15 Crazy And Unexpected Things You Can Buy At Costco

If you have never been to a Costco you are definitely missing out. The wholesale retail giant sells items in bulk. To walk into a Costco is an experience all unto itself. They literally have everything across the spectrum you would want to be in your life. You are normally hit with the electronics section when you enter the store. They have tons of televisions and electronics displayed when you first enter their huge sales floor. There are pallets upon n pallets of goods stacked as high as the eyes can see. And if all the fun stuff to look at wasn't inviting enough, they have sample tables for testing food all over the store. Normally, people say not to go food shopping on an empty stomach. Well, at Costco, feel free! There you can taste so many awesome things- for free. Their goal is to sell you new products you taste while customers also get to thoroughly enjoy their shopping experience.

And once you have completed your shopping experience, which includes buying almost everything you can think of, Costco offers a tasty food window and indoor patio area to grab lunch of a few snacks. The food is insanely affordable and always good. Costco is not just a shopping trip, but it is an experience. Some people may not completely know what is available at Costco and how many extraordinary things they offer. In fact, it's quite shocking what's for sale at Costco, as these 15 items prove.

16 Custom Painted Pet Portrait


Pets can be one of the most prized possessions of a person. They are part of our families, loyal friends that we wake up to each and every day and who often can't wait to see us after a long day at work. Pets are an important part of our lives and then there are many who love to celebrate their pets. Costco is well known to offer various items such as bulk cat and dog food as well as a multitude of accessories for your pets. But, did you know that Costco also offers custom-made portraits of your pet? That's right, you can go to Costco and book a special painting crafted of your pet. And we're not talking four dogs playing poker kind of painting. We're talking an Angelic representation of your animal to be hung up on your wall for all time. So if you're into that kind of thing, after you grab your case of avocados, head on over and book your appointment to have a doggie self-portrait done in the same manner the former kings of England had their eternal images constructed.

15 $1,500 Ribeye


This high-end product arrives courtesy of the Far East. Japan delivers to Costco premium ribeye with a hefty price tag. This product is 11 pounds of pure greatness. Some men take their barbecuing very seriously. They want the best thrown on their grills. Costco offers such an item. The A-5 Wagyu Ribeye comes at a steep cost for $1,500 but this world famous beef is of the highest quality. The beef has been the winner of multiple culinary Olympics. The beef has been described as intensely marbled and has soft fat. Because of the beef’s higher concentration of monounsaturated fats, it produces a far richer and more tender flavor than compared to other beefs. The beef is available to be shipped to you within 3-5 business days through Costco’s website. The term “melts in your mouth” has never rung any truer. Or been more expensive.

14 Custom Wine Cellar


If you have ever taken that winding stairway downstairs in a beautiful home and come across a grand wine cellar, some level of jealousy could have popped up. Costco offers a nice variety of wine fridges and more expansive wine cooling systems. The price of these stations greatly vary. From a few hundred dollars to a cool $5,000, you can purchase the perfect wine storage facility in the main floor of your home that will keep your sacred juices at just the right temperature. With so many varying styles to choose from, wine connoisseurs will have their work cut out for them in choosing which product best fits their needs. If our vote counts, the Artevino II by EuroCave is a wonderful free standing beverage holder with quite a bit of flexibility. The $2,400 price isn't quite as flexible; however, if you have the cash to burn, Costco has some pretty darn cool options.

13 Frozen Dollhouse


Many people rush online or to Toys 'R Us when they are looking for some specialized toy items. But every once in awhile, Costco rolls out a very cool toy option that causes you to freeze in your footsteps. If you happen to have a little girl shopping with you and you pass by the KidKraft Disney Frozen Snowflake Mansion Dollhouse, then you will hear “Please, can I have this? Please?” The dollhouse is an impressive replica of Elsa’a frozen castle. The dollhouse is huge. When you have a 9-room Dollhouse that accommodates foot-tall dolls, you know you got something grand. Items light up inside. Estimated time to put this massive 4-foot dollhouse together ranges from 2-3 hours. This is a project. It is reasonably priced at $159.99 considering its size and the detail. With 20 detailed pieces of furniture and 2 cool staircases, this Disney toy is definitely a must-have for Frozen fans. This one is available in stores and being pushed heavily for the holiday season this year.

