15 Confessions From People Who Are Wondering About Their Marriage

Marriage is meant to be something beautiful, shared between two people who are (hopefully) in love. For many people, getting married is the happiest time of their life, but it seems as though this feeling is fleeting.

These days we hear so many stories about heartbreak and divorce -- in Hollywood, it seems as though every week a new couple is calling it quits and ending their relationship -- that it almost makes you feel cynical about love in general. But are the high divorce rates simply because ending a marriage is not as taboo as it was several decades ago? Or could it be that people are not willing to work on their problems?

We can never have the answers because every relationship and its circumstances are different, but what we do know is that some people are willing to confess why they are thinking about ending their marriage. And these reasons can be anything from wanting a divorce because there is someone else getting in the way of the relationship, or because communication has become such a problem that they feel as though they are sharing their home with a stranger. Below are 15 Whisper confessions from people considering getting a divorce, and they may swear you off marriage for good.

15 They Feel Like Strangers


When you’ve reached a point in your relationship where you feel so disconnected with your spouse, is it time to end your relationship? Well, this is a question that the person behind this confession is facing at the moment because there are times in their relationship when they are left wondering if it’s worth staying in a marriage with someone who is almost like a stranger to them.

Maybe their spouse isn’t paying attention to them anymore? Maybe they’ve lost the ability to communicate, or maybe they have fallen out of love? We don’t have details about this relationship, so I can’t be sure what exactly went wrong, but from this confession what we do know is that this person has been having troubles for a long time.

14 The Clues Are In His Voice


When you know someone so well, you can pick up on what they are feeling even when they don’t tell you in so many words, and the woman behind this confession knows how her husband is feeling, simply because of the tone in his voice. And it’s not good because according to her, he is considering divorce.

This must be unimaginably hard to know that at any time your husband is going to say those four dreaded words to you, and your relationship will be over forever. This is a deeply personal issue, and while this woman has chosen not to go into detail about it, she clearly realizes that there are problems, big problems, in her marriage that are in desperate need of fixing. I just hope that she opens up to her husband about her thoughts and concerns before it’s too late.

13 Sticking It Out For The Kids


No one gets married with the intention of getting divorced a few years down the line, and a breakup is not something that you can foresee in your future. But this woman has reached a point where it seems as though she is desperately unhappy in her marriage and is having serious issues.

She’s at the point where she is not sure whether it’s worth fighting for her marriage, or calling time on the relationship and trying to find happiness again, as a single. The important thing about this confession is that this woman is not willing to give up on her relationship just yet, and there is one big reason why: They have children. Would the decision be made easier if there were no children involved? Of course, because then it would only involve the happiness of two people, something this woman realizes.

12 It’s Been A Tough Few Years


When people call time on their marriage after 25 or 30 years, it’s heartbreaking because they’ve spent so much time together. However, you sort of get the sense as though they’ve really tried to make it work because that’s a lengthy amount of time.

The person behind this confession hasn’t been with their spouse for that long, and it doesn’t seem as though they are going to be, either, because they have revealed that although they have been married for five years, that time has not exactly been filled with bliss. In fact, according to this person, only six months of their married life was actually spent happy, and the other four and a half years they have been thinking about throwing in the towel and asking for a divorce. Which is so harsh! 

11 Making The First Move Is So Hard


I’ve never been through a divorce, and hopefully, I will, because something that most of these confessions have in common is that they all reveal how incredibly painful going through this process is.

According to the person behind this confession, they echo these sentiments, because although they want a divorce, they find it incredibly hard to tell their partner that their marriage is over. They feel “horrible” for being the one who is wanting to walk away from it all, and they also don’t know if they are strong enough to do it.

While I can’t possibly pretend to know why this person feels this way, I think that their confession tells us that they are desperate for someone to give them advice, which is why they took to Whisper to reveal their marital problems.

10 Sometimes It’s Too Little Too Late


This confession is a little different to the others on this list because it comes from a person who has already agreed with her spouse that divorce is the best option for them. But she’s noticed that something really strange has started happening because since her husband knows that their marriage is over, he is changing his ways and being respectful and considerate of her feelings.

Needless to say, his actions must be giving this woman a lot of confusion, because it was probably a very tough decision to proceed with a divorce, and now her husband is doing what she would have liked him to have done all along. Could he be being nice because it’s finally over, or is there a possibility that this couple could give their marriage another shot?

9 She Says Things She Doesn’t Mean


When you’re in heated arguments and your emotions are running wild, it can be easy to blurt out things that you really don’t mean, and then really, really regret that decision later on. And it seems as though this is exactly what this woman has done because she told her husband she wanted a divorce, seemingly out of frustration, but she wants to take it all back.

She admits to being confused and at a loss for what to do, and she doesn’t know what the right outcome is. But after hurting her husband so much with this statement, could it be possible that he would be willing to forget what she said? Or is this a case of her having made her bed and now being forced to lie in it? Whatever the outcome, this confession is heartbreaking.

