15 Confessions From People Who Cheated On Their Spouse ON Their Wedding Day

Relationships are a critical part of being human, and it's important to learn how to behave for us to find fulfillment in each of them. Most of the people who have the least success in relationships of any kind are those who only seek to please themselves and ignore the needs of others.

Arguably, marriage is the most beautiful relationship in our society, since here, two people come together and become one. Ideally, this relationship should only end in death, because the bond of love and commitment is strong enough to overcome any challenge that the couple would face. However, almost half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce, an alarmingly high failure rate that needs urgent remedy.

One of the problems in society today is the lack of honor for the institution of marriage. People are rushing to get married with no vision, principles, counseling, or even a proper foundation. As many counselors would tell you, "great marriages don’t just happen; they are the result of consistent investment of commitment, affection, forgiveness, understanding, mutual respect, prayer, and time."

Here are confessions of people who cheated on their spouses on the day of their wedding. The images here are not of those couples, and the names of the couples have been withheld for obvious reasons. Some of these confessions were on Whispr, a secret-sharing app. Although some people might view these people as cool, daring, or brave, it is important to consider the other people they were getting married to, and see how unfair the whole situation is.

This is how each of these people cheated:


15 With His Girlfriend

This is what a man wrote concerning his wedding day escapades: "I had sex with my girlfriend and fiancée in one night on my wedding day."Although the statement begs additional information for us to understand what he is really saying, we can make some wise assumptions. Where he said "girlfriend and fiancée," he probably meant girlfriend and wife, since if it was the day he got married; his then fiancée was now his wife.

This man must be good at sneaking around, because it takes a professional to be away from your wife on your wedding day, and happen to bump into your girlfriend and have sex with her. He probably had the plan all laid out, to betray his wife on the same day he promised to be faithful to her while forsaking all others. As much as this guy is to blame for this immaturity, the girl he refers to as his girlfriend has no heart, because how do you live with yourself after doing this to a newlywed couple?

14 With Her Husband's Best Friend And She Loved It


An anonymous woman wrote this concerning what she did on her wedding day: "I cheated on my husband with his best friend. I should feel guilty but it’s the best sex I ever had." If her husband were to find out about this, he would probably go crazy.

Arguably, the two most important people in a groom's life on his special day are his new wife and his best friend. He thinks of these two as the ones who would go with him to hell and back and never turn their backs on him, which is supposed to be the case. However, this groom must have chosen the worst best friend and worst bride on the planet.

In addition to not having the heart to be faithful to her new or very soon to be husband, this woman had sex with his best friend and doesn't even feel bad about it. The least someone should do is feel bad or claim to have hated cheating on a spouse, but this is a new low.

13 With Her Husband's Brother

Regardless of the many people who perceive virginity as something to be lost in the early teen years, so many more people value their virginity and the purpose to abstain from sexual relations until their wedding day. Here is the perfect example of a woman who waited until her wedding day to have sex: "On my wedding day, I had sex with my husband's brother. I lost my virginity to him. My husband doesn’t know about it."

Ok, it didn't turn out as anyone would have expected, but at least she tried. However, it makes little sense to abstain from sex all those years only to lose it to your husband's brother on your wedding day. Although we don't know the events of the day which led to these two hooking up, we cannot help but imagine how disappointed her husband will be when he finds out about this.

12 With Her Husband's Best Friend (And It Got Weird)


Her husband knew exactly what she did on what was supposed to be their special night but probably didn't think it was a big deal. She wrote: "On my wedding night, I had sex with my husband's best friend. He walked in and joined." It will never be right to have sex with your spouse's best friend, but this is probably the weirdest reaction any husband would have. Most men would beat up their best friends to a pulp and never talk to his wife again. However, this guy actually joined in.

This reaction from the groom leads us to believe it was probably not the first time this threesome happened because if it hadn't happened before, he would have gone crazy. On the other hand, this guy probably swings both ways and got the opportunity to do so on his wedding day with his closest friends, or probably he was too drunk to notice what was happening.