12 Two Gallon Bottle of Massage Oil


Just in case you have a herd of elephants that you want to lube up, Costco offers you a giant two - gallon bottle of massage oil. That's right, massage oil comes in bulk as well at Costco. The two-gallon jug is sure to last you through many, many, many fun nights. Obviously, a big selling point would be for massage therapists who may want to run and pick up a little extra massage oil for their massage business. And we all know that massage oil generally comes in very small bottles. So finding one twice the size of a gallon of milk can be a head-scratcher as you're shopping down the aisle. Unless you are thinking of going crazy with massage oil over a 365-day period, we're guessing this purchase is going to be reserved for business purposes only

11 Weston Roma Wine Press


Costco not only has entertainment and food items but it also caters to adults and their specific needs. As you are shopping for a monstrous bag of chicken nuggets or a ridiculously sized, perfectly cooked whole chicken, you can also pick up this snazzy wine press that allows you to press your own juices for wine or cider. Not exactly a normal grocery store purchase, this heavy duty cast iron device is situated in a wooden cage and it makes it easy for someone to crush grapes, apples, and pears. It's not that the device itself isn't of great quality- it's just that we don't expect a full wine press to produce three gallons of juice to be available during our shopping experience. But at Costco that is exactly what you can expect, the unexpected. So if you're interested in making some juice or wine, head out to Costco and buy a giant bag of fruit and the winepress to go with it

10 A New Car and Accessories


Rows and rows of rubber. Generally, there is a huge lot of tires by the exit of your local Costco. They have rows upon rows of tires and the option for customers to pick up a new set and have them installed on their car. Not only can you get tires at Costco but through the massive wholesale giant you can get help buying a new car. Costco has a car program in which customers locate the vehicle of their choice at the dealer of their choice. You can even check online if Costco can get you an additional discount. Finding  a car through the Costco discount program can save you a hefty chunk of change. Because even 10 to 15% off a vehicle can be worth as much as $4,000. The car program is a great way to buy a new vehicle and get the most bang for your buck. Costco also has a section in their stores in which you can buy in bulk certain automotive products. Just in case you need 10 gallons of tranny fluid... Costco may not be an Advance Auto Parts, but you can save a few bucks by buying in bulk and get some great deals on a new set of tires for a brand new car.

9 Vacations


There are very few retail stores that allot you the opportunity to purchase an 80-pack of toilet paper while at the same time being able to book the Hawaiian vacation of your dreams! Welcome to Costco where vacation dreams do in fact come true. Costco partners with various vacation vendors to offer a wide array of fun destination spots. You can hit the Caribbean, enjoy a lavish Disney vacation, or swing out to Las Vegas in style with some sweet savings offers courtesy of your Costco card. If you happen to be a Platinum member (as opposed to the regular gold membership) the discounts become even greater with additional kicked in perks. Costco offers some pretty competitive pre-packaged offerings to its members along with some a-la-carte opportunities to customize your vacation experience. They have an entire booklet dedicated to these offerings with some customization offerings online.


7 An Outdoor Sauna

Thinking about taking a steam? Who hasn't wanted to take a nice sauna. At Costco, they can make your dreams of taking a sauna come true. The Almost Heaven Huntington 6-person Outdoor Steam Sauna is a beautiful constructed structure featuring rustic western cedar construction. Inside the sauna there is an 8kw stainless steel heater, a beautiful glass door with self-closing hinges and LED lighting. For only $4,000 you can purchase this outdoor giant barrel looking sauna. In addition to the Almost Heaven model, Costco offers numerous others ranging from $1,000 and up. One of the last things you would expect as a Costco offering would be a sauna. But as usual, Costco never fails to offer luxury items that you would never find anywhere else.

6 Reeeeeally Expensive Jewelry

After you try a slice of cheese or a small piece of free gourmet cheesecake, feel free to move over to the jewelry counter and pick up something special under the fluorescent warehouse lights. Costco, like many other retailers, has been heavily involved in the jewelry game. They offer a wide variety of choices. That isn't the biggest surprise. What's surprising is that Costco offers a $32,999.99 ring. The round brilliant cut 2.51 ct VS1 clarity H color diamond platinum solitaire ring is a premium piece of jewelry at the cost of a new car. Some would be surprised that Costco gets this deep into the diamond business, but with an estimated IGI value of $61,650, Costco members score a nearly 50% discount. Of course, if you can't afford a down payment on a home when you want to a purchase an engagement ring, there are other more economical offerings to choose from. Costco offers a wide array of pricing on many different rings. After you grab your gallon of milk just swing on over to pick up the perfect ring for your one and only. Why ask Jared’s?

