15 Creepiest Things Found In Abandoned Locations

A place with no humans is one of two things. It could be a place where humans have never lived. Think of the rain forest. We often see such places as some of the few natural havens unsullied by humanity’s hand. Sure, if we get lost in it at night, we’re terrified. But usually, when we see these natural places, we see the beauty and magnificence in them. The other type of location without humans is the type that has been abandoned. These are always scary. Why? For one, it’s uncanny. If we see signs of people, we expect to see people. So when we don’t, it’s off-putting. Moreover, if people used to be there but aren’t anymore, the question that comes into mind is why did they leave?

This question colors what they left behind. Everything there becomes, if not a clue as to the people’s disappearance, a plaintiff paean to what once had been a livable place. The human brain is great at creating stories and filling in gaps, so everything we see becomes part of a narrative we are creating, sometimes subconsciously. And that narrative will reflect our mental and emotional state. And, if our physical state is in an abandoned house in the woods riddled with bullet holes or a long neglected amusement park, our mental and emotional state will probably not be good! With all this in mind, this list will take a look at 15 of the creepiest items ever discovered in an abandoned location.

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15 Creepy And Burnt Dolls In An Abandoned Trailer

via Imgur

What makes dolls so darn creepy? Is the movie Chucky to blame? Perhaps partially. But look at the dolls that were sold 100+ years ago and tell me you’re not crept out. Were children just super macabre back then? Whatever the reason, dolls in the wrong context can be very unsettling today, especially when that context is in an abandoned trailer in the woods. And especially when one or more of those dolls appear to be burned. What the heck went on here? Unfortunately, there really isn’t any information available about this trailer. The photo was just included in a collection of creepy forgotten stuff. Maybe that makes it even more unsettling. Just know that this world is full of abandoned trailers in deep and dark scary woods full of damaged and mutilated dolls.

14 An Old Podium In An Abandoned Olympic Arena In Athens

via REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis

The Olympics gives a city the opportunity to star in front of the world. For a few weeks, everybody is talking about your city. It is glamorous and prestigious. But it is also very, very, very expensive. And it’s unclear whether cities ever make that money back in the long run. Athens and Greece, as a whole, probably wish they could get a refund. Greece held the Olympics in 2004, and several years later, the whole country was bankrupt. Greece still struggles mightily with debt and its poor economy. Because of all this, the once bright, shiny, new buildings built for the 2004 Olympics have fallen into disuse and disrepair. Here, we see an abandoned podium in an abandoned Olympic arena, used for nothing by nobody. There are no bronze, silver, and gold winners here. Just billions of dollars lost forever.

13 A Live Artillery Shell In A House

via wikipedia

This house was not exactly abandoned, but an artillery shell (of a similar model to the one pictured here) was. Mr. and Mrs. DeForest of Goshen, Indiana moved into their new house only to find that a previous resident had left something behind. Isn’t this annoying? Sometimes, they’ll leave something behind that you can use, such as an office chair or a bike. But when it’s a live artillery shell? What a pain, am I right? And I stress live artillery shell. Apparently, Mrs. DeForest was unnerved by her precocious and less-than-cautious husband who picked up the shell and started fiddling with it, so she called a friend, army veteran Joshua Blankenship, who informed them what it was, and they should definitely not touch it. They had to bring in an Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit to take care of the darn thing.

12 Wheelchairs And Weird Graffiti In An Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital

via Reddit

An abandoned psychiatric hospital? Really? Do they really exist? I thought they were just a plot device in horror movies, a place for the sexy teens to go make out on Halloween because that’s a perfectly logical decision. Sadly, they do exist, as this example from Parma, Italy proves. So, an abandoned psychiatric hospital is creepy as is. When it still has items such as wheelchairs and other paraphernalia, the creep factor gets bumped up a notch. So, why artist Herbert Baglione felt that it needed just a pinch more of creepiness is a mystery. But he did, so he painted these figures on the wall. He has painted similar creatures in other places, but the sneaky, almost Slender Man-like figures really seem right at home here. Great!

