15 Confessions From People Who Say They Were Abducted By Aliens

Do you believe in aliens? Everyone has their own opinions about what other life forms might be roaming around in space. Some people believe we’re definitely not alone and others think that if there are other life forms somewhere out there in the universe, why haven’t they made contact with us yet? There are plenty of people on Earth who claim they have made contacts with aliens, and today, we've put together 15 people who legitimately believe they were abducted by aliens.

Some people go into gruesome detail about what happened to them when they were captured by aliens. Others only state that they remember passing out or feeling strange. There isn’t much physical evidence when it comes to alien abductions, but if they’re legit, then the aliens probably would go out of their way to make sure nothing could be traced back to their existence. Think about it — if an alien did want to get to know more about Earth, they’d probably want to study an isolated person first to see how people operate, right? It’s also likely that they’d land in the middle of nowhere in order to make sure there aren’t many witnesses. It’s the stories that make things seem so outrageous sometimes, but these people's chilling stories could totally see being real — at least in our nightmares.

Do you believe any of these stories or do you think they’re all fake? Tell us what you think! For now, here are 15 Chilling Confessions From People Who Claim To Have Been Abducted By Aliens.

15 Peter Khoury Was Either Abducted Or Had His Fantasy Come True

Peter Khoury’s first experience with being abducted involved waking up in his bed with several strangers standing in front of him. They told him to not worry and that it would “be like last time.” They then inserted a long needle into his head and he lost consciousness. The next morning, his wife noticed a hole in his head and blood trickling down. Everything was fine for a bit until he awoke in his bed again later to find more strange beings standing at the end of his bed. This time, however, the aliens were tall blonde women who wanted to sleep with him. They did and afterward, Peter found a long blonde hair wrapped around his man parts. He ended up getting the hair tested and it was found to not be a biological match to any human!

14 Lisa And Her Friend Are Having The Same Abduction Nightmares

A since-deleted Reddit user shared their story that is truly haunting:

“My mom tells a story of her and her friend. Let's call her friend Lisa. When my mom and Lisa were teenagers, they were up on the roof of Lisa's house and when they saw a bright light in the sky. Next thing they knew, the light was gone. Thing is, they thought they were on the roof for only 15 minutes when in reality, 3 hours had passed. Mom doesn't remember anything about what happened during that time, and Lisa simply refuses to talk about it.

Then, as time passed, she began to remember more of it. She remembers it all clearly, including the other 3 times she was abducted. At first, they paralyzed her somehow and did all sorts of invasive experiments on her, but in the most recent time, they stopped probing her and began to talk to her. They didn't speak English or any other human language, but she could understand everything they said, even though she couldn't speak their language. “

Lisa told mom that every time she speaks with them, she comes to understand "the truth" more and more. When mom inquired what "the truth" was, Lisa said, "you will know eventually" and that once she learned of "the truth," then "everything became wonderful."

13 Betty And Barney Hill Had A "Memorable" Road Trip

Betty and Barney Hill were a married couple that both shared similar stories of being abducted. They were driving through the East coast one night when they decided to follow a mysterious floating ship they had witnessed zooming through the sky. They blacked out for a portion only to regain consciousness 35 miles away from where they started with no memory of how they got there. When they returned home, they realized their clothes were torn and dirty and they both felt ill. Betty began having vivid nightmares throughout the weeks following the alien abduction. Barney didn’t remember as much as Betty or was at least more reluctant to admit that something messed up had happened to them. There were also mysterious and unexplainable spots on their car that hadn’t been there before. Betty found a strange pink powder that had damaged her clothing. There were just too many small strange things that would have made this encounter hard to fake.

12 Robert Taylor Will Never Walk His Dog Alone Again 

Robert Taylor was just trying to walk his dog one afternoon when he went through what he believes to be an alien abduction. He stated that he saw some strange spheres flying toward him and smelled a very disturbing smell, like burning breaks, when the mini saucers began carrying him away. He lost consciousness and when he came to, he was back in the same spot only there were no saucers present at all. He went home and when he saw his wife waiting for him, he realized his clothes were torn and dirty unlike when he had left. He contacted local authorities and they went back to the spot that he had claimed he had been taken by extraterrestrial. The police found odd markings on the ground that helped confirm some of the strange activity reported by Robert. What really happened, however, we’ll never know for sure.

