15 Creature Infestation Stories That Will Make You Squirm

Have you ever seen a mouse scurry along a floor? Seeing a little rodent in the same building you are in is enough to make your heart skip a beat. Feeling the cold rush of panic sweep over you is a moment you'll always remember. The entries on this list are some of the most disgusting, horrifying, and downright sick rodent infestations that have ever existed. I love animals of all kinds but if I was in any of these situations, I would be moving out of the city immediately! I love living in England, but it is home to a disturbingly high number of these infestations. Don't worry, the United States is home to a good number of creatures too, as you will soon find out!

We do have some amazing rodent infestation stories that you will see. From homes and offices to other, more private locations. You won't believe where rodents have been found. I bet number 12 will have you living in fear for a few mornings. However, we're going to up the ante and toss in a few creepy-crawlies into this list, also! Fear not, there are still plenty of rodent encounters to make you queasy. Be prepared to have trouble sleeping tonight, I know I will! Let's get started with 15 of the worst rodent infestation stories that will make you scream! Are you brave enough to make it all the way to number 1 on this list?

15 These Rats Fight Back!

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Is there anything worse than a run-of-the-mill rat infestation? Yes, there is, if the rats are the aggressive kind found in one Bronx apartment unit. Christina Garcia told her local news station about the infestation and the details are downright disturbing. The local news team went to investigate the apartment and what they found shocked the world. The apartment building was found to have dead rats scattered throughout it! Also, there were new holes found in the walls and floors, where the rats would scurry in and out of.

Garcia's fiancé found out how aggressive these Bronx rats can be. He had his finger bitten during an attack by one of the animals. An infestation of rats is tough enough to deal with, if they started attacking me, I would freak out! Imagine going to shoo one of these rats out of your apartment, only for it to start fighting right back.

14 Don't Mess With A Texas Rattlesnake

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While this infestation isn't technically rodent related, it was too scary to not include on this list. A couple from Abilene, Texas made a call to Big Country Snake Removal after seeing a sight that we all secretly fear. The couple had found a rattlesnake slithering in their toilet, upon opening the lid!

Things got even worse for this couple, as the toilet terrorizing snake wasn't all the removal company found. Hidden underneath the Abilene home was an additional 10 snakes. Also, there were 13 more found within the storm cellar. What turned out to be a routine bathroom trip had unearthed 24 snakes inside of a home! The next time you make that late night bathroom trip, be sure to check the toilet extra carefully.

13 Rodents Found Within Supermarket

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Over in England, the interestingly named Poundland supermarket (whose name has a whole different context in the States) was recently investigated over health concerns. One of the Poundland stores in Ealing even had a dead rat laying out on a rack! Making matters worse, the store had items that were completely soaked with rodent urine.

If you were thinking about grabbing some pet food at Poundland, the rats have beaten you to it. Investigators reported that there were signs the food bags had been gnawed on by rats. One of the stores was visited five times by a local health organization. What does it take to get a store shut down for good? 99p Stores, the parent company of Poundland, was heavily fined for these findings to the tune of about 420,000 ($523,383 in American money) in total.

12 Rats Found Invading Vehicles

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Let's say you're facing a rat infestation in your home. Where would be the one safe place you could go to get away? Your car would be the most logical choice to flee the rat-infested scene. However, certain rats in England may already be inside of your vehicle, wonderful! Known as mutant rats, these rodents have no fear about making a home right inside of your car.

If the thought of getting into a car that is now the home of mutant rats isn't bad enough, it gets worse. The rats seen spotted inside of cars have been known to chew through brake cables! This story definitely makes having a little mouse scurry on your floor seem like not that big of a deal. As an adult, I would be more fearful of expensive car repairs than the rats themselves. A petition was even signed by the local residents who were scared to even leave their homes, would you want to go outside?

11 Still Think Squirrels Are Sweet?

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For most of us, the closest we get to seeing a squirrel is seeing one near a tree. These animals are so fast, it's nearly impossible to get them to sit still. One home in Brantford, Ontario become a home to an infestation so bad, it nearly tore apart the entire house. The family living in said home had decided to have something done about squirrels living in their attic. We've all seen these sweet looking animals, how much damage can they really do?

All while the owners went on about their lives, the squirrels had been chewing through wires and the wood within the home, causing it to become a fire hazard. There is nothing scarier than your own home slowly starting to kill you, thanks to a bunch of jerk squirrels! In all seriousness, this story has a happy ending, the squirrels were all humanely removed from the home. Here's a reminder to check your attic after reading this list.

10 Attack Of The Giant Rat

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This next infestation goes for quality over quantity. What is so scary about one rat? How about if that rat could grow to be 3 feet long? In London, a gigantic rat was found on the roof of a building. There was much debate surrounding the size of the rat, with some people claiming it to be 4 feet long. Luckily, officials stated the rat measured to be only two feet long, how comforting!

Don't fear too much about this super rat, he is most likely a very intelligent species, known as a Gambian Pouched Rat. It is reported this rat could have come to London all the way from Gambia, a country in West Africa. This gigantic rat must have been working on its swimming lessons to prepare for such a long trip, wow! Hopefully, this smart rat won't be chewing your brake wires and peeing on your food!

9 Bats In The Roof

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As previously mentioned, I had to toss in a few non-rodent infestations that were too good to leave out. When you think of bats, you likely imagine a dark, warm cave, right? A family in Miami, Florida were stunned to learn that bats were living in their roof! Polo Pomares had lived with the bats for long enough and couldn't take it anymore.

Apparently, these bats would chirp at all hours of the day and the house was starting to smell. Polo lived with the bats inside of his roof for about 3 years! The only way I would wait that long with bats in my home is if I was promised to turn into Batman from them. Polo is now living in a bat-free home thanks to the roofing team who released thousands of bats from his roof.

