15 Creepiest Pictures Taken In People's Bedrooms

The bedroom is probably the one place we’re supposed to feel safer than any other place on the planet. It’s the room that holds the bed that we sleep on every night and the place that we’re supposed to feel comfortable enough closing our eyes and zoning out for hours at a time. When we had a bad day, there’s no place most of us would rather be than the comfort of our own bed. It’s a place where some of us cuddle loved ones and hold those we love so dearly as we both fade into our dreams. It’s also a place where we can watch movies all night while eating buckets of ice cream. No matter who you are, your bed is probably one of your favorite places on the planet.

For others, however, our beds can be a terrifying place. Once the lights shut off, our minds begin to wander into the deepest, darkest corners of horror. Who knows what could be lurking under the bed or waiting to jump out from the closet! Aside from all the horrors, we can just imagine what kind of terror awaits in the real world, such as intruders and murderers!

What does your bedroom mean to you? Do you have trouble falling asleep at night, or is your mattress the relaxing escape you dream about all day? Let us know, and share with your friends to hear about their bedroom experiences! Here are 15 Disturbing Pictures Taken In Bedrooms Around The World:

15 Warren Jeffs' Child-R---g Bed

Warren Jeffs is another disgusting psycho we’re addressing on this list of terrifying bedrooms. Rather than a horrifying murder happening in someone’s bedroom caused by him, it was he who created a terrifying bedroom built for disgusting purposes. Pictured above, you can see a clean white room with a bed in the middle that he had made in order to easily rape little girls on. He called these rapes training sessions in which he believed he was teaching young women how to be good wives with words advised from God. The disgusting part is that people helped him build this horrifying bedroom because they were under his spell, believing he was sent by God to lead the FLDS Mormon church. Luckily, Warren Jeffs has been arrested and sentenced to life in prison. Unfortunately, he still rules this large cult from his jail cell, where he’s possibly advising other men to harm little girls.

14 Someone Caught Trying To Rob In The Bedroom

Sleep is a time when our minds shut off, our eyes close, and our bodies become completely relaxed in hopes of being able to start a refreshing day the next morning. Because of our relaxed state, it also makes us rather vulnerable to outside attacks. Many people enlist the help of security cameras, nanny cams, and baby monitors at night in order to help them get a more peaceful night sleep. Most people find their security cams to be pretty empty night after night, but one family got the ultimate shock when they discovered the burglar that you can see above crawling around their child’s bedroom floor! The most horrifying part is that he even has a knife in his mouth! Could you imagine the horror of finding this footage the next morning? Unfortunately, the burglar hasn’t been caught yet.

13 The Amityville Bedroom

The Amityville house is one of the most notorious haunted houses in our country. It’s said to be haunted because of the brutal crimes that occurred there decades ago in which one man lost his mind and murdered his entire family in their own beds. You can see one of the bedrooms in the photograph above, a place where people were hoping for a sound sleep but instead became the scene of brutal crimes. The house, to this day, is said to be haunted by the ghosts of these victims as well as other demons that caused the man to murder his family in the first place. There have been countless movies and other adaptations made of the story, but the most horrifying one is the one that happened in these terrifying bedrooms. Everyone probably hopes to die peacefully in his or her sleep one day, but this was certainly not peaceful.

12 Who's Under The Bed?!

As we’ve already discussed, finding someone under your bed has to be one of the most horrifying things anyone would have to go through. Most of us have beds low enough so that no one is able to crawl underneath. Also, if you’re one to be extra thorough before going to bed, maybe you take a peek under there to make sure you’re as alone as you think before drifting off. It seems as though the person who took this, as well as the little boy, didn’t do any of that before snapping the photo! If you look under the bed, you can see what looks to be a terrifying face staring out! There’s a chance this photograph is fake because some have asked why the bed skirt would be lifted up in this way in the first place. That’s a good question, but this photograph is terrifying enough for us to check under the bed every night for the foreseeable future before going to bed.

11 Roman Polanski Cleans The Bedroom Of His Dead Wife

The murder of Sharon Tate, Roman Polanski’s wife, is one of the most notorious Hollywood murderers in history. The murders were part of a terrifying cult known as The Manson Family, a group of drugged-out psychos led by Charles Manson himself. The photograph above was taken after Roman returned back home for the first time since his pregnant wife was murdered in their own home! He sits on the bed they shared so many loving nights together as he goes through her things. Having to return home after someone dies has to be one of the hardest things anyone has to go through. For Roman, his home also happened to be the blood-soaked crime scene in which his pregnant wife pleaded for her and her unborn child’s lives before being brutally murdered. No one looks at their bedroom and ever thinks that they'll have to go through what Roman’s going through in the photograph above, but for him, it was his own nightmare.

10 Someone's Crashing Their Party

The picture above looks like any typical picture you’d see from two teenage boys hanging out at night. What sets this particular photograph apart, however, is the horrifying face photobombing them! It seems as though they weren’t as alone as they thought they were when they first decided to take this picture! It’s always horrifying to picture yourself going through pictures and discovering something sinister in the background. That’s exactly what these boys did. A lot of people who saw this picture have stated that it’s likely Photoshop. If not, who does that face belong to? It’s not uncommon for teenage boys to want to start some internet drama; however, that doesn’t make this photograph any less terrifying! The way the face is sinisterly smiling gives us chills. Remember, next time before you go to bed, you might want to check the closet.

9 Vintage Crime Scene Of A Bedroom Murder

The photograph above was taken from an archive of vintage crime scene photos found in L.A. The photos range from the early 1900s through the 1940s. Each one tells a unique story just through the imagery alone. This woman was murdered in her own bed. The murderer is unknown, as police record-keeping wasn’t as thorough as it is today. With most of the cops being who dealt with these cases dead or long gone, we only have these photographs and a few short descriptions to go by when it comes to figuring out what exactly happened to these people. Almost one hundred years ago, this woman found herself face-to-face with the person who was going to take her life in her own bedroom -- a place where she was supposed to feel safe resting every night, but instead, it appears she spent her last waking moments there.

