15 Creepiest Things Found In Caves

Scary, eerie, slithering creepy-crawlies, mummies, millipedes, and freaky stories... what's discovered in caves around each and every part of the world is astonishing at the very least. Everything from worms that glow, to spiders as big as your hand, scary things lurk in dark places inside of a cave. Where to begin, where to begin?

Fortunately, when researching cool discoveries and the creepy things found in caves, I found myself engaged with numerous stories. Other than the "Bat Cave" Bruce Wayne inhabits I'm not sure the word "cave" inspires people to go inside and find out what's in there. I can relate.

Caves hide the tales of the unknown, animals and people long since gone, where history waits quietly to tell its story. Some photographs you'll see in this article capture a moment in time in ways most pictures don't. You never know what you might find in a cave, or if someone might find your mummy some day if you ever decide to go exploring for yourself.

If you pass on cave exploration, like I do, then this article should satisfy your curious by nature reading habits for the time being. There are some fascinating tales from the crypt, as well as ghosts, bugs, and hauntings that will be worth a closer look. Each story that accompanies these creepy photos will likely give you an eerie feeling. Aside from any shivers, you'll surely learn 15 new things about the creepiest things found in caves.

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15 Kabayan Mummies

Often referred to as the Fire Mummies of the Philippines, these mummies rest in the caves scattered along the mountains of Kabayan. You're probably wondering how the remains of a person can look like these mummies do; frozen in their lifeless poses for eternity? Fire mummies are the result of a dying person ingesting an extremely salty drink before death. That's followed by each corpse being smoked over a fire. The salt in the stomach combined with heat, forcefully remove all the fluids from inside. That sounds like one hell of a way to go, doesn't it? Interesting that's for sure, though. A photo like this gives us a small look into the life, and death, of people who lived thousands of years ago.

14 Ghosts In Haunted Mammoth Cave

If you're looking for a haunted cave with a reputation for spooky ghost encounters, then look no further than Mammoth Cave located in Kentucky, U.S.A. Originally mined for its saltpeter the cave's tunnels twist and turn spanning more than 350 miles. It's also the largest cave system in the world. I bet the howling wind noises in the tunnels make for a creepy experience. According to many believers, Mammoth Cave is rumored to have its share of resident ghosts wandering its interior. Oddly, it's not just random visitors who believe in the ghosts that haunt its interior but the employees as well. Lucky for you ghost hunters out there you can tour the cave. Even some of the tour guides admit they've seen ghosts while with tour groups.

13 Snottite

It's hardly difficult to see how this gooey, snot like substance gets its name. Think of the horror induced vomiting that would occur after wandering through this nasty snot like goo! Gives you the heebie-jeebies, right? Doesn't make you want to wander through any deep, dark, openings in a cave, does it? Reminds me of getting slimmed on Nickelodeon but in real life. Only this time you're horrified. The thought of having snottite, or snoticle, touch any part of my body isn't comforting. Discovered in a toxic cave in Tabasco, Mexico, snottite was first reported by a researcher named Diana Northup. You have to wonder what she thought when she saw the creepy, goopy substance, for the first time don't you?

12 Monfort Bat Sanctuary - Home Of Millions Of Bats

Anyone up for a trip to Barangay Tambo, Samal Island; anyone, anyone? I doubt you would want to go if you knew what the Monfort Bat Sanctuary had in store for you. How about a cave filled with over 2 million bats all backed into a 245ft cave? No takers? I'm not surprised. Bats are, in my belief, some of the nastiest, creepiest, flying, squeaky rodents to ever have lived. Fill any cave with millions of fruit bats, and that makes for one hell of a story. There's nothing appealing about the bat, not to me anyway. It doesn't matter which species you're looking at. Regardless if you feel the same as I do about bats, then you can scratch the Monfort Sanctuary off your to-do list.

11  33 ft Snake Found In Brazilian Cave

The largest snake ever recorded is named "Medusa" and it's a 25 ft monster of a reptile that's owned by Moon Productions out of Kansas City, Missouri. Medusa is one big snake without a doubt if you care to look her up! Well, it appears that a snake that was found by construction workers before blasting a cave in the Brazilian rainforest is even bigger yet. On an additional note, why we continue to destroy our rainforests, I'll never understand. Apparently, the huge snake was discovered after a controlled explosion in Altamira located in Para. It's believed to be the largest snake ever found. Even bigger than Medusa! I think the cave hiding beast weighing in at just over a half-ton could have devoured a person quite quickly.

10 The Crone Statue

The Crone statue gave me a shiver up my spine when I first took a close look at it. 'Possessed' was one of the first words that came mind. The nails that are protruding out of its eyes, and the noose around its neck, help in projecting that feeling I suppose. The statue itself was found in a cave in the Catskill mountains in 2016. Hikers that found the statue posted their find on Reddit to see if anybody knew what it might be. They claimed to have had a supernatural experience they felt manifested itself from the cursed statue. All while inside of their apartment. Fascinating yes but sitting on a shelf above a fireplace, no thanks. That statue should have been left where it was for obvious reasons!

