15 Creepiest Photos Of Making A Murderer's Brendan Dassey

Brendan Dassey gave one of the creepiest, most startling confessions in history.

It's difficult to say which theory behind Making a Murderer is the creepiest. There's the prosecution's point of view. They say that Brendan Dassey willingly confessed to assisting his uncle, Steven Avery, in the 2005 s*xual assault, murder, and mutilation of Teresa Halbach. Meanwhile, you've got the Netflix docuseries, Making a Murderer, which has given a voice to convicted murderers, Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey. Their theory has led fans of the series to believe the officials of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin have set Steven Avery up and coerced his nephew, Brendan Dassey, into confessing; thus, sealing the fate of his uncle. Why would they do that? This is what Netflix's docuseries, Making a Murderer, chronicles. Steven Avery was in the midst of a $36-million civil suit against Manitowoc County for being wrongfully convicted of a 1985 r*pe.

Either way it goes, 16-year-old Brendan Dassey did give one of the creepiest, most startling confessions in history. In 2007, he was found guilty of intentional homicide, r*pe, and mutilation of a corpse. His earliest chance for parole wasn't supposed to be until 2048. However, in 2015, a writ of habeas corpus was filed by Dassey's attorneys, stating that his constitutional rights were violated during his 2006 confession. In August of 2016, a federal magistrate ruled in his favor.

Meanwhile, the state doesn't have a case without Brendan Dassey's confession, but that doesn't mean he's not guilty. So, with his release pending, here are 15 Creepiest Photos of Making a Murderer's Brendan Dassey. Plus, some details that'll make you think twice about his innocence.

15 Just A Normal Boy

At first glance, this photo isn't too creepy. It's just a photo of a young boy that doesn't appear to be disturbed in any way. In fact, you could say that he's a cute kid. He's maybe about 5 or 6 years old in this photo. He's possibly not so happy about having his picture taken, but still a cute little boy. You might also conclude that he likes Power Rangers from his shirt, but that's all you would see here without knowing who this little boy is. That's the assumption before realizing that this photo is a childhood photo of Brendan Dassey.

The creepiest thing about this photo now, is that you're probably looking for something that screams future murderer. Maybe he does look a little disturbed? He's not smiling. That must mean he had a troubled childhood, right? You're probably thinking a lot of this, even though he didn't even know Steven Avery when this photo was taken. Framed or not, it's creepy to think that your first assumption of the little boy in this photo might have stayed the same, had Dassey never known his uncle.

14 No Prior Convictions

Here's another photo of Brendan Dassey as a child. Again, nothing too creepy here. Just a young boy that's a little older than he was in the last photo. Brendan had probably heard about his uncle, Steven Avery, but hadn't yet met him. His uncle was serving time for the 1985 assault of Penny Beerntsen. Back then, Steven Avery was initially sentenced to 32 years in prison. However, the Wisconsin Innocence Project had Avery exonerated using DNA evidence in 2003. That was after Avery had already served 18 years of that sentence.

This photo gets creepier after realizing that this same little boy would go on to confess to such a brutal crime. Brendan Dassey had no prior record before this crime. Dassey was a quiet, introverted child. His IQ was lower than 70. Of course, his family has always had a bad rep. Not just his uncle Steven, but his other uncles, and his soon-to-be stepfather, all had troubled pasts too. In fact, these are people that Steven has pointed to as other possible suspects in Teresa's murder. Dassey might've helped one of them and have been told to place the blame on Steven?

13 The "Hero's" New Room

Making a Murderer makes it seem as if Manitowoc County officials had already made up their minds as to who had murdered Teresa Halbach, long before they had interrogated Brendan Dassey. The first time he was first interrogated about the mutilation of Teresa's corpse was on Feb. 27th of 2006 at Mishicot High School. He was taken out of class and questioned repeatedly about what he saw in the fire on October 31st. It's creepy to think that your child can be interrogated like that.

However, it is also what leads you to the creepiest questions of all. Is Brendan Dassey guilty? Did Steven Avery kill Teresa Halbach? If Dassey did help him kill her, then he's about to get a second chance at life. That's something Teresa Halbach will never get. Last November, TMZ did a report about how Dassey's mom has his new room set up for a hero's welcome. It's decorated with his fan mail, gifts, and wrestling memorabilia. He's actually famous for killing someone. How creepy is that?

12 Booked For Murder

These are booking photos for 16-year-old Brendan Dassey. He was arrested on March 3rd of 2006 for first-degree homicide, s*xual assault, and mutilation of a corpse. Teresa Halbach was last seen alive on October 31st of 2006, when she was photographing vehicles at three properties for Auto Trader Magazine. Her last stop was Avery's salvage yard. Teresa's remains were found in a burn pit outside of Avery's trailer; or at least what was left of her. All they found were her charred teeth and bones.

Steven Avery was arrested on November 9th of 2005 for illegal felony possession of a firearm. He was charged with Teresa's murder and mutilation of her corpse on November 15th. How did this lead to Brandon's charges and eventual conviction? Well, by March 2nd of 2006, prosecutors in Teresa Halbach's case were able to paint a gruesome tale of her slaying, using the creepiest details from the confession of Brendan Dassey. It appears that this same confession will set a murderer free.

