it’s a safe guess that nobody would feel comfortable staring directly into this.

5 Mysterious Pattern In China

There has been a lot of speculation about these mysterious patterns captured in Gobi Desert, China, and some serious conspiracy theories have been constructed. First, of course, there are people that always think “aliens”. No matter what happens, if there immediately isn’t a clear explanation, it must be aliens. Then there are people who believe that the structure in the picture is actually a secret military base, probably used for testing of different weapons or radar instrumentations. There are also people who believe that there is nothing weird about this at all and that the structure in question is actually just a device used for atmospheric research and weather tracking. There is also a group of people who believe that this white, painted pattern is used to calibrate China’s spy satellites.

4 Desert Breath

This is actually one of the pictures that only looks creepy until you know the background story. If you don’t know what you’re looking at, many freaky things could come to your mind, such as aliens, astral portals, ancient monuments, results of some paranormal activity etc. It is none of that, actually, although it looks strange enough to make people’s imagination run wild. This unusual design is, in fact, an art installation. It was created by in March 1997 in the Egyptian desert, bordering the Red Sea in El Gouna. It is called Desert Breath and takes 100,000 square meters. The artist stated that it was made to celebrate the desert as a state of the mind. Good job, D.A.ST. Arteam. You made many people around the world really confused about this piece.

3 Plus One

This is probably just a camera glitch that doubled up the person in the photo but it still looks pretty creepy. Of course, some people wouldn’t agree. There have been different theories about this pic circulating around the Internet. Some people agree that two people in the picture are just a result of something weird happening with Google Maps camera, but others have some theories of their own. For example, there has been some speculating about the human soul that has been captured on the pic next to the body, while others don’t think it’s a human at all. But it’s not so unusual to get that double effect when you’re trying to capture something in motion. It is actually quite a common thing, so let’s just try to stick to the first explanation say that, while it does look weird, there actually isn’t anything in the picture that should freak you out.

2 Pentagram In Kazakhstan

There is an isolated part of Kazakhstan where this curious pentagram was captured. It is around 1200 feet large (in diameter) and it is clearly visible on Google Maps, more so with the trees that grow around the lines. A pentagram is actually a five-pointed star surrounded by circle and people usually connect it to Satanism, devil worship, religious sects etc. While some of the pictures we saw can be explained as simple camera glitches, there is no camera glitch in this picture. The pentagram is definitely there, etched into the Earth’s surface. It is a mystery how it got there. What we do know is that it’s located in an isolated area where the closest settlement is about 12 miles away, that being the city of Lisakovsk. Otherwise, there is no human habitation in the near proximity to the pentagram.

1 A Giant Broken Face

On a hillside covered with grass, there is a giant broken face and nobody knows how it got there. Once again, there have been different theories about what this face represents, some of them logical and some downright crazy. For example, some people believe that it is a stone master whose body parts have been scattered around the globe in order to control humans of the Earth. Other people believe that it is a part of Jesus’ mask that was placed there to remind humans of him forever. The skeptics believe it is actually an art piece that was installed there purposely, in order to be just as puzzling as it is. A creative artist perhaps had the idea of making something that will be the reason for great public discussion and placed this broken face there without anybody knowing about it.

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