15 Conspiracy Theories Still Surrounding Princess Diana's Death

The devastating tragedy of Princess Diana’s death on Sunday, 31 August 1997, was a great shock to everyone. Princess Diana was immensely popular and beloved. She died in a car accident apparently caused by her drunk driver trying to escape an intense paparazzi following and crashing into the Pont de I’Alma tunnel in Paris. Only her bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones survived, leaving Princess Diana, her lover Dodi Fayed and the drunk driver deceased. Whenever anything horrible or out of the ordinary happens, we like to have a reason, we like to know why. We need to fill in the gaps with something better than simply a drunk driver killing one of the most loved women in the world. That’s why TV shows like Law & Order and The Mentalist are so satisfying, they don’t just provide a tragedy, they give motive and real character behind the chaotic crazy. We hate not understanding every detail. There are, like with many tragedies, theories circulating around the death of Princess Diana and reasons as to why this death occurred, many believing that this was no accident. From Diana writing a note predicting her own death in a car accident, to the British Secret service plotting her assassination, this article delves into just fifteen theories still surrounding the death of Princess Diana, some probable and some very outrageous.

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15 The Princess Faked Her Death To Retreat In Isolation With Her Partner


Some people claim the Princess faked her own death in order to retreat in isolation with her partner Dodi Fayed. It’s a nice thought that the Princess and Dodi Fayed might still be out there living their happy ever after, but you might be wondering why the princess of all people would want to run away? Maybe it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Diana, coveted by all and greatly sought after, dreamt of running away and finding a normal life. Even though she had many fans, she didn’t have quite so many fans when it came to her relationship with Dodi Fayed. People believe the Royal family shared a strong disapproval of this relationship, mostly because Dodi was an Egyptian Muslim and not suitable for the Princess. Another theory claims that this was an attempt at a fake death gone wrong, ending in their death instead of an escape for the Princess and Dodi.

14 The Royal Family Didn’t Approve Of Diana And Dodi Fayed’s Relationship


Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana had been in a relationship during the 1990s. Dodi was a flamboyant rich Egyptian film producer with an extremely wealthy father. His father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, was a rich billionaire owning Hotel Ritz Paris and what was once known as Harrods Department Store.

Mohammed Al-Fayed has claimed numerous times that the royal family murdered his son and princess Diana. He strongly believes that this was no accident. He claims that the Royal Family did not approve of his son and that they murdered Princess Diana and his son Dodi, before they could announce their engagement and have a Muslim baby together. As evidence, he stated that there were numerous cameras on the route taken by Princess Diana's Mercedes, yet no CCTV footage or recordings were released on this matter. Mohammed Fayed believed the Secret Service were trying to hide something.

13 Diana Secretly Pregnant With Dodi’s Baby


A popular theory on this matter is that Diana was pregnant with Dodi Fayed's baby and the couple were soon to be engaged. Mohamed Al Fayed also claimed that Princess Diana was carrying his son’s child. People believe the Royal family were outrageous with the news that Princess Diana was carrying a baby out of wedlock and, even worse, that she would eventually marry a non-Christian into the Royal Family. Thus, the theory circulated that the Royal Family plotted to assassinate them both.

Professor Dominique Lecomte examined the body of Diana on the night of her death and then breached French law by embalming the body. To this day she hasn’t been able to give an explanation for her actions. This would have made it impossible to do any further pregnancy tests on her.

12 British Secret Service Plot To Assassinate The Princess


One of the most dominant theories around the death of Princess Diana is that the British Secret Service had plotted to Assassinate her.

According to the article, Princess Diana’s death: the conspiracy theories in The Telegraph, Richard Tomlinson, a former M16 agent, ‘alleged that agents had been monitoring Diana and that her death mirrored plans he saw in 1992 for the assassination of the President of Serbia.’ The claims of Richard were so loud that eventually the Operation Paget Inquiry had to investigate the office of M15 and M16 to explore these ideas. As mentioned earlier, Mohammed Al Fayed also agreed that agents had been sent to assassinate his son and partner. Richard Tomlinson affirmed to the public a theory that many had already began to believe, that the Secret Service had been planning an assignation of the Princess and that this was no freak accident as claimed by the police.