8 Who's Hiding? 

The photograph above shows a girl sitting peacefully on her bed. There’s really nothing out of the ordinary in this picture, and everything seems to be fine. So, why is it on a list of scary bedroom pictures, then? Well, if you look underneath her headboard, you can see what appears to be the eye of someone staring back at us! The exact origins of this picture are unknown, but there are rumors that she had no idea that she was alone! Some have also said, however, that she was attempting to hide a lover under her bed from her boyfriend or father. No matter what the truth is, this is a pretty horrifying image to have to imagine! Having someone hide under the bed must be one of the biggest fears most people have when it comes to falling asleep at night. Wherever this girl is now, hopefully, she’s safe and with a bed that has a lower bed frame!

7 Amanda Knox's Bedroom

The murder of Amanda Knox’s roommate in Italy has to be one of the biggest cases to have happened in the past few decades. The nature of the crime, as well as the lack of suspects besides Amanda, made this case baffling for everyone who was involved. We became so obsessed with Amanda and who she might be that might have caused her to murder her roommate that we forgot about her actual roommate, the victim in this all. In the photograph above, you can see the unfortunate crime scene in which Meredith Kercher was brutally murdered. Knox did have to serve time for the murder, although she was eventually acquitted, and it was discovered that another man’s bloody fingerprints were found all over the crime scene. He's now serving time for what he did to Meredith; however, people will always remember this brutal crime scene in Meredith’s own bedroom.

6 Heaven's Gate Bedroom

Cults are pretty terrifying. It’s scary to think that there are people in the world powerful and manipulative enough to take advantage of people who are able to get so easily persuaded by one man’s words. That was the unfortunate case for the people involved in the Heaven’s Gate cult. They were a specific group of people who believed that if they all committed suicide at the same time, they would get to join an alien spaceship that was hiding behind a comet passing over California at the time of their suicide. One chilling part is that their bodies weren’t even discovered for days, causing an extra horrifying scene. They all wore matching outfits as well and all laid down in beds like you see above before taking the poison that would take their lives. Who would’ve thought when creating the bunk beds that they’d be used for something so tragic.

5 This Door Is Moving On Its Own

It’s never a good feeling to think that you’re not alone when there’s no one else home. Who might be watching you through windows or doors or maybe just sitting right next to you? After one woman continually felt like she wasn’t alone every night when she went to bed, she decided to set up a security camera in hopes of catching who might be lurking around her bedroom every night. Unfortunately, she found exactly what she was looking for. Once the lights go off and she begins to drift off, it seems as though everything horrifying that could happen starts to happen! The door begins opening and closing on its own, and her covers even get pulled off! A lot of people think that this is all a hoax and that she rigged the rooms with strings in order to make it seem as though there was a ghost in the room; however, it’s still a frightening thought.

4 Not A Selfie

The girl in the photograph above got a little more than she bargained for when she decided to take a selfie in her bedroom. There really isn’t much to the picture, and it looks like a fairly normal photograph. However, if you look in the very corner where there appears to be a small mirror sitting on an end table, you can see what looks to be a horrifying face! The girl stated she was alone and has no idea what the horrifying image could be! Some claim it’s fake and that she staged the photograph to capture this face. Others think it’s just a strange reflection of something else she has in the room. No matter what it is, it doesn’t look friendly! What would you do if you tried to take a selfie in your bedroom and ended up capturing this terrifying sight?

3 Bedroom Of A Nightstalker Victim

Richard Ramirez was an American serial killer known for his brutal home invasions. He became known as the Nightstalker because he waited until night to break into people’s homes, rape whoever was there, and then brutally murder them. After he was done, he would also often steal whatever he could get his hands on in the home. The photograph above shows just one of many brutal crime scene photos from his horrifying murders. The nature of the murder had to have been absolutely terrifying for so much blood splatter to go across all the walls. No one wants to have to look at their bedroom and see such an absolutely horrifying sight. Luckily, he was caught but only after a year of an incredibly terrifying crime spree. He was sentenced to death but ended up dying from lymphoma while awaiting lethal injection.

2 Travis Alexander's Bedroom

Jodi Arias is known as one of the most brutal murdering girlfriends of the past few decades. After starting an affair with a rather religious man, Travis Alexander, Jodi found herself infatuated and wanting more. Travis wasn’t cool with the promiscuous girl Jodi was and wanted to break things off. This infuriated Jodi, so after they hooked up at his home one day, Jodi followed Travis into the bathroom when he decided to take a shower. She began taking photographs of him and soon after stabbed him repeatedly in his back. He was in shock and gasping for life, so he went to the sink where Jodi then sliced his throat open. Above, you can see some of the brutal crime scene photos that were taken in Travis Alexander’s bedroom after he was brutally murdered. The last place anyone would want to be murdered is in their own bedroom, but unfortunately, that’s exactly where Travis took his last breaths.

1 Someone's Watching Behind Them

This is another typical picture that you might see pop up in your news fed from time to time. Everyone has been photobombed at one point or another, but have you ever been photobombed by a ghost? If you look at the door leading into the bedroom, you can see what looks to be a ghost creeping in! The boys have stated that they were alone at the time the picture was taken and that they’re not sure who could be creeping in! Like the one we saw earlier, this one has its fair share of skeptics as well. Some believe it was all just a hoax set up by the boys to get some attention on the internet. It’s still a terrifying sight and enough to make us lock our bedroom doors every night! What do you think was the most horrifying bedroom photo on the list?

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