15 Confessions Of What Women Are Really Thinking When “Doing It”

—‘’“”–S*x is one of the healthiest and most enjoyable things on the planet. The typical male ego often leaves them thinking that they have the s*xual prowess of a Greek god without a doubt. How many times has a male banged away and thought it was the best that she has ever had? However, those common masculine ideas may not be what’s running through the mind of the woman next to you. Sometimes, the woman’s mind runs wild while a man is humping away. But none of their thoughts relate to s*x.

It has been reported that women tend to fantasize during s*x more than men do. There are positives to those fantasies as women can disconnect from stressors that interfere with arousal. They might even become more interested in the s*x that they’re having. Fortunately, men can come up with solutions to help a woman disconnect like giving a massage, providing stimulation with his hand or using a vibrator on a low setting.

The things lingering in the female head ranges from erotic to weird. Most women wouldn’t openly admit their thoughts, but praise the Internet because those same women took to Reddit to confess a wide range of thoughts they’ve had during s*x.

Women aren’t simple at all. Whether you want to know what your woman could’ve been thinking about or just want to read the confessions in its entirely, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 15 confessions of what women are really thinking when “doing it.”

15 Cats

Cats are frequently dubbed as women’s best friend, but for a good reason. The small domesticated feline mammals have soft fur, short noses, and retractile claws. They’re soft and cuddly. Plus, they want nothing more than to love you. But sometimes, all the cat wants is our undivided attention.

In a Reddit thread, a female user confessed that she thinks about her partner during s*x, but then diverted to the animal-based thought of cats. Yes, cats. She wrote in all caps “GODDAMMIT CATS, STOP SCRATCHING AT THE DOOR AND YOWLING.”

Here are a few simple solutions for the user: Put a scratching post outside your door and rub it with catnip so your cat can scratch there instead. Also, you can leave a cozy bed outside your door that smells exactly like you. Distracting your cat is the right thing to do.

Cats won’t bother your lovemaking time unless you let them affect you and your partner.

14 Apples

Apples are round fruits of a tree in the rose family. They usually have a thin red or green skin with crisp flesh on the inside. Most of them offer a tasty balance of both sweet and tart flavors for the average palate.

Apples are a staple in everyday cooking from apple pies to apple ciders. They’re also a skin nourisher as many beauty supply stores such as Bath & Body Works supply apple-scented lotions.

A female Reddit user confessed to thinking about apples during the deed. She wrote, “One time I was enjoying the moment and BOOM I thought about apples. No idea why, I just couldn’t get them out of my head. Then there’s the internal dialogue of “stop thinking about apples and just enjoy it” and “why the fuck are you still thinking about apples” but I really couldn’t concentrate anymore. Not every time, but now, on occasion, I get the thoughts of “remember that one time you thought about apples?”

Apparently, apples are a major distraction to the user.

13 The 1957 Milwaukee Braves Starting Lineup

You most likely never witnessed one of the 1957 Milwaukee Braves starting lineups because it was a real blast from the past.

For all you baseball fans out there, the Atlanta Braves have had a long history dating back to 1871 when it was founded in Boston, Massachusetts as the Boston Red Stockings. The team operated as the Boston Braves for about half of the 20th century. In 1953, the team moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and became the Milwaukee Braves. The team then moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1966 and has been known as the Atlanta Braves ever since.

A female Reddit user confessed that she thought about the 1957 Milwaukee Braves roster during s*x. The team won its first pennant in nine years in 1957 behind Hank Aaron’s MVP season as he led the National League in home runs and runs batted in.

The user apparently came in first; if you know what I mean.

12 Star Wars

You may not be interested in it, but Star Wars is an epic space opera franchise that’s focused on a film series that was created by filmmaker and entrepreneur George Lucas. The franchise began in 1977 after the release of the original film Star Wars. It was followed by the sequels The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens along with its spin-offs Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rogue One.

A female Reddit user confessed that she thinks about Star Wars during s*x. She also admitted that she mentally listed all the characters in Star Wars and the actors who played them.  By the way, she didn’t receive any comments on her post. What a way to describe your desires. I’ll put it that way.

