14 Craziest Things That Ever Happened On A Nanny Cam

Nanny cams are all the rage right now, and sometimes they capture things that are absolutely insane. They truth is stranger than fiction; well never has that been better proven than with the release of various nanny cam footage in recent years. The things that go on behind closed doors can be downright surprising. Never in a million years would you expect to see the type of things that were caught on nanny cam. This list compiles some of the most insane things that have ever been captured by these new hidden cameras.

It's often the fact that these cameras are well-hidden that enables them to capture such crazy stuff. People will do some pretty surprising things if they think they're alone. But an even greater surprise was no doubt experienced by those who go home after a long day of work and checked the tapes - they were the ones who found the gobsmacking footage.

A lot of this stuff ends up on the news, as the footage is revealed to the world. Some of the footage ends up on YouTube. Some of it is viewed in secret by hackers who have managed to crack the nanny cam, much to the horror of the people in the house. And some of the footage is so sensitive that it must be kept out of the public eye, as it will be used in a court case. The types of things these nanny cams capture can encompass pretty much everything you can think of. People are killed on nanny cams, robbed, beaten, and even sexually abused. Nanny cams can capture things like explosions and even houses burning down. But whatever the case, nanny cams provide some amazing entertainment to the people of the Internet!


14 Caught Burning Someone's Child

One of the most common things caught on nanny cams is, well... Nannies. One such nanny, named Nosipho Nxumalo, was in hot water after a hidden nanny cam caught her abusing a small child. She was poking the two-year-old Xander with a hot curling iron in an effort to teach him a lesson. She had no idea she was on camera. When the parents reviewed the footage, they were furious. The child's mother, Mrs. Persaud, said "It's the most disgusting thing. I mean, you see someone physically … someone you trust. You see her with the curling iron. She tests it to make sure it's hot, and then when he jumps because it burns him, she continues to touch his foot again and then goes for his hands a few times.” Nosipho Nxumalo has been charged with two counts of assault, possession of a deadly weapon, and endangering a child.

13 Home Invasion Caught On Nanny Cam


One of the highest profile crimes ever committed in view of a nanny cam was an extremely violent home invasion. The vicious crime took place in Newark, New Jersey, and left a mother and her children brutally traumatized. In the mother's case, physical wounds were added to her psychological wounds, as she was punched, beaten, and thrown down a flight of stairs. The attack began when career criminal, 45-year-old Shawn Curtis, entered the house and surprised a mother and two children. The mother was watching television with her daughter, while her infant son was upstairs. The nanny cam captured the assault after the woman was thrown down the stairs and the man followed her down, further assaulting her. He was convicted of aggravated assault, endangerment of children, burglary, criminal restraint, and theft. But he was acquitted of attempted murder.

12 Man With AK-47 Robs Home On Nanny Cam

Another brutal house invasion was captured on nanny cam after a man broke into a home brandishing an AK-47 assault rifle. The crime took place in Atlanta, and the crime was carried out by multiple heavily armed suspects. They targeted at least two houses, making off with about $5000 worth of valuables. The first house they broke into had a woman inside, and they forced her to put her head down on her pillow while they took jewelry and other items from a box she was forced to point out to them. This woman, who was only in a night gown when they invaded her home, said “He told me to lie down on the bed and put my face in the pillow and I thought then he was going to rape me and shoot me in the back of the head. I’m just lucky that he didn’t hurt me and didn’t get anything else.” The thieves then took off and invaded a second home, and it was in this home that they were recorded with a nanny cam. They were able to get away with a laptop and other valuables, but they were captured on tape, allowing police to use the footage to attempt to track them down.

11 Cop Caught Being Racist On Nanny Cam


Remember the home invasion of the mother with two kids? The one where the mother was tossed down a flight of stairs? Well the story doesn't end there. This nanny cam captured even more action, long after the crime had been committed. You see, the nanny cam was still rolling when police and detectives arrived on the scene. As the police were following protocols and setting up the crime scene, one detective wandered into view of the nanny cam. While on camera, he referred to the criminal who had done this as a "monkey," and went on to use other racial slurs as well. The criminal behind this, Shawn Curtis, was black. The defendant of Shawn Curtis tried to use this blatant example of racism against his client as a defense, saying the entire court and judicial system was biased and racist against Shawn Curtis, and that the cards were stacked against him unfairly. This tactic ultimately failed, but the detective who uttered the "monkey" comment, Collin McMillan, faced reprimands and had to stand as a witness on the case.

