15 Conspiracy Theories About The Royal Family

Conspiracy theories are not just reserved for the likes of mysterious sea creatures and the government. The British monarchy has also been subject to quite a few in its time – some of which still whip up a good deal of controversy to this day. As with most conspiracy theories, a lot of these are pretty far-fetched (bordering on the ridiculous in fact!), but whether you believe in them or not, there’s no denying that the royals have had a very interesting history.

The Royal family have been under the spotlight for centuries and the public’s fascination with them has only increased in modern times. When you consider that grace and decorum is expected of royals from the moment they’re born, the odd drama or scandal is always sure to stick out like a sore thumb, but some people aren’t prepared to take things at face value and they soon start coming to their own bizarre conclusions about what really happens behind palace doors.

The royals certainly have a few skeletons in their closet (who doesn’t? ) but some of these theories go beyond strange and into downright surreal. Did you ever stop to consider that the entire royal family could actually be tall green lizards in disguise with extra-terrestrial powers? Nope didn’t think so. How about the notion that the Prince of Wales is really a vampire? These wacky conspiracy theories and many more surrounding the royal family have been listed below. Decide for yourself which is the craziest.

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15 Kate Middleton Never Gave Birth to Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte is 2 years old already, but the world clearly remembers the moment she was born in May 2015, mainly because her mother Kate Middleton came out of the hospital looking pretty much flawless when she introduced her new bundle of joy to the press and the waiting world. While it’s kind of unheard of for a new mom to look this polished after going through hours of childbirth, it doesn’t immediately raise suspicions in people – unless you’re a conspiracy theorist loony, that is.

Some claim that because the Duchess of Cambridge was looking a little too perfect after going through hours of labor, she never actually had her baby in the first place. There were conspiracies floating around at the time that Kate used a surrogate and had been wearing a fake belly to keep her cover. Do these people not realize who Kate is? She probably has a posse of the world’s best stylists everywhere she goes to make sure she always looks fierce. But no, sure, let’s jump to the surrogate conclusion.

14 The Royals Are 12 Foot Long Alien Lizards

The notion that Britain is ruled by evil reptilian overlords sounds like the plot of a science fiction B movie. Worryingly though, this is what some delusional people believe to be the truth – particularly David Icke who has made it his life’s work to expose the royals as a family of shape-shifting alien lizards! Icke - a former BBC sports presenter turned conspiracy theorist - has written several best-selling books that claim “humanity is actually under the control of dinosaur-like alien reptiles who must consume human blood to maintain their appearance.” Umm...wow.

So how did David Icke arrive at this wacky theory? A severe drug problem would be most people’s guess. But Icke claims to have an interview on tape that "proves" his lizard alien theory about the royals once and for all. Icke interviewed Christine Fitzgerald (a confidante of Princess Diana) who allegedly opened up to Fitzgerald about her belief that royals don’t ever die but are instead “metamorphosed” by regenerating their skin – in the same way a lizard can grow its tail back. Even if this tape exists (which is highly doubtful), Princess Diana was known for her “delicious sense of humour.” Seems like the joke was lost on Icke though.

13 Jack The Ripper Was Actually A Royal

Some people actually believe that one of the most prolific serial killers in history was just a pissed off royal acting out revenge on those who had wronged him and that it was none other than Queen Victoria’s own grandson! Prince Albert Victor (otherwise known as "Prince Eddy") had something of a checkered past in the eyes of the royals – he had fathered a child with a common shop girl, visited brothels and was said to be bisexual. But how did all this link him to Jack the Ripper?

Nearly a century after the Ripper committed the murders, some medical notes were found by Dr. Thomas Stowell in the 1970s. These were written by Queen Victoria’s personal physician and they alleged that someone bearing the resemblance of the Prince had gone on a murderous rampage after contracting syphilis and took revenge on the prostitutes who infected him. Despite records proving that Prince Eddy was nowhere near London around the time of the murders, the rumours still persist to this day.

12 Her Majesty Is A Satanist Cannibal?!

For those who don’t like to go as far to suggest that The Queen is an alien reptile, some of the more conventional conspiracy theorists out there just like to settle for this belief instead...that Her Majesty (and possibly The Duke of Edinburgh) are satanist cannibals. Some Britons with too much time on their hands believe that the head of the royal family are cannibals, specifically child-eaters. Why? Apparently, this delusional theory is supported by the fact that children appear to go missing whenever the Queen and Prince Philip are near.

In one case a few years back when scores of Canadian children went missing, this coincided with Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh making a trip to Canada. Coincidence? Apparently not. Of course, this all makes sense now! No wonder the Queen looks so happy in family photos and portraits surrounded by her grandchildren and great grand children. She’s not proud of her legacy, she’s eyeing her next meal!

