15 Countries Where It's Chill To Marry Your Cousin (And 3 Where It's NOT)

All of us have hot cousins but rarely do we think of dating them, not to speak about marrying. It is actually one of the greatest taboos in modern society. Imagine telling your parents that you are ab

All of us have hot cousins but rarely do we think of dating them, not to speak about marrying. It is actually one of the greatest taboos in modern society. Imagine telling your parents that you are about to marry their niece. It gives me chills. If I had to, however, I would start it by saying "Mom, dad, I will do something that Einstein did. How exciting is that?" Yes, Einstein, in fact, married his cousin. So did Franklin D. Roosevelt. To be completely honest, it is estimated that in the span of humanity, 80 percent of all the marriages are between cousins.

So what are the reasons why people are so fixated on it being wrong? Religion? Well, if you read Bible you will find out that God has commanded many cousins to get married. Also, Christ's earthly parents were highly likely first cousins. So is it birth defects that make people disgusted by seeing cousins dating? Well, it is actually proven that the risk for children of cousins to have a birth defect is not that much different compared to non-related couples.

We think that this repellent feeling towards married cousins come from social standards. So many people were raised thinking that cousins are a part of the family and they have never ever dreamed of having any intimate thoughts towards those family members. It is a taboo, after all. Gladly, there are some countries over the world, where you could freely live with burning desire for your cousin, ignoring all the taboos in the world. Those countries do not forbid marriages among cousins and look at it as openly as this world can handle. So where should people get married to their cousins?

18 The French Love Their Cousins

How could this list be complete without the capital of love? French people are known to be great and passionate lovers. It is no secret that those people can do anything for their loved ones. They also perfectly understand that you cannot control your heart. That is why France is on the list. Even if people in France would not agree with marrying a cousin, they could relate to the way you feel. There is no greater crime in France than holding back your love. You are allowed to love whoever you want in France.That is why this country would be perfect to live in with your cousin. We are against any kind of violence or discrimination in the world so if we would have to pick a place for a honeymoon with a cousin in Europe, it might as well be France. After all, who would even give a damn about other people, while drinking wine in front of the Eiffel tower?

17 In Pakistan It's Normal

We have some great news if you want to blend with the majority while walking down the aisle with that lovely cousin of yours. Go to Pakistan! More than 50 percent of marriages in this country are among cousins. It seems like this country is living in the alternative reality, where not marrying your cousin is a strange thing to do. The main reason for this phenomenon is that Pakistanis are extremely protective of their family. What is the best way to ensure that your family is protected? Not letting anyone from outside come near it. Literally. It is very hard for us to understand this kind of behavior, but well, we are living in a diverse world and that guarantees that there is a place for every single one of us. Pakistan, for instance, is a perfect place to have your cousin as a spouse. It is not even like you will have to be tolerated here. I mean, do we tolerate marriage between a woman and a man? No - we take it as a given thing. Same goes for cousin marriages in Pakistan.

16 Australians Love Their Own Kin (Literally)

Marrying your cousin is totally legal by law in Australia, as opposed to the US, where in most of the states you could not put a ring on your cousin's finger. What is more important - Australians are completely tolerant towards this kind of marriage. It is most likely that way because Australia was built by immigrants from all over the world, who had to learn to live at peace with each other in order to succeed. That means that there are a lot of different cultures in Australia, including those agreeing with cousins marriage. So if your cousin is too hot to let go, you should consider moving to those sandy beaches of Australia and having a peaceful life. The best part of it is that those beaches are so big that you can get all the privacy you need. In a matter of fact, it is a good idea to move to Australia even if you are not marrying your cousin… such a heavenly place!

15 DO NOT MARRY Your Russian Cousin

While the world is moving in a liberal direction, Russia has its own ideas. You don't even want to THINK about your cousin if you are staying in Russia. With Putin controlling this country, I would not dare to kiss my cousin on the cheek. Yes - you don't need much to get in trouble there. It is a crime to be gay in Russia, so how do you think Putin would react if you wanted to marry your cousin? It looks like the only legit marriage in countries like this is between a Russian man and a Russian woman (yeah, the country is racist as well). Also, the man has to be taller. We strongly advise to be cautious about your life and skip Russia if your fiance is your cousin. It is cold in there anyway, so you would not miss that much.

14 Mexico

Apart from all the Islamic countries, rates of cousin marriage in Mexico are one of the highest. If you are concerned that Mexico might be too religious to accept this kind of marriage, please read the introduction again - God, himself, commanded many cousins to get married, and no Christian can tell you otherwise. Also, it is 100 percent legal by law to marry your cousin in Mexico. So it is a country which protects married cousins rights by law and by social standards. Of course, some conservative people might still say that it is a "loco" thing to do, but it would be naive not to expect some bad reaction, doing such a controversial thing. The best suggestion would be to ignore such people and interact with the majority, which is understanding and respectful. So, just take your cousin to the beaches of Yucatan, eat all the tacos, and enjoy your life filled with sun and love.

