15 Confessions From Parents Who Hate Their Kids

Most people would think it would be impossible to hate their own children. The love between parents and their children are practically magical. Most people couldn’t even imagine what it would take for them to start hating their own children. It must take a lot because the bond between a parent and child is a hard one to break.

Deciding to have children is an important one and many people plan the whole process out. They want a baby so badly and having a child will make a strong marriage even stronger. The process of raising children, however, is not an easy one and that can be the straw that broke the camel’s back at times. Marriages that weren’t strong to begin with have crumbled under the stress of having a child, especially if the child was a difficult one.

During difficult times, some parents realize that parenting isn’t what they thought it would be and they start to resent the child they have. It’s certainly not a rare occurrence, unfortunately, and there are parents that regret being parents altogether. These parents are just struggling with difficult times, however, most of them just downright despise being parents. Shocked? You should be. Check out these 15 confessions from parents who hate their kids.


15 Instant Regret

This mother noticed a change in her marriage after the baby and she’s not liking it one bit. The problem with this story is that the woman didn’t want to have a child and her spouse convinced her to. That’s just asking for trouble. No one should ever force their partner into such a big responsibility when it’s not what they want. This woman regretted it instantly and that’s just tragic for everyone. “We had a great relationship before the baby, and I always felt like we could have continued the way we were. A few days after having the baby I felt intense regret, and it hasn't gone away.” That’s such a sad story and unfortunately, not an uncommon one.

14 The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree


Some parents realize at some point that their kids are turning out just like them and that can be terrifying, especially if they have a bad attitude. If you have an attitude or tend to be testy with people, then there is a chance you are going to pass that bad behavior onto your child. This woman is experiencing just that and it says something about the fact that she hates the behavior of her child. “I hate my daughter. She is so much like me that I can't stand her. There are days I want to give her away. She's 7.” Maybe she needs to look at herself first because she’s admitting her daughter is juts like her, so what does that say about the kind of person that she is. It sounds like she needs to grow up a little.

13 It’s Not A Glamourous Life

Some people don’t realize, shockingly enough, that parenting is hard. It’s not just about popping out something cute and then dressing the child up anyway that you want. It’s 18 years of caring for a child in the best possible way, and that can lead to stressful and exhausting times because it’s not all about you anymore. This woman is sick of parenting and she’s not afraid to admit it. “I just hate my life now, the sleep deprivation, the drudgery, the monotony, and I feel so guilty and ashamed for feeling this way.” You can hardly blame the child for this, that’s just what it’s like having children. It’s also a perfectly normal feeling, it’s hard having a baby and not all of us have access to nanny’s, so sleep deprivation is a thing that we have to suffer through.

12 Dad Misses His Old Life


This confession comes from a father who misses his life before he had children. It can be hard for people who start to have children while their friends are living the single life. It’s all part of growing up, however, this dad wishes he could turn back time. “I made the children, so it's my job to look after them and I will until the day I die,” he wrote. “But I can't get the feeling out of my head that my life's missing something.” We feel for the guy for sure, there are many people who wish they hadn’t had children, but it’s not just something that you can stop doing. Parenting is a lifetime of worrying and always being there for your kids.

11 Her Parenting Sucks

We don’t know the real situation but it’s always sad to hear a mother say that she hates her kids. Children aren’t typically born bad and if they are behaving badly, it’s usually because there wasn’t enough discipline in the household. She needs to get a handle on her child’s behavior before it gets completely out of control. “I secretly hate my kids. They ruin everything and my parenting skills suck. Not a day goes by where I'm not fixing things they've broken.” It’s not fun if the children are destroying things in the house, but sometimes it’s a cry for help or because the child feels they aren’t getting enough attention.

10 Losing Her Mind


This woman is experiencing a lot as she navigates through the minefields of parenting. We feel for those women who are at their wit's end and feel like they have no one to turn to. She sounds like she has a lot on her plate and she should be looking for a support system outside of her husband. This sad confession came from the mother of a 2-year-old and she’s sleep deprived. She has missed work because her baby won’t sleep and she suffers from regular panic attacks. It’s gotten so bad, she’s threatening to leave her husband. “I do not know what to do,” she admitted. “Even when she goes back to sleep, my nerves are so shot that I lie awake and anger consumes my soul. I hit her yesterday and feel so guilty. I wish I never had her, she takes and takes and we are empty. We have tried letting her cry, sleeping next to her, even put a lock on her room so she would not get out. She still wakes us up.” 

9 Their Life Is Over

It’s not an uncommon feeling for parents to feel as if they let life pass them by. Parenting can be all-consuming at times and it can be hard to have a normal life beyond being a parent. But it’s also not impossible. There are many successful people out there who have managed to juggle both. This dad feels like he missed out on a lot of opportunities by having children. “I feel like having a kid closed off a lot of possibilities for me. I don’t stand a chance at doing anything significant with my life other than saying ‘Hey, I raised three more humans.” It’s unfortunate that these parents can’t see beyond the diapers. It’s okay to still go after your dreams even if you are a parent. Your kids will appreciate it in the end. The last thing they want is for you to feel trapped.