11 Sandwiches

A sandwich tends to be loaded with carbohydrates, but it’s a common lunch food nonetheless. A sandwich consists of two or more slices of bread with one or more fillings between them. A variation of the sandwich—an open-faced sandwich—consists of a single slice of bread with one or more fillings on top.

Fun fact: The sandwich was named after British statesman John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich.

A female Reddit user made a detailed confession. She wrote, “if i have already c*m & am working on getting him off my attention is mostly on him...mostly. in the back of my mind, i am thinking of what kind of sandwich i want to make when im done. i always need a good sandwich after s*x or a pot roast :p”

It seems like the user likes to plan meals ahead of time to stick to her diet and lose weight, or she just really likes food.

10 Kissing

Kissing is the simplest act of romance, yet it can also be equally erotic and sensual. A kiss is the touch or pressing of one’s lips against another person or an object. In this case, kissing is between two people, and it can include a slight touch or contact.

There will be times when negative thoughts or doubts will creep into the female mind when she’s kissing her partner. A female Reddit user supposedly didn’t stop all the negative thoughts before they affected her. She confessed in a mini rant, saying, “Why the f*ck doesn’t he compliment me? He’s just focused in kissing my neck. Does that mean that my neck is sexy or that the rest of my body is horrible? And what does he think about my legs? Are they more attractive than his previous lover?”

Although one should never be completely silent during s*x, there’s no need to ask a lot of questions. It’s as bad as a dentist asking you questions while their fingers are in your mouth.

9 Asthma Inhalers

Asthma inhalers can save one’s life. They’re the most important medication for the majority of people suffering with asthma. These inhalers prevent asthma attacks and reduce swelling and mucus production in one’s airways. As a result, one’s airways become less sensitive and less likely to react to asthma-related triggers and cause asthma symptoms.

There are four types of inhalers—Short-acting brochodilators, long-acting brochodilators, anticholinergic bronchodilators, and bronchdilator theophylline. Everyone needs to know their own asthma needs.

A female Reddit user confessed that she forgot to use her inhaler before s*x. She wrote, “I should probably grab my inhaler. wheeeeeeezeeee.”

S*x should be enjoyable, but it can trigger asthma attacks or allergic reactions among susceptible victims. Inhalers aren’t sexy, but taking one or two puffs shortly before the encounter could prevent the dreaded asthma symptoms. It has been reported that more than two-thirds of people with asthma have said that their disease got in the way of their s*x lives. Don’t let that happen to you...ever!

8 Paying The Bills

Paying bills is a chore for most people. Aside from the wealthiest one percent, we’d all love to have the chance to spend some cash on ourselves as well as our loved ones. Bills can affect a person’s mental health and cause mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. On top of that, extra payments like credit card debt, college loans, and medical bills can intensify the existing situation. If you have borrowed money to pay those bills, you might’ve fallen into debt and were succumbed to all sorts of problems that have nothing to do with finances.

A female Reddit confessed to having a passing thought to remember the pay the bills. She bluntly wrote, “If I paid the bills.” in response to a thread asking women what they think about during s*x.

The need to pay bills is an important task on one’s to-do list. That being said, it should never be ignored. But, stress can affect your s*x life, and it’s always best to communicate about it.

7 Their Partner’s Body

Doing the deed can be extremely awkward. But once you’re comfortable with your partner’s body, everything will be alright. Each person’s body goes through a range of changes during s*x. Scientists have categorized the body’s process into four stages—arousal, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. Each stage includes its own set of changes; some of which can be significant.

A female Reddit user confessed that she thought of her partner’s body while doing it. She wrote, “I observe my partner and try to figure out what his body language is telling me, because for a chick, it’s pretty simple—that one angle, position and speed and you’re off in 5-8 minutes. If it’s anything else, I can go for up to an hour or more.”

The user is doing the right thing as she’s paying attention to her partner’s body in order to have the best possible s*x, plus the adrenaline will cause her heart rate to rise.

6 If Their Partner Is Enjoying It

Okay, this is another example that may hint at low self-esteem, but it’s worth the mention because s*x is like oxygen, and you don’t know what you got until it’s gone. You really don’t.

A female Reddit user confessed that she never really thinks about anything during s*x, just enjoys the moment, and hope her partner does too. She wrote, “I’m never usually thinking, just enjoying. Maybe sometimes he wants to switch up positions or he can let me know if something hurt.”

