15 Creepiest Things Ever Caught On Nanny Cams

Nanny cams are a staple of the modern American parenting household. They allow parents to monitor their child while they're asleep or home with the sitter. Many modern cameras even allow parents to check on their children remotely, as they get email notifications and images when there is movement in a child's room. Unfortunately, open-circuit cameras like these are vulnerable to third-party hacks, as we'll see in some instances described below. Parents are not the only ones who get a peak inside your home when you put a camera in there.

Sometimes, though, nanny cams do nothing to ensure the safety of a child. But it certainly can record the spooky, sickening, and inexplicable. In most of these cases, the nanny cam recorded a helpless parent or child in a dire circumstance. Without a baby monitor or nanny cam, many of these children and parents would have been able to sleep much more soundly. In other cases, the nanny cam was able to identify a person who committed a crime so the police could intervene, but still did nothing in the way of securing the household. Nanny cams provide a perception of security, but as we see in these 15 examples, not security itself.

15 Mischievous Father

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In 2014, a couple received some local publicity for a stunt that a father pulled on his wife while she was at work. The father stayed home with the kids during the day, and decided to have a little fun at his wife’s expense. His wife set up a nanny cam with notifications, so that she would get periodic emails of pictures to ensure that her child was safe. Apparently, she didn’t trust her husband to adequately handle their child. The father knew that this was the case, and also knew that there were motion sensors that triggered a picture and an email. The husband decided to go into his child’s room and sit next to them with various creep masks. The mother got the pictures on her work computer, freaked out, and rushed home only to find that it was her husband all along. It’s not the craziest thing a nanny cam has caught, but imagine you’re at work and see your son sitting next to a man in a Jason mask.

14 Nanny Cam Possession

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A YouTube video was uploaded in 2010 that reportedly shows a mother’s possession on nanny cam. The camera was set up by her husband, who noticed that his wife was often missing from bed in the night. The video shows a woman standing at her door, swaying erratically at the timestamp of 11PM and 1AM. When the camera cuts to the morning, the woman is still standing in the same place at 6AM. She then bends over and crawls toward the camera, as the video ends with her snarling into the lens of the camera while a baby cries for their mother in the background. While this is a haunting video, my fake-radar went up pretty hard. Not only is this a paranormal video, which is suspect to begin with, but if you look at the TV between the 11PM and 1AM timestamps, the program doesn’t seem to miss a beat. This seems like something that was staged by the mother of the child in an attempt to get views. There is still the possibility that this is real, though, but many other accounts of possession hold more credibility than this one.

13 Home Invasion

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One night in October of 2014, a man decided to break into a family's home. He was presumably intending on stealing the family's valuable items, but he got distracted when he saw a baby lying in its crib. The nanny cam footage shows a disturbing scene as the robber shines his flashlight on the child, and stands over the crib watching the baby sleep. He stood in this position for several minutes, just watching the baby lie there. The home invader did steal some money and a laptop from the family, but later dropped the laptop in a neighboring yard. It was certainly not the worst thing that could have happened, and the robber likely had no bad intentions while looking at the baby, but there are fewer things creepier than finding a video of a home invader staring at your child as they sleep.

12 Afraid of the Monitor

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A couple in New York City were a bit confused when their son told them that he was afraid of the baby monitor. The two didn't understand why, as it was just a way for the two of them to make sure that their toddler was okay. One night in April, their son cried out in the night and his mother went to check on him. When she walked in the room, she heard a voice coming from the monitor saying, "Wake up little boy, daddy's looking for you." When she became visible to the camera, the same voice said, "Look, someone's coming." The mother began to cry as she realized that her son had a legitimate reason to be afraid. She was dismissing his fears as childhood imagination, but it was apparent that someone had hacked into their nanny cam and was terrorizing this poor boy.

11 Sleeping Companion

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One couple got quite the spook when they took a look at their baby monitor one morning, as what was in their child’s crib was completely unexpected. The couple saw their child curled up with another child in his crib. The child appeared to be asleep, but his companion seemed to have his eyes open and was sucking his thumb. The catch? This couple only have one child. They had never seen the other, blonde, kid before in their lives, but it appears that the invisible friend they heard so much about might be the real deal. Many people claim that this is photo evidence of paranormal activity, but videos and pictures like these have to pass a fairly rigorous fake-test before I buy in. If it’s true, though, it must be an unsettling thought every night you put your child to sleep.

10 Strange Woman

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A woman posted her nanny cam story to Reddit that must have given her and her husband quite the scare. The woman attests that she went to bed while her husband continued to watch television in the den. The woman watched the baby monitor, and what she saw was terrifying to her. She saw a woman standing at the base of her child's bed. The woman reached into the crib and picked up the baby, who seemed happy enough to go with her. The woman alerted her husband, who frantically checked on the baby. The baby was almost asleep in his crib, and the parents were dumbfounded when they sat back on their bed. Once they heard their neighbor's dog barking they knew what was happening: their neighbors had the same baby monitor and they were watching the feed of their neighbor's child.

9 Strange Music


A mother stirred in her sleep one night and woke up with a start when she heard something coming from her baby monitor camera. She heard strange, unsettling music, when there was nothing coming from her child's room. The music stopped after a few seconds, but this mother decided to take a look into this situation. Hers was not a closed-circuit nanny cam, which meant it could be accessed from the internet and was vulnerable to hackers. When she traced the IP address, she found that her nanny cam was being hacked from Amsterdam. Furthermore, she found a website that hosted a plethora of nanny cam videos just like her own.