11 A Painting In An Abandoned Cabin In The Woods

via recRealtor

In and of itself, there’s nothing particularly scary about this painting. It’s just a bland, fairly pleasant painting. But, it’s in an abandoned house. So? Well, the painting was left there by somebody. Along with many other items—plates, chairs, turpentine. This suggests that whoever left, did so in a hurry. Why? I don’t know. And therein lies the creepiness. Well, that and the cabin is literally just sitting in the middle of the woods, near nobody or anything else. Somebody just stumbled upon it one day and took some photos. We don’t know any more about it than that. Was it used by a philosopher who wanted to get away from it all? From some vagrants that were down on their luck and moved to the forest? Or a psychotic serial killer who killed people and ate their faces? We don’t know, but almost certainly the last one.

10 An Abandoned Jail

via Brilio

This entry is a bit meta. The creepiest object found is the abandoned location itself. There’s not much information available out there about this one. It seems like a young man, an urban explorer of sorts, sneaked into an abandoned building (or an abandoned part of a building) attached to “town hall.” He never specifies which town. After going down a level, it quickly became clear what this building once was—a jail. As we have discussed, abandoned buildings by their very nature are creepy, so an abandoned jail becomes exponentially creepy. This colors everything found inside—old computers stashed in a pile, dilapidated office chairs, and a dusty typewriter. When seen next to iron bars and in the darkness of an underground prison, everything becomes creepy.

9 An Abandoned Cemetery Underneath A House

via Missoulian

In the first Simpsons Halloween special (“Treehouse of Horror”), there is a story in which the Simpsons move into a haunted house which they discover was built on an abandoned “Indian burial ground.” Homer angrily calls the realtor (Mr. Plute) and demands to know why he didn’t tell him about the burial ground, to which Mr. Plute informs Homer that he mentioned it “six or seven times.” This funny little bit is lampooning countless haunted house stories and movies because how could you not know your house was built on a graveyard? That would never happen, right? Well…such a thing indeed happened to Helen Weisensel. One day, a child’s skull popped up through the floor of the basement in the new house she bought. No biggie. Ms. Weisensel’s house was built atop a long forgotten cemetery, possibly the oldest in Wisconsin’s Jefferson County—around 170 years old. Ms. Weisensel never complained of any spirits disturbing her, but make no mistake, this is a horror story. The horror came from all the bureaucratic hoops through which Ms. Weisensel had to jump to allow an archaeological dig in her basement before she could make some much needed foundation repairs.

8 Barbed Wire In A Psychiatric Hospital

via Reddit

Again with the psychiatric hospital. We previously established that anything found in an abandoned psychiatric hospital or jail is bound to seem creepy just because of its environs. But, this is not an innocent object that seems sinister because of its surroundings. This is a barbed wire. This hospital in upstate New York is, sadly, representative of many such abandoned facilities across the United States. It seems that, at least in some places, it is difficult to get funding for these facilities to get people with mental health issues the treatment they need. Then again, I fail to see how barbed wire was going to help with said treatment. Unless of course the residents here posed a potential danger to others and the outside world and had to be kept inside. Now that’s a scary thought.

7 A Mummy In A Foreclosed House

via wikipedia

Jorge Giro bought a house in the seaside town of Roses, Spain. Mr. Giro got a good deal on it, too, because the house was foreclosed upon when the previous owner just happened to MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEAR. What could possibly go wrong? Now, I don’t know how realty works in Spain, but I would assume that at some point between the bank foreclosing on the previous owner, taking possession of the house, and then selling it to Mr. Giro, somebody might have done just a quick walk through the house. Maybe? Yeah? Apparently not, because when he first entered the house, Mr. Giro found the previous owner lying there in his new living room. There’s no photo of her, but she would have looked much like the photo included here, except with a bit more rotting flesh. But actually, her flesh wasn’t rotting all that much because the salty sea air had helped her body to naturally mummify. It’s unclear how long she had been dead, but she stopped paying her mortgage six years prior. Happy housewarming!

6 Abandoned Ski Jump At Olympic Grounds In Sarajevo

via REUTERS/Dad Ruvic

Sarajevo, then a part of Yugoslavia, hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics. Like many Olympics, this turned out to be a poor financial decision for Sarajevo. But the folly of this particular Olympics was compounded by the Bosnian War that took place from 1992 to 1995. The Bosnian War was an organized armed conflict between different ethnic and religious groups that followed Bosnia and Herzegovina’s secession from Yugoslavia. Not only was it particularly sad to see a country torn apart by war that had hosted what is meant to be an international celebration of coming together only eight years previous, but the Olympic grounds themselves were repurposed for military use and habitation. Furthermore, parts of the former Olympic grounds sustained damage from the war that can be seen to this day. Here, we see the dilapidated ski jump along with the ski lift; an old disused ski lift just hanging there in the fog. Very eerie. There are other parts of the grounds, however, such as the bobsled track, which have a lot of interesting graffiti and are now mainly used by BMX bike riders. Pretty rad!