8 She’s Just Utterly Exhausted


What would be your breaking point in your marriage? Could it be because you have fallen out of love, or maybe because your spouse cheated on you? While there are many answers to this question, the answer for the woman behind this confession is that her breaking point is her husband’s inability to understand her.

According to her, she is seriously considering divorce because she is so frustrated by not being able to get through to her husband, and the reason she can not get through to him is that it's impossible to do so. While she doesn’t reveal exactly what she’s referring to that he’s incapable of grasping, it’s clear that this couple is having communication issues and the wife has been left in a state of sheer exhaustion.

7 It Seems Inevitable, But He Needs Her


A marriage can be toxic and unhealthy, but despite this, it doesn’t mean that your love has disappeared, and it seems as though the man behind this confession has reached a bit of a crossroads. On one hand, he knows that his marriage is not working and that they have serious problems, so serious that he feels as though divorce is imminent, but despite this, and despite how “awful” his wife has been, he still cares about her. More than that, he still feels as though he needs her.

Although this man chose not to go into detail about his wife’s actions and how she has hurt him, his confession reveals just how heartbreaking it is to be in a dying marriage. He has so many conflicting emotions at this point, and he is at a loss as to how to deal with everything.

6 It’s An Emotional Rollercoaster


Relationships aren’t easy, you have to constantly work at them (unless you are just an insanely good fit) because there will be problems that arise. And there are times when there doesn't seem to be a solution to these problems, something which the woman behind this confession is currently experiencing. And she's been left wondering whether or not she and her husband will be able to work out their issues.

She’s thinking about divorce, but it also appears that she’s hoping that there could be a happier outcome because she’s wondering if it’s possible to start divorce proceedings and then actually work out the problems and save the marriage. She chose not to go into too much detail, but she did reveal that she is experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions which are so painful and confusing that she feels as if they may “kill” her.

5 Desperately Searching For Happiness


Marriage is a commitment that you shouldn’t give up on without a fight, at least this is the general consensus, but when things have become so hard and you’re sacrificing your own happiness every day just to be with someone you once loved, perhaps it’s time to move on.

The woman behind this confession seems to have given her marriage a shot, but she’s at the point now where she is so unhappy that she thinks it’s time to divorce her husband.

Yet she hasn’t given up on the hope that the future holds a lot of happiness because she feels as though if she’s single again, she can work at making herself happy and truly enjoy her life. That said, if she is only thinking about divorce, and she has not done it yet, maybe there is still a part of her that has hope for her relationship, too.

4 Apparently, Her Birthday Is A Really Big Deal


For many of us, our birthdays are a big deal, and we’d like if our partner made a little fuss on this day, of all the days. Whether that means bringing your coffee or breakfast in bed or writing a beautiful note, we all have different expectations when it comes to celebrating a birthday, and it seems as though the woman behind this confession has some really big ones.

She claims to have recently celebrated her 21st birthday, except she didn’t really celebrate it at all because apparently her husband of two years didn’t do anything to make her feel special, and even though she reminded him, he still fell short. And it seems she’s so disappointed that she not only has been put off birthdays for life, but she’s also considering divorce. Wow.

3 There Is Someone On The Side


One of the worst things that you can do to your partner is betray them by cheating, and this is exactly what the man behind this confession has done to his wife. We don’t know the details, and the circumstances which led to him having an affair, so we cannot judge him for his actions.

He has been having an affair with a “much older woman” despite having a wife and children, and even though it’s only been two weeks, he is already considering a divorce. His decision could be for a number of reasons, either because he has realized he has fallen out of love with his wife because he was willing to be with another woman, or that he is interested in pursuing something more long-term with this other lady.

2 The Passion Disappeared A Long Time Ago


This couple is not just secretly thinking about divorce, instead, they are openly discussing it and neither of them seems to be upset about the decision. This woman has admitted that she and her husband have come to terms with the fact that their relationship is over and the strangest thing is that it doesn’t bother them (maybe after months of fighting and feeling disconnected they are numb to everything).

She has also revealed that this can only mean one thing: Their marriage is over.

The confession that any marriage is over is a sad one, and I feel as though this woman may be a little more emotional than she’s letting on, because why else would she want to take to Whisper to admit that her marriage is over? Could it be that she's wanting support from the anonymous community?

1 If Only He Still Loved Her


Of all the confessions on this list, I feel as though this one is the saddest. The reason is because the person behind it doesn’t go into too much detail (which seems to give insight into just how upset they are, because they are reluctant to speak about it too much or overshare) instead their confession is simple: They are still in love with their spouse, but their spouse no longer feels the same way.

Unrequited love is incredibly painful, but imagine how much worse it must be to know that you once had that person’s heart, and now they’ve fallen out of love with you. While so many of the confessions on this list are mutual, this one is one-sided, and unfortunately, it seems as though the outcome of this situation will be a divorce.

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