15 Confessions From Parents Who Seriously Hate Their Children

A bond between a parent and a child is one of the strongest relationships possible in our society. A parent is programmed to instinctively put his or her life in danger to save their young. They will, for the most part, do anything for their child. But sadly, this is not always the case. Sometimes that bond that a parent is supposed to feel for their child simply doesn't exist. That's bad enough. But sometimes this relationships goes so downhill that the parent actually considers killing their own child. As much as we'd like to push this notion out of our mind and deny it altogether, it happens more than you might think. There are countless cases of parents attempting to kill their children on the news these days. Sometimes they are successful.

In many cases, these parents merely considered killing their child for a brief moment, before realizing how wrong it was. Other times, these parents considered getting an abortion, only to regret not getting one later in life. This is especially true when children are born with developmental disorders like Down Syndrome. But there are also many instances where parents seriously considered ending their kid's life, while others just really, really resented their children for ruining their lives. Parents who confess to these emotions and thoughts often take to the Internet to confess, and although these confessions are made anonymously, they are a stunning insight into just how nightmarish being a parent can be. We've compiled 15 of the most shocking confessions from Reddit. Some of these are disturbing. You have been warned.


15 Son Poisoned By His Own Mother

This is perhaps one of the most disturbing confessions on this article. This is actually the confession of a father who is explaining that his ex and mother of his child poisoned their child with meth. She intentionally killed her own son. She didn't just think about it, she actually did it. Can you imagine how he feels? He tried to get custody prior to the murder, but failed.

"I am a father of my dead son who was poisoned by my ex-fiance with a large amount of methamphetamine... I'm about to be interviewed. My ex became pregnant and right after that she left me to be with a meth dealer. Fast forward to to when the baby was born (he had birth defects because she was using while the baby was inside of her) she began hounding me for child support and then in June I get a text message from her boyfriend saying the child had died from unknown causes. Well yesterday I learned on the front page news about what had really happened."

14 She Resents Her Son


Here's another mother who admits to hating her son. Again, health problems are involved and this mother hates what the new child has done to her life and her relationship with her husband. I think it's safe to say that she wishes she never had him, and that she probably thought about killing him at least for one second:

"While my problems aren't as serious as some of yours, I do resent my son. I fell pregnant when I while taking birth control. My husband and I had sworn that we wouldn't have kids, but kept this baby. He fell ill when he was a baby, and it ended costing thousands in bills and caused a lifetime of developmental problems. He has put a great strain on what was once a very good relationship.

She continues, "My husband and I were together for 4 years before having him. We rarely fought. After having him, we fight all the time. My husband works long hours to try and pay off all of the medical bills, which leaves me to basically be a single parent. I bust my ass trying to give him a normal life. But I hate what he has done to the relationship I had with my husband."

13 A Dad Asked A Killer To Murder His Son

This is by far the most disturbing story you will ever read about a father wanting to kill his own son. As for whether it's real or not... Who knows. But it's pretty damn convincing, and I'm sure things like this have happened. Sometimes real life is more disturbing than you think. Just read this ex-assassin's confession:

"When I was in my mid-twenties, I fell into the wrong line of work, as I was fresh out of college and broke and willing to try almost anything. I worked as a contract killer. I was at the bar a few days back, having my usual drink at my usual time and chatting with the bartender when a new guy walked in.  I was more than a little tipsy by then so I told the bartender I’d be right back, against her wishes, and slid into a booth with him in the far corner of the bar."

He continues, "Before I could tell him that I’ve since retired from that job, he told me he wanted me to kill his son and slid me a picture. It was a child, a boy probably no older than 15 or 16 years old, with curly blond hair and a wide grin on his face. I shoved the picture back at the guy."

12 Regretted Not Getting An Abortion 


This mother also readily admits that both parents agree that they wish their youngest child had never been born. They wish they could rewind time and not have their child, because now they're better informed about pregnancies and they know what it's like to raise a child with severe health problems. They also have an older child with autism, so two children is just too much. Can you imagine what they're going through? It's hard not to feel for these parents...

"We resented our youngest for a while because we felt that if he wasn't born, then we would have been able to focus more on the eldest and his autism would have probably not been as severe as it is now. For us the mistake was never that we had children but rather that we were not educated/informed enough to make the right choices which could have prevented a lot of the issues we had during after pregnancy."

