15 Crazy Fans That No Celeb Would Ever Wish For

Here go 15 terrifying stories of fans we wouldn't wish upon even the celebs we hate!

Most of us have wondered what it would be like to be a celebrity – to be famous, to be loved and adored, and okay, sometimes even to be trolled. To have people want to be with you, be like you, and just look up to you must be a head rush, right? Mostly, we are sure that this is true – being a celebrity is its own drug with hordes of adulating fans wanting just a piece of you, people wanting to click pictures with you, wanting to just touch you…

Sometimes though, these adulating fans go bonkers. They go off into deep, dark places and from being just one of the many hundreds or thousands in love with a celebrity, they believe themselves to be “the one.” So they send scary letters and even scarier gifts, and when a scared celebrity backs off in a bid to cool off things, these fans lose it. They stalk, steal, threaten, cajole, and do a lot of breaking and entering as well, forcing celebs to take legal action to protect their own selves against these cuckoo-crazy aficionados.

Even then some of the crazier celeb obsessors slip though the legal cracks thanks to loopholes and end up viciously attacking the celebrities they had professed to love in the first place, or sometimes even attacking others “on behalf” of the celebrity they believe they are looking out for. And sometimes, when these fans feel rebuffed and get to know that instead of the loving them back, the celebrity is repulsed or even terrified of them, these fans go on a murderous rampage – ending with the celeb in question hurt, scarred, and sometimes, dead. Here go 15 terrifying stories of fans we wouldn't wish upon even the celebs we hate!

15 Biebermania: Dana Martin Wanted Justin Bieber’s Unmentionables Before Murder

So Bieber, though in all fairness we don’t know why, has many fans of many ages, sexes and in many countries. For a guy who punches fans, misbehaves at tourist sites, and even pees in restaurant mop buckets, we are surprised that he still has fans. That said, a die-hard Belieber also got put off with Justin’s punk behavior. But while we would probably face palm, he concocted a rather bloody scheme.

Dana Martin was a rapist and murderer serving two life sentences and wrote several letters to the Canadian superstar, and even got a Bieber tattoo on his leg while in prison. Bieber never responded to the freaky fan mail, which irked Martin. Bieber’s punk behavior added fuel to the flame, and then Martin wanted to be famous too. So Martin managed to convince his cellmate, Mark Staake, to castrate and kill the singer in exchange for moolah. Luckily for Bieber’s cojones, Staake made a wrong and was arrested for violating his parole and then the authorities found hedge clippers and a Bieber sketch. The gig was up and Bieber has a new respect for his body parts, or so we’d like to think… All concerned parties are behind bars.

14 Protecting His Idol Steffi's Interests, By Taking Out The Competition

In 1993, 19-year-old Monica Seles was the top female tennis star in the world, and playing Magdalena Maleeva in the Citizen Cup. A natural on the court, Seles was leading 4-3 in the second set and was basically about to win the match. During the changeover, Monica was about sip some water when what the world thought to be an enthusiastic fan leaned over her. When she doubled over and yelled in pain – it turned into one of the most horrifying moments in sport.

38-year-olf Gunter Parche had stabbed Monica Seles. Why? He was a Steffi Graf fan and wanted to take out the competition. Luckily, for Monica, she had just leaned forward to drink water and so Gunter was not able to stab her with the force he had wanted to and the blade gashed her, an inch or so deep. That said, Gunter managed to psychologically harm Monica far more than physically, and Monica was never able to achieve heights that she easily could have before the incident. Lax laws also let him get away with minimal punishment, a fact that Monica deeply regrets.

13 The One That Got Away Because Of His Hero Wife: George Harrison Stabbed By Michael Abrams

Perhaps the fact that John Lennon’s death was so iconic and such a dark day that people often forget that George Harrison was the target of a crazed fan as well. In 1999, a Beatles obsessed fan who spoke more fondly of Paul McCartney than he did of George Harrison. Off his meds, Michael Abrams had schizophrenic episodes and started to think that Harrison was a witch who had enchanted/cursed Abrams. So Abrams went witch hunting.