11 Meng Zhaoguo Has An Alien Offspring 

Meng Zhaoguo claimed to be the first Chinese man to ever get abducted by an alien. He also claimed that he had slept with one. Meng stated that the first night of contact was when he noticed a strange object flying through the sky. He thought perhaps it was a helicopter that crashed and decided to go looking for it to get some scrap material. Nothing ever came of it until a few days later when he claimed to have been visited again. This time, an alien that was much larger than him seduced him in his bed while his wife slept. The alien also stated that she had his baby in space and the extraterrestrials also showed Meng Mars. It sounds ridiculous, but Meng managed to pass all his lie detector tests and maintained a consistent story.

10 Waking Up With Cuts On The Skin And Memories Of Abduction

LAGuy1981’s story will give you nightmares:

“It first began when I was 7 years old. One summer night, I was trying to sleep and I thought we were experiencing an earthquake. I sensed a presence outside my window and a strong shaking/rolling sensation. It seemed like it lasted for a minute or so. The next thing I knew, it was morning and I was  in bed.

“I went for a swim in our pool and experienced some pain in my man parts. I'm not going to go into all the details but I had small incisions and white things under my skin which I was able to remove. It was painful. I have woken with strange unexplainable cuts on my skin. They are straight lines, 2 to 5 inches long, and are red and lightly scabbed, but they heal quickly. And they occur in places some of which I can't even reach like on my back. Once I woke up covered with over 30 scratches. My girlfriend at the time noticed them and asked about them. I did not have an explanation. She was sleeping in the same bed with me the night that it happened. I've woken with these scratches on and off over the years. Sometimes it seems like years go by and then just when I think things are normal again, I'll wake up with a new set of scratches.”

9 Whitley Strieber Turned To Hypnosis 

Whitley Strieber was a horror novelist who underwent hypnosis to recall the night he was abducted. The only thing that he could remember was a strangely shaped figure rushing toward his bed and then waking up disheveled. Since he was also a horror novelist and good at writing fiction during the time of his abduction, many skeptics felt that this was just another one of his elaborate stories. Whitley swore this one was true, but with barely any detailed memories, how could he prove he was being honest? He wrote about his abduction in his best-selling book, “Communion.” He still entertains the idea himself that there was the potential that this was all in his head and not an act of extraterrestrials. He still doesn’t think that is the case, but maintains a level of credit in at least admitting that that could be the reality of the situation.

8 Stefan Michalak Has Unexplainable Markings

Stefan Michalak is the man you see in the photograph above. He, like many of the people on the list, claimed to have been in the middle of nowhere when he saw a strange mysterious flying object. He approached the object and saw some men that didn’t seem to speak English. He reached out to them and tried to touch the ship only to realize that it was incredibly hot to the touch. The ship flew away using incredibly hot air that blew onto Stefan’s chest, leaving the strange burned pattern you can see on his body above. This story is especially terrifying because there is actual photographic evidence that goes along with it. You can see the strange pattern on his chest and the fact that it’s so consistent makes it seem like it’s definitely not self-harm. What do you think could have happened here?

7 He Scared His Wife Might Be Getting Abducted

Hiroaki_swords is a Reddit user with a chilling abduction tale:

“For several years now, my wife has been accumulating more and more characteristics of a long-term repeat abductee which include insomnia, frequent night hallucinations (hypnogogic dreams) of intruders in the house, sleepwalking, sleep paralysis, long-term unexplained illnesses, resistant to therapies and medication, grids of dots on her skin upon waking (only twice, a few years ago). She is not a believer in this kind of phenomena and I've only recently started putting the pieces together. She shrugs off my suspicions, and so I don't bring it up anymore. I'm in a terrible place. I'm sickened at the thought of her being victimized in the way I've read in the case studies. It's a bitter-sweet situation — if she is a repeat abductee, I'm in a place to actually run experiments on preventative measures and/or gathering more evidence.”

