15 Creepiest Photos Ever Taken From Unsolved Crimes

No doubt about it. There are a lot of crime scenes involving violence that are creepy on the face of them. Standing in the location where something awful happened to somebody who likely didn't expect or deserve to have their lives forever altered is likely to give off a foreboding feeling to all present. That is why there are so many people who would never even consider purchasing a home where a major crime took place for fear of being forced to live in perpetual unease.

We all know that there are some crime scenes that are more difficult to look upon than others. For instance, a location in which somebody had his or her life taken by force is going to be infinitely more unsettling than one where a simple fight took place for obvious reasons. However, for some reason, there is something even more disturbing about a location where something awful and unexplained took place. After all, knowing that a fellow human being living his/her life and doing his/her thing then had everything snatched away and not being able to make any sense of it, is difficult to comprehend. That is what inspired us to put together this list of the fifteen creepiest photos ever taken from unsolved crimes.

In order for a photo to be up for consideration, it needs to be involved with a crime in some manner that has gone unsolved at the time of this writing. That means that crime scene photos were considered as well as photos found at the scene or even images that have since been linked to the event in question. Any kind of crimes is up for grabs as we are not limiting ourselves to murder, as long as the resulting image is likely to send a shiver down our readers' spine. Now, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.


15 Ken McElroy

The picture that we placed in our fifteenth slot will be disturbing to some and amazing to others depending on your view of vigilante justice. Taken at a crime scene from 1981, it shows a group of men huddled outside the car where a man by the name of Ken Rex McElroy was shot to death. A renowned bully in the area that had been indicted for crimes twenty-one times in his life but had escaped prison every time, he was said to have terrorized a town of people. Charged with assault, child molestation, statutory rape, arson, hog and cattle rustling, and burglary, he’d also shot a seventy-year-old grocer recently and yet again escaped long-lasting consequences. When a group of men got together to decide what to do and discovered his location, they sought him out. Before long, he was shot multiple times with two bullets hitting and killing him. An example of how otherwise peaceful people can be pushed to kill, this is either evidence of the beast in all of us or an example of justice depending how you see such things.

14 Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman


A pair of teen girls that nobody has seen since December of 1999, the fate of Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman remains a mystery to this day. When Ashley’s family got together to celebrate her birthday, they were joined by her best friend Lauria. Unfortunately, the family home erupted in fire leaving many to presume that the Freeman family and Lauria had perished inside. After hours of searching the area and rubble, only the body of Ashley’s mother was found leaving many to suspect that her father was responsible but his body was retrieved the next day. A family with their issues with the local police, Ashley’s brother had previously been shot and killed by a deputy while attempting to steal a truck. Their father had told friends to look at the cops if anything happened. There is no concrete evidence of what happened to Lauria and Ashley and considering that their personal items were left behind, including their money, it seems as though something bad went down. A photo of the home this incident began in, it shows that we can never truly be safe no matter where we are and can be snatched in the night never to be seen again.

13 Cleveland Torso Murderer

Serial Killers are an awful bunch that strike fear in the hearts of all of us. While law enforcement tries to put an end to their evil deeds, it leaves society to try and make sense of what is happening and the go-to response is to give them a gruesome nickname. The person that was known as the Cleveland Torso Murderer scared the area so badly that he was given two, as he was also named the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run. A killer that murdered at least twelve victims, he would then behead and possibly dismember them, leaving only pieces of his victims behind. Typically targeting drifters, he left a trail of body parts around the area but was never captured. In this image of a well-dressed man examining one of the many crime scenes left behind by the killer, we can’t see what has been discovered. The fact that we are left to wonder whether a human head or torso are present, the two body parts typically found is in itself extremely creepy.

