15 Controversial Pictures Of Celebs With Their Babies

These celebrity parents caused quite a stir with these photos.

Parenting is hard. Any mom or dad can tell you that. Trying to raise a kid right is tough and just handling the change is a huge deal too. Celebrities aren’t immune as no matter how rich and famous you are, you still need to deal with dirty diapers, waking up in the middle of the night and everything else that goes with raising an infant. Many a star has had themselves pushed to the limit and trying to respond while others are better able to handle a kid. But with social media growing, celebrities do try to put on a good face for a happy family even with paparazzi stalking them.

But sometimes, celebrities can be pictured with kids in different ways. In some cases, they seem to be putting their kids in danger. Other times it can be a jarring sight for outfits or circumstances. And others just show how vastly different a glamorous star can be thanks to a kid. Some are more shocking than others but they do show how even good parents can make bad mistakes with kids and put out an image they’d rather not have. From actors to singers, mostly moms but a few dads too, some pics celebs have with their kids can truly be jarring. Here are 15 photos of celebrities with their babies that will throw you in various ways and make any parents out there realize no one is perfect.

15 Snooki: "Selfies First"

It’s not like Snooki has ever denied being egotistical. The pint-sized but well stacked lady came to fame on Jersey Shore and used it to become a major star in her own right in reality TV circuits. She’s become more famous for her fashion lines, a book and other bits of merchandising and a huge star with Instagram. But it’s also led to accusations that her parenting skills are less than ideal. This is a woman who seems unable to leave the house without putting on enough makeup to cover an entire fashion show. There’s also her wild and nutty outfits that flaunt her assets well. That all leads to this pic of Snooki posing for herself in a hot dress, looking amazing and a sexy pout. Behind her, her son is on the ground wailing like crazy and she seems totally oblivious. Now one can hope she hears him and looks to help him quick but it’s more than easy to see her as being so selfish to literally turn her back on her crying child just to boost her image more.

14 Baby Isn't Happy

Hilary Duff has come a long way since her Disney days. The starlet of Lizzie McGuire has transitioned into a successful actress, as proven by her starring role on the hit series Younger. A singer as well, Duff had a long marriage with hockey player Mike Comrie but it ended in 2016. Duff has been popular with her posts on Instagram and truly loving son Luca. However, some may think this goes a bit too far such as the now famous photo of Duff giving her grown son a kiss on the lips. Even before that, Duff was making some rather questionable photo choices with her kid. As proof, here's this shot from shortly after his birth. Duff looks as happy as any new mother could be but poor Luca looks utterly terrified. It's one thing to take a photo of your baby crying but posting it for all the world to see? Duff may be a good mother after all but it's not the only time fans can question what she's thinking with what images of her kid she wants to show.

13 Little Honor Almost Tips Over

Jessica Alba is a busy woman. The lady came to mega-fame as the star of Dark Angel and soon showcasing her fantastic body in skimpy outfits for slews of magazines. As time has gone on, Alba has transitioned from just a hot actress to a fantastic businesswoman. Her Honest Company is a fantastic business that's made Alba a multi-millionaire far more than any of her movies could. She started it off wanting to provide mothers with the materials she had lacked when she had her daughter Honor. However, one hopes this stroller isn't among their offerings. Again, Alba is busy and probably had a lot on her mind but still amazing how it looks like the stroller is about to tip over. Honor herself looks a bit worried while mom is busy about to toss a water bottle away. She may have been an action starlet on screen but Alba's turn here is honestly bad.

12 Babies And Hot Tubs Don't Mix

“Queen Bey” is known as an icon for females everywhere. Gorgeous, tough, outspoken, she does her best to rock fans and be amazing from music to her great career and advocate for change. Which makes it all the more shocking she could make such a dangerous move with her child. This pic shows Beyonce sitting in a hot tub in turban and sunglasses, looking great with infant in arms. It’s a classy pic in a way that shows her sexy side off. But it also shows how dangerous it is as doctors warn that having an infant in such a hot pool can be life-threatening. Children’s skin is very sensitive in this early period and so having a kid immersed in temperatures up to 80 degrees is just not right. Beyonce seems to be a great mom and pushing fans more with her latest pregnancy but kids do need to wait a while before indulging in such a posh lifestyle.