11 Monarchs Of The Last 500 Years Aren’t Legitimate Royals

In a surreal discovery back in 2012, the remains of King Richard III were found buried in a parking lot in Leicester, England. When the late monarch’s remains were examined by experts, his DNA seemed to show a strange anomaly in the Y chromosome. It revealed that this didn’t match any of the King’s current descendants. This could theoretically mean that somewhere along the line, the royal bloodline was broken and the implications of this discovery are pretty controversial to say the least.

This break in the DNA chain could suggest that a child somewhere in the royal family tree had been mistakenly taken in as a legitimate royal and this would mean that all monarchs from King Richard’s reign to the present day are not legit royals. Oops. Before the world loses their collective sh*t, it is not known whether the break in the chain was recent or occurring at the top of the royal family tree – which would call into question the legitimacy of the current royal family. Scientists and scholars are confident of a DNA chain break somewhere, but are unsure where or how significant it could be.

10 Princess Diana Was Murdered By The Royals

The most well known conspiracy theory about the royals – and the one still reported about to this day in UK newspapers – is the highly controversial notion that Princess Diana was murdered at the hands of MI6 and high-ranking members of the royal family. When the world learned of the tragic death of the "People’s Princess" back in August 1997 as a result of a car crash, some people dismissed the official story as a cover up and have clung on to the idea that Diana was murdered and that it was planned by Prince Charles and the British secret service.

Having separated from Prince Charles a year earlier, rumours had circulated that Diana had planned to marry her lover Dodi Al Fayed (who had also died in the crash). Al Fayed was a Muslim and the supposed "embarrassment" this marriage would bring upon the royal family led many to believe that they had her killed. Diana’s car was hounded by paparazzi vehicles in her last moments, causing the limo carrying Diana to crash into a pillar but many believe that MI6 were posing as members of the press in a plot to assassinate her. As we approach the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death, this theory refuses to go away.

9 Queen Victoria Had a Child With Her Servant

The image we’re most familiar with when it comes to Queen Victoria is often her stern face seen in portraits taken in later life. Her plump figure and “don’t mess with me” facial expressions always seemed quite intimidating, but her weight gain and grim expression were the result of years of grieving having lost the love of her life, Prince Albert, in 1861. It’s well known that Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert were madly in love, so when he died, she found solace in someone very close to home.

Finding herself widowed at the age of 42 with a kingdom to rule and 9 children to raise, the relatively young monarch was ready to lose all hope until she found comfort in her manservant, John Brown. Brown and the newly bereaved Queen Victoria were believed to be lovers and claims even arose that they were secretly married. But theories circulated for decades that Victoria and Mr. Brown bore a child together – a daughter named Jean Brown. This has never been confirmed, but grief does strange things to people so this could well be true.

8 The Royals Are Part Of the Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg Group is an annual conference where global leaders hold secret meetings and members of the royal family are thought to have visited the conference several times. Other past attendees to the top secret Bilderberg meetings have been Bill Gates, former President Bill Clinton, and former secretary of state to President Nixon, Henry Kissinger. The contents of what is actually discussed in the yearly Bilderberg meetings is unknown to the world, but conspiracy theorists have a good idea.

People have accused the secretive group of plotting everything from deliberately causing the financial crash of 2008 to attempting to kill off 80% of the world’s population! Among the supposed conspirators in this group of criminals and mass murderers are Prince Charles and his father the Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip). Renowned conspiracy theorist David Icke is a strong proponent of this theory, who believes that the Bilderberg group (alongside the United Nations and the Illuminati) controls just about everything we see and do. Scary stuff.

7 Princess Margaret Had A Love Child

An accountant named Robert Brown has spent the last few decades and thousands of pounds trying to prove something pretty controversial – that he is the illegitimate child of Princess Margaret. Born in Kenya, Brown claims that Princess Margaret – the Queen’s late sister – had secretly given birth to him in 1955 and had covered it up ever since. At the time, Margaret had recently split from a scandalous love affair with divorcee Group Captain Peter Townsend and Brown insists he was the product of their affair.

Princess Margaret made regular visits to Robert Brown’s home in Kenya, where he was brought up as the child of a well-connected couple. But could this prove that the Princess royal was his birth mother? Brown has made it his life’s mission to find out for sure, appealing several times to the High Court (most recently in 2015) to have his case heard. He has appealed to have access to the Princess and Queen Mother’s will and has even promised to submit DNA if the case progresses. For now though, the case is on hold and it has gained Brown a reputation as a deluded fantasist.

6 Prince Charles Is Possibly A Vampire

Genealogy records show that the Prince of Wales is descended from Vlad the Impaler (his grandson 16 times removed). Why is this so significant? Because Bram Stoker’s Dracula was inspired by the gruesome antics of Vlad III and he is thought to be history’s original vampire. To be descended from the man who inspired one of the greatest works of literature is kind of an honour in itself, but conspiracy theorists naturally like to take things a little further than that and suggest that Charles and the royal family tree are really the blood-sucking, cape-wearing undead. (Well, the cape-wearing is kinda true).