8 She Thinks Her Kids Are Stupid


Well, that can be a dangerous feeling to have about your own children for a few reasons. Typically, if you feel that way about your kids, they are going to get that vibe from you as well. If kids sense that their parents think they are stupid, then that’s going to send them down a road to being unsuccessful in every aspect of their life. We’re not sure what’s going on in the household, but it’s always best to be uplifting to your children. “I hate my children. No matter how much I teach them, they've got no intellect. If I could go back in time, I wouldn't become a mother.” It’s just so sad that someone would feel this way about their children. She sounds like a snob who probably shouldn’t have had children in the first place.

7 They Look Like Her Ex

Well, who can help that sort of thing? That can be the sticky part about getting a divorce is that you have children that will always remind you of your ex. But typically, parents don’t hate their children based on them looking like their ex. They usually love them no matter what. We’re not exactly sure what’s wrong with this woman, but she needs to get her priorities straight. “Sometimes I feel like I hate my kids. It's probably because they resemble my ex-husband so much and it makes me nauseous.” Nauseous?That’s a terrible feeling to have toward your own children.

6 Forced To Have Kids


We can’t stress enough how wrong it is to force your spouse to have children if they don’t want to. This father was tricked into the first pregnancy and then threatened into the second one. We’re not sure who the woman is, but she doesn’t seem to be a very good person. Now her husband is left with regrets because he doesn’t want the children he has. “I have two kids I never wanted any. The first was born because my soon-to-be ex-wife told me that she was on the pill; the second came along because she threatened to divorce me if we didn’t have another (it’s happening now so I should have called her bluff). I really don’t like kids and I hate having them during my weekends. I have lost my life completely; I cannot find another woman because of my baggage and the child maintenance is crippling me financially.” 

5 Thinking Horrible Thoughts

It’s always a shock when you hear parents say that they hate their kids. It just seems so impossible. What are these kids doing to make their parents hate them? Or is it just a lack of patience and compassion from the parents. This mother has to lock herself in her room to get away from her kids and then she sits there and thinks unkind things about her children. “I really hate my kids. When they are being unbearable, I go to my room and flip them off through the door and think really horrible thoughts.” That’s really unfortunate. It’s not too late to discipline your children to get the respect that you need in your household. She could probably use some extra support from family and friends to get her through the tough times. Having bad thoughts about your children can be dangerous.

4 Missing Her Old Life


We think that all parents at some point or another miss the freedom that they had before children came around. But it’s all about what you make of your life. “I am a stay-at-home mother of two with big regrets. I’m not happy. They take away my freedom. I can’t get a job; my husband barely makes enough for the holidays. I was a flight stewardess, free as a bird before having kids. Now I’m just doing never-ending house duties. I’ve always wanted to have four kids since I was a teenager. My mom told me not to get married and have kids when I was single. I got very mad at her cause she was the only woman who said that to me. She had four kids without a job. She was right. I should have listened to her.”

3 Getting Rid Of Her Kids

This woman is so fed up with her kids that she is thinking of sending them away to their father. It’s rare that a mother wants to wash her hands of her kids. Usually during a separation, the mother wants to raise the children, but in this case, she is so sick of their behavior that she wants out motherhood. “I really resent and am starting to hate my kids. I'm thinking of sending them to their father, so I never see them again. They don't seem to appreciate how good they have it.” That’s harsh, even for a stressed-out mom. She’s so sick of her kids that she’s considering abandoning them entirely.

2 Evil Kids


For whatever reason, this woman’s son is deliberately trying to make her life more difficult. That’s certainly unfortunate, but that can be some of the tough parts of a divorce. Sometimes the children are forced to take sides. If the child doesn’t like his mother, however, then maybe she shouldn’t be putting herself through all this pain. “Sometimes I hate my son. Since the divorce, he goes out of his way to rebel against me in favour of his dad. The harder I try to fight the more hopeless I feel. Have I failed?” We’re not sure what’s wrong with this mean kid, but her feelings are justified if this is what’s happening to her. We wonder why her son has so much hostility toward her. It’s an unfortunate situation and we hope that everything works out for the best.

1 She Wants To Run Away

It can be difficult to have to raise kids you hate. We honestly couldn’t imagine it and it’s shocking to hear parents describe their children in this way. This mother is so sick of her kids that she wants to run away from them. She wouldn’t have any regrets at all about leaving them behind. “I secretly hate my children, they bring me nothing but torment. It scares me that I could run away and be perfectly okay with leaving them behind.” That is a scary thought indeed; we wonder why her kids make her feel that way. Are they really bad kids or is she just not cut out for parenting? It’s definitely a situation where you feel bad for everyone involved.


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