15 Craziest Road Rage Incidents Caught on Camera

We've all had that moment of feeling frustrated and angry at a fellow motorist when we see them do something rude, stupid, dangerous or all of the above while they're out driving on the road. Road rag

We've all had that moment of feeling frustrated and angry at a fellow motorist when we see them do something rude, stupid, dangerous or all of the above while they're out driving on the road. Road rage is something that we've all experienced. Even the most level-headed, mature individuals have been prone to getting road rage every once in a while. In the confines of a car, people's social graces and manners seem to fly out the window. Even though logically, we all know that road rage fixes nothing and can only escalate the situation to dangerous levels that are sometimes life threatening, road rage still happens, multiple times, on a daily basis on highways, freeways and roads around the world.

As you'll see in these top 15 craziest road rage incidents caught on camera, no one really wins with road rage. Even if no one gets hurt, you've resolved absolutely zilch and most of the time, both parties look like a bunch of immature idiots (which will probably be caught on camera and broadcast all over the Internet because everyone has a dash cam now). Please remember this the next time someone tries to rage on you or if you decide to rage on someone else. Don't let a momentary act of stupidity make you do something you'll regret for a lifetime.

14 Road Rage Or Just A Douchebag?

The car is a magical thing invented to take us from A to B fairly quickly, and it still does to this day, thus, the inventor of the car rests sweetly in his grave. But if he had realized how many ludicrous altercations it would create among people who were driving ...well, he would have probably still invented it because getting to work on a horse is a pain in the ass. But there is something about being inside a car that make some people think they're tougher than they are.

In the video above, you see two men get into a shouting match in the middle of the road. They exchange some words, but the only guy you can really hear is Mr. Flower Board Shorts because it seems like he's lost all ability to remember simple words. He repeatedly yells at the fellow motorist to 'do something!' which then just turns into him screaming "do!!!" like some weird douche bag mating call. It does nothing but back up traffic even more.

Lesson one, kids, if you don't have the ability to string together sentences in the heat of your anger, get back in your car and go practice being a 'tough guy' in front of the mirror at home, some of us have to get to work.

13 Road Rage With A Side Of Karma

One of the things that sparks road rage is drivers who not only do the wrong thing but then get angry when you get pissed at them for driving like a total idiot. In this video, some driving genius decides he's going to use the parking lane just like a regular lane to overtake a few pesky cars that are keeping him from getting to someplace more important than everyone else's destination. Not surprisingly, the driver nearly causes an accident as he tries to go careening back into the driving lanes to get out of the way of the parked cars. Despite nearly crashing into some cars, the driver continues to drive like a jackass and promptly returns to driving back in the parking lane.  Shortly after, he finally stops at a traffic light .... AND right in front of a cop who saw the whole thing.

Road rages rarely have a happy ending but this is one of the rare road rage incidents that leave you with a smile on your face.

12 Karma Strikes Again

This road rage scene involves a raging driver against a cyclist. Judging from what we see on the video, the man is angry that the bicyclist is in his way. He hangs halfway out the car window to inform the cyclist of his feelings at a high volume with a lots of spittle and bulging eyeballs. The argument escalates to yelling roadside rules at one another before the cyclist tells the angry driver that he will be reporting him to the police and showing them the video that his camera recorded and then all hell breaks loose. The driver works himself up to a hot, simmering cup of angry and starts chasing the bicyclist on foot so he can try to get the camera away from him. He gives pretty good chase for a portly dude but it ends with him trying to kick the bike, tripping and doing a face first belly flop on the asphalt.

11 Knocked Out

Technically, drivers and cyclists have to share the road, and as adults we should have no problem doing this because sharing was like the first lesson on the first day of kindergarten. By five or six years old, most of us have mastered the art of sharing. But what happened to the kids who didn't master the art of sharing? Well they all grew up to be adults who still don't know how to share and sometimes they meet up on the road and one of them has a GoPro on them to record the whole thing.

We don't exactly know who was in the wrong here; did the bike ride too close to the edge or was it the car? Regardless, car and bicycle collide and so do the driver and the cyclist. After the biker gets hit, the driver jumps out of his car and they get into a pushing match that thankfully doesn't escalate any further. Impatient drivers behind them start beeping their horns so they can be aware that while they're busy being idiots, they're also getting in everyone's way.