8 Baby Acrobat

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A video was uploaded to YouTube that showed what babies might be up to when their parents don’t hear them crying. The video shows a baby, probably named Connor based on the name on the wall, crying for his parents in the middle of the night. The child seems to be in distress, and only seems to know simple words as you can hear him say “mama” at least once. About halfway through the video, the baby begins to climb the wall of his crib. When he gets to the top, he stands on the railing, balancing and continuing to cry. The parents either aren’t awake or are pretending to still be asleep, as they still don’t check on their crying child. The child continues to cry as it balances on the railing, and stands there for about 20 seconds. Eventually the baby falls, but luckily it is backwards into the crib and not forward onto the floor. Many people claim that this footage shows a possessed child, though that may be a little bit of a leap from the reality of the situation.

7 Not Seen on Nanny Cam

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This story was also posted on Reddit, by a user who claims to have a laundry list of stories stemming from his uncle's haunted house. This one details something not seen or heard on a baby monitor, rather than something that was. The couple had put their son to sleep in his crib and were watching TV downstairs. The baby slept in their room, so they didn't have much to worry about. The two were watching TV and the nanny cam, but didn't see or hear anything other than the baby's sleeping breath. When they decided to go to bed, they went up to their room and found that all of the doors and windows were wide open. Their room was on the second floor, so an intruder was not likely. Furthermore, they heard no sound and so no movement while they were watching on the nanny cam. It's not definitive proof, but in conjunction with this person's other tales from his uncle's house I certainly wouldn't rule out ghostly intervention.

6 Ghostly Orb

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An Australian woman uploaded a video to Facebook in early 2016 that gave her quite a spook. The video is a cell phone recording of her nanny cam from the night before, with footage of her baby sleeping in its crib. The video begins as a distinct, white orb rises off of the baby's body and hovers above them. The orb sits there for about a minute, before slowly moving towards the wall and shrinking a bit in size. Before the video ends, the orb returns to the baby and then goes back to the wall. Those who don't believe in ghosts will say that it's a trick of the light, dust, or some other rationalization, but this video does not seem to be faked in any way. I'm the first one to shout "fake" when I see a video, but this one seems genuine. If it is real, it's possible that this nanny cam captured proof of the spirit world.

5 Invisible Friend

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A Reddit user posted an experience he had with a baby monitor while he was watching his niece one evening. In his post, he says that he was watching his niece on a nanny cam one evening at his brother's house. He was studying and tired, but when he looked up at the screen he saw a shadow leaning over the baby's bed. He ran up to the room and saw nothing, but took his niece downstairs with him to be safe. When his brother and sister-in-law came home, he told his brother what he saw. His brother took him aside and told him not to repeat this story to the brother's wife, but he had seen the exact same thing multiple times in his daughter's room. The family stayed in this house for four more years, and when they moved, their daughter had become devastated because she was going to miss her friend. Her mother told her that they could take her friend with them, but the girl only cried, saying that her friend was unable to leave the house.

4 Old Sitter

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Waking up to find that someone has been in your house is a terrifying thought. Finding out that there may be ghosts in your house might be even more terrifying. One couple took a look at their baby monitor in the morning, and found something incredibly unsettling. The couple saw what appears to be an old, decrepit woman leaning over their baby’s crib, as if to reach out and hold it. It is unclear how the couple handled the situation, but the baby’s grandmother recently passed before this video was taken, so the couple believed the figure to be the spirit that deceased grandmother. Again, this type of picture can easily be faked, and I’m not suggesting you believe every ghost story you read on the internet, but waking up to find an image of a grotesque figure watching your baby is as creepy as it gets.

3 A Brutal Beating

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A New Jersey woman experienced one of the ultimate fears one day, as she was not safe in her own home in broad daylight. Her husband had left for the day, and the woman was left home alone to watch her young child. After her husband left, a man broke in and began viciously assaulting the woman while the child and the nanny cam looked on helplessly. Though much of the beating is blurred in the news coverage, you can still make out the sickening sound of fists connecting on the poor, helpless mother. The man began rummaging through her house, and only stopped to kick the downed woman in the face. When he was done, he threw her down the basement stares and left her there. The woman was able to crawl up the stairs and return to her child, who was fortunately unharmed during the ordeal. The nanny cam footage of the beating lead to the arrest and conviction of 42-year-old Shawn Custis, on charges of attempted murder, robbery and two counts of child endangerment.

2 Torture Chamber

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A man from the Czech Republic found a nightmare when he set up a nanny cam for his newborn child. When he was setting it up, the frequencies got crossed with his neighbor's, whose nanny cam was being used to monitor her children. When the man turned on the screen he saw two boys chained up in a dungeon-like area. He called the police, who saved the boys, but also added more grisly details to the crime. The mother had locked the boys in the basement, and had even partially skinned one of them alive in order to eat his flesh. The younger one was made to cut himself with knives, and the police were informed that the mother of the two was taking direction from a man named "The Doctor," who would text the mother and tell her how and when to torture her children. The children were removed from this home, but it will likely never reverse the mental damage that their monster of a mother inflicted on them.

1 Nanny Beats Toddler


A chilling video out of Uganda went viral in 2014, as it showed a 22-year-old babysitter brutally beating a helpless toddler while the child’s father was away. In the video, you can see the babysitter feeding the child, who appears to not want to eat, so the babysitter slaps the toddler in the face. It is unclear whether the child was sick or if the nanny was force-feeding her, but the toddler began to sway and eventually projectile-vomited on the floor. At this point, the babysitter became angry and started throwing the baby around, even kicking her and stepping on her while she was on the ground. When the father came home, he noticed bruises on his daughter so he checked the nanny cam. What he saw filled him with rage, understandably, and he tracked the woman down and gave her a well-deserved beating. Hitting women is not okay, but any person – regardless of gender – who can rag-doll a child as seen in the video deserves to get hammered on by someone who has a massive physical advantage against them. It may not be the "right" thing to do in this situation, but I don't think anyone with a pulse could see this video and feel bad for her.

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