15 Creepiest Things Ever Caught On Nanny Cams

Nanny cams are a staple of the modern American parenting household. They allow parents to monitor their child while they're asleep or home with the sitter. Many modern cameras even allow parents to check on their children remotely, as they get email notifications and images when there is movement in a child's room. Unfortunately, open-circuit cameras like these are vulnerable to third-party hacks, as we'll see in some instances described below. Parents are not the only ones who get a peak inside your home when you put a camera in there.

Sometimes, though, nanny cams do nothing to ensure the safety of a child. But it certainly can record the spooky, sickening, and inexplicable. In most of these cases, the nanny cam recorded a helpless parent or child in a dire circumstance. Without a baby monitor or nanny cam, many of these children and parents would have been able to sleep much more soundly. In other cases, the nanny cam was able to identify a person who committed a crime so the police could intervene, but still did nothing in the way of securing the household. Nanny cams provide a perception of security, but as we see in these 15 examples, not security itself.

15 Mischievous Father

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14 Nanny Cam Possession

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13 Home Invasion

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12 Afraid of the Monitor

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11 Sleeping Companion

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10 Strange Woman

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9 Strange Music

8 Baby Acrobat

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7 Not Seen on Nanny Cam

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6 Ghostly Orb


5 Invisible Friend

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4 Old Sitter

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3 A Brutal Beating

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2 Torture Chamber


1 Nanny Beats Toddler


A chilling video out of Uganda went viral in 2014, as it showed a 22-year-old babysitter brutally beating a helpless toddler while the child’s father was away. In the video, you can see the babysitter feeding the child, who appears to not want to eat, so the babysitter slaps the toddler in the face. It is unclear whether the child was sick or if the nanny was force-feeding her, but the toddler began to sway and eventually projectile-vomited on the floor. At this point, the babysitter became angry and started throwing the baby around, even kicking her and stepping on her while she was on the ground. When the father came home, he noticed bruises on his daughter so he checked the nanny cam. What he saw filled him with rage, understandably, and he tracked the woman down and gave her a well-deserved beating. Hitting women is not okay, but any person – regardless of gender – who can rag-doll a child as seen in the video deserves to get hammered on by someone who has a massive physical advantage against them. It may not be the "right" thing to do in this situation, but I don't think anyone with a pulse could see this video and feel bad for her.

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15 Creepiest Things Ever Caught On Nanny Cams