9 Caves Of Death: Scotland

The name Caves Of Death pretty much says it all, am I right? These remote caves are found in northern Scotland and getting to them is a chore in itself. Archeologists in the region traveled to the caves and found horrible things within its interior. Evidence of human sacrifice including the heads of children posted on poles litters the cave's floor. The bodies are believed to have been inside these creepy caves for thousands of years. Archeologists think that the cave could have been used for supernatural gatherings and the passing of an individual's soul from one world to another. If there was ever a place that should be haunted, I think the Caves Of Death in Scotland could be that very place.

8 Extinct Cave Lion Cub

If you were alive over 10,000 years ago in Siberia than these now extinct animals were roaming around the frozen tundra. That is when they weren't cooped up in their dens. This photograph is a perfectly preserved frozen Cave Lion cub. The lion's remains were found when the Uyandina River receded enough for it to be discovered. It's unknown why the cave lion eventually became extinct, and researchers were excited to get their hands on what they say is a stunning example. That's great for science! The cave lion cub is believed to have been crushed at a very young age from the collapse of its cave. Thus, preserving its body in near perfect condition since its death. Creepy, or cool? Up to you!

7 Salt Men Of Iran

The salt men of Iran have been found in salt caves as far back as the mid-1990s. Archeologists believe the atmosphere of the caves has preserved the mummies of old salt miners for over 1500 years. That's a long time wouldn't you say? What remains of this salt miner is an eerie look at what could be around the corner when exploring Chehrabad Salt Mines. Unearthing this kind of human remains is big news for the science community, but most of us are fine with reading that news online. That's especially true when the remains look like this mummified man. The mummies white hair is shockingly intact and spooky to look at. There's even a gold earring still intact on his left ear.

6 Hellfire Caves

Can you imagine seeing a carved rendition of what appears to be the devil on the wall of a cave you entered? That would be unnerving, to say the least. The West Wycombe Caves also referred to as the Hellfire Caves, are located in southeast England. They're man-made and span over a quarter of a mile. The caves received the name Hellfire due to the members only club that had meetings within its walls in the eighteenth century. Sir Francis Dashwood originally formed the group that would one day include many prominent members from around the world. The caves themselves have been a tourist attraction since the early 1950s, so if you'd like to visit them go ahead. Or maybe with carved faces like the one seen in this photo you'll pass

5 Alien Skulls

Anyone up for some Nazi Germany alien skulls? Anyone...anyone? Maybe not, but the photos are certainly intriguing, to say the least, aren't they? After discovering this story floating around online, I knew it had to be included on the list of creepiest things found in caves. Where else would an alien skull found in a Russian cave two years ago belong? That's right, this article. Now, if you think these could be a hoax, join the club. Is the news of alien skulls being found in an old WWII chest believable? That's up to you. It's definitely not dismissible. Either way you sway, if these skulls really were found in a Russian cave than that's a world changing discovery.

4 The Bell Witch Cave

There's an old story in Adams, Tennessee about a witch that haunts a cave. The cave is located on what used to be Bell Farm. As the legend goes, the owner, John Bell, had a daughter named Betsy. She was apparently haunted regularly by the ghost of Kate Batt; a deceased prior neighbor of the Bells'. Kate Batt, before her death, cursed the Bell family believing that John Bell had cheated her over land. It's believed that Kate Batt haunts the nearby cave and her legend as the Bell Witch has been public knowledge for hundreds of years. There are various versions of the Bell Witch story and if you're curious about the cave and its ghost you can reserve yourself a tour.

3 Olm Salamander

Can you imagine living over 100 years and never seeing a thing? The thought of being blind that long automatically gets a person's attention, don't you think? How about strolling around for over ten years and never, ever, eating, one bit of food? Well, research tells us that an Olm Salamander, found in the caves of Slovenia and Croatia, live their lengthy life with a blind disability. All the while growing to be nearly 10 inches as adults. That doesn't make them helpless though. The Olm Salamander has adapted to its surroundings if it can walk one inch without eyes, that's for sure. Have you ever thought you could feel that electric feeling from time to time? Once again the Olm Salamander is believed to have that ability.

2 Movile Cave, Romania

The Movile Caves, otherwise known as the Poison Caves, have an abundance of creepy little factoids about them. For beginners, the atmosphere contains several elements from the periodic table that lost me when I started looking into their definitions. From the information gathered I think it's safe to say that air is at a premium inside of the cave. That doesn't sound very inviting to most of us I'm sure. In some areas, air content is merely half of what we breathe on the earth surface. Despite the obvious issue, inhabitants, ugly, and rare, crawl along the rocky walls. Creatures unknown to scientists before discovering their existence back in the mid-1980s; each resident living and eating beneath our feet for over 5 million years.

1 Baja Spider

Let's venture out to California real quick and talk about a creepy, crawly, spider nearly the size of a small frisbee. That's a damn big spider! Found by two museum curators hiking in a Baja, California cave in 2017, these spiders are the stuff nightmares are made of; at least for most people on this planet. I was floored when I also learned that the hikers found these spiders crawling around in what remained of old out-house cement pits in the area. Oh, my goodness that's freaky to think of seeing a spider this big crawling up your leg. That sounds like a piss poor situation (no pun intended). In other world news: the new species of spider might be the ugliest thing found in California.

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