8 Rats, Maggots, & Cockroaches Plague Hospitals

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The more I've written about these infestations, the more I'm finding that rats are truly everywhere! Various hospitals across England are being visited by not just rats, but maggots and bugs, as well. Over 300 separate incidents of rodents seen in hospitals in England between 2015-2016 alone! The 5th floor of the Leicester General Hospital had been infested by cockroaches. Upon investigations, photos were taken to document this incident. One photo clearly shows a rat hanging out on a window ledge.

Making matters worse, the 5th floor of this hospital was where that majority of the elderly patients were housed! We've covered that rats can find you at home, in your cars, and within stores. It looks like certain hospitals aren't even safe from rats crawling inside of them. The hospitals impacted by pest infestations have been taking additional measures to keep their buildings pest-free.

7 Food Warehouse Home To Rat Infestation

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Mark Heim, a USDA inspector, was about to unearth on of the most horrific infestations ever. Mark and his fellow inspectors made their way to the scene of this food warehouse in Kansas City, and were stunned at what they found inside. A large amount of food stored within this warehouse was starting to form mold. Canned food items weren't even safe from this infestation, as they had begun to rust from the rodent urine on them.

It is reported that rodent feces and carcasses littered all of the shelves, as well as the floors of the warehouse. Not only did rodents infest this warehouse, they weren't planning on leaving anytime soon. Inspectors found nests were built by the rats living inside of the warehouse. Shockingly, this building was known to house about 400 homeless Kansas residents, all while rats had tried to take over this location.

6 Rat-Infested Home Becomes State of Emergency

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Seeing a mouse crawl across your kitchen is bad. Dealing with an entire swarm of rats is even worse. Having your home declared an official state of emergency, due to the quantity of rats within it is a nightmare. Nearby residents of the home on 44 Gilliland Lane, in Willsboro, New York, started to make official complaints, concerned about the home and anyone living inside of it.

What was found at this home was one of the worst infestations ever, with rats even living within mattresses! If you don't believe me, a big-name in the pest control world would confirm how bad this rat problem was. The entire Orkin company explained this infestation was the worst one they had seen in 24 years. If one of the largest pest control companies states it's the worst infestation they've ever seen, you're in trouble. The resident inside of the home was moved to a hotel, imagine the horrors that person saw.

5 Super Rats Invade Row of Homes

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Residents in Northfleet, Kent were horrified when they began to hear odd noises within their homes. The noises weren't angry spirits but after what was discovered, some might have wished that was all it was. A debatable method to get rid of them, residents began to use rat poison, in a futile attempt to kill these 2 feet long rodents.

Actual poison couldn't even stop the mutant rats, with some taking a week for the poison to become effective! Could you picture spraying a spider with insecticide, only to find it will take a week for it to die? Have fun living in fear knowing you could have angered a gigantic rat for a week! This infestation sounds like the product of a good B-horror movie script. However, the real cause was much less scary, it was a water main that had leaked, which caused the rats to start showing up. Speaking of spiders...

4 Burn That Mother To The Ground

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Let's take our mind off of rats for a moment and talk about spiders, everyone's favorite animal! Leo Kim had noticed a scary scene in his Australia garden. He found that not only did he have a spider infestation, these were redback spiders, known for their extremely painful bite! Faced with how to get rid of this infestation, Leo did what any of us would do, he set the garden on fire!

For all of you spider enthusiasts, this story does have kind of a happy ending. Leo was so fascinated by the swarm of redback spiders that he housed them in an enclosure. Not one to make the animals feel unwelcome, he even placed some of his child's old toys for the spiders to crawl around in. Am I a huge wuss or have Australians just reached a very high comfort level with spiders?

3 Let Us In

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If you thought that mammoth spiders in Australia were frightening, how about opening your door to find a sea of dead rats? In 2014, residents of South Australia were attacked by a plague of rats who numbered in the thousands. Some townspeople were killing up to 100 mice, per night! It's no surprise that many people living here were concerned for their safety, considering the diseases rats are known to carry.

Killing the rats had even grown to be futile, leaving many townspeople to give up and create large traps. Local farmers lived in fear that these rats would destroy entire crops. The infestation on this southern Australia town had grown so out of control that the roads were even littered with rats running around everywhere. Having rats invade your home is one thing but when they invade an entire town, that is what nightmares are made of.

2 Mummified Corpse Found In Rat-Infested Home

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San Francisco residents that lived near an elderly woman had thought her home was abandoned years ago. Local city workers decided to do a welfare check on the home. Once the workers had entered, they found this home had been invaded by rats and black widow spiders. In addition, for some reason, there were found to be about 300 bottles of urine throughout the home. There's nothing like a spider and rat filled home to mess up your urine collection!

What many had thought was an abandoned home housed something more disturbing, someone actually lived inside of this house of horrors! Unfortunately, the woman found inside was dead and found to be in a mummified state. Local law enforcement called it the worst case of hoarding that they had come across. Nearby residents had rarely seen signs that anyone lived in the home, making this tale even more spooky.

1 Rat Temple

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For many of the tales you've read in this list, there has always been a solution to get rid of the rats. However, the Karni Mata Temple, located in Rajasthan, India won't get rid of these rats. One reason could be because this temple is home to over 20,000 rats that are worshiped. If this list made your skin crawl, I wouldn't be making a trip to this temple anytime soon. One legend states that these rats are said to be the spirits of soldiers who have died in the past.

Visitors to this temple had better be comfortable with rats, as they are allowed and encouraged to roam freely. In a nice touch, there are even protective measures in place to protect the rats from predators. Imagine feeling rats scurrying across your feet or, even better, up your pant leg! What's worse than 20,000 rats that crawl all around you while you can't do anything about it? Nothing.

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