12 “Bella” In The Wych Elm


A picture of a Wych elm, a type of tree, from 1944, it looks funky but otherwise harmless. What you could only know by reading about why it is noteworthy is that a group of kids discovered a human skull which led police to inspect and discover a full skeleton stuffed inside of it. Contained within the tree’s trunk, it was examined and revealed to be the remains of a woman who was dead for at least eighteen months. With her identity still a mystery to this day, she has come to be known as Bella. A mystery that still grips the area, a local monument will occasionally be tagged with the words "Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?" much to the dismay of many. The thing that really gets to us about this incident though, is contemplating the idea of having your life snatched and being left to rot in a tree. Alternatively, it is awful to imagine the fate of the children whose minds must have been scarred by discovering her.

11 “The Sleeping Bag Murders”

A photo of the spot where Lindsay Cutshall and Jason Allen, a couple on the verge of getting married, were killed, is in and of itself a very grisly thing. Shot and killed by a .45-caliber Marlin rifle while slumbering inside of their sleeping bags on a beach, there has never been a clear motivation for an attacker to take their lives away or any idea of who did it. An awful event on the face of it, one of the things that set it aside is the similarities it has to one of the most notorious series of crimes, that of the Zodiac Killer. With some contending that it was the work of a copycat killer and even a few thinking that it could be the original person starting again, more than a decade later, it seems to be a solitary event. Still, the fact that it brought up old fears in some is enough to lend this image of them working the scene, even more, gravitas.

10 “Hinterkaifeck Murders”


A picture taken on the grounds of a farm in 1922, it shows one of the events' two major crime scenes. With six people’s lives taken away that night, four inside of the barn and two in the bedrooms, these murders gripped the area with fear. Beginning with four family members bludgeoned to death one at a time, as each was coaxed somehow into entering the barn, the killer then went inside the home to shoot the final two victims. The idea that the second victim inside must have seen their fate coming and this photo shows the scene, without giving a clear view of any bodies, really makes us incredibly uneasy to look at it at all.

9 Zodiac’s Taunt

We already included a crime scene on this list just because it brought to mind the Zodiac Killer so there was no way we were going to leave the infamous murderer out. We opted to leave out any of the scenes where his many victims were left behind as the purpose of this list was never to show gore. Instead, we focused on the creepy factor which this image has in spades. One of the killer’s lesser crimes, this photo only features graffiti so you may be wondering why we included it. A photo of the car door of a man that he stabbed multiple times alongside his girlfriend who was succumbed to similar injuries, he wrote this code on it taunting the police. Evidence of the egotism that drives many serial killers, it creeps us out even more as he was able to evade the police permanently.


8 Joshua Maddux


This is a weird one as the police have ruled that the location this picture was taken is not actually a crime scene but many people feel differently. An abandoned cabin where the body of Joshua Maddux was found, he’d disappeared seven years earlier. Discovered dead in the fetal position stuck in the chimney of an abandoned cabin a quarter-mile from the home he lived in, his death was ruled an accident but observers find that very hard to swallow. Considered to be an accident as he may have tried to use the chimney to enter the home, there are odd inconsistencies. First off, he was only wearing a thermal shirt with the rest of his clothes found inside the cabin. This actually seems very weird if he was meant to be trying to enter at the time he died. On top of that, there was steel rebar installed at the entrance of the chimney that seems to make the official ruling illogical. These questions and the idea of him dying in the fetal position inside of the chimney makes this photo of the cabin a torturous one.

7 The Dyatlov Pass

Here is a photo that shows the remains of one of nine ski hikers who died in the northern Ural Mountains. It looks like a pile of frozen clothes but we know differently. An extremely odd incident, an examination of the scene found very odd circumstances. Camping out, something in the night caused the group of people to tear out of their tents from the inside wearing nowhere near enough clothing to survive the elements. With most dying from hypothermia, the fact that one of them, a female team member, was found with her tongue and eyes missing makes the entire situation all the more confusing and scary.

