15 Crazy Ex-Girlfriends Who Went To Jail

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" the old saying goes. It’s safe to say that, at one time or another, most of us have let our emotions get the best of us and have acted in a way that we aren’t necessarily proud of in front of an ex. These fifteen ladies have taken that to the extreme, committing ridiculously criminal behavior that ranges from cringe-worthy embarrassment to downright sociopathic. The motives for their crimes are ones that investigators see day in and day out and are as old as time. Jealousy. Money. Resentment. Nothing new here except this batch of crazy exes have put their own twisted spin on it and landed themselves in the news. What did these guys do to deserve the wicked treatment handed to them by their former loved ones? I’m not so sure that even these girls would be able to answer that question today. Crime scene investigators will tell you that crimes of passion are some of the most brutal, most horrifically gruesome scenes they’ve ever seen. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, make sure that you treat your lady right and if you’re single, thank your lucky stars and get ready to delete those dating apps after this serving of fifteen crazy ex-girlfriends who made criminal choices that landed them in jail.

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15 The Ex-Girlfriend Who Cried Assault


When English mate Wayne broke up with Kelly due to her erratic behavior and constant fighting, he didn’t see her final request for one last hook-up coming. He initially said no but caved in eventually. Afterwards, Kelly threatened to tell her father that Wayne had assaulted her. He figured that she was being dramatic and would eventually accept the fact that they were no longer a couple and move on. Meanwhile Kelly didn’t make good on her promise to tell her father the lie— she told the police and upped it with charges of robbery and threw a friend of Wayne’s into the mix as well! Wayne was arrested while an investigation was performed and ultimately proved innocent because the police found Kelly’s handbag (which she said was stolen) not in Wayne’s residence but in a pub where staff told police that Kelly herself had given them the bag to hold onto. Wayne and his friend were cleared and Kelly was found guilty by a jury and sentenced to two years for her false report. This was in 2011 and today, Wayne is happy and has moved on though is still grateful for Kelly’s poorly pub-planted evidence.

14 Cruisin' For A Bruisin'

This was no regular day in Boston, Massachusetts. Watching this video, it’s hard to catch a glimpse as to what was going through ex-girlfriend Terri Thompson’s mind as she happily waves to the camera that her ex-boyfriend is holding through the window of his home. In this case, the ex-boyfriend happens to be Young Wild TheGod, CEO of RaresNoSquares.com. From the street, she looks almost giddy as she walks to her car, turns around, smiles at him and waves again. But this is not simply a goodbye wave but perhaps a goodbye-from-this-world wave. Young Wild records away as Terri breaks a window in his house, damages his car parked on the street and finally drives away. In a second video, we watch as he assesses the damage to his keyed, rear-ended vehicle when out of nowhere, Terri’s black SUV Mercedes rams into the car, missing him by inches as he luckily jumped out of the way just in the nick of time (at about 3:15)). Whether she’s happy to have missed him and not face a murder charge or is upset that she didn’t accelerate harder, remains unknown to us.

13 Strangling The Mayor


No, this is not a naughty euphemism like "shaking hands with the Sheriff." Unfortunately, this actually happened to former defense attorney, successful businessman and York County, South Carolina Mayor Melvin Roberts in 2010. Despite Julia’s claims that both she and her mayor boyfriend were attacked in the driveway of their South Carolina home after returning from a dinner shortly before Valentine’s Day, her story just didn’t add up. His injuries, her lack of injuries and the fact that their relationship was headed the same direction as the state they lived in, south, all gave investigators reason to believe that Melvin’s longtime girlfriend, Julia was involved. When they further learned that the older couple’s relationship had started to strain and that Melvin might soon have been planning to cut ties, including financial ties, with Julia, they closed in on their case. Melvin had purchased a store for Julia to run and had been talking about breaking up with her and writing her out of his will. Julia has since passed away at age 72 in prison.

12 A Deadly Long Distance Relationship


Being a law student, Adrienne Hickson had seen the inside of a courtroom before and was no stranger to criminal law, but after her boyfriend died and a warrant was issued for her arrest, she was thrust onto the other side of the justice scales. But first, let me back up. Due to separate career and educational pursuits, Adrienne and her longtime boyfriend, Shawn, saw no other logical choice but to live apart and maintain a long-distance relationship until they could be near each other again. But the distance took a toll and Adrienne began to grow increasingly possessive of Shawn, questioning his whereabouts and accusing him of not being faithful. A few days before Christmas in 2005, neighbors heard the couple arguing before retreating inside until minutes later when a bloody Shawn came back outside and Adrienne drove off, leaving her supposed loved one to suffer. Shawn later succumbed to his injuries and thanks to an Alford plea and a deadlocked jury, Adrienne got a sweetheart deal of only five years.