10 Assault Of A 5-Year-Old Girl

One of the most disturbing things ever caught on a nanny cam was the sexual abuse of a 5-year-old girl. 67-year-old Dwight E. Gehring was caught on camera sexually abusing a 5-year-old girl, and the man was arrested after the authorities were able to use the footage as evidence against him. This horrible crime happened in May 2015. Dwight E. Gehring was a licensed massage therapist at the time of the incident. It is unknown whether this had any connection with how the man was able to enter the house. This man is going away for a very long time. He has been sentenced to 13 years in prison, after being charged with rape by force and gross sexual imposition of a child under 13, first and third degree felonies, respectively. In addition, he has been classified as a class III sex offender for the rest of his life, and a class II sex offender for 25 years following his release from prison. Although this was a disgusting crime, the silver lining is that the nanny cam managed to capture the act, condemning the man to prison.

9 Man Beats His Neighbor's Cat


It's not only people that nanny cams can capture. They can track any type of movement, including cats. It was this feature that condemned one young man to punishment after he was filmed beating and abusing an innocent cat on nanny cam. The boy knew the owners of the house, as he was friends and neighbors with a similarly aged young man in the house. He went up to his friend's room, presumably to wait for him, and that's when he attacked the family's cat. The worst part about this is that he did it for absolutely no reason. The 19-year-old boy was charged with a third-degree felony of cruelty to animals, and was released after posting a $5000 bond pending trial. The cat suffered intense injuries as it was beaten, punched, and slammed to the ground. The poor animal had to take multiple trips to the vet, but luckily the feline survived.

8 Nanny Cam In Girl's Bedroom Hacked

One of the scariest things about nanny cams is that they can be hacked - by pretty much anyone. People always forget that anything you put on the Internet can potentially be accessed by anyone who knows their way around a computer, and sometimes it takes a horrific incident for them to get a wake up call. One such example was a mother who found out that hackers had used her Live Camera Viewer App to livestream her nanny cam, which was placed in the bedroom of her two young daughters. The mother said she figured out that one of her 8-year-old daughters had revealed the name of an unprotected server while she was playing an online video game. The hackers were able to watch as the young girls came and went. The most sickening part of this is that the hackers watched the young girls sleeping and even changing clothes. The girls are no longer allowed to use the Internet, and the nanny cam is now secure.


7 Cop Hacks Into Nanny Cam To Watch Nude Mom


Hacking of nanny cams is more common than you'd think. It's also very easy. So easy in fact that a cop was able to do it. He used a confiscated smart phone to access her nanny cam, and was able to spy on her breastfeeding. The woman, Megan Pearce, was actually a dispatcher for the Hazel Park Police Department. Her fiancee was charged with marijuana-related crimes and arrested. A police officer named Michael Emmi confiscated this man's phone, and then used it to access her nanny cam. He spied on her on multiple occasions, including one instance where she was fully nude and breastfeeding her infant son after getting out of the bathtub. The 15-year-veteran police officer now faces federal charges after a lawsuit was filed against him by the woman. But he hasn't been taken off the force, and is still employed as a police officer. This happened in 2016.

6 Child's Bedroom Blows Up, Caught On Nanny Cam

Definitely one of the craziest things ever captured by a nanny cam was when a full-fledged boiler explosion was caught on tape in a children's playroom. This crazy incident took place in Bellingham, Washington, where the video later circulated on the news and made its way all around the world as a viral Internet video. The owner of the house, Chris Renoud, is amazed that no one was hurt. His wife, Anne-Marie Faiola, also echoed that statement, "It just really hit me how absolutely close of a call this had been. I could see my husband and child playing in that room right before the blast. My daughter's room is right above the blast zone." What makes it even more amazing is that the family's three-year-old daughter and her nanny were in the house when the explosion happened. When you watch the video, you can see that debris and shrapnel flying everywhere, so if anyone was anywhere near that room, they would have been injured. Luckily, the daughter was sleeping upstairs, just above the boiler, and the explosion did not penetrate the floor separating her from the explosion. Apparently the boiler malfunctioned.

