15 Conspiracy Theories That Are Proven Fact

Here in 2016, scandals, facts and conspiracy theories still weigh heavy in our society. With so many news stories and plot twists, at times it can become very exhausting. Most of the time, these conspiracy theories have some foundational truth to them. So what is a conspiracy theory? A conspiracy theory is a belief that some secret, but influential organization or institution is responsible for a situation, or event. This can be attributed to a storied myth passed down generationally, that has changed over time. So the real problem comes in figuring out what to believe.

As you will see, there are many popular conspiracy theories that are part of the fabric of most societies. Many of these theories are so popular and legendary that they still cannot be trusted by most individuals. The question is, what happens when you have solid facts, evidence and other credible resources to back up these theories? Would it possibly frighten you if these theories were real? Does the overall proven information change your mind?

Let's face it, we live in a world where people love gossip and controversy. No matter if it is informative, entertainment, or bogus, people just need something to believe in. It seems that sometimes conspiracy theories bring closure, fear and even education. Now, with the power of the internet these days, more of these theories are being confirmed daily. So, if you are looking to be informed, entertained and not lied to for once, you have come to the right place. Here are some of the top 15 conspiracy theories that have been proven fact.

15. Edward Snowden and NSA Surveillance

As a society, we have often asked ourselves if we're being watched by the government. Well this time that question is not just valid, but the answer to that question is deeper than you believed. Back in March of 2016 it was revealed by Edward Snowden that law enforcement will now have access to NSA data that was obtained on American citizens. The overall objective seemed as if Snowden was attempting to give US citizens power and control again.

This confirmation has led to some increased paranoia among Americans and "conspiracy theorists." This now gives law enforcement the ability to obtain private information and communication without having a warrant to ask for it. So, does this make Snowden a hero, or criminal? Now that this theory is out in the open, this makes Edward Snowden one of the most wanted men in the world by the United States, but that’s depending on your perspective.

14. Government Drug Trafficking

Back in the 1980s, the CIA distributed the selling of drugs to inner-city Los Angeles gangs. This provided millions of dollars to many armies in Latin America. The overall plan seemed to be targeting the poor and racially minority communities. Crack-cocaine would become an epidemic in many urban neighborhoods. This would later cause a spike in arrests, prosecutions and prison sentences through this war on drugs.

There was even a book published about this by Gary Webb - an investigative journalist exposing how the CIA used drug money for the Contras. Gary Webb would appear on several talk-shows discussing his book and exposing CIA information. Tragically, on December 10, 2004, Webb took his own life with two bullets to the head. Many believed this alleged suicide resulted from the pressure of exposing CIA secrets to the public.

13. War On Drugs

After the influx of drugs by the US government into urban inner cities, in 1982 President Reagan coined the phrase "War on Drugs." He cited that "the increasing epidemic was a threat to national security." This would later lead to aggressive policing in inner-cities, like stop and frisk in areas heavily populated by minorities.

This tactic increased, fuelling prison systems with mostly African Americans and Latinos. This even led to an educational program known as DARE. DARE was a program spear headed by Nancy Regan then First-Lady of the United States that would teach kids on how not to make destructive decisions. Today, this war has lead and orchestrated millions of dollars for corporations and private prisons. The private prison industry is a dark-lucrative business that has gone hand in hand with the “War on Drugs.”

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This was a secret project started by the FBI to infiltrate political activists organizations who were critical of anything having to do with the US government on social levels. One of the biggest targets of this project was Martin Luther King Jr. who was, as many know, a social-political activist who fought against racism and unequal justice on African Americans.

As King’s popularity grew and his successful programs gained momentum, so did government watch during this time. King was one of the progenitors of why COINTELPRO was created. Other individuals were also affected and, as these political activists organizations increased in number, so did the investigations on these social activist groups and their leaders. Many times COINTELPRO would use slander, harassment, false-imprisonment, violence or even assassination to stop these movements.