11 Brendan's First Interrogation

This photo is from Dassey's followup interrogation on Feb. 27th of 2006 at Two Rivers Police Department. For those of you who are still questioning Brendan Dassey's guilt, here are some of the creepiest details left out of the hit docuseries, Making a Murderer. For instanceBrendan Dassey was first questioned on Nov. 6, 2005. That was just one day after Teresa's car was found on the Avery lot. He told detectives he had never seen Teresa Halbach and that the family had planned a bonfire for Oct. 31st, but it was canceled.

That was it for Dassey's involvement. At least until his cousin, Kayla, spoke to school counselors about some things he had told her. That was what led Detectives Weigert and Fassbender to interrogate Dassey. The questioning began using an audio recorder at Mishicot High School. Brendan didn't admit any guilt in Teresa's death, but admitted that he had seen Teresa Halbach's blue shirt, pants, and parts of her body in his Uncle Steven's burn pit. Brendan's mom wasn't called until afterwards. Then, they went to the police station for the followup video interrogation that you see above.

10 Brendan's First Confession

That's one of the photos of Brendan Dassey at the March 1st interrogation that you see above. Following his questioning on Feb. 27, 2006, Dassey, his mom, and his brother Blaine were placed at the Fox Hills Resort overnight. Despite the compelling evidence suggesting that Avery was Teresa's killer, it's still disturbing how much access the detectives had with a borderline disabled 16-year-old boy, especially considering that there wasn't an attorney nor parent present for any of it. Some of what he confessed to is most likely true, if not all of it.

The creepiest thing of all is that there is a slight possibility that he wasn't near as involved as they got him to say he was. The questions continued for Brendan during the overnight stay at Fox Hills Resort. Weigert and Fassbender had transported Brendan to the Manitowoc Police Station on March 1st. Brendan Dassey spent the next four hours describing how he raped Teresa, before stabbing her, cutting her throat, and burning her body. Seems a bit much, but if detectives could coerce him to say it, then think how easy it would've been for his uncle to coerce him into doing some of it.

9 The Creepiest Confession

Brendan first told officers that he hadn't seen Teresa at all. This is also what Steven Avery initially told the police, as well. This is according to a 2016 HLN special, in which Nancy Grace also released transcripts from the May 13th interrogation. This information wasn't shown on Making a Murderer, though. In fact, there were several facts that were not included in the docuseries.

The photo above is from that May 13th interview. This turned out to be the creepiest interview of all. However, it wasn't fully shown on the series or in the courtroom. This was because his first public defender, Len Kachinsky, should've been present but wasn't. In it, Brendan goes over the details more smoothly. He even includes that Teresa's death was planned a couple days ahead of time by Avery because he was mad that his fiancé, Jodi, was in jail again. Not only does Dassey describe the brutality, but it also explains his uncle's intentions.

8 Brendan & Bobby Dassey

One of the biggest fan theories that Making a Murderer has spawned is that Brendan Dassey's older brother, Bobby Dassey, could've been involved in Teresa's murder. There is also a little evidence that could support this theory. If this were to be true, then it would make any photos of the Dassey brothers together the absolute creepiest. Why? That would mean that Bobby Dassey set his uncle, Steven Avery, and his own brother, Brendan Dassey, up for murder. Bobby Dassey, went along with his alibi, Scott Tadych, who is now Brendan's stepdad.

However, the truth is that this is just a fan theory. It was Steven Avery's DNA that was found in not just one, but several locations in Teresa Halbach's jeep. Meanwhile, Bobby Dassey did point the finger at his uncle, Steven. This further implicates his brother in the crimes that he confessed to, and that still makes this one of the creepiest photos ever. He might not have testified against his brother, but he knew his brother was on trial when he pointed his finger at Avery and said his uncle joked about wanting him and a friend to "help him get rid of the body."

7 Scott Tadych's Reaction To Dassey's Conviction

Another fan theory that's out there is that Brendan's new stepdad, Scott Tadych, had something to do with Teresa's murder. This was one of the creepiest images that fans found from Making a Murderer. This photo isn't of Brendan Dassey, but it is from when his verdict was being read by the judge. Tadych and Bobby Dassey were each other's alibis, so the theory is that either one or possibly both of them worked together.

This photo also gives some creepy insight into Brendan's homelife. Tadych wasn't yet married to Brendan's mother, Barbara. That's Brendan's family that you see in the photo as his verdict is being read. That's his soon-to-be stepdad with what appears to be a smirk on his face as the judge reads that Brendan Dassey has been convicted in the murder of Teresa Halbach. Does that look like a grieving or supportive stepdad to you?

6 At The Crivitz Cabin

This photo is from when the Avery family was waiting for the police to finish searching the Avery's garage, home, their lot, and the entire salvage yard. The search began on Nov. 4th of 2005, with helicopters flying over the Avery property. In a later interview, Blaine Dassey told officers that this was the day that Brendan Dassey, and his other uncle, Chuck Avery, went to the cabin in Crivitz. Steven and Delores Avery didn't arrive at the Crivitz cabin until Nov. 5th.