He invaded the guitarist's Oxfordshire mansion, armed with a knife and a stone sword he'd broken off a statue in George's garden. No alarms sounded and no dogs patrolled the 34-acre grounds, but Harrison woke when Abrams broke a window. Seeing Abrams, Harrison shouted Hare Krishna and tackled him. Abrams managed to stab Harrison multiple times, deflating his lung as well. When Olivia Harrison saw her wounded husband, she swung a lamp at Abram, knocking him out with one blow. The police arrived (alerted by the housekeeper) and found Olivia tending to George with blood all over, and a dazed Abrams roaming about. Released from the mental hospital in 2002, Abrams just wanted to be an ordinary bloke, though the subject of his ire had passed away in 2001…

12 Not Mine? Then You Shall Die, Horribly: Fan Sent Love To Bjork

Bjork, the Icelandic singer and songwriter, has had her share of fans – some love that husky, croony, talking-singing voice, though many, well, don’t. That said, one of her fans loved her so much that he not only made art celebrating her but also wrote a rather detailed diary about why he wanted to be Bjork’s BFF. And somewhere in the diary he also confessed his suicidal and murderous thoughts. Not the kind of BFF anyone would want.

In 1996, Ricardo Lopez’s heart broke when he realized that the love of his life was involved with musician Goldie and his racist heart couldn’t take this anymore. He worked on a plan to send her a bomb full of HIV+ needles, but when that fell through, he hollowed out a book and put in an acid bomb that he mailed to her. The bomb was intercepted by the police and so Bjork was unharmed. But Lopez videotaped shooting himself and committed suicide with Bjork’s music playing in the background. The video is still circulating on the dark web.

11 My Girlfriend Likes You And I Am Going To Push You Off The Stage - Zappa: 0, Trevor Howell: 1

So anyone who knows Deep Purple knows Frank Zappa – dubbed the 71st Greatest Artist by Rolling Stones. This honor did not much affect jealous boyfriend Trevor Charles Howell who hated that fact that his girlfriend had a giant crush on Zappa.

In 1971, Zappa was playing at London’s Rainbow Theatre to a mesmerized audience that unfortunately also included the deranged Mr. Howell. While the audience was enjoying Zappa-style guitar, Howell charged the stage and pushed Zappa off. This may not sound much, except that a very shocked Zappa fell bang into the concrete orchestra pit, 15-feet below! The fall put Zappa in the wheelchair for the better part of a year, with a fractured ankle and leg, a broken rib, a paralyzed arm, a pulverized larynx, and a hole in his head. And one of his legs always remained shorter than the other even after he recovered, resulting in chronic back pain and a deeper, huskier voice.

10 My Namesake, My Idol, My All: Paula Dies For Paula

Paula Goodspeed was such a big fan of Paula Abdul, since she was a child, that at 16 she changed her first name to Paula (she was named Sandra) and then tried to model her modeling and singing career after her. Obsessed with Paula, Goodspeed’s car was bedecked with an “ABL LV” license plate and a pic of Abdul on her license plate as well. She even came on American Idol in 2006 as a contestant where both Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell remarked that there was a resemblance between both the Paulas. However, her off-key rendition of the song left Paula Abdul “speechless,” Randy Jackson just said “what was that” and Simon Cowell came back with “you obviously cannot sing with so much metal (braces) in your mouth”.

Disappointed and trolled, Paula Goodspeed spiraled into depression soon after, and even the law authorities had her on their watch list for her tendency to try and commit suicide. In 2008, she succeeded. Her family reported her missing, and the police found her dead of an OD in her car, parked near Abdul’s house.

9 Stalked For 17 Scary Years: Gwenyth Paltrow Vs. Dante Michael Soiu

50-year-old Dante Michael Soiu fell in “love” with Gwyneth Paltrow and began a 17-year-long, one-sided correspondence with her. In 2000, he was arrested and confined to a mental facility for sending Paltrow pornography, sex toys, and writing to her about “wanting to cleanse her sins.” He also sent her five letters every day and even visited her parents’ house, and wanted to take “God’s scalpel” and “cut the sin” out of Paltrow. To top it, he sent her a vibrator that said: “because I love you.” He was declared legally insane at trial and was hospitalized in California.