11 No More Namaste


One married woman. One yoga guru. One steamy affair. A murder and two completely different stories. This is the recipe for the storm that was end of Amber Trudell and Michael Dojaquez’s rocky relationship and ultimately, Michael’s life. Almost as soon as married woman Amber started having an affair with her yoga instructor, it seems that their relationship became troubled. In the end, the grandfather yogi died from being shot on his front porch. To hear Amber tell it, Michael died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound but her stories vary about why he took his own life. In one version, she says that he attacked her and sexually assaulted her and wanted to kill himself over the guilt. In another, she states that Michael was so upset that Amber had decided to end the affair and make things right with her husband that he felt life wasn’t worth living. But prosecutors have another story that they think is right on the money and it’s Amber’s story but flipped. They say that Amber was desperate for Michael to marry her but he refused so she shot him. Amber is due to be released in about a year from now.

10 Hell On Heels


Of all the ways to go, death by stiletto sounds exceptionally unpleasant. Alf Stefan Andersson, boyfriend of Ana Trujillo, sadly experienced it for himself when his raged former love delivered twenty-five angry blows to his face with her five-inch blue high heeled shoe. In court, Ana claimed that she had no choice but to protect herself with the closest weapon she could think of, her shoe, after her boyfriend (whom she claimed was an alcoholic) became violently abusive towards her. However, the prosecutor on the case was able to find out that Ana had a history of being violent towards her late boyfriend. Based on the crime scene (which investigators said looked like a scene from a gory horror movie) and factors from the couple’s past, the prosecutor went full steam ahead in painting Ana to be the aggressor not the victim. In the end, she was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. She won’t be eligible for parole until she’s seventy-five.

9 Bad Romance

By all accounts, Marcel Hill dearly loved his girlfriend, Camia Gamet even though their relationship had been known to turn violent at times which wasn’t helped when drugs were added into the mix. When Marcel was found dead due to blunt force trauma and eleven deep stab wounds, Camia claimed that it was all a horrifying and tragic misunderstanding. The house was dark, she said, and she had unfortunately mistook her longtime beau for an intruder. But no one bought the act as even the judge said that if she truly thought Marcel was an intruder, she would have stabbed once and ran rather than staying around to inflict eleven severe stabs to Marcel’s body. And surely, in that time, wouldn’t he have cried out to his girlfriend that she’d made a mistake? Camia seemed to be over it during her sentencing when Marcel’s family spoke on his behalf. She rolled her eyes and interrupted causing the judge to lash out at her. Since people don’t break into prisons, it’s a good thing she got life with no chance of parole so she won’t ever have to worry about mistaking anyone for a burglar again.

8 And The Daytime Emmy Goes To...

For the cop who harbors a secret desire to be an actor, there was no better opportunity than that of Dalia Dippolito’s sting operation. The police force in Boynton Beach went all out. They staged the scene in front of the townhouse that Dalia shared with her husband, Michael, with cruisers everywhere, lights rotating, officers milling about. When Dalia showed up, Sargent Ramsey put on a brave face to tell her the tragic news of her husband’s untimely passing. “I’m sorry to tell you, ma’am, he’s been killed.” And with that, the acting skills of Dalia take the stage. She whimpers, cries and repeatedly asks to see her freshly-wed husband (they had only been married for a matter of months). All of this seems to be a very natural response until Dalia is seen at the police station when a door opens and voila!— her husband stands in front of her, though off camera, very much alive and very much seeking a quick divorce. We later find out that Dalia’s motives for hiring a hitman (aka undercover cop) was money. She wanted his house, cars and the sweet pile of cash he’d made with his business. Her latest retrial ended in a hung jury last month but prosecutors plan to re-try her.

7 When MySpace Becomes A Murder Place


If you remember the archaic old days of MySpace, then you recall picking out a song to assault your visitor’s eardrums with as soon as they clicked on your page, finding a witty and original quote to use and hunting down that perfect HTML code for your awesome new profile layout. Heather Michelle Kane apparently hunted on MySpace as well, but for a human life, that of her ex-boyfriend’s new roommate, an eighteen-year-old girl, whom she assumed was his new girlfriend. She copied photos of the girl from her MySpace profile and took them to a cop posing as a hitman and offered up $1k to take the threat out. Despite evidence stacked against her, she denied the entire thing. The jury seemed to agree with prosecutors because she was ultimately sentenced to thirteen years in prison. Hope Heather can learn to readjust to Facebook when she gets out.

6 He Said, She Said


Brian Geddes said he was just helping out a young lady in need by letting her stay at his place, she said they were in a relationship. When police discovered his body, she claimed that it was an accident and the gun went off by itself as he handed it to her. However, the gunshot wound to the back of Brian’s head said otherwise. The fact that Jordan didn’t tell anyone about the so-called accident and took steps to hide Brian’s body pretty much tells the sad story for her, which is made much more heartbreaking if you listen to the prosecutors tell the story about how Brian helped Jordan get away from an abusive boyfriend and let her stay with him until she could get back on her feet. Apparently, she thought taking what Brian had already worked for was a bit easier and more convenient for her. Brian’s family can take small comfort in knowing that Jordan is now behind bars.