6 Travis Walton Disappeared For 5 Days

Travis Walton was working with a group of 7 other men in an Arizona national park one afternoon in the '70s. When they were driving through a trail, they noticed a strange flying object. Travis got out of the truck to check it out and realized that it was a flying object they’d never seen before. Travis wasn’t seen for 5 days after this. The other men in the truck stated that they saw Travis get pulled up toward the ship. Local authorities believed that the men in the truck killed Travis and were using a bogus story to cover it up. Eventually, 5 days later, Travis returned and was found walking along a street. He stated that the last thing he remembers was waking up in a hospital room. He also stated that the aliens had dropped him off on the part of the street he was found walking and that he had seen the saucer fly away.

5 Amy Rylance Was Pulled Out Of A Window 

Amy Rylance’s story is definitely one of the most baffling on this list. One night, Amy and her husband had their friend Petra stay over. Petra awoke only to see Amy being dragged out of a window by what she believes were aliens. Amy was nowhere to be found for several hours until her husband received a phone call from a woman who was 8 hours away stating that she was in the hospital with Amy. There was no possible way that Amy would have been able to make it that distance in that amount of time. Her hair had also significantly grown since the last time her husband and friend saw her, making people speculate that if she had been abducted, she had been taken somewhere where time moved more quickly than it did on Earth. What could have possibly happened to Amy in this time period?

4 Jesse Long Had 10 Alien Kids

Jesse Long stated that he was first abducted by aliens when he was 5 years old. He was taken to a room much like a hospital. He was put on a table and was poked and prodded much like others on the list. Jesse stated that this was certainly not the last time he would ever be abducted by aliens. He eventually was taken again in his adult years and a sperm sample was taken from him so they could crossbreed. He was sent back to Earth, and when he was taken again several years later, he was able to meet his alien child. He also stated that his sample was used to create 9 more children. Jesse knows that not many people would believe his story, but it doesn’t really matter to him because he certainly knows what happened to him and what is true.

3 A Generation Of Families Being Abducted

Multigensubject is another Reddit user that tells a chilling abduction story:

“I believe I am at least the fourth generation of my family to be part of some kind of long-term alien project. I believe there are at least two morphological types: the shorter ones that I've just identified and another taller type with a gigantic crania. This second type appears to be in charge. They are terrifying if they get into your head.

My great-grandmother used to tell stories of strange little men in dark suits standing at the foot of her bed way back in the late 1800s. They terrified her so much that she refused to sleep by herself. My mother, on the other hand, was plagued by night terrors that she refused to discuss.

Most strange of all, upon waking one morning in the middle of winter, I noticed that I had a deep, red sunburn on the right side of my lower body extending from my waist down to my knee. It was painless and faded after a few days. The skin did not peel. You can dismiss these things out of hand if you like, but I can assure you that you are missing out on one of the great mysteries of our time”

2 Hilary Porter Had Multiple Experiences With Aliens

Hilary Porter stated that she was first abducted when she was only 5 years old. She was repeatedly taken back by the same aliens, but has no evidence other than her vivid drawings of what she believes were extraterrestrials that had taken her for experimentation. She stated that the aliens communicated telepathically and that they had come to Earth to get genetic samples from humans. There was one encounter that she wasn’t alone throughout her life. She stated at one point, she and her husband found themselves in a random driveway and had no memory of how they got there. Having another witness there helps her story a bit, but back-out moments don’t necessarily mean they were abducted by aliens. If she is making it all up, she must be a very delusional person with a wild and active imagination.

1 Raymond Fowler: Fraud Or Victim?

Raymond Fowler is another science fiction author that claimed to have been abducted in addition to writing books about being abducted. His said his abduction happened just like the one in Betty and Barney Hill's case. Their abduction was so chilling because it was so specific and random. When someone is planning to fake an abduction, they might make up elaborate lies about what happened and have stories that take things to the extreme. What happened to all of these people was so small that it really seems like it could have happened. Raymond’s story is sketchy since he’s basically saying it’s like someone else’s. However, if either of them had more evidence, it would definitely be a chilling thought that the aliens that abducted Betty and Barney also abducted Raymond. If you’re really interested in reading Raymond’s abduction story, he wrote a book about it and is very private with the information he shares online about the experience. That kind of makes it sound like a way to get people to buy his book, but it’s definitely working!

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