11 Heil...Really?

After work in modelling, the Singapore-born Tila Tequila found fame on the wild reality TV show Surviving Nugent. That led to her own show A Shot At Love, driven by how she was open on being bisexual and dating both guys and gals. A Playboy shoot followed as the small but knockout tattooed lady enjoyed flaunting herself a lot. She’s settled down a bit and even become a mom but continues her work with fashion and using social media to get attention. Sometimes, that can go just a bit too far. A prime example would have to be when she decided, for some reason, to do a selfie with her infant son with a pen by his lip that looked exactly like a Hitler moustache. That ties in to how Tequila has long defended Hitler and made a variety of anti-Semitic comments and was slammed for wearing a skimpy Nazi outfit outside of the Auschwitz concentration camp. She may be a pretty lady but this pic shows Tequila has a darker soul and her kid caught up in it.

10 A Different Type Of Brie Mode

Brie Bella broke out with twin sister Nikki in 2007, the Bella Twins soon among the hotter acts in WWE. They gained further fame as part of the Total Divas TV show with Brie shown as a woman who got into wild antics to the point where “Brie Mode” became a go-to phrase for hard partying. But she would turn into an actually decent worker (if not as successful as Nikki) and win fans over more with her social media postings. Married to Daniel Bryan, Brie basically quit WWE to stay to a family life and surprised with her pregnancy news. She posted regular updates of her growing belly (including joking how finally fans could tell her and Nikki apart for sure) before giving birth in May. This pic is amazing in how Brie, a woman who never is seen less than glamorous, goes makeup free for perhaps the first time ever on camera. She looks exhausted but happy as she breastfeeds her child and how the former wild gal is ready for motherhood.

9 Farrah Gets Wet

It’s not so much the photo itself that’s shocking, it’s the backstory. Farrah Abraham came to fame in 2009 with 16 And Pregnant focusing on her young pregnancy. She was a highlight in that the baby’s father was killed in a car accident eight months into her pregnancy, making Abraham a sympathetic figure that led to her as the “star” of Teen Mom which she moved to a reality show career. She gained further infamy with a sex tape and yet somehow keeps being pushed as a mom to listen to with her advice to others. That’s a bit surprising given her less than great parenting skills with Sophia and using her daughter constantly to promote her own brand. This pic showcases that. Here she is in a tub in a nice robe, a bright smile and what looks like a bottle of some sort and dipping in her toes. Her daughter sits in a swimsuit with a bizarre knot and bright bows while her mom looks ready to pour something into the tub. Alright, so they're going to indulge in a nice bubble bath... does her daughter need to also be plastered in makeup? Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Farrah has allowed her little girl to be, as some would put it, "sexualized" with so much makeup at such a young age.

8 Mariah's Son Needs A Diaper Change, ASAP

It should have been a fantastic moment for Mariah Carey. After so many ups and downs (such as her infamous 2001 meltdown) Carey finally earned the honor of her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The sultry singer went all out showing up in a great dress, her fantastic smile and ready to celebrate the moment. She went through the ceremony and then posed for pictures with her family, including son Moroccan. However, in all the fuss, it looks like someone forgot to get the kid a fresh diaper. On one of the biggest moments of his mom's life, the attention was all on the kid sitting on the star with what was quite obviously a quickly soaking pair of pants. It got worse when he was lifted up crying to show he had leaked all over the front as well. Mariah did her best to laugh it off but still amazing how her son ended up being the big story of the event.

7 Coco Gets Creative

The wife of rapper turned actor Ice-T is known for her outgoing style and outfits that show off her very sizeable chest area. She’s made appearances in numerous reality TV shows and even a run in a Las Vegas revue show. She had son Chanel in 2015 and seemed to settle down into motherhood. Well, “settle down” while wearing very revealing outfits that flaunted her great body. But even Austin has learned the hard way that parenting can be tough. A great example is when her car got stuck in traffic and her child was hungry. Unable to get him out as his seat was stuck, Austin did the only thing she could: Crawl over and breastfeed him right in his seat. She shared the pic with the line “a mother’s got to do what she has to do” and heard from various mothers admitting to having done the same thing. Even a hot lady has to get a little complicated to handle parenting.

6 Whacko Jacko

It’s a shame that it took his death in 2009 to redeem Michael Jackson’s legacy. The “King of Pop” ruled the world in the 1980s, not just with music but a fantastic performer and terrific entertaining millions around the world. But in the 1990s, the man transformed into a tabloid figure soon attacked by accusations of child abuse and other acts. Not helping was his addiction to plastic surgery and his bizarre behavior like sudden marriage and divorce to Lisa Marie Presley. But even by his standards, this was infamous. During a tour in London, Jackson was, as usual, surrounded by paparazzi desperate for some photos of him.