5 Sorry, Momma


This one is a bit different. It’s a crazy now ex-girlfriend who attacked her mother, over her relationship with her boyfriend, Antoine Wright. He wasn’t just a bad influence on Isabelle Pedroza’s seventeen-year-old daughter, Linda, he was a fatal influence. For her. Young, impressionable and most likely seeking acceptance as teens do, young Linda thought she met her Prince Charming in Antoine Wright. Mama Isabelle instantly disapproved and took that disapproval a step further when she found the twenty-something-year-old man in her teenage daughter’s bed. She forbid Linda from seeing him again. But Linda and Antoine had plans to elope and Isabelle stood in their way. So sweet-seeming teen Linda made plans for Antoine to come over and attack her mother as soon as Isabelle came home from work. The murder involved a hit to the head with a frying pan and Linda and Antoine both tugging on an extension cord around Isabelle’s neck. Perhaps the creepiest part about this story is the way Linda carried on after the murder. She and Antoine went to Denny’s and she got his name tattooed on her chest. Now they’re both in prison and Linda regrets the day she met him.

4 What About That Hippocratic Oath?


I guess Dr. Ana Gonzalez-Angulo forgot about the important oath when she poisoned her former boyfriend and fellow doctor/cancer researcher, Dr. George Blumenschein. Being a doctor, Ana should have known that her chosen method, antifreeze in his coffee, would be an especially cruel and painful way to leave this world. Also, being a doctor should have taught Ana to dose correctly! Luckily for George, she didn’t and he managed to survive his antifreeze poisoning though his body will never be the same and he still suffers from the effects of the poison that was in his system. Why would a woman who seemed to have dedicated her life to saving others commit such a horrific act? George had called things off with Ana to be with his longtime sweetheart, Evette, and Ana could not take the rejection. Classify this under “If I can’t have you, no one will.”

3 I Gave Him The Nose Job He Always Wanted


It was 2012 and Ryan Poston had everything going for him. Youth, health, success. At only twenty-nine, he had his own law firm, making him the youngest law firm founder in Kentucky. Life was shining bright for Ryan… until he met Shayna Hubers. Friends say that Ryan had begun to distance himself from girlfriend Shayna due to her erratic, clingy behavior in the days leading up to the tragedy that befell Ryan in his own luxury apartment where he was found dead from several gunshot wounds. What makes this case especially disturbing is Shayna’s behavior in the police station. In an incredibly unsettling police interview, Shayna tells an officer, “He was very vain.” She goes to say that Ryan had recently told her that he wanted to get a nose job and Shayna said, “I gave him the nose job he always wanted” referring to how after she watched her boyfriend twitching on the ground from the effects of the multiple shots, she shot him in his face to “put him out of his misery.” Left swipe this girl all the way to life in prison with no chance of parole, please!

2 Famous Fatal Attraction


When you talk about crazy ex-girlfriends, how could Jodi Arias not be included in the list? She’s practically a household name in only the worst kind of way. In case you’ve managed to avoid magazine stands, Nancy Grace, national news and water coolers in the last few years, here’s a quick recap. Jodi is currently serving life in prison without the possibility of parole in Arizona for the brutal slaying of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander. The two had an on-again, off-again relationship. When he was murdered, supposedly the relationship was in the off-again phase. Prior to the murder, Jodi had exhibited signs of possessive and obsessive behavior leading to stalking, which according to friends of Travis, he had downplayed. Travis was discovered in his bathroom by his friends. He had been stabbed, shot and his throat was slit. After her 2008 arrest, Jodi became something of a news sensation sweetheart, in a sick and twisted way, enjoying the media’s attention. Moral of the story: if she acts like a stalker, creeps around like a stalker and texts you like a stalker, she is a stalker. Don’t be a nice guy. Call the police.

1 The Ultimate Black Widow


Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco was known by many names far and wide. The Queen of Narco-Trafficking, La Madrina and the Cocaine Godmother to name a few. But to those who knew her intimately (better put, to those who knew the people that she had relationships with) she was better known as the Black Widow. Reportedly, she committed her first murder at the tender age of eleven. This would start a deadly habit for Griselda. As a teen, she murdered her first lover. Then her first husband. Then shot her second husband. And then well, she killed her third husband too. My only question is why was there a continuous line of men ready to wed this marital murderer? Did they not get the memo? Perhaps it was Griselda’s persuasive ways. She was known to force both men and women to have sex with her at gunpoint. Her history of slain boyfriends and husbands is just a drop in the bucket to amount of people she killed in her lifetime, which is estimated to be upwards of two hundred. She was murdered in 2012 in the street by an assassin riding a motorcycle.

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