13 Do it in Egypt

We must say that it would be lovely to live in Egypt no matter what our relationship status with a cousin is. Waking up with sceneries of those grand pyramids and swimming in the Nile. Can it get any better? Well, for people who are about to marry their cousins - it can. Being an Islamic country, Egypt has very high rates of marriages between the cousins. It was always a part of this culture and roughly 20 percent of all the marriages are among cousins. To take it even further, Cleopatra married her 2 brothers in order to keep the power in the hands of her family. Do you still think that people would consider it is strange to marry your cousin in Egypt when their most popular and powerful woman of all times married her brothers? Well, we don't think so either. Also, we are sure that while having a crush on a cousin, Egypt would be just a great place for a proposal. Who needs Paris, anyway?

12 India

There are so many people in India to choose from, but so often Indians chose their cousins to marry. It is a very common practice in many regions all across the country, so holding your cousin's hand in public will not be judged. On top of that, most Indians are very peaceful and tolerating to different cultures. Living with your cousin in India would be a great idea as there are no show-stoppers to impede the quality of life there. It is legal by law and it is totally accepted by the people. Also, the country is like the most wonderful diamond. So many people have it on their bucket list and dreams every day to visit it, so why not move there already? There is one bonus as well - the food in India is beyond delicious. If I, personally, had to move somewhere with my cousin, India would be in the lead to win the race. It seems that everything was thought through in making married cousins life easier there.

11 Never Marry Your Cousin In China

We strongly recommend crossing China out of your "Countries suitable for marrying your cousin" list. It is illegal by law to marry your cousin since 1981 and it is considered to be incest by so many people. Of course, there are still some people living with their cousins, but we can see no point doing it in such a country as China when there are so many different countries around the world that support married cousins. On top of that, China is still quite a communistic country and a lot of people have their lives controlled by the government. It is not that great of a loss anyway. Either with your beloved cousin or without, I bet you would not want to live in a place where YouTube and Facebook are blocked. Such restrictions are kind of Medieval and not in a funny way. So obviously, China is not the place to get on your knee in front of your cousin. Love Asia too much? Just do it in Japan then.

10 Do it in Japan

One cannot fully understand Japan and all its quirky stuff. We are, however, sure that Japanese people are up for any kind of crazy. All the wackiest and weirdest trends are usually coming from Japan. We don't want to get into any details as this is not a strictly adult website, but you can check it yourself. That said, people in Japan are used to it all and marrying your cousin will not surprise anyone. Yes, it is not that popular in their society compared to the Islamic countries, but nonetheless, people do not seem to discriminate it. Also, it is a completely legal thing to do, so you can hit any courthouse and get those papers signed. We did not have to think a lot to put Japan on this list as it is one of the most modern countries in the world, where you will be accepted just the way you are... and with who you are.

9 Do it in Turkey

This country is so popular among tourists all over the world. Those wonderful beaches instantly captivate everyone. We would definitely want to live there. We also think that married cousins would fit perfectly in Turkey. It is an Islamic country and traditions of marrying a cousin lead to ancient times. Turkish people are very close to their families. By saying "very close", we mean that it often leads to marriage with a cousin. The rates of this kind of marriage are one of the highest in the whole world, reaching around 20 percent. It means that every one of five couples you meet are cousins. Do you still think that someone could simply discriminate this phenomenon? That is why Turkey easily clinches a spot in our list by being such a beautiful country with openness to the union of the cousins.

8 Do it Morocco

Everyone who has ever visited Morocco will know how unbelievable this country is. It is geographically located in the perfect spot, the climate is just perfect and on top of that, Europe is reachable by hand. Morocco is one of the most advanced countries in Africa and that is why it made it to the list. Oh yes, there is also another fact - cousin marriage is fully legal and more or less 10 percent of all the marriages are among cousins. With such high numbers, it is safe to say that no one will be discriminated strictly because of their deep love for their cousin. In comparison, only 1 out of 1000 marriages in the US is among cousins. What more can we say? If you are in love with your cousin, better fall in love with oranges as well because they are heavenly in Morocco.