11 With His Cousin's Wife

On the morning of the big day, close family members and friends assembled hours before the ceremony to congratulate one of their own for making the big step into marriage. However, this guy went a bit too far when his cousin's wife came to see him a few hours before the wedding. This is what he wrote: "I slept with my cousin's wife, three hours before my wedding today."

It's common to hear of teenagers sleeping with their cousins, especially those whose parents are close, to the extent of even spending holidays together. Therefore, when these adolescents get curious about sex, they do whatever it takes with each other to satisfy their curiosity.

However, this guy is such a traitor because instead of just waiting to have sex with his wife in the evening, he had sex with his cousin's wife. Clearly, these two did not respect their marriages; otherwise, they would have acted differently.

10 With Her Dream Guy (Who Isn't Her Husband)


Have you ever heard of people getting married for the wrong reasons? So many people get married because they want children, others because all their friends are married, others because of money, and other weird reasons out there. If you're not getting married to someone out of love, you might be making the biggest mistake of your life.

This is one example of a woman who clearly married the wrong person: "I slept with two guys on my wedding day, the one I married and the one I wish I married." We won't waste time feeling sorry for her because she made the choice to marry whoever she got married to, despite wishing to marry the other guy.

It's better to call off a wedding, or even an engagement, compared to getting a divorce because most of these marriages end up in divorce. What a terrible way to begin a marriage.

9 With Different Girls

Many times, we look back at the decisions we have made in life so far and we start to regret. The good news here is everyone would love to go back to the past and change a few things, but the harsh reality is no one can go back in time and change anything.

Here is what one man wrote concerning the beginning of his failed marriage: "I cheated on my ex-wife. Before the wedding and the day of. There's nothing I regret more than not dumping her for one of the other girls."

If his ex-wife read this statement, she would be heartbroken, although this is probably the reason the two aren't together anymore. However, this man's actions and attitude are probably what poisoned the marriage. No one is perfect, especially in marriage, and choosing not to work on your marriage is just sad. How would someone expect to have a successful marriage yet he was cheating before and during the wedding day?


8 With The True Love Of Her Life


What is your definition of love? Some people associate love with the great feeling someone gets when he or she sees or interacts with someone they are attracted to. However, defining love as a feeling is a flawed way of looking at it, because feelings come and go, but love should survive through the worst of times, regardless of how angry the other person makes you.

Here's one woman's confession concerning the events that took place on her wedding day. "I finally lost my virginity to the love of my life on my wedding night… It was not with my husband." This is sad in every way since she should have married the "love of her life" and not her husband, and second, her husband didn't deserve such infidelity on the day of their wedding.

All married men and women out there have a duty to love those they are married to as if they were the love of their lives because an attitude and behavior change will make this new decision lasting and true.

7 With The Groom's Brother

We use the proverb "blood is thicker than water" to explain how family loyalties and relationships are stronger than friendships or other forms of relationships, which is usually the case. However, in numerous circumstances, some blood relatives behave as if this proverb doesn't apply to them, doing things without considering how loyal they should be to their relatives.

This woman married into a family where at least one of her husband's brothers is careless beyond comprehension. Here's what she wrote: "On my wedding night, I slept with my husband's brother after we smoked pot… my husband still doesn’t know a year later."

We cannot ignore the effect smoking pot had on these two, especially with regard to clouding their judgment and not having self-control, but even making the decision to smoke pot together was stupid. We can only hope these two learned their lesson and will never repeat the mistake, besides, possession and use of pot is illegal, and it attracts terrible consequences.

6 With Her Sister


The wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days a couple has since it marks the beginning of their union in marriage. To most people, going through the day sober is very important, because you wouldn't want to miss a thing. However, others use the ceremony as an excuse to indulge in excessive alcohol consumption and engaging in weird behaviors.