Following his release, he began his correspondence with her again, this time sticking to just letters that managed to put Paltrow in fear for her life, because he wrote about wanting to marry her, as well as about her “bowing to death” and having “lost her way,” though he magnanimously declared that he had no ill-feeling for her for her trial testimony. Paltrow was not in a forgiving mood though and she cried through her own testimony, talking about 17 years of torment. Unfortunately, he was acquitted, but he was forbidden from contacting Paltrow again.

8 Restraining Order And Then Counter Sued! Britney Spears and Masahiko Shizawa

So Brit, in the midst of all the turmoil that her blink-and-you-miss-it marriages brought, was being stalked by a certain Masahiko Shizawa, a Japanese native who claimed to be madly in love with her. To prove his undying devotion, he sent Britney love letters, e-mails, his own pictures, all marked with messages like “I’m chasing you” and “I’m coming for you.” Ah, true romance!

Britney got a restraining order against him, but the man kept showing up outside her houses as well as her parents’ home and trying to get through the security and closer to Britney whenever he could. Obviously, he was not security’s favorite guy. In a strange twist of events, Shizawa tried to sue Britney after he was verbally roughed up by her bodyguards claiming “extreme emotional stress.” The judge dropped the case, laughing it off. And Spears dropped her lawsuit as well, after the lawyers on both sides reached an agreement, dubbing it a “cultural misunderstanding.”

7 Meet My Daughter Or I Go Pop, Says Fan's Dad To Andy Lau

Andy Lau is a much-loved and “fanned” Hong Kong actor and singer, being one of the so-called four heavenly kings of Canto-pop who have dominated the local entertainment scene for decades, and are popular across China. Known for his 2002 movie Infernal Affairs, which was then remade by Hollywood as the 2006 movie The Departed, he also recently appeared in the Matt Damon movie The Great Wall.

With plenty fans and adulators, Lau is no stranger to the craziness of fans. One lady named Yang Lijuan decided at 17 that the rest of her life would be dedicated to her hero, Andy Lau. So she quit school and turned into a full-time fan of Lau’s – and basically made her father pay for all those trips and concerts to see and meet Lau. The poor, besotted-with-his-daughter father sold all that he had to fund his daughter’s madness – his house, his savings, and even tried to sell his kidney. Yang met Lau in 2007 at a birthday party he had organized as a fan meet-up but just a pic with him was not enough, she wanted to meet him again. Her father threatened to kill himself if Lau did not meet with her daughter, and the next day, that’s what he did – ended his life by jumping into the sea. This sparked off more madness as fans now issued similar suicide threats; Lau in turn had to seek psychiatric care f0r his guilt.

6 Cut Me Off, Will You? Selena Quintanilla Murdered By Crazed Fan Yolanda

Selena was a rising star in the Latin music world, even known as the Latin Madonna. Her fame attracted many fans, including a lady called Yolanda Salvidar, who basically hounded Selena and her family to get permission to start an official fan club that Yolanda would manage. Selena, described as a friendly soul, gave her blessings and Yolanda was overjoyed. The fan club was finally founded in 1991 and soon, impressed with Yolanda’s dedication, Selena hired her as an assistant and later promoted her to manger of her clothing boutique as well.

Trouble started when it was discovered that Yolanda had been embezzling funds – from fan to crook. She was fired and Selena basically cut off contact with her as well, raising Yolana’s vindictive ire. On Yolanda’s insistence, Selena agreed to meet up with her at a hotel room to collect the financial records from her. It was here that Yolanda shot Selena who then, trailing blood, ran to the reception and told them about Yolanda before collapsing. Woefully, Selena died despite effort to save her and Yolanda surrendered after a 9-hour standoff. Sentenced to life, she has spent most of her sentence in solitary confinement, more as a move to protect her from angered fans in the jail.

5 Fan Murders Celeb & Laws Are Changed: RIP Rebecca Schaeffer

Rising star Rebecca Schaeffer was 21 and on her way to reaching Hollywood success after having successfully starred in the sitcom My Sister Sam (she played Sam) and then the black comedy Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills. Soon after the movie was released and Rebecca was being hailed for her breakout performance, she was fatally shot by a crazed fan who had been stalking her for the past three years.