10 Road Rage Showdown

So far, the worst thing that's happened in last few videos is a bruised knee, a sprained ankle, a black eye and a lot of bruised egos. But any one of those incidents could have potentially turned into seriously dangerous situation like the ones that two tow truck drivers found themselves in when they decided to intervene on a road rage incident. The two truck drivers saw an elderly lady being harassed by another driver, aggressively tailgating her vehicle. The two truck drivers decided they needed to take action to protect her and moved their vehicle in between the lady and the aggressive driver so that she could drive past. The aggressive driver turned his anger on the tow truck drivers, pulling up in front of them and pulling out a gun. The two truck drivers prepared to grab their own conceal carry gun but thankfully, the driver never shot at them.  He momentarily left the scene then came back 15 minutes later pointing his gun at the tow truck drivers before driving away again. He was later arrested by the police and charged with assault. It's scary to think how this could have played out, especially when the tow truck drivers had a client with them in the car and the driver had his girlfriend and young son in his car.

9 Off The Road Rage

This news report reveals a not-so-shocking statistic that the number of drivers who feel "uncontrollable anger" towards another driver has doubled from eight years earlier. The daily grind has gotten so stressful that more and more people worn out, anxiety ridden, their tempers are short and their fuses are even shorter. Unfortunately, almost all these people are behind the wheel at one point or another during the day, it could even be you! But before you lose your temper when you're on the road, remember that one in every 10 drivers out there are already a lit fuse just waiting to blow up on you. This news report shows clips of incidents taped on the road of drivers losing their ever loving minds and attacking other drivers on the road. Some seemingly normal, everyday folks; people who look like your aunt, your grandpa or your neighbor, all caught on tape risking their lives and other people lives to prove a stupid point.

8 Shots Fired

The reason we need to slow our road rage roll is because an insignificant incident can get too serious too quick when someone pulls out a weapon. Whether you're the rager or the one being raged on, the best thing to do when road altercations happen is to just let it go. Before you fall into a bad situation, before you rage or engage someone on the road who's angry with you, keep in mind that the other driver is essentially a stranger and you don't know what's going on in their heads. Assume that the other driver is as unpredictable as a wild animal and either keep out or proceed with caution.

As you can see in this video (skip ahead to 6:00), the driver casually gets out of the car, looking as if he wants to talk but then suddenly pulls out a pistol to shoot the other driver's tires. The driver probably got arrested for this, but he could also have easily killed the driver or even his girlfriend, if somehow the shot went wrong, one of the bullets ricochet back or if the other driver had a gun too. But pulling out guns?! Who does that right?

Lots of people are carrying a gun who wouldn't hesitate to pull it out when they're angry and guess what? You probably drive next to them all the time.

7 Cars vs Motorcycles Results In Mayhem

The back story to this video is that the driver of the white vehicle had allegedly been following the group of bikers for a few miles; attempting to run them off the road. Some of the bikers said that he was trying to hit them out the window with a baseball bat for 15 miles. The groups finally meet up at a gas station where the road ragers crash. The video shows the confrontation just seconds before the white car suddenly screeches off and speeds around the lot. The driver runs over some bikers and his own girlfriend in the process. After the driver's girlfriend finally manages to get into the car, they speed off with the bikers continuing to follow them into the street. It's scary to watch a 4,000 plus pound car whipping around a group of people in such a small area, because his two minutes of jackassery could have resulted in multiple injuries to multiple people, death and a lifetime in jail.

6 They Said / He Said

Police get a phone call from both victims of road rage at the same time. One reporting the other driver as being the perpetrator. The man and woman driving the van full of kids say that another driver next to them was disgruntled and tried to hit them. The other driver say it's the man and the woman who was attempting to hit him. The police tells both drivers to meet at a parking lot of a shopping area where the situation got even worse. By the time police pulled up, all the drivers were out of their vehicle, deep into a confrontation. It was later learned that the man and woman who were driving the van full of kids were the attackers and only backed off when the other driver pulled a gun on them. It seems like the only real victim in this situation were the poor kids in the van that were put in danger by the 'adults' who were supposed to take care of them.