It was only a couple hours after Steven left when Teresa Halbach's car was found by her cousins, who were volunteers in the search efforts. Everything else fell into place fast once Teresa's car was found. By November 9th, Steven Avery was arrested for the felony firearm charges. That places this photo of Dassey, Avery, and his grandparents in between Nov. 5 and Nov. 9th. They all look like one big happy family on vacation. Meanwhile, Teresa's charred remains, burned items, and Avery's DNA were being taken into evidence.

5 Brendan Dassey's Drawing

This is a photo of a drawing that Brendan Dassey drew for Michael O'Kelly, who was hired as a private investigator, by Dassey's first public defender, Len Kachinsky. Brendan's attorney was so convinced of his guilt that his plan was to have him plead guilty and agree to testify against his uncle. This was his reasoning for sending O'Kelly to visit with Brendan just before he was to be interrogated on May 13th of 2006.

In fact, it was O'Kelly that got Brendan to go over his statement. He even had him draw photos of the crime scene. Afterwards, he set up the appointment with the detectives for that May 13th interview. It was almost like he was handing Brendan to the detectives like an offering or present. Here you go. Our client is guilty. Kachinsky was taken off of Brendan's case when he didn't show up for this interrogation. This is a portion of what's wrong with the justice system. He's either innocent and has lost half his life, or guilty and about to walk away a free man.

4 A High School Graduate

Since his conviction was overturned in 2016 by Federal Magistrate, William E. Duffin, there has been all sorts of excitement from Brendan Dassey's supporters and fans from Making a Murder. There have been tons of pictures like the one seen here. This one is of him receiving his high school diploma. Hey! He even got a cap and gown. I bet you didn't realize they get those in prison. Plus, TMZ's gotten word that he's ready for a job. According to them, he's planning on furthering his education in video game design.

Then, there's been tons of fan excitement about getting him to WrestleMania. The original plan was for WM33, but there's still time before next April. It's even been reported that one fan sent him a box set to catch up. Meanwhile, it makes you wonder how Teresa Halbach's loved ones are feeling. Not just about his conviction, but after seeing all of this. It's creepy that Making a Murderer has actually made a murderer such a huge star.

3 The Day Of Brendan Dassey's Conviction

The tables have really turned since April 25, 2007. Back then, Brendan Dassey was just 17 years old. He had already spent one year locked up. This photo is from the day of his conviction. He was convicted on all charges based on just those confessions. In fact, Brendan Dassey was charged with more involvement in Teresa's murder than his uncle. He was convicted of rape, first-degree intentional homicide, and mutilation of a corpse. His uncle, Steven Avery, was only charged with first-degree intentional homicide and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

There was no DNA evidence placing him at the scene, just those gruesome details about the murder of Teresa Halbach that he was supposedly forced to make up. Dassey was sentenced to life in prison with possibility for parole in 2048. Meanwhile, Uncle Steven got life with no possibility for parole. A decade later, and those bad decisions made by the investigators has led to Dassey's possible release by 2019, latest. That's if his overturned conviction is upheld. Then, Uncle Steven might just have more fuel for his new fancy lawyer to get his conviction overturned too.

2 The Creepiest Words Spoken By A Mother

This photo is another one out of that batch from Brendan Dassey's March 1, 2006 interrogation; only this one is after his confession. His mother had been told what happened and was trying to comfort him. She was obviously shocked and upset by the news. However, she appeared to be too shocked for a mother that had already been told why her son was there in the first place. This makes it seem possible that his role in the interrogation was downplayed beforehand. At one point, 16-year-old Brendan Dassey tells his mother, "they got in my head."

The detectives come back in the room right after. Dassey's attorneys claimed this wasn't usable in court because other comments made him seem guilty. If you watch the entire account, you hear his mother scolding him. She asked her son, "Why didn't you tell me!" He explains his reasoning. This is when his mother utters the creepiest words spoken by a mother, "If you told me, she might still be alive, yet!"

1 Setting Dassey Free

The creepiest thing about Brendan Dassey's upcoming release is that fans of Making a Murderer have been led to believe in both Dassey and Avery's innocence. However, the federal magistrates ruling to overturn his sentence wasn't necessarily saying that he wasn't guilty. It simply states that mistakes were made by the detectives handling Brendan's interrogations, guilty or not. Everyone deserves the right to a fair hearing, especially if you're a 16-year-old with an IQ of only 70.

There is more evidence proving Steven Avery committed this crime than just Dassey's confession. Making a Murderer supplies you with the idea that his confession was needed to get Avery, but it wasn't. There was more blood than what they said, Avery changed his story several times, and the shell casings found matched his exact gun. Meanwhile, Brendan's DNA was nowhere. Brendan might've been there just for the fire, but was pushed to say more. He might've done everything he confessed to doing. Either way, he's probably coming out just as his uncle did after 18 years for a wrongful conviction. This makes Brendan Dassey the perfect subject for Making a Murderer: Season 2. Is he a murderer or did the system make him one?

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15 Creepiest Photos Of Making A Murderer's Brendan Dassey