Showing off his newborn son (a towel covering him), Jackson proceeded to hold the child over the balcony. It looked for all the world like the infant was going to slip from his hands but Jackson managed to hold onto it. It garnered massive outrage across the world and just added to Jackson’s infamous reputation. While he’s better known today following his death, this was a moment that made Jackson more of a joke than anything else.

5 Subway Theory

The rare case of a child star who survived and became an even more successful adult, Mayim Bialik began her career in the title role of the sitcom Blossom. After some movies and TV shows, she ended up earning a PhD in neuroscience and a true genius. She returned to acting in 2005 for the role of Amy in The Big Bang Theory and has been a major part of the cast since. Loveable with her goofy humor and very outspoken, Bialik is a major women’s rights advocate. That leads to her making sometimes daring decisions, such as defending breastfeeding in public. However, this may be a great case of “not the best time or place.” First, riding the New York subway with an infant is already a rough thing given the conditions. But the issue here is that her little one isn't so 'little' anymore. He's well past the age of breastfeeding and shows that for a genius, Bialik can make some rather foolish choices.

4 Britney's Bad Driving

Britney Spears has had her ups and downs over the years. She broke out as a fantastic lady with a great singing voice and a true knockout. She was soon hailed as one of the sexiest women alive and legions of followers. But she hit a major rough patch with her marriage to Kevin Federline and various issues with drugs and alcohol. This led to a slew of very bad decisions made over the years. This may be one of her worst. Followed as ever by paparazzi, Britney was photographed with her infant son in her lap in the driver’s seat. Besides being stupid on multiple levels, it just happens to also be illegal. Spears defended herself on trying to basically outrun the paparazzi who were coming after her SUV but she could have still taken the time to strap in her kid. It was only the start of Spears’ infamous meltdown that included shaving herself bald and smashing up a car with an umbrella.

3 Bad Momma Indeed

Cynthia Morgan is known for an outrageous image which served her well in her music career. However, she learned the hard way that trying to be outrageous so often can have its limits. It’s proven here by photos she put on her Instagram page that were meant to promote her new song “Baby Mama.” The reason for the outrage is obvious as Morgan, dressed in a sexy outfit with sunglasses, is shown smoking what’s either a cigar or marijuana with her infant son clung in her hands like a football. Even Morgan’s own fans turned on her over the pic, ranting about exposing an infant to such smoke and trying way too hard to look “edgy.” It did lead to the song as a hit but it also gave Morgan a bit of a bad name. She defended herself with pics of her as a good mom and talk by friends and family on how she loved her son. But by trying to look “gangsta” with this shot, all Morgan did was elicit more anger than influence.

2 Madonna's Scary Portrait

You have to wonder what it’s like to have the Material Girl as a mother. A woman who has been incredibly open about her sexuality, gotten into various relationships and has shown her nude body off countless times. So having her as a mother has to be a very interesting time. It actually does seem that Madonna is a good parent despite her ego and constant need for attention. However, you just can’t find a “normal” photo of Madonna as the woman doesn’t do that. Thus you have this pic with daughter Lourdes where Madonna is, to her credit, fully clothed in a nice dress. But the makeup…Seriously, it’s not like this was on a movie set and she was preparing for a role. Instead, Madonna truly thought that it would be a great idea to take a pic with her daughter with her eyes carrying more shade than a vampire convention. It’s just bizarre, even by her standards and you can’t blame the kid for looking a bit freaked out. Just goes to show how having such an infamous parent can make even a portrait weird.

1 The Kardashian Parody

On the one hand, you have to give it to Kim Kardashian. Who else could use a sex tape as the foundation for a multi-million dollar empire and become one of the most famous women on Earth? However, it’s also led her to massive criticism with multiple marriages, wild times and her relationship with Kanye West that’s led to massive attention. So it’s no surprise she wouldn’t quite be what one would call a normal mom, especially with reality TV show cameras following her around non-stop. But just insane. Granted, it's a parody, but should we really put something like this past them? Here is "Kim and Kanye" with their newborn daughter, a moment every parent loves and cherishes. And a reality show film crew literally inches away from the newborn kid. It's just insane to think, but what the pranksters got right is that this is basically their "reality".

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15 Controversial Pictures Of Celebs With Their Babies