15 Creepiest Footage Found On Hotel Cameras

Security cameras are a pretty amazing addition to the world of surveillance. Today, schools have them throughout classrooms and hallways, people have added them to their homes and even churches have put in camera monitoring systems! They are so popular because the camera keeps rolling and doesn’t tell lies. Hotels are notorious for having security cameras for the safety of their guests. Consider that anytime you provide overnight lodging for a bunch of strangers night after night, some odd things are likely to get picked up on those cameras.

Many hotels claim that they are haunted by spirits and many cameras have picked up some unexplained phenomena. Others have caught some behavior that they wish they’d never seen! Imagine being the person required to monitor surveillance cameras in a Las Vegas hotel during the graveyard shift! While there are all kinds of stories, some funny, some sad and other completely frightening, people are always fascinated by what the camera sees. It must be something about a person forgetting that they are being recorded that makes it more interesting to watch. So we put together some of the absolute creepiest images available that hotel cameras have caught over the years. There’s a mixture of different levels of creepy, but they are all guaranteed to raise an eyebrow!


15 Stuart Hotel in Walton, Liverpool

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, you've got to admit that this is a creepy looking photograph! In Walton, Liverpool, at the Stuart Hotel, it is clearly a landmark establishment that has been around for years. Many hotels keep a camera outside to keep an eye on who is loitering around as well as coming in and out of the building. In this photograph (taken in the middle of the day), there is a clearly creepy and disturbing face in the upper left hand window! Whether this is an evil spirit peeking out at the living world, an evil looking mask for a costume, or perhaps just a weird collection of shadows and objects will forever be the mystery. It is certain that the story and picture have created quite a stir for the hotel and adjoining pub.

14 Drunken Fight


So hotel security cameras catch all kinds of crazy stuff. There has to be something to the idea that you're staying somewhere away from home that makes people want to drink more than usual. In this video, a guy (who looks like he's about to hit the pool) seemingly out of nowhere decides to get into it with some other dude. They obviously know each other, but for a good couple of minutes, they begin fighting in more of a state wrestling tournament fashion until another more responsible individual comes to calmly stop them. Pool dude did some more crazy stuff and then decided to add destruction of property to his existing subsequent disorderly conduct charge, when he destroyed the security camera. Creepy, funny and sad all rolled into one!

13 Vegas Baby

So it's pretty clear that the security staff of Las Vegas hotels must have some of the best stories ever! This photograph represents an entire class of drunken Las Vegas photos captured by hotel surveillance cameras. What make these photos extra creepy is that in Vegas (known historically as a haven for mob bosses and unsavoury characters behaving), it is entirely possible that this could be the aftermath of a drunken night or he could even be dead! Surely the hotel staff check these things out immediately as soon as they see it on camera, but there have been many times where other guests opened their doors the next morning to find neighbors sprawled out in the hall sleeping it off. A little crazy and very creepy all at the same time.

12 Shot During Robbery


What you are seeing is David Dempsey, an armed robber who entered this hotel lobby for the fourth time of the day. With his bag of cash and weapon, he was most likely going home after a long day of work to relax. Unfortunately for him, when he put his gun back in his pants, he accidentally shot himself! As you can see, he dropped the bag and the gun and grabbed his leg, likely not knowing what on earth he's going to do now! One of the strangest things about the picture is the clerk very calmly staring down at the wounded criminal. It almost looks like a smile on her face. He limped away but was caught pretty quickly, when the thief and his buddies flagged police down to get him some help.

11 Disturbing Ghost Image

Security cameras don't lie and they do not blink. There are a number of hotels that claim they are haunted to one extent or another. In the case of this hotel, the security camera caught a rare image of paranormal evidence. Expert ghost hunters will tell you that catching a clear figure with physical features is very rare. It apparently takes a lot of energy for the ghost to manifest itself. In the case of this security image, on the third floor of this hotel, a female ghost took a stroll down the hall. It is unclear if only the camera could see this image or if anyone walking by might see it also, but it is hands down, one of the strangest and creepiest hotel images we could find.

10 Robot Hotel


In Japan's Henn na Hotel, strange and downright creepy photographs like this come standard everyday. If the front desk clerk looks a little too stiff and robotic, that's because it is a robot. At this hotel, everything is pretty much automated so that guests take care of everything themselves. It is an interesting concept to say the least, but still insanely strange. The very few humans that do work there stay completely behind the scenes and monitor security as well as technical difficulties. The whole thing goes contrary to any notion people have had about customer service at hotels, so seeing something like this is a little jarring. But in a world of self check out at groceries and other retailers, I guess this is the next step in the chain.

9 Elisa Lam on Elevator

The creepiest part of this picture is the story that goes with the photo. In 2013, the hotel surveillance footage at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles showed some very odd and unexplainable behavior by Elisa Lam, a Canadian college student. As shown in the picture, she was alone on an elevator pushing the buttons for several floors and acting in odd and somewhat erratic behavior. This picture was the last time Lam was seen alive. She went missing and approximately one week after, was found dead in the water tank on the roof of the hotel. Some believe she was possessed, while others think she was being chased and was trying to evade someone. Others think she had an accidental death. We may not know, but the story lingers.


