15 Creepiest Photos Ever Taken From The Moors Murders

Many have heard of the horrific killings in the United Kingdom between the years of 1963 and 1965. The killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley in all, killed five children between the ages of 10 and 17. The murders were worldwide news at the time and have been regarded by many as some of the most horrific and violent crimes ever committed. It was not until 1985 however, that the identity of two victims were discovered when Brady confessed to the killings. The two have lived on in infamy as poster children for human evil. In 2002, Hindley died still incarcerated at the age of 60. But it wasn’t until May 15, 2017 that Brady passed away at the age of 79. This is somewhat ironic since he has been saying for years that he would like to be allowed to die.

With photographs and recordings used in their initial trial, the world quickly saw and heard of the most unthinkable acts possible. Hindley maintained her innocence for years, but eventually confessed her guilt and spent a great deal of time trying to secure a release claiming that she had completely changed. This never came to pass for either Hindley nor Brady, with both having died while still behind bars. But the Moors murders have left us with lots of creepy and shocking images that have many stories all their own. Here are 15 of the creepiest photos taken from the Moors murders.

15 Hindley Mugshot

Via: Huddersfield Examiner

Myra Hindley came from a somewhat troubled background as a child. She was regularly beaten by her parents and her father insisted that she learn to fight. He was known to have troubles with alcoholism. She was raised Catholic and even later in her life, claimed to rededicate herself to the faith. She became infatuated with Brady after beginning a relationship with him and after their murders garnered so much public attention, she has been considered by many as truly evil through her horrific actions. This mugshot shows her cold and calculating appearance at the time and has become an iconic image over the years. Her steely glare and almost a smirk show the appearance of a complete lack of remorse or perhaps even a full understanding of what was happening.

14 Helping With The Search

Via: Daily Mail

Saddleworth Moor is the area where Brady and Hindley buried their victims. Over the years there have been a few intense searches on the moor for the bodies of two specific victims, Pauline Reade and Keith Bennett. Both Hindley and Brady at one point or another were involved in assisting authorities in finding the bodies. This photograph shows Brady with investigators at the moor trying to recall the possible location of where the bodies were buried. It has been suggested that Brady was never particularly helpful or overly interested in finding the bodies, and he was not allowed to participate in future searches of the moor. But having the chance to assist with the search got him out of prison and back into the spotlight with some renewed publicity. His true motives for helping have long been questioned.

13 Brady In Ashworth Hospital

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In 1985, Ian Brady was declared by doctors as criminally insane.This photo shows Brady at Ashworth later in his life. At that point, he moved out of a traditional prison and was committed to Ashworth High Security Hospital, where he spent the rest of his life, until his death in May of 2017. Brady was not a particularly good patient, refusing to meet with doctors, or undergo any type of psychological treatment. He went on a hunger strike while at Ashworth and eventually had to have a feeding tube installed. Brady wanted to go back to a regular prison, where he would not be forcibly fed, but this was never allowed by prison or court officials. In many ways, Brady suffered much longer in his life by living as long as he has.

12 Brady Mugshot

Via: Manchester Evening News

Brady’s mugshot has also become quite famous. Decades after the murders, people still see his mugshot (much like Henley’s), as the image of pure evil. With a cold and incredibly unenthusiastic appearance, it is difficult for one to see any feeling at all from Brady when looking at the photograph. It has become one of the most famous mugshots in history as a result of the fame of the story. Brady was a handsome young man and reportedly showed great promise academically as a youth, but never could stay out of trouble. It had quite the criminal record in his youth and found it difficult to excel at anything as a result. Photographs of him at the time show a handsome, well adjusted young man, but this mugshot offers a clearly different view into his psyche.

11 Hindley Wearing Her Killing Gloves

Via: Mirror

It has been said that Myra Hindley liked to wear gloves when she was killing or burying people. This picture in question is particularly chilling as it shows Hindley wearing a coat that appears somewhat dirty, along with the black gloves she wore when killing or burying. Hindley admitted to police that these gloves were worn when she was committing these horribly evil acts. Authorities believe that this particular photo taken at night, could provide important information as to the whereabouts of the last unfound body. The image shows a cold and somewhat satisfied looking Hindley taking a moment to ponder on the previous events of the evening. It is both chilling and somewhat terrifying to look at this and think of what evils this seemingly proper and lovely young lady was truly capable.

10 Happy On The Moor

Via: All That is Interesting

With a somewhat different looking Hindley, (the hair is a bit de-poofed) we see a picture taken on what we can assume was an outing to the moor by Brady and Hindley. Both of them enjoyed spending time in the outdoors and many of their photographs were taken outside. Myra looks to be a pleasant and happy young woman here, but do not let the camera fool you. The things she did along with Brady are beyond horrific. The mere fact that she can shut it off to pose for the camera makes it all the more astonishing. Perhaps it was because they found so much enjoyment and joy from the outdoors that they chose this location to bury the children they killed. Or perhaps it was because it was very difficult to pinpoint specific locations. You be the judge.

9 Hindley in 1985

Via: Daily Mail

Hindley was always willing to put on a smile for the camera (except in the case of her mugshot of course.) Even in this photograph, taken in the middle of the 1980s, while serving her multiple life sentences, she manages to show off a smile. It is not clear how or why this picture got taken. It seems odd that this photo would have been allowed, but nevertheless it was taken. It is very shocking and chilling to see, since it portrays a somewhat comfortable and happy looking young woman. This is not at all what the world would want to see from a cold blooded killer. It was in this same year though that Hindley claimed that her human rights were being violated, because the prison officials continued turning on and off her lights in the middle of the night, making it impossible to sleep.