11 Hates Her Stepdaughter 

On a lighter note, here's a relatively innocent confession made by a mother who doesn't really like her stepdaughter much. She says that she's rude, she complains, and knows how to manipulate people. Although it's not her child, this mother has had to take on the task of raising her. And she admits that this has been very draining. Her confession depicts a situation where the mother has probably thought about killing this stepdaughter:

"I don't necessarily dislike my stepdaughter all the time...I have just had to distance myself a bit. She has no manners, no respect, she is spoiled and will whine until she gets her way. For example I overheard her tell her great grandmother to shut up. I also heard her tell her mom 'You are the most disgusting person I ever met.' When they 'scold' her she always tries to say she was 'just joking' and then she will start crying and saying 'nobody wants me around" and stuff like that.'"

10 He Never Wanted Her


This man has one of the most sad and disturbing stories to tell. When the doctor told him that his child had a very high chance of being born with Down Syndrome, he immediately wanted an abortion. But the mother refused. He had no option but to go along with it. Since then, his and his wife's life has become a living hell. Read his story:

"We both got tested and the doctor told us that our daughter had over a 80% chance that she will be born with Down Syndrome. Our marriage up to this point was happy and wonderful. The doctor told us that abortion was a viable option, but we needed to decide within a week or it would be too late. As luck would have it, our daughter was born with translocation Down Syndrome. Only 1% of all cases of down syndrome are that, and it has a lot to do with hereditary conditions."

He continues, "I don't want to go into how bad our life became. I really can't even handle typing it out. My wife had to quit her job which she adored. We had to move to a smaller house after a year and a half because of the medical bills. I don't hate my daughter. But I do resent the fact that we had her, even though I knew our life would be this way."

9 She Hated Being  A Mother

This woman also wanted an abortion, but in the exact opposite situation of the last confession, it was the husband who pressured her into keeping the child. As she explains, she is just not cut out for being a mother. She felt the kid stole her life from her, and she wished she had never given birth to the child:

"When I became pregnant, I had not ever wanted a child. I was not at all happy, in fact I cried so much and became very depressed. I felt very pressured into going through with it by my husband. He had very good intentions but it was just not something I wanted for myself. We had agreed before we married that we did not want children. So I was very resentful and miserable. So I faked it as best as I could and got help. I never wanted to hurt her or for her to feel unloved but it was so hard."

She continues, "Never did it feel natural to me. I never found much enjoyment out of raising a child, I was exhausted and burned out by all the stuff kids do. I resented giving up my plans, my work, my horse, my whole identity for a child I never wanted."


8 Son With Autism


There is no way in hell the parents of this child haven't thought about killing their son and making it look like an accident, if only for a few seconds. This is a stunning insight into what it's like to raise a severely autistic child:

"My oldest son is severely autistic and twelve years old. Imagine someone bound by OCD that cannot talk and cannot understand seemingly very simple concepts. He can use the toilet, but doesn't really get using toilet paper. Or maybe he does, but saw us get upset once for throwing an entire roll into the toilet, so lately he has been going to the bathroom at 5:00 am, then finding clothes, sheets, towels, something, whatever, and wiping his ass with those."

She continues, "We've pretty much run the washing machine on sanitize about 75 times a day the last two weeks. He's got a reason for it somewhere in his head that makes sense to him, but he can't tell us what it is, and we can't get him to figure out to f**king come and get us if he's taken a sh*t."

7 Nightmare Son 

Here's another story about a nightmare son that these parents probably wish they never had. It's become so bad that this mother fears her husband will leave her just to get away from their son for good. She admits that there was a time when he thought about just ending his life:

"He would go into terrible rages as he got older but still in grade school, threatening to throw up on me, smash the table, turn chairs over. Had no concept of behavior vs punishment or reward. None. We tried everything we could think of."

She continues, "He steals, just around the house so far. Can't have soda? That's ok I'll take it anyway. I want to impress a girl? I'll take my moms necklace. He's threatened to kill himself because some girl didn't want to date him. We thought we had that talked out with the therapist. Nope, soon as he got his cell phone back he messaged the girl saying he was dying from infection."

6 "Impossible To Like"


Here's another mother that probably thought about killing her son, whether or not she wants to admit it or not. She confesses on the Internet about how he's "impossible to like," and she cites bed-wetting and pooping his pants as pretty solid reasons to back up her feelings:

"Not my child, but my husband's youngest son from his first marriage. I don't hate him, I care very much for him, but he is impossible to like."