5 The “Cool Zone” At Six Flags New Orleans

via lostlosangeles

Six Flags New Orleans was once a thriving amusement park full of thrill seekers, families, and young children in awe of mighty roller coasters. That all changed, however, in 2005. After Hurricane Katrina, Six Flags New Orleans, much like the city itself, would never be the same again. Like some quarters of the city, Six Flags New Orleans has never been restored since The Storm. After surveying the massive damage that Katrina had done, Six Flags determined that it would not be worth the investment to try to restore the park. They then began negotiating with the city to get out of their lease. Now, the park is merely a haunting, dilapidated reminder of better days. It had become a hotspot for urban explorers. So much so that the New Orleans municipal government felt they had to crackdown on this activity and the abandoned park is now regularly patrolled by police officers. So think twice before going in and trying to snap some pics of your own.

4 A Clown Head At Six Flags New Orleans

via Keoni Cabral/Flickr

What’s the deal with clowns? Seriously. Were they ever funny? To anybody? It seems now the vast majority of people just find them creepy. Is Stephen King’s It to blame for this? Who knows? But now, it seems that coulrophobia (fear of clowns) is the norm and that if you are not frightened by clowns, there might be something wrong with you. Even if, generally, you have no problem with clowns, seeing a severed clown head in an abandoned theme park in a city known for its Voodoo and other colorful history, could creep out the most stoic among us. So, here it is, a severed clown head in an abandoned theme park in a city known for its Voodoo and other colorful history. Enjoy!

3 A Dead Bird Hanging From The Ceiling Of An Abandoned House

via funnypast.com

Here, we have another abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. The original article does not give a location, except that it is on a desert ridge near a small canyon, presumably in the United States somewhere. Of course, nearly anything found in an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere can give you the creeps. But a dead animal? Certainly so. How about a dead animal that has purposely been displayed by somebody? Get out of there. Now. This dead bird was found hanging from the ceiling. It appears to have been tied there with wires left over from what was once either a light fixture or ceiling fan. Why would somebody do this? There’s no good reason. The house was largely empty, save for some old bed frames, broken glass, and lot of holes in the walls that the photographer identified as bullet holes. What the hell happened in this house? Do I even want to know?

2 Isla De Las Muñecas - Part 1

via FullPicture

We began with dolls, so too shall we end with dolls. Because, they’re often creepy. A brand new doll in the arms of an adorable child? Not creepy at all. How about an abandoned island FULL of damaged and dismembered dolls hanging from trees and nailed to walls? Yeah, a little bit creepy. Just a smidge. The Isla de las Muñecas (Island of the Dolls) is an uninhabited island south of Mexico City between the canals of Xochimilco. Uninhabited by humans, that is. The island does have many of another kind of inhabitant, dolls. Hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of them. Dolls, just hanging about. Some with all their limbs, many without. They are just sitting there, piercing your soul with their dead eyes. Oh, and also spiders. Lots of spiders.

1 Isla De Las Muñecas - Part 2

via isladelasmunecas.com

The tale of the Isla de las Muñecas is creepy and sad. The story was that one day, many years ago, the caretaker of the island, Don Julian Santana Barrera, found a little girl dead or dying in the canals by the island. He was unable to save her life. Don Julian was haunted by this. Not long after the incident, a doll washed up on the island. He presumed it to be the dead girl’s, and he hung it up in a place of prominence, as a show of respect for her. But something happened to Don Julian. Perhaps he was just eccentric. Perhaps he went mad. Perhaps he heard the little girl’s spirit. Perhaps he was traumatized or racked with guilt because he was unable to save her. Perhaps he just went a bit wonky due to isolation. Whatever the case, Don Julian began collecting all the castaway dolls he could find, regardless of their condition, and began to place them everywhere on the island, presumably as an ode to the dead little girl and to all lost children everywhere.Don Julian died on the island some years ago and since then, it has become a bit of a tourist spot. People come by to see the dolls and often bring their own to add to the collection.

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