This isn’t a bad thing because the user is being thoughtful and considerate towards her partner. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with her. We all know that doing the deed feels amazing, so why overthink while doing the x-rated deed? Getting to a level where you’re s*xually comfortable with your partner is quite the feat. It’s all part of the fun. From there, it will only get better between the duo.

5 How Good Every Thrust Feels

To thrust is to go in and out of a woman’s V really fast. It’s a way to increase pleasure and last longer in bed. It’s all about the speed, depth, and rhythm.

With each thrust, a woman’s s*xual pleasure increases as thousands of nerves are stimulated. Many women prefer the harder type of thrusting because it helps them become more relaxed and aroused.

A female Reddit user confessed that she loves her partner’s thrusts. She wrote, “How much I love him and how good every thrust feels! Sometimes I do worry if I am doing a good job or if I look good while we’re at it.”

Alright, the user’s statement wasn’t completely positive, but dealing with low self-esteem is another thing. The main thing is that she loves her partner’s body and his thrusts in and out of her. That being said, the couple seems to have incredibly strong emotional and s*xual connections with each other.

4 Making Sure Their Partner’s Needs Are Met

Emotional hunger can occur when one or both partners aren’t getting their core emotional needs met. What can make this situation knotty is that you don’t know what those needs are without communicating, unless if you’re psychic and have the ability to read minds.

A female Reddit user confessed to wondering if her husband’s needs are met. She wrote, “My priority is making sure my husband’s needs are met. That way, I don’t feel guilty about what I’m doing to his body at the moment.”

The user’s husband may have met her needs, but she doesn’t know if she fulfilled his needs. Since she’s in bed with her husband, she may not be able to communicate clearly, depending on the fact if he minds or doesn’t mind talking during s*x. That’s why she’s thinking about his needs until she has some time to talk things out with him after making observations.

3 The Person They’re Doing It With

Focus is a very important thing. If you’re spending all your time thinking about other things and never just focusing on the person you’re having s*x with, then that’s the issue. To focus is to concentrate, and without focus, there’s no real satisfaction in the process. Of course, there are going to be times where one or both partners’ train of thoughts will divert, but they’ll be fine as long as they both want to have a good time.

A female Reddit user confessed that she only thinks about the person she’s having s*x with and nobody else. She wrote, “I only ever think about the person I am having s*x with. How they look, feel, sweat, smell, c*m, taste, kiss, sound etc...”

The user clearly stays in the moment, which is a good thing. After all, s*x is like a conversation that consists of bodies instead of words. It’s important for both partners to think about what they can do to make themselves even closer to each other.

2 Angles

No, not the angles that teachers and students use in mathematics. The angle is arguably very important during s*x because it’s an open secret to more intense, enjoyable s*x. Some women think about angles while in bed, especially if they’re insecure.

A female Reddit user said that her thoughts differed depending on who’s in charge in the bedroom. She wrote, “Depends who is in charge. If he is, I’m thinking about his rhythm and how he feels inside me, thinking of I can get a better angle, the noises we’re making and my breathing. If I’m in charge I’m thinking about getting myself off, and hoping I look good while doing so.”

Low self-esteem can make or break a naughty encounter. S*x can accomplish many different purposes, but the user doesn’t seem to be enjoying herself while spending time with her partner. She’s actually thinking about every little movement, and that can raise an issue if it hasn’t already.

1 “Dead Puppies” By Dr. Demento

Here’s another blast from the past. The song “Dead Puppies” actually originated from a radio show called Dr. Demento. The main host of the show is Baret Eugene “Barry” Hansen, better known as Dr. Demento. He came up with the persona of Dr. Demento while working at Pasadena-based radio station KPPC, which is now defunct. He included offbeat novelties in his rock oldies that generated positive responses from his listeners. This led to him being able to turn it into an all-novelty show. The show lasted until 2011.

A female Reddit user confessed that she thought of “Dead Puppies” by Dr. Demento during the deed. Why? Because it’s the only way to not let the first one off too fast. Another user commented on the post saying that it was a great song to listen to.

Perhaps the user didn’t enjoy the deed she had with her partner because dead puppies aren’t much fun.

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