6 West Mesa Bone Collector


A serial killer that took the lives of at least eleven victims, the person that became known as the West Mesa Bone Collector, dumped many victims' bodies within a contained area. When a woman walking her dog came across the body of one, it caused law enforcement to search the area. After an extended dig, the bodies of eleven women and a fetus were discovered. A massive burial site, it was discovered that his victims ranged in age from fifteen to thirty-two and most were involved in criminal activities. To this day, the identity of the murderer is unknown and a one-hundred thousand dollar reward exists for anyone that offers information to the authorities.

5 Elisa Lam

A case that has gripped the minds and imaginations of many internet sleuths, the death of Elisa Lam has become quite infamous. If you don’t know, she is a woman that was found dead inside one of the massive water tanks pictured here. Captured on security cameras inside of an elevator that itself looks to be malfunctioning, she can be seen exiting and re-entering it while looking incredibly scared. Seemingly talking to and gesturing at someone or something in the hallways outside of it, she also looks as though she is hiding inside of the elevator. She eventually left the camera’s range of view and wasn’t seen again until her body was discovered after occupants of the building complained of black and smelly water that turned out to be contaminated by her body’s presence. An extremely creepy video that is likely to unsettle anyone who views it, that and the disturbing nature of her discovery makes this otherwise mundane image sickening.

4 “The Lead Masks Case”


In this photo, we can see a group of men looking over the crime scene linked to the “Lead Masks Case.” An incident in which two men were discovered dead with matching suits on and lead masks covering their eyes, it is unknown if they killed themselves or were just victims of very strange murders. They were found with an empty water bottle and notebook that seemed to have strange instructions directing them to swallow capsules, presumably poison, and adorn the masks. Some believe they were forced to follow these instructions while others think they may have been part of a cult. Either circumstance is enough to make their deaths very troublesome.

3 The Keddie Murders

Another multiple murder that has gone unsolved, this one stems from the year 1981 and features the demise of four people, a woman named Sue, her daughter Tina, her son John, and his friend Dana. With three of their bodies found tied up and dead in a cabin’s living room, Tina was missing for several years. Then in 1984, a portion of her skull was discovered in a wooded area in a neighboring county. With police believing it wasn’t a random crime due to the severity of their bludgeoning and stabbing deaths, several people who knew the family were investigated but no answers were found. The most interesting factor of this case is that one of the murder weapons, a hammer, was intentionally left for the police to find and once the skull was discovered, an anonymous caller identified it for the police. Clearly, the killer was still out there and reveling in his deed years after it took place which gives us the creeps.

2 West Memphis Three Murders


This is a photo of one of the most infamous crimes of the last couple of decades. The deaths of three boys led to the trial and conviction of three teens that came to be known as the West Memphis Three. With a great deal of evidence that pointed away from them being responsible, they were largely put in prison due to the confession of one of them who seemed to have been heavily influenced by the police. With much of the attention the case received with full focus on the largely believed wrongful conviction of the three teens, the boy’s deaths are sometimes forgotten. Considering that the West Memphis Three have been found responsible legally. If you agree they were innocent, the true killer or killers will never be brought to justice. This somewhat blurry photo shows a group of men investigating a scene connected to the killing and that's what makes it hard to swallow. First off, these efforts were all fro naught but the disgusting part of this image is that we’re looking at a location linked to the grisly death of three children.

1 “Ice Box Murders”

In 1965, a concerned relative of Fred and Edwina Rogers asked the local police to check in on them after attempting to get a hold of them fruitlessly. Going to their home, the police discovered a horrific scene. Upon entering the home, they took note of a large amount of food on the kitchen table. Following that, they looked inside the ice box only to find a large quantity of meat. At first thinking nothing of that, presuming it was typical food, the heads of the couple fell out of the vegetable bin just as they were about to close the door. Fred had been beaten to death with a hammer while Edwina had been shot in the head “execution style.” A crime that was never solved, their son Charles was the main suspect but has never been found and was declared dead by the state of Texas himself. If it isn’t clear why this case took our top spot, that photo is of the ice box or fridge, where the preserved remains were discovered. Gives me a sick feeling even just looking at it!

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