8 Strange Laughing Girl


Looking a bit like something from a horror film, this image has plenty of creepiness and a whole lot of unanswered questions. What makes this picture so disturbing is that it was captured completely by accident. Is she sleepwalking? Is she possessed, or possibly laughing at something sinister or evil? Let's not forget that she could be laughing at something someone else said or did. (That is actually a real possibility.) But given that it's a young girl standing in a seemingly empty hotel hallway in the middle of the night, that adds to mystery. We don't know how old the picture is and for crying out loud, what is that red thing in the window? It's unsettling and very chilling because everyone wants to know what this girl is laughing about!

7 Ghost Attacks Man

This is a single image photograph of much more disturbing security camera footage showing a man getting forcefully dragged down a hallway by a ghost. You can see the darkened area in front of the man on the ground. Whether true or not, it is hard to fake the absolute terror that is evident on the face of the man. When watching the video clip, it is clear that this man is getting away from something that he simply can't explain. There's no doubt that this is both creepy and terrifying at the same time. Even people that do not believe in paranormal activity still see something like this and agree that it is both strange and unsettling. I doubt this guy stayed in too many hotels after this unfortunate event.

6 Screaming Girl


Hotel security was called to respond to screaming in one of the rooms. This video claims to be unedited and authentic, showing a very reluctant hotel security official entering a completely empty room after hearing screaming coming from inside. When he entered the room, you'll clearly be able to see a white mist leave the room and go down the hall. The security personnel (identified as John) reported that the furniture was turned upside down, the carpet had been ripped up and the shower was running. The room was not registered to any guest for the evening. It's more than creepy, since there's some type of energy seen on the camera leaving the room! They called the police immediately, but it is pretty clear that there isn't any way for them to solve the mystery or make an arrest, since handcuffs won't fit on a ghost.

5 Ghost Attacks Woman

This frightening image shows a very unexplainable poltergeist attack on a woman in a haunted hotel. It appears that this is a banquet hall and the woman in the photo is calmly sitting looking at her phone when the attack begins. In the world of the paranormal, a poltergeist is considered to be one of the more dangerous and potentially evil spirits. The picture above is a still frame of a video from hotel surveillance footage where a woman is attacked by this apparently very angry ghost. The tables and chairs get thrown around the room and the woman winds up on the ground! It's not clear if she is passed out, or if she's just laying there until it is over, but the power and force behind this attack is very scary and comes out of absolutely nowhere.

4 Misty Ghost Roaming Halls


Ghosts come in all different shapes and forms, according to paranormal experts. For better or worse, hotels tend to be some of the most haunted places in the world. This is most likely because of the number of people in and out of the building. In this photograph, we see a misty form walking the hallways of the hotel, caught on surveillance cameras. Where she's going is very unclear, as are her motivations for haunting the hotel. Some ghosts float around as a misty form, while others manifest themselves in a more human form. Either way, when surveillance cameras catch something like this, it's more than just creepy, it's alarming! Some hotels get used to their ghosts and even make them part of the family in a strange way, provided that they know how to mind their manners.

3 Naked Guest

Stepping away from ghosts a bit, let's remember that creepy comes in many different forms. Look at this guy as a prime example. The security camera at this hotel caught this guy out in the hallway with nothing on but his birthday suit! People occasionally have a hard time remembering that the hotel isn't their home. When you're in your own room, you have all the privacy in the world, but once you step out into the hallway, it's another public place! Rumor from those in the hotel security world is that this is not uncommon though. Apparently, there's all kinds of people comfortable with their bodies that like to head out into the hallway naked. That doesn't make it any less creepy! He's lucky no one else was out in the hall at the time.

2 Girl Stealing Hotel Room


This woman was incredibly gutsy when she decided to steal just about everything out of a hotel room under renovation. The woman, casually walking out over $700 worth of items from a hotel in Tampa, Florida doesn't seem to have any problem with what she is doing. What's even more alarming is that she wasn't even thinking about hotel security cameras that were recording the whole thing! Several still photos taken from security footage get a very clear image of this woman on multiple trips back to the room. She walked through the hallways and out an exterior door without a care in the world. She likely figured that if she seemed rushed, it would draw more attention. It's unknown if she was caught or not, but all the closeup images will certainly help.

1 Hotel Images of Princess Diana

Princess Diana was perhaps the most beloved of the royal Windsor family. But on August 31, 1997 in the earliest hours of the morning, a car accident with her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed suddenly resulted in both of their deaths. This incident shocked the world and twenty years later, it still stirs strong emotions and tears in people across the world. Because of the strong emotions we all feel about her sudden and tragic death (not just the British), seeing these images of her happy and living normally just hours before are a haunting memory. Seen on hotel surveillance cameras late in the afternoon and into the evening, it is a shocking reminder of each precious moment of life. Seeing these pictures of Diana is more than creepy, it is absolutely haunting.

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