5 Caviar


When you think high-priced caviar, you think...Costco? That's right, the food of the rich and privileged can be yours as well as you hit this wholesale retailer. Costco offers up a variety of caviar choices that range from $100-$559 a can. The Plaza Golden Osetra Farmed Bulgarian Sturgeon Caviar 8.8oz tin will feed 7-12 of your closest friends for the high-end price of $559.99. Plaza Golden Osetra is the best of the best in the caviar market. The cans themselves, while sealed, will last only 30 days in a refrigerated environment. Once opened, the exclusive food item can only last 24 hours. The product is so exclusive it ships FedEx next day after ordered. The Amber to brilliant gold color only adds to the allure of this delicacy. At 8.8 better be damn good. It's always available at Costco at any hour!

4 A Year’s Supply of Food


There are those doomsdayers who always seem to plan for the worst. They fear the world may come to an end at any time or a major catastrophe could make it difficult to survive. For the extreme at heart, Costco has an answer for you. Depending on what kind of food you desire, Costco gives you a couple of offers for a 1-year 1-person food supply. Mountain House offers a bit higher quality food for someone willing to drop $4,499.99. Another company, Thrive, offers a 4-person food storage for $3,999.99. Either way, you can bet that the food isn't exactly going it be up to par with a Gordon Ramsay experience. But it does come with an allotted calorie consumption of nearly 2,000 a day. There are meals and snacks included in the canned food. Of course, you'll have to figure out storage space for all the items, but you can rest easy that if there is a natural disaster you will be able to eat well for quite a long time.

3 Vending Machines


Vending machines are in hotels, ballfields, businesses, and even in places you would never think of. Some have amazing food and drink options while others can be a little disappointing. But it is a rare occasion that when you hit the grocery store that you can additionally pick up a nice vending machine to bring home. The Selectivend WS4000 32-selection vending machine has a variety of options including chips and candy bar selections. This puppy can be yours for $3,799.99. It will take 2-3 weeks to deliver, and at that point, you can stuff 474 items inside. If you’re thinking beverages, then the Selectivend CB500 10 Selection Vending Machine offers a maximum of 500 12-oz cans or 240 bottles (or a combination). This also costs $3,799.99. So if you aren’t trying to buy a bulk package of bottled water or a giant box of diapers, you can always order a nice vending machine for your backyard.

2 Outdoor Playset


Parents are always looking for a good deal on an outdoor playset. Kmart, Home Depot, Lowes, and Toys 'R Us may all offer some incarnation of fun for your young children. And what kid doesn’t like a really cool slide, a few swings, and stuff to climb into. The variety of offerings at Costco are far more grand than something you may find at any of the other stores. The Kid’s Creations Adventure Mountain Redwood Playset isn’t just an amazing piece of outdoor equipment. This playset is serious. It features 6 play decks, 4 premium slides, 5 swing stations, 2 rock walls, a monkey bar, 2 sand boxes, a drawbridge, and a nice picnic table. This outdoor climbing oasis can be yours for the sweet price of $12,999.99! That’s right, for the price of a solid used car, you can nab this extraordinary playset. The best part of the playset is that shipping and handling is included. Yay.

1 Caskets


Hey, just because your life may be ending, doesn’t mean you don’t want to get a good deal. That’s right, Costco doesn’t necessarily go out of its way to promote the fact that they are in the death business, but they do have some interesting offerings. Caskets and urns can be yours at wholesale price. With pricing from just under a thousand dollars to nearly $2,600, Costco offers a great deal of items for those who are looking to move on to the other side. For example, the Edward Casket by Universal is at the top end of the pricing. There are urns available as well for those who choose cremation over burial. The dollar amount of those are far more feasible. The price ranges from $89.99 to $149.99. The hardwood boxes and the colorful urn sets are nice touches and options for prospective buyers looking to lock down their final statement in this world. Whether it is Costco or another retail market, it is not every day that you see caskets for sale shortly after picking up your produce for the week.


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15 Crazy And Unexpected Things You Can Buy At Costco