11. MK-Ultra

Between the 1930s and 1950s, the CIA ran projects of mind control on US citizens. This later came out to the American public forcing President Bill Clinton to issue a formal apology in 1995 on behalf of the US government. Although this didn’t physically help those individuals affected, it at least provided great government PR coverage.

The government used different types of practices to execute their experiments, such as hypnosis, sleep deprivation and water torture to name a few. They would even subcontract 80 different institutions to cover this program up. Now, if there was nothing illegal taking place, why the need for a cover up? There are even allegations to this very day that this project is still secretly going on within the government and entertainment industries. Most of this information was exposed in the 1970s, with not a single person ever being bought to justice for these alleged acts.

10. Operation Northwoods

During the Kennedy administration the US military drew up approved plans to create acts of terrorism on US land. This proposed plan would sway the American public into waging war with Cuba. Although, in the end Kennedy rejected the plan that involved his Joint Chiefs of Staff fabricating a lie against Fidel Castro and the Cuban army to start a war between the two countries.

The overall operation wanted to garner national and public support for a war involving the United States and Cuba. This would place blame on Cuba for acts of terror that would actually be spearheaded by the U.S. Government. In the end, Operation Northwoods program suggested hijackings and bombings by the introduction of false evidence that would incriminate Cuba’s government. I guess you can call America the land of the free and land of propaganda.

2 GMO Animals Used For Research

In this world anything is possible. Science is powerful and can be used to create and engineer many things. So what is a GMO for an animal and how does it work? Well it could be defined as a genetically engineered animal which contains altered DNA through use of modern biotechnology that's intended to give an animal new characteristics. So what does that all mean today?

At one time, animal-human  hybrids sounded like a science fiction novel, or movie, but now it has become reality. It has been recently discovered that more and more genetically modified animals are being used in British research. This has exceeded the number of ordinary lab animals for the first time. Official statistics report a 9% increase since 2012. From: rabbit eggs with human cells, pigs with human blood and sheep with human livers. The research is astounding and GMO animal research is being tested among millions of animal species each year.

8. Government Waging War On People Against GMO Food

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Well just like animal DNA can be altered so can food? That’s right, and GMO food can be defined as genetically modified foods that are genetically engineered for producing organisms that have had alterations injected into the food’s DNA using scientific engineering as instead of traditional cross mixing.

It seems that the establishment does not particularly like those that critique, or criticize genetically-modified food. A recent investigative report out of Germany alleges that Monsanto, the US Military and the US government have started to track people who are against GMO food and scientists who study the adverse effects of genetically modified food.

As people are becoming more educated and finding out what foods truly contain it is now becoming increasingly difficult to know what's real and what's not. Even with labels that display GMO on food packages, many believe this is merely the government's attempt at the illusion of choice.

7. ATM Facial Recognition Technology

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A cardless ATM machine was invented back in 2015 by Diebold Inc? Yes, you heard that right. Well, it seems that the future is upon us making this conspiracy fact. This ATM will be one of the first of its kind, allowing you to receive money by retinal eye scan, or smartphone coded scan.

This innovation is also equipped with facial scan technology allowing the ATM's system to detect who you are by face. Now, we can all agree that criminals will not stand a chance with this technology. At one time this seemed like a dream, but now it has become all too real. With this technology, carrying a wallet, or purse is a thing of the past. Let's look on the bright-side - at least there's no need to carry cash, or plastic now.

6. Nixon and Watergate

The Watergate story has an interesting historical and political history. Its foundation comes out of political events of the 1960s that surrounded the Vietnam War, with the shocking publication of the Pentagon Papers in 1970. Overall, the natural order of the scandal really begins around 1972, when the burglars were arrested.

During the early 1970s of President Richard Nixon's re-election campaign, the then-President's political administration attempted to break-in the DNC (Democratic National Committee) to potentially plant microphones and spy on the opposing party. The conclusion was followed with a decision by the Supreme Court ordering President Nixon to release numerous White House tapes. One of these tapes became known as the “smoking gun” tape. This Watergate cover-up would later expose President Nixon for his involvement which dated back as far back as June 23, 1972. Around the country, there were calls for Nixon to resign. For this criminal act and his involvement, on August 9, 1974, Nixon officially resigned to avoid impeachment of his presidential office.