7 Do it in Canada

In the eyes of the world, Canadians are one of the friendliest people you can meet. They are not into drama, aggression, or fighting. All those stereotypes have a little bit of truth, right? Well, we believe that this time it is completely true. Marrying your cousin in Canada is as legal as breathing, and the rates of such marriages are probably the highest among Western culture. Vowing eternal love to your cousin is especially common in Quebec, so what else can we say? Montreal is an amazing city. We cannot help but love it. So all the people who give their hearts to their cousins and want to live in North America should look no further than Canada. This is a country of kind and understanding people, who are liberal enough to accept the fact that there are as many preferences as there are people on this planet.

6 Brazil

Brazil is definitely the country to marry your cousin when in South America. If someone has any doubts, we just recommend visiting Rio de Janeiro during the carnival. Oh yes, people in Brazil are very open for all kinds of fetish and this particular one where you want your cousin to be your spouse, will not surprise anyone. Even contrary, many people should feel quite supportive and understanding. Brazil is the most liberal country in South America when it comes to those things and rarely someone will get picked on just because of the person they are in love with. This kind of openness goes through the whole culture of Brazil so we guess that living there with you cousin would be a true paradise. Of course, marrying you cousin is also legal by law. Without further ado, we can only suggest packing your carnival costume while traveling to Brazil. Everything else will be taken care of.

5 Do it in Lebanon

One more Muslim country which we think fits perfectly on this list. There are so many marriages between cousins in Lebanon that it makes it completely normal and understandable behavior. One of the reasons for such marriage to be acceptable is that obtaining wealth in Lebanon is not that easy, so families prefer to see it protected by all means - one of which is cousin marriage. Not only it is a normal thing to do, but sometimes even encouraged by the elders of the family. So do you still think that there would be any problems marrying your cousin in Lebanon? Neither do we. On top of that, Lebanese food is so popular all over the world for a reason. We are sure that your tummy would be thankful for moving to Lebanon. So would your cousin-spouse, as it would mean safe life and acceptance.

4 Do It In Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Who would pass on living in Dubai? We certainly wouldn't. Being one of the richest countries in the world, UAE is also very friendly to the people who decide to marry their cousins. Yes, by now you can already guess that Middle Eastern region is the place, where marriages among cousins are the most common and fully accepted. Cousins can be sure that no one will ever judge them as it is as common practice in their culture as watching Super Bowl in the US. Do you need any more reasons? Well, UAE is one of the greatest choices on the list for people who want to keep their quality of life as the first priority. Very few cities in the world could claim to be as luxurious as Dubai is. Also, UAE is one of the most respectful countries in the whole Middle East when it comes to women's rights. So the country is the golden mean for a successful marriage between cousins.

3 Never Marry Your North Korean Cousin

Kim Jong-un does not approve this kind of behavior and that can only mean that you would face some huge issues, living with your beloved cousin. I mean, how could the "greatest" country in the world let this kind of thing slip through their hands? Always remember that censorship in North Korea is higher than Snoop Dogg on any given day, so doing anything controversial in this country might get you killed. Overall, the countries where communism is still a common practice should be skipped if you have plans to marry your cousin. The good thing, though, is that no one would let you in North Korea even if you wanted to move there. Ironically, this country is protecting all the people by keeping them as far as possible and having all the walls strictly closed. We think that this mutual agreement of not going to North Korea is pretty beneficial to all the parties.

2 England

It is very hard to believe, but the practice of marrying your cousin is completely legal in the United Kingdom. Actually, it is legal in the majority of European countries, however, United Kingdom might be just the place to live for people who cannot resist their cousins. One of the reasons for that is a big community of Pakistanis. You already know how crazy in love with their cousins is this community, so it is no brainer that British people are used to seeing this kind of phenomenon. We are not trying to say that they are supporting and encouraging it, but one thing for sure - people married to their cousins will not be discriminated. You see, Kevin Bacon is actually married to his cousin and we heard that people in the United Kingdom just love bacon. It means that it would be hypocritical to judge anyone, who chooses to share their heart with their cousin. Also, queen Elizabeth II is married to her second line cousin which completely seals the deal and grants the United Kingdom a place on this list.

1 The Tunisians Love Their Cousins

13 percent of all the marriages in Tunisia are between cousins, so you can be sure that people there are familiar with this phenomenon. It is actually part of the history in Tunisia. Believe us or not, but those numbers were much higher in the past. These days people are being educated about possible outcomes of marrying your close relatives... but so many of them still don't care. Especially in the rural areas of Tunisia. Those people probably trust Charles Darwin more than they trust those modern era scientists. That is why they are literally following the steps of Darwin and decide to marry their cousins. Another reason is purely materialistic - family's wealth stays with the family after the marriage of members of the same family. Pretty obvious, right? So it is clear by now that people can easily show affection to their cousins in Tunisia. Last reason why this country made it to the list is the beauty of nature. Tunisia is still not that popular among tourists, so people who live there can have all the beaches to themselves. Just think about it.

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