11 Prince Charles Wanted Diana Out Of The Picture


Prince Charles and Princess Diana had been married for fifteen years and just gone through an embarrassing divorce. Prince Charles was probably hoping the Princess would get off the scene so he could finally marry his ex-girlfriend Camilla, whom he had been in love with for many years. But how could he make a new Princess when the old one was still on the scene? She was dating a rich erratic Egyptian man, loved by all, and would always be known as the mother of their sons, William and Harry. Information had been leaked to the press about his relationship with Camilla, making him look like a disgusting man and the divorce had left him looking like the ‘bad guy’ in their relationship. This formed the theory that Prince Charles had organized the Secret Service’s assassination of the Princess so he could marry Camilla.

10 A White Fiat Uno Went Missing From The Scene


According to witnesses, there were a few mystery cars unaccounted for after the accident. There was one in particular, a white Fiat Uno, following Princess Diana’s car that was not found at the scene of the accident. Though, according to analysis, there were marks of white paint scratches from a white Fiat Uno found on the Mercedes the Princess was escorted in. People wonder whether this car could have been linked to the British Secret Services plan of assassination. Mohammed Al Fayed, Dodi’s father, believes this car was used by the Secret Service as a means of blocking the road in front of the Mercedes and causing the Mercedes to slide and crash into the side of the tunnel. This car, on the other hand, could have been used by Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed as their plan of escape if they were actually faking their own death. We’ll let you decide.

9 Princess Diana Wrote A Letter To Her Butler Claiming The Prince Of Wales Was Plotting Her Death


Paul Burrell was the butler for Princess Diana. He was initially a footman for Queen Elizabeth II. Paul claims that the Princess and him were extremely close. He shared a special bond with the Princess that no one else had. He even shared with her his secret that he was gay and didn’t tell anyone else for many years. She had referred to him as her rock. According to the Butler, the Princess wrote him a letter claiming the Prince of Wales was plotting her death.

The princess wrote a note to him in 1993 as follows, “This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous – my husband is planning ‘an accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for him to marry Tiggy. Camilla is nothing but a decoy, so we are all being used by the man in every sense of the word.” People claim the butler could have easily imitated Diana’s handwriting.

8 Someone Tampered With The Mercedes

Even though the Princess had been getting around in a Mercedes throughout the day of the accident, this car was swapped for another Mercedes right after midnight without a backup car. Apparently, the car they had been driving throughout the day either wouldn’t start or they got into a different car to avoid the Paparazzi. This would have made it easy to provide a car with tampered breaks and seatbelts that didn’t work.

Nobody understood why the princess was found not wearing a seatbelt when she was known by all as a lady of habitual seatbelt wearing. Strangely enough, the only man wearing a seatbelt was the security officer, who survived, when it was common practice for a security officer in such a high profile case to have his seatbelt off so that his movement wouldn’t be restricted. Police officers believe Diana’s seatbelt was only broken due to and as a result of the crash. The other seatbelts in the car appeared to be working.

7 Diana Predicted Her Own Death To The Late Lord Mishcon


Lord Michcon, Diana’s solicitor, said that Princess Diana told him on October 1995, that she had been informed that she would be taken out of the picture by Prince William. He then wrote a note outlining her fears and provided this to the police after the accident. This information was not provided to the investigation until Princess Diana’s butler released a similar letter that she had written to him.

His note said: “Her Royal Highness said that she had been informed by reliable sources, whom she did not want to reveal, as they would very quickly dry up if she did, that: A: The Queen would be abdicating in April and the Prince of Wales would then be assuming the throne, and B: Efforts would then be made, if not to get rid of her, be it by some accident in her car, such as prepared brake failure or whatever, between now and then, at least to see that she was so injured or damaged as to be declared ‘unbalanced’.”

6 Diana Spoke About Sexual Affairs That Put Her Life At Risk


The Princess was not afraid to speak against the Security Services brutality. She recorded a 90-minute film during 1992 and 1993 with Peter Settelen, her voice coach, claiming that she had had an affair with her former bodyguard Barry Mannakee, a married man and father of two children. She believed the Secret Service had then targeted him causing him to crash into a Ford Fiesta while on a motorcycle in London.