5 Man Watches His House Burn Down Via Nanny Cam


The Fort McMurray fires gained a lot of publicity in 2016. Forest fires in northern BC threatened to engulf the entire town, and people were forced to evacuate. For most people, they could only wonder whether or not their house had survived the flames. But for one man, he didn't have to imagine what was happening, he was able to witness it first hand through his nanny cam. This man, James O'Reilly, watched as his house burned to the ground through his iPhone as he was driving down the highway away from the town with the rest of the evacuees. He didn't have to watch for very long. It only took about one minute and twenty seconds for the fire to completely demolish the house. Many other residents of Fort McMurray also set up nanny cams and security cameras around their houses and neighborhoods to keep an eye on things. Some of them saw their houses miraculously survive the flames. Others, like James O'Reilly, were not so lucky,

4 Man Put Nanny Cam In Girl's Room To See Her Nude

We've already seen how nanny cams can be used to spy on people. Another case of this happening was when a man secretly installed a hidden nanny cam inside of an underage girl's room. He was aiming to collect footage of her nude. The man responsible for this despicable crime is Brett William Robison, a 37-year-old man. It is not clear how this man managed to gain access into the house and plant the camera. Authorities say that the camera was hidden inside of a fake clock, one of the most common types of nanny cams available. The incident took place in Live Oak, Florida, in 2014. When the police accessed the nanny cam footage, they discovered the minor had been recorded in the nude throughout the tapes. The man was arrested not long after and has been charged with one count of video voyeurism.

3 Maid Caught Breastfeeding Someone Else's Baby


We all know that the original purpose of nanny cams is for parents to keep an eye on their nannies, to make sure they're not doing anything they're not supposed to. Many times, the nanny cams prove useful in spotting things they weren't actually designed to film. But other times, the nanny cam actually serves its intended purpose, and the results can be... well, bizarre. Case in point: A nanny tasked with looking after a small child in Nairobi, Kenya. Grace Mwikali Mwema had only been looking after the baby for a couple days when the parents reviewed the footage to find the woman was breastfeeding the baby on the couch. It becomes obvious when looking at the footage that the baby doesn't even want to suckle on the woman's unfamiliar breasts, and she has to try to force the infant to do it. The immediate concern was that the woman was HIV positive, and that she might have infected the baby. But luckily, the nanny tested negative.

2 Dad Has Massive Fail On Nanny Cam

Sometimes nanny cams capture things that are shocking, controversial, and incredible. Other times they capture things that are just downright hilarious. This was true when a dad was caught on nanny cam having a massive fail. The video is now going viral on YouTube, with thousands of views. The scene starts with the father coming down the stairs slowly, and he seems preoccupied with something, possibly a laptop or an iPad. As he gets closer to the bottom of the stairs, he reaches the child gate, which is intended to stop his small children or possibly his pet from getting upstairs. Unfortunately, it proved to hard for him to pass over as well! He gets one foot over the gate, but when he tries to lift the other one over, it gets caught and he goes tumbling down. He goes into a full roll and ends up on his back. The noise attracts his two young daughters, who go and check to see if he's okay. This guy must have had a good sense of humor, seeing as he allowed the tape to go on YouTube.

1 Mom Caught Doing Something Hilarious


Another hilarious moment was caught on nanny cam when a mom did something that had everyone rolling on the floor laughing. The woman, who hails from South Africa, was recorded by her nanny cam doing something that looked like it was out of a horror movie! The video has gone completely viral, and people say that it looked like a mix between a scene from The Ring and some kind of Navy Seal crawl. Why was she doing this, you ask? Simple. She was trying not to wake her baby. Only parents will understand this. Babies cry and cry, and keep you up for hours. So when you finally get them to go to sleep, you definitely want to keep it that way. This mom obviously learned the hard way that if she's not super quiet when she leaves the room after getting her infant to finally fall asleep, the baby will wake up and start crying again. So her solution was to get on the ground and slowly slide herself out of the room. You can't help but laugh when you watch this viral video!


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