Robert John Bardo has been sending her letters and even tried to meet with her on the set of her sitcom, but when his advances were ignored, he went a step further. He hired private investigators to track down Schaeffer's address, and they in turn acquired that from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Bardo then paid the object of his affections a visit, first getting an autographed signed and then leaving. He returned an hour later and rang the doorbell. When an unsuspecting Rebecca opened the door, he shot her. After this incident, legislation was passed to prohibit DMV employees from disclosing addresses.

4 Killed On Stage, Doing What He Loved: Dimebag Darrell, RIP

So, people do say that dying while you are doing what you love best is perhaps the best way to go. If that truly is the case then Dimebag Darrell, the guitarist for Pantera and Damage Plan must be one lucky dude indeed – for he died playing the guitar, at a gig, in front of happy concert goers. The only issue being, it wasn’t his choice or God’s either for Darrell was shot by a fan-turned-hater, Nathan Gale, a former football player and US Marine.

Known to be a good guy until something “snapped,” Nathan used to be a diehard Pantera fan, but for some reason one day, he started to think he had written Pantera’s songs and that the band had stolen them from him – and he also told his friends that he was going to sue Pantera. When Pantera disbanded, Nathan blamed Dimebag. At that infamous concert in Ohio, Nathan rushed on stag with a gun screaming at Darrell, “You broke up Pantera!” and shot Darrell and three others before being shot and killed by the police.

3 Kill Bill Star Uma Thurman’s Psychotic Fan: Jack Jordan

So you may be in love with a celebrity, but send one too many love letters and try too hard to meet with her, and you turn from fan into a stalker, with legal consequences, as Jack Jordan figured out. A normal thriving childhood with an admission to a prestigious university where Jack wanted to be a neurosurgeon wasn’t enough to stop his spiralling descent into madness.

Once he discovered Uma Thurman, he kind of went single track, and went about sending her love letters as well as sexually suggestive drawings and cards, some of which were a tad  too violent. He tried meeting her too many times as well and Thurman finally made a legal move. He was sentenced to three years probation in 2008 after being convicted of stalking. In 2010, he was jailed for violating probation, and then again in 2011 when he stopped taking his medication.

2 I Love You So I Will Assassinate The President For You, Jodie Foster: John Hinckley

Okay, of all these crazed celeb stories, this has to be the most hinky dink case of all, pun intended. A scion of a rather well-to-do family, John Hinckley Jr., on one fateful day, watched the movie Taxi Driver. Most would agree that the movie was De Niro’s and Jodie Foster has a small if significant role in it. That said, De Niro notwithstanding, John had eyes only for Jodie.

He enrolled in Yale since she was a student there to better able to “stalk” her. The best way to do so, in his twisted pea brain of a mind, was to try and assassinate the president, since that is what the Taxi Driver plot was all about. He forgot that the movie had a twist ending. Even more surprisingly, John actually managed to shoot the then Prez Ronald Reagan. Reagan survived, Jodie was shocked, and John here was tried in 1982 for 13 offenses, found not guilty by reason of insanity and has been confined to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in D.C., where he remains to this day.

1 You Don’t Know Me But I Killed You: Chapman to Lennon

Mark Chapman did not have a happy childhood or adolescence, but for some tragic reason, he decided to take it all out on John Lennon. Once a guitar-playing Beatles and Lennon fan, Mark Chapman reinvented himself as a Presbyterian Christian, though his love for the Beatles never abated. One fateful day all this changed when Lennon made a comment, “The Beatles are more popular than Jesus…” For Chapman, that was blasphemy.

It was then that he made and discarded plans to kill Lennon, though he had quite a long list of celebs he wanted to kill, including David Bowie, Johnny Carson, Marlon Brando, Walter Cronkite, and Elizabeth Taylor amongst others, but Lennon was the easiest to track, plus more comments of Lennon about not believing in Jesus or the Beatles pushed Chapman over the final edge.

In December 1980, Chapman shot and killed Lennon hours after he was photographed getting an autograph from Lennon on his copy of Double Fantasy. Chapman fired five shots and Lennon was soon no more… He was 40. Chapman, alive and well in prison, is 61 – an age Lennon missed by two decades, because of Chapman.

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