5 So Much Road Stupid

Exactly how much stupid and crazy is out there on the road? So much that when you search for videos of people road raging on camera, there are so many that occur that there are VIDEO COMPILATIONS of all of them. The one above is just one of the myriad of road rage videos that are circulating the Internet. There are drivers caught on tape trying to run over pedestrians, throwing food and liquid into other people's cars, drivers who start brawling right in the middle of the road, just to name a few. It's mind boggling how many people flippantly risk their lives and the lives of everyone else while they're driving a heavy vehicle. And while it's oddly entertaining, it's a whole lot more disturbing. If we can take anything away from these videos the next time we drive, we can make sure that we don't become one of the thousands of fools caught on tape almost causing a dangerous accident because they decided to have a temper tantrum on the road.

4 Shut Up And Drive

Think back on all the fights you've ever been in. I bet for some of you, when you recall a fight, you probably looked like the hero of an overly produced Hollywood movie right? You were throwing out clever and quick comebacks to your befuddled enemy before you threw a few clean and deadly punches to end the situation immediately. Then you lit a cigar and walked away slow motion. But in all reality, when you get into a fight, especially in the middle of the road, you look exactly like these people. Stupid, slow and clumsy. No one is rooting for anyone except the person recording the whole thing so they can watch it again on YouTube and laugh at you. There is no airbrushing or slow motion effects of Hollywood. It's just a bunch of badly dressed, out of shape adults fighting on the street. All of whom had to get their cars fixed afterwards and now pay double on their insurance.

3 Motorcycle Attack Goes Extreme

What started off as an accidental bump into a motorcycle turns into a nightmare for both the driver and the bikers. The driver of the SUV is taped driving in the middle of a sea of bikers. The video shows the driver accidentally bumping the front of his car into a motorcycle in front of him. The rest of the biker group immediately becomes enraged and starts chasing the vehicle. The driver of the SUV, who has his wife and child in the car, soon becomes trapped in the sea of bikers again. The bikers are approaching the vehicle and shouting at him through the window. The driver of the SUV panics, hits the gas and runs over a biker. The bikers retaliate by chasing the family for three miles, before stopping the car in traffic, pulling the driver out and beating him in front of his family. Both men were hospitalized and the biker who was ran over was paralyzed.

2 It's Just Not Worth It

If you've gotten this far down the list and aren't quiet yet convinced that road rage is dangerous, then do yourself a favor and watch this video. An incident that started out as all road rage incidents start out, with a simple stupid mistake, turned into a day that neither drivers or their families will ever forget. Both drivers called 9-1-1 to report the other driver for driving recklessly. Candelario Gonzalez and his wife call the police and let them know that Robert Doyle was "driving like an idiot." Doyle does the same, calling 9-1-1 to report to them that Gonzalez and his wife were trying to run him off the road. The 9-1-1 call records Gonzalez telling the operator that he was going to follow Doyle to his house, even though the dispatch vehemently tells him no. As Gonzalez follows, Doyle tells his 9-1-1 operator that Gonzalez is following him and that his guns are out. Upon Gonzalez's arrival, he makes another bad decision and got out of his vehicle to a waiting (and armed) Robert Doyle. As soon as Gonzalez got in front of the house, Doyle opened fire and shot him in front of his wife, daughter and grandchild. This is the worst case scenario of road rage gone terribly wrong and happens more often than it should. Just keep on driving, people.  It's not worth it.

1 A Turn For The Worse

This video is not in color, it doesn't have sound and the clip is less than a minute, but by and large, it's the most shocking video on this list. The clip taken from a security camera of a parking lot show two vehicles arriving to the lot. The light colored vehicle parks in a space and the darker vehicle parks to the side and behind it. The driver of the dark vehicle immediately gets out, opens his trunk, pulls out a huge stick and attacks the other driver. A few seconds later, another guy steps into the frame from out of nowhere and looks like he's going to try and stop the whole incident. What happens next happens in a second, but it was enough time to turn this situation into a very deadly quarrel. The stranger who had walked in had a gun and shot the man holding the stick. The other driver manages to pry the gun out of the stranger's hand but not in time to save the other man's life.

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