15 Confessions From Men's Favorite Kind Of Dancers

When it comes to visiting a strip joint, you never know what the ladies are thinking when they're doing their routines or lap dances. Sure, they're smiling and making eyes at you; after all, they have a living to make. Do they like you, or are they faking it and are just after your hard-earned bills? The world of a strip joint is often a fantasy land for guys and girls alike. It can be hard to tell the difference between fantasy and reality, and many men get fooled. What could possibly go wrong in a dark and crowded room with women who are half-naked?

More often than not, strip clubs are filled with men who are desperate and looking for some attention. Men will go in there and even fall in love with the girls. More often than not, it’s fake love because the girls rarely feel the same way; they're just acting after all. The strip club, at times, can be a way to pass the time for some men, so what does a stripper really think about when she's dancing the night away for her clients? What to make for dinner? The new dress she’s been scouting all week? Or how much money she can get out of your wallet all night? Do you really want to know what they're thinking? You might be surprised. Stay tuned to hear the dirty little secrets that strippers are confessing to now.


15 What a Guy Smells Like

Gross, right? Well, a girl can only hope that the worst that they're smