15 Confessions From The World's Worst Girlfriends

These horrible girlfriends come clean about their most shocking behaviour.

Oh, girlfriends and wives: you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. Being in a relationship is anything but easy, though you can guarantee that someone out there has it worse off than you do. If you don’t believe me, take a look at these whisper confessions from some very dishonest and malicious girlfriends. You’ll be finding your girl and giving her a big hug and a little something extra after reading how horrible others have it. Everyone has their faults, it’s true, but if we’re all just honest, trusting, and love each other, then not much can go wrong. We’ll have our little disagreements and struggles, but it’s nothing compared to being with someone who lies to you or doesn’t even love you. Love can conquer all, but it takes two people to let it happen.

Imagine someone constantly nagging you to stop playing video games, or resenting video games themselves. Someone who literally will not let you have one account they don’t have the password to. Those are little things even compared to the girls who sleep with a new guy every week, while their boyfriend never even knows that they aren’t completely faithful. Probably because they’re too busy playing video games, right? We always talk about cheating men who don’t give their girlfriends enough attention or who flirt with other women. But women should not get off the hook. And this time, they came clean on their own. Take a look at these fifteen horrendous confessions from the world’s worst girlfriends.

15 Apology Brownies


This is technically a gift to an ex. The number one rule: don’t eat anything an ex gives you. There’s a really good chance that the food has ex-lax in it. Why do you think they call it “ex” lax? It’s a freakin’ revenge medicine, and it’s so sneaky. No one ever suspects that the reason they are having bathroom troubles is because someone secretly snuck them ex-lax. It’s perfect!

But still, ex or not, this is a really cruel joke and if told to any other man, he would not want to be with this woman. Anyone who would do this to an ex might do it to a boyfriend they are currently mad at. It’s cruel and unacceptable. It makes us laugh, but imagine if it happened to you. Cheating is 100% not okay, but so is poisoning someone, no matter how non-harmful it is in the “long run.”

14 Let The Man Game


I really don’t get the whole boycott against gaming. It may be because I’m a gamer myself, but really? How harmful is it for someone to game all day long? It’s better than drugs, it’s better than cheating, it’s better than going out and getting drunk. What’s even worse than disliking the gaming is thinking that your boyfriend is lying to you. Girls are always saying that they think that their boyfriend is gaming “after hours” and not telling them. Well…okay. How much does that really matter? Better than so many other things. It is even worse when girls say that they wonder who the guy is talking to all the time. I don’t know, some 12 year-old German kid who is a gazillion prestige in Black Ops? He’s not cheating on you, that’s for sure. If he were, then he wouldn’t be spending so much time gaming. Maybe you just need some hobbies yourself.

13 That Doesn’t Help


Accusations are the worst. Especially those pertaining to cheating. But acting upon those accusations without knowing the truth is a completely new low. This woman actually thought her boyfriend was cheating on her, so she cheated on him with none other than his best friend. The worst part is that he wasn’t even cheating, he was doing volunteer work! Ouch! Now, he lost his girlfriend and his best friend all while trying to do something nice for the world.

She may indeed be the worst girlfriend in history. Hopefully, he will find someone to treat him right before long, and a new best friend on top of that. It’s sad how many times accusations ruin relationships. Trust is becoming extinct and so is true loyalty. This combination is destroying relationships everywhere, and it really needs to stop. Girls need to start trusting their men and men need to start being more trustworthy, and vice versa.

12 Cut Them For Him


Okay, maybe that’s a little gross. But I’m sure there was no reason to get angry. If he knew it was really bothering you, then he would cut them. It’s petty things like this that cause strong relationships to crumble. Taking out the trash, changing the toilet paper, taking showers every day, and cutting your toe nails, I guess. This is the most ridiculous complaint I’ve ever heard. I highly doubt he would leave them like that if he knew they were cutting you. He probably does love you, so just ask him nicely without attitude and see what happens. Or, you could just tell him straight up they are cutting you…

This type of attitude that is brimming with drama is what annoys so many guys. We may laugh at this complaint, but really, it’s no laughing matter to those involved. Petty complaints, stubborn lovers, and little disagreements can add up to big blowups.