She explains, "He's a chronic bed wetter, so he frequently smells like urine, he's got issues with sh*tting his pants sometimes too and swears that he has no idea when or how it happens. He's been to numerous doctors and counsellors who tell us to give him fiber. He's been instructed to change out of dirty clothes and put them in the wash, but he won't admit to it. Instead, when he soils his pants, he'll often hide them somewhere until his disgusting cache is discovered and he gets in trouble."

5 Her Daughter Is A Reminder Of Something Terrible 

This is definitely one of the saddest confessions on this article. This woman was actually raped by the father of her baby. Every time she looks at the child, she is reminded of the man that caused her so much pain and suffering. I'm sure that having that child around must be a daily source of torment. It's not surprising that she expresses the wish that her baby "disappeared..." Let's hope she gets through this tough time.

"I love my daughter. I really, really love her. It's not her I resent - it's the situation I am in. My daughter's violent father is in prison for crimes against me, and her (I live in the UK, so he only got seven years - one count of rape, one count of sexual assault of a child under 13, he'll be out when he's served HALF of that). She's 22 months old, was 3 months old when he was arrested. She looks so much like her father and having her with me is a constant, painful reminder of it all. I've tried to kill myself, I self-harm, I'm on a lot of medication."

4 He Once Wished His Daughter Committed Suicide


This is a really shocking story that really pulls at the heartstrings. This is a confession of a father that has to deal with a child who has mental illnesses and is very suicidal. In the full confession, he talks about having to keep all his cleaning supplies locked up and hidden away, in case his child uses them to attempt suicide. In the end, he admits that there was a time when he wished his child was successful in killing herself... It would have made his whole family's life a lot easier.

"Throw away [Reddit Account] because this may be my deepest darkest secret ever and even now it almost brings me to tears to type this. One of my children with mental illnesses has been suicidal and has survived numerous attempts. Anyway, I can remember one really really awful period in our lives about a year ago where I honestly felt like had she not survived her attempts that life for me and her siblings would be easier."

3 She Wishes She Never Had Him 

Another mother talks about the tough time she's having raising a child with severe rage issues. Interestingly, his rage is a result of steroids at an early age as part of a medical treatment. Having a child that is liable to hurt others must be a crushing feeling. Imagine knowing that your son had severely injured another child on the playground? That's what this mother experienced, and she admitted that the world would probably be a better place without this child.

"I have a 5 year old with extreme behavioral/rage issues. They stem from a large dose of steroids required for a long period of time for a previous medical issue.  CPS is now involved for the 4th time in 2 years because at school he cracked a kid across the head with a rock because the school refuses to give him an IEP because he is so young. I sometimes wish I could have switched and had her first because the only reason for trying again was so I could have a girl."

2 She Doesn't Love Her Son Anymore 


You know that a mother seriously hates her son when she claims that she "beyond resents" him. You really get the feeling that this woman has completely had enough when it comes to raising her child. She's at her wit's end, and she even admits that she doesn't love her son anymore. Whatever the son is doing, it has to be pretty big to destroy the instinctual maternal bond every woman is supposed to have with their young.

"I beyond resent my son. He's seven. He lies all the time, never listens, and does harmful things to others. His father took off before he was born. Every day is an argument and fight with this child. There are no fun times. There are no happy moments. He makes me miserable. I don't think I love him anymore. I feel like he's sabotaging my life and chances for getting out of the welfare system. I'm miserable with him in my life."

1 This 15-Year-Old Got An Abortion

The last confession is from a 15-year-old girl who went on Reddit to confess that she had just gotten an abortion. Can you really blame her? Abortions are a controversial topic, but I think it's safe to say that everyone agrees that abortions do in fact kill mother's babies, whether they are legal entities or not. And we've already seen how having a child when you're not ready can ruin your life. Did she do the right thing by getting an abortion? You be the judge:

"I am a 15-year-old who had an abortion yesterday. I was 13.5 weeks pregnant, and after long thought and consideration I decided to have an abortion. I have always been pro-choice. Seeing as this guy was a really good friend of mine and I hooked up with him before, I had sex with him that night. I was stupid and didn't use protection. I thought I could rely on the 'pull-out method' ( I know very naive and stupid )."

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