There are rumours that Princess Diana had recorded many other tapes that had many explicit claims about the Royal Monarch. Apparently, these tapes managed to escape the royal house by a friend of hers shortly after her death. They were said to mention strange sex habits of Prince Charles, also including some information about a relationship with one of his young male servants and his betrayal of her with Camilla. She said the Royal family were still living in the Dark Ages, leaving Diana feeling isolated.

5 Her Driver Was With The Secret Service


Henri Paul was the driver of the Mercedes that drove Princess Diana on the night of her crash. He was said to have caused the accident by over drinking, though judges found it was hard to confirm the driver had been drunk at all when they had delays after the post mortem and blood samples got mixed up. Henri had large amounts of money on him at the time of the accident. So much money that it caused people to believe he had been working with the Secret Service and had been paid to assassinate the princess. This idea seems especially sketchy, considering Paul wouldn’t have been able to use any of this cash as a dead man. Unless, of course, he had been working for the Secret Service and the plan had failed horribly. Perhaps Henri wasn’t supposed to die in the accident.

4 A Man Walked Away From The Scene Of The Accident Looking Calm


There were many who left the scene of the car crash rather than staying to see what happened or running to get help. According to witnesses at the scene, a motorcycle swerved to avoid collision with the Mercedes and then raced off from the tunnel without ever appearing again.

Motorist, Stephane Darmon said he was shocked when he reached the scene of the accident to find the paparazzi standing there taking countless photos, rather than trying to help the victims.

Sarah Culpepper, a witness, ran to the accident when she heard a crash and saw a man that looked about 40 years old leave the scene in a dark suit on a telephone walking away slowly. She reported that he looked extremely confident in the situation as if nothing had even happened. Was it possible he and the motorbike that fled were working together with the Secret Service?

3 Security Caused The Crash With A Bright Light


Witnesses claim they saw a bright flash of light just seconds before the crash. Some believe this was set up by the Secret Service using an anti-personnel flash gun to blind the driver, Henri Paul, and cause him to crash. One of the former Secret Service members, Richard Tomlinson actually revealed that this wasn’t as far off as it might sound. A similar plot had already been implemented by the Secret Service to assassinate a Serbian Politician in his car. The interesting thing is that this tunnel wasn’t actually in the planned route for the day. Apparently, Diana’s car took a different route as a spur of the moment decision to avoid the crazy paparazzi. Unfortunately, there was no CCTV footage of the accident found even though there were about 17 cameras along this ‘spontaneous’ route. All of these cameras had either been turned off or were not working for the day. Had the Secret Service planned this new route from the beginning?

2 Drivers Blood Sample For Alcohol Three Times Over The French Limit


Why would Princess Diana and her partner have got into a car with an extremely intoxicated driver? He was found to be three times over the legal drinking limit in France. Could a paparazzi really be scary enough to cause you to rush into a car with an extremely drunk driver, speeding dangerously and not even consider putting your seatbelt on? There again are lots of questions that come to mind here. Was the driver set up? Why would he drink that much before driving one of the most famous ladies in the world? Had somebody spiked his drink. Was there someone chasing them to cause them to rush and speed away so fast? Perhaps one of these mystery cars mentioned earlier. Princess Diana was seen wearing a seatbelt on numerous other occasions. Had somebody rigged the seatbelts and compromised their safety?

1 Driver Of The White Fiat Uno Later Found Dead In His Car

One of the mysteries surrounding the investigation was James Andanson. He’s believed to be the driver of the White Fiat Uno that went missing right after the crash, leaving marks on the Mercedes Diana was in. James was one of the dominant paparazzi photographers following Diana, he followed almost her every move in the week leading up to her death. James said he hadn’t been near the crash scene, yet his family weren’t able to provide a very good alibi for his location on the night of the accident. His children and his wife both provided different stories as to where he was. To make things worse, he boarded a plane to Corsica only six hours after the incident. James, a millionaire, was believed by police to be informing the Secret Service, M16 and the French agencies.

Later reported as committing suicide, James' body was found as a burnt corpse with possible bullet wounds to his head in a BMW in the French countryside. One of the firefighters, Mr. Pelat, believes this may have been murder. Many believe James Andanson was working for the Secret Service in Diana’s crash and was later murdered to stop information from leaking.

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