To emphasize the importance of staying sober the whole day, here are similar confessions of two men: "On my wedding night, I got drunk… and had wedding sex with my wife, and when I woke up I saw my wife's sister beside me" and "I am not sorry I had sex with my wife's sister on my wedding day."

The guy who got drunk probably didn’t know he was going to bed with his wife's sister and he probably blames the alcohol. However, one question begs an answer: where was the bride all this time? The second guy is not sorry he had sex with his sister-in-law on the day of the wedding, that's just evil.

5 She Didn't Want To

One of the reasons marriages have so much fun and adventure in them is the differences between men and women. Men who are getting married soon need to have an open mind concerning having sex with their wives on the first night, because the events of the day can make it impossible for a woman to have quality sex. This was how one man reacted to his wife's refusal to have sex on the first night: "I cheated on my wife on our wedding night because she didn’t want to have sex."

Of course, this is one of the worst reactions to have, but the problem is that this happens a lot. For a woman to enjoy herself between the sheets, her mood has to be right, and the events of the day play an important role here. Probably the wedding didn’t go on as she expected, or probably she got extremely tired from the dancing or traveling. It would be a great idea to rest and have sex in the morning or the following night since you have her for the rest of your life.

4 With A Bridesmaid


Every girl out there dreams of the day she will get married in a beautiful white dress in the presence of friends and family, a day she will be the center of attention for all the right reasons. Each bride gets to pick a few of her closest girlfriends to be her bridesmaids, those who she values the most in her life.

However, one bride chose the wrong girl to stand with her on her big day, because this is what her husband wrote: "I was five minutes late to my wedding day because I was having sex with my wife's bridesmaid." This is probably the worst thing a bridesmaid can do to the bride.

In a normal setting, the bride and her maids aren't supposed to see the groom and his men until they get to the church or the venue of the ceremony. How did this girl make her way to where the groom was, have sex with him, and then go and stand next to the bride?

3 With The Limo Driver

Although this is a bit funny, it's just as wrong as all other confessions here. A woman wrote this about losing her virginity on her wedding day: "I lost my virginity on my wedding night, not to my husband… to the limo driver." We have to give her some props for abstaining from sex until her wedding day, but how does she save herself for so long to lose it to the limo driver?

Perhaps her new husband drank too much and passed out, or he left his new bride in the limo and went out to have one more night of fun with the boys, not realizing just how insensitive or dumb that was. However, since we don’t know where he went, we can't judge him too harshly.

This woman should have continued to wait for her man, as opposed to having sex with a limo driver, who clearly doesn't respect her enough to remind her she got married earlier the same day.

2 In Her Wedding Dress


The wedding dress is undoubtedly the most special dress a girl looks forward to wearing, not to mention the most expensive. The white color of the wedding dress has traditionally stood for purity, to show that a woman succeeded in keeping herself away from premarital sex, and saved herself for her husband. However, some women not only ignore this historical significance, they go ahead to have sex with other people while wearing their wedding dresses.

These three men did the unthinkable, this is what they wrote: "Her and I did it three hours before the ceremony in her dress;" "Had sex with the bride 30 minutes before she said I do;" and "The beautiful bride and I had sex right before we had to make our appearance… I was the best man."

How evil would you have to be to have sex with a woman wearing a wedding dress going out to marry another man? This is so sad.

1 With The Priest

When Jesus Christ was addressing the issue of false prophets, he told his followers that they would know whether they were true or false by their fruits. This means you can tell whether your favorite preacher or religious leader is legit by looking at their actions and the result of their actions. A fine example of a priest who is a disgrace to his calling is the one who joined this woman to her husband. This is what the bride wrote: "I had sex with the priest before my wedding."

Being a priest, of course, he should expect a severer judgment from God as well as this article, because he is supposed to know better. First, priests are supposed to be celibate, and those who choose not to should have the decency to marry and only have sex with their wives. Although it seems like this woman enjoyed herself here, this priest has a lot of repenting to do.


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