Something that has fuelled theorists further in the belief that the royals literally have vampire blood in their veins is the fact that the disease Porphyria is present amongst the royals. Porphyria is an iron-deficiency disease that makes skin sensitive to sunlight. A lot of the royals have never liked garlic either (Okay, I made that up). So how does Prince Charles feel about his vampire link? “Transylvania is in my blood. I do have a bit of stake in the country.” Stake? We see what you did there, your Highness.

5 The Duke Of Kent’s Mysterious Plane Crash

When King Edward VIII’s brother Prince George was killed in a plane crash during World War 2, gossip soon began to circulate of a potential assassination attempt on the part of the royals. Prince George wasn’t exactly thought of as your average monarch. He allegedly did cocaine, had multiple affairs with both male and female celebrity figures of the time and on top of everything he was thought to be a fan of Hitler. Sure, you might distance yourself from this kind of family member, but have them killed? Surely a step too far.

Not according to conspiracy nuts it isn’t. In the midst of World War 2, having a Duke in the family with pro-Nazi views was a cancer that needed to be destroyed and quick. As the story goes, Prince George and 15 other companions were headed for a special mission to Iceland when their RAF patrol bomber crashed into Eagle’s Rock in Scotland due to a “mistake in airmanship.” Oddly, the lone survivor known only as Flight Sgt Jack signed an Official Secret Act and refused to divulge any details of that fateful day.

4 Wallis Simpson Was Really A Man

King Edward VIII and Mrs. Wallis Simpson’s love affair rocked the world when Edward gave up his royal title to be with her. But some people doubt whether Wallis Simpson was in fact a “her” at all. US-born socialite Wallis Simpson had a fairly athletic build – she was flat-chested, had an angular frame and a noticeably square jaw. And this led some to jump to the conclusion that she was actually a man.

Gossip failed to die down about Wallis Simpson’s true gender, especially after it was revealed that Simpson may have suffered from a form of sexual development disorder known as intersexuality. After her death, rumours about her sexual identity continued to swirl when it was believed that Wallis had told a close friend that she refused to let anyone touch her. At the time of confessing this, Wallis had been previously married twice. It could be that she was just waiting for Mr. Right before letting herself be vulnerable. Still, the theories about her gender have remained.

3 The Queen Mother Was The Illegitimate Daughter Of A French Cook

A writer who married into the aristocracy - Lady Colin Campbell - made an astonishing claim about the Queen Mother in a 2012 biography. She suggested that Her Majesty’s late mother (Queen Elizabeth) was actually the product of a surrogacy arrangement between her father (the future Earl of Strathmore) and a French cook who worked for the family. Why Lady Campbell only decided to divulge this 10 years after the Queen Mother’s death we don’t know, but it may have something to do with being royally snubbed.

Lady Campbell - or "Lady C" as she has become known in recent years after appearing on reality TV shows in the UK – was married to Lord Colin Ivar Campbell for all of 14 months before getting a divorce. Presumably her tell-all book about the royals secrets is an attempt to divert attention from her own failures. The loud-mouthed socialite has also written books on Princess Diana, in which she claims to know the real Princess that “nobody knows.”

2 The Duke And Duchess Of Windsor’s Nazi Connections

When King Edward VIII abdicated the throne to marry his lover Wallis Simpson, the couple went into exile after being snubbed by the royal family. But as well as facing the consequences of their scandalous love affair, it’s believed that Edward and Mrs. Simpson had another dark cloud hanging over their heads – their connections to Nazi figures. An FBI interview alleged that Wallis Simpson had previously dated a Nazi Foreign Minister. On top of this, Wallis was apparently close friends with a suspected German spy.

King Edward’s track record with Nazi sympathising was no better. Being of half-German descent himself, he felt very proud of his German origins and felt such close kinship towards the Nazi leadership that he and Mrs. Simpson visited Hitler in 1937. But despite his admiration for Hitler and a foiled plot by the Nazis to kidnap Edward and restore him on the throne as a “puppet king,” every one of these incredible allegations are virtually untraceable in the King’s memoirs.

1 Royal Birthdays And Supermoons Are Linked

Sure, the royals have wealth and power but did you ever stop to think that they might have some control over the patterns of the moon too? This is what a few choice loonies around the country seem to think. All because of the fact that Prince Charles shared his 68th birthday in November of last year with the recent supermoon. The supermoon that occurred on November 14th 2016 was around 14% larger than normal and 30% brighter. Anyone who believes the Prince of Wales is somehow in control of moon cycles now have 50% less brain cells!

Although, to be fair to the theorists, little Prince George was also born under a supermoon in July 2013 and his mother, The Duchess of Cambridge, was herself born at the same time as a total lunar eclipse. I’m sold. Overall, the royal family seem a little moon obsessed. King George III allegedly refused to step outside the palace unless he could be bathed in moonlight. If he didn’t, his skin would apparently blister. That’s it – I’m done with the royals...

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