11 Wait…That’s Not Okay?


I seriously did not know that one day was too long to wear a t-shirt. This guy also probably has to put deodorant on every 15 minutes, shower twice a day, and brush his teeth after every meal, all because his girlfriend said so. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t think wearing the same shirt you did yesterday is a big deal. Sure, if it goes on for more than a day or two, it can get a little gross. But one day? Really? If you have a problem, tell your boyfriend, like, “Hey, I have this crazy cleanliness problem and I can’t stand for anyone to wear the same clothes two days in a row. So… would you mind going and taking a shower and I’ll do laundry. Sorry. This is me, I hope you accept that.”

He probably would laugh, kiss her, and then go do it. People make things a big deal that really just aren’t.

10 Best BF Ever


I don’t know which part is better: the fact that she slept-talked and ordered him around, or the fact that he actually followed the orders. So, it’s actually kind of cute since he did just do it. If she would have said it when she was awake, it would have been mean and funny. But since she said it while asleep, it was cute and funny. Go figure. It’s still coming from the heart and she was a bit self-centred and demeaning to actually just let him sleep on the floor.

I have a feeling these two actually have a good relationship. But if you think about it, there’s this air of control that is in so many relationships. It’s all based on insecurities and mistrust. These are two things that do not belong in relationships at all. So while this exact confession isn’t malicious, it stems from a place that many girlfriends seek comfort in something very unhealthy.

9 Never Tickle Fight


Tickling is a bad idea 99% of the time. People do not like to be tickled, but at the same time, they love to tickle others. This is all fine, fun and games. But beware, if you tickle someone, expect them to fight back one way or another. They may just punch you in the face, bite you, say they hate you, or pull your hair out. This can really ruin the mood if you’re making out, so do not, I repeat, do not tickle someone that you love unless you ask beforehand. They will probably say no and the case is closed. As for people you don’t love, well that’s just really awkward now, isn’t it?

So, in the end, the answer to whether you should tickle someone or not? No. The exception is that 1% of people that are into masochism, who are sick, twisted individuals that only another twisted individual would want to be with.

8 New Password


Messing with electronics is never a bad idea. Okay, it’s always a bad idea because it’s truly devious. Changing someone’s password? What did she change it to? RyanSucksAndJenniferIsNotHotImSoSorryForSayingSheWasEmmaILoveYouAndOnlyYou? Probably something like that, right? The worst part about trusting someone and letting them into your heart is that they may take advantage of that, such as knowing your passwords. This gives them free range to change it anytime they please. Make them mad enough and they’ll do it. If they’re feeling silly, they may just change your status to something really embarrassing. Think about these things before you trust someone in this way. Are they worthy? Do they love you enough and have a calm enough temper to not ruin your internet life?

Probably not. Because when you really love someone, there are hardly any bounds. The words “love knows no bounds” brings on a whole new meaning now, doesn’t it?

7 Again?


Here we are again with another GF locking their man out of something. They really don’t think that he should have any fun at all if he can’t get along with her. This reminds me of another woman who would flip the breaker to the bedroom every time she got mad so her husband couldn’t watch tv and pout. Or, the woman who would change the list on the TV to Kids. He wasn’t as good as her at setting it up, so he didn’t know there wasn’t just a malfunction. She knew he’d never ask for help while he was mad.

It’s really funny, but mean. Sure, they’re in a fight, a battle, a war, and all is fair. But to go over someone’s head is beyond me. Keep it on an even playing field, unlike the guy who tightens all of the jars in the fridge and hides the remotes up high when he’s mad.