8 Intense Search

Via: Guts and Gore

Searches of the moor were conducted multiple times for extended periods of time. This photo shows the high level of resources that were used to find the bodies of the remaining victims of Brady and Hindley. It also shows the extremely vast amount of land that is on the moor. Lots of wide open spaces, make it difficult to find landmarks describing where a body may be buried. This picture only shows a small amount of the manpower that went into trying to locate the remains of the victims of these horrible crimes. Again in the 1980s, investigators began a search of the area, this time involving both Hindley and then Brady in getting a more targeted area. These efforts were only partially successful, as only one of the two remaining bodies was discovered.

7 Cordial And Helpful

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This photo shows what looks like could be two normal guys walking and talking on a hike. It is actually one of the times that Ian Brady was allowed to come to the Moor to assist with locating the bodies of the remaining victims. In actuality, Brady was not overly helpful, as he claimed the area had changed over time and he was getting disoriented. After this, it was determined that Brady’s on site participation would not be necessary again, as it brought more attention in the media and yielded no positive results. Despite pleas from Keith Bennett’s mother throughout her entire life, Brady never gave useful information as to his whereabouts. While the photo may seem like all was cordial and he was helpful, evidence would suggest the contrary.

6 Killing Already Happened Inside

Via: Daily Mirror

This photo shows Brady, Hindley and her sister Maureen chatting on the front step of the home where Hindley and Brady lived. Maureen was very close to her older sister Myra and the three were often photographed spending time together. This photo was taken sometime after they had already begun their killing activities. With that in mind, consider that just beyond the doorway is an official crime scene. Just the thought while looking at this photo of a seemingly normal day and conversation is enough to make you somewhat uneasy. Sure, Brady looks bored to tears by the conversation, but we can never really know what was going through the mind of this horrific killer and r*pist. No matter how normal this or other pictures may seem, there is nothing normal about this couple.

5 Normal Looking Couple

Via: Daily Mirror

Brady and Hindley took lots of photos together and with friends and family. As has been uncovered, they took a great deal of their photos outdoors, at Saddleworth Moor where they buried their victims. This photo, obviously taken by someone else was taken during the day and shows Brady and Hindley as a very happy and well adjusted looking couple. They look like they could have just been enjoying the day at the Moor like any other young couple. Truthfully though, these two have committed some of the worst crimes imaginable, r*ping and killing innocent children. Their happy life would be cut short upon their capture and incarceration. Certainly this image portrays a much different view of the two than does their chilling mugshots, that capture the real essence of who they truly were.

4 Keith Bennett Never Found

Via: Daily Express

Keith Bennett was only four days past his 12th birthday when Hindley saw him walking to his grandmother’s house. She lured him to her vehicle by asking for help loading boxes. She then said she would drive him to where he was heading. Instead, she drove him to where Brady was planning to meet her at the Moor. Brady took the boy and claimed that he r*ped Bennett and then strangled him with some string. Bennett’s body is the only one that has never been found by authorities. His mother spent her entire life searching and begging for assistance by Brady in finding the body. While she and Hindley exchanged cordial correspondence, she was not able to lead her to the location of the body. Brady never offered her any details on the location and never expressed remorse for the death.

3 Visiting a Grave

Via: Daily Express

Myra Hindley was often pictured with her dog Puppet. This picture is chilling as it shows Hindley holding Puppet as a puppy and presumably visiting the location where one of their victims was buried. This photo stirs many emotions as observers ponder what on earth she could have been thinking in that moment. Was she feeling excitement, remorse, guilt, shame or any other range of emotions? But the fact that Brady felt the need to document the moment with a picture of his lovely lady makes the whole experience a bit nauseating. Hindley died in 2002 at the age of 60 certainly not having the opportunity to visit again. She was administered last rites by a Catholic priest and received a funeral, which is more than the victims of her and Brady were given.

2 Brady As a Child

Via: Tumblr

This photo shows Ian Brady as a boy. In his youth, he had something of a troubled upbringing. Brady was born to an unwed mother who had to give him to another couple when she was unable to care of him. He was raised by the Sloan family and was called Ian Sloan while growing up. He was sent to a school for advanced students, but found himself in frequent trouble with the law. Dropping out of school, he worked and was dismissed from multiple jobs and continued to get into trouble. He also exhibited some aggressive and violent behavior as well in his childhood. This photo shows a handsome young boy with lots of promise and potential. Unfortunately, it was all wasted and resulted in criminally insane behavior and eventual diagnosis.

1 Carrying Remains

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This photograph stirs a great deal of emotion in a variety of ways. Walking out of a field on a windy day at Saddleworth Moor, these gentlemen somberly carry the remains of a body recently unearthed from the ground. Covered by white sheets in a dignified way, these gentlemen resemble pallbearers at a funeral. Pauline Reade was the last of the victims to be uncovered through investigation of the Moor. She was found and identified in 1987. Unfortunately, Keith Bennett has still not been found. Efforts continue to locate Bennett, even though now both Hindley and Brady have died. Even Bennett’s mother passed away in 2012, still not knowing where her son was located. While Hindley made statements of remorse and reform, Brady never found it in him to express remorse for these horrific actions. This refusal went with him to his last day.

Sources: Mirror; Daily Mail

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