5. Tuskegee Experiment

Between the times of the 1930s and 1970s, US Public Health Service conducted studies on African-American men who contracted syphilis and lived in rural areas. During the study, they were never told that they had syphilis even after a cure became available in the 1940s. Rather than receiving treatment, they were simply told that they had "bad blood." By the 1970s, 128 of the original 399 test subjects had spread the disease to their wives during sexual-intercourse. This caused their children to be born with the disease also.

It was because of this style of disenfranchisement that many theories came to be. It seemed as if that post-slavery the government was still finding ways to eliminate African American people. These theories came because of lack of education, resources and finances leaving many people to believe that something more sinister was happening to a specific demographic.

1 Thanksgiving Not So Thankful Holiday

Many people think of Thanksgiving as a time when the Native Americans and Pilgrims sat for a feast to celebrate a new relationship. Well, that's partially true. In 1614 the first Thanksgiving was a feast held by the Pilgrims to honor Squnato and the Wapanoag Nation natives for teaching them how to survive in what would later become the USA.

Later, the rest of England would catch wind of their success and, in 1637, English and Dutch mercenaries would come to the new world only to bring diseases, forced slavery and murder to the natives. The funny thing is these mercenaries fought in the name of Christianity and God to defeat the natives. Afterwards the European mercenaries celebrated with a feast to commemorate victory over the native savages. Kind of leaves an unthankful taste in your mouth, huh?

3. Professional Wresting is Fake?

This should come as no surprise with so many documentaries, movies and the internet, proving that professional wrestling is fake. Yep, sorry kiddos, but every single move and storyline is staged for your entertainment. That's why they make the big bucks when you pay for this circus-style athletic performance. For many years, pro-wrestling was a sport that was often disputed because of the authenticity of the in-ring action. It wasn't until around the 1990s as pro-wrestling began to grow that the veil began to be lifted as the internet became increasingly popular.

Why do you think they call it sports entertainment? Now, although everything is predetermined, the stunts are performed by trained professionals and can even cause serious injury if not performed correctly. So, enjoy the entertainment kids and adults, but leave the fake fighting to the professionals.

2. CIA and Media Propaganda

Back in the 1940s, the CIA had a program called Operation Mockingbird. This involved total government control of all major television outlets. At the time, they also planned to hire some journalists and reporters. The program eventually came to a halt in 1976 when George H.W Bush took over as director. It's hard to ever believe that this was an actual concept. Many still speculate that the government has a hand in manipulating the media still for political gain. Here's why this is still believed to be true.

FBI agents have now been given the go-ahead to mimic journalists and the Justice Department has decided to legalize the government’s most covert propaganda program, "Operation Mockingbird" once again.

The Department of Justice Office of Inspector General published a document that has become the subject of outrage for journalists, civil and constitutional rights advocates, and people with legal expertise. This will allow agents to infiltrate media organizations for any reason that is a threat to the public's trust or security. This destroys the very concept of journalistic integrity, because this is fact. The truth hurts doesn't it.

1. The "Popular Vote" Is Meaningless

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After an exhausting political season here in 2016, the United States has found a new leader in President-Elect Donald Trump. Now, we have been down this road of winners and losers before. Remember the Presidential election of 2000? Democratic candidate Al Gore clearly won the popular vote before conceding. This seemed like a tragic repeat of a story that has already been read once before.

Now, although he was not elected by the citizens, but the elite politicians, this goes to show us that our vote is sometimes meaningless. Numbers don't lie, the US citizens that voted for Hillary Clinton show that she won by over 2 million votes. This has shown us one thing; Although he was not elected by the citizens, but the elite politicians, our vote is sometimes meaningless. It seems that sometimes you have no real power in the political system. This leaves many wondering who is really in control here?

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