6 Yikes!


Well, at least she’s not cheating on him with another man. But to think that a lesbian woman fell in love with you at one point could be flattering, or it could be demeaning. Did she even fall in love at all? She said that he is far too clingy and feels bad about her wanting to leave him, but she doesn’t want to stay by any means. So, then why not just leave? Because he begs you not to leave him. Well, sorry, but it’s even more cruel to stay with someone you don’t love than to leave them. They can be sad for a while, or you can both be miserable for a lifetime. Neither is great, but honesty is always the best policy. No doubt about that.

So if you are sick and tired of everything your boyfriend is, and you don’t love him, then just leave. That’s all there is to it. Go find a man… or woman, that can make you happy and that you can make happy as well.

5 Well Then


This one is from another lesbian, only this one is by no means in love. She stated that she married him for the worst reason imaginable: because of her parents. She wanted to not let her parents know that she is gay so bad that she married some innocent man that probably loves her. That’s an all-new low, maybe even worse than marrying someone just to get your green card, because that one really does make sense and both people usually know it’s not for love. But when you marry someone to gain your parent’s approval, you gain and cause nothing but heartbreak. Besides, what kind of parents would disown a child because he or she was gay? No kind of parents you want anything to do with. You’re better off with one spouse that loves you than two parents that can’t’ love or accept the real you. So just make yourself happy instead of making everyone else miserable.

4 Second Choice


Is being alone any worse than being someone’s second choice? I don’t think so. This has to be the most offensive thing someone can do to you. Sure, settling on a date when you like another man is reasonable. After all, it’s not serious, it’s just a date. But getting into a serious committed relationship with someone when you are in love with someone else is inexcusable. Better to be alone for all eternity than try to convince someone you love them. They will spend their whole life never being good enough for you. This in turn will make them absolutely miserable. So it’s best for you to just be alone and save them the heartache. You want to know how to get into a relationship with someone who is destined to be depressed, then settle for them, and marry them while you yearn for someone else. No one wants to be your second choice.

3 What A…


Nobody wants to be with a girl that sleeps around, especially while they are in a relationship with her. But is sleeping around for practical reasons worse than for emotional reasons? Seems better to me, but still pretty darn hurtful. The worst part is that she never told him. How? Surely after being in a relationship for a while, you talk about the other people you’ve slept with. So eventually, they’ll find out, and boy will they be ashamed. How cheap can you be to sleep with people in positions of authority just to get by? That’s really low and sad. Plus, what kind of professor would accept such a bargain? It’s sick! But in your head, you imagine a stuffy old man just getting it when he can and you forgive him. The girl, however, you just can’t forgive. This is a twisted way of thinking, but it’s all too common.

2 Roles Reversed


Usually, it’s the girl that is so clingy that the boyfriend feels claustrophobic. So, it’s pretty crazy that there are women out there who feel this way about their man. Why be with him (or her) if you get annoyed by their love? If they annoy you so much with their nonstop texts, kisses, and blatant need for attention, then something is wrong. For one, they need the attention because of a deficiency in their own life which could be due to past relationships or because of you. And two, if you really love them, you will accept them with open arms and shower them with everything they need. Eventually, it will start to fade and the balance will begin.

I don’t understand people staying with others who they think are too clingy. Those relationships never last, so just end it before someone gets hurt. And don’t tell them they are too clingy before you do. Tell them that the two of you aren’t right, not just that they are wrong.

1 Rich Sugar Daddies


This is sick, and it needs to be stopped right now. It seems that some people will do anything for money, whether they’re in a relationship or not. But how bad do you have to be to have older men take over your payments, buy you cars, food, and give you money? Especially while you have a boyfriend who thinks that you’re getting the money from your parents. This takes things to an entirely new level. Especially when you keep it all a secret. It really does make me wonder though. Obviously, this girl is young enough for it to be acceptable for her parents to provide for her, so that makes it even more disgusting. So where are her parents? Dead? Or do they really not care about her? Perhaps she’s rebellious and spends all her time sleeping around with old men. Where does that leave her boyfriend? The poor, poor boy.

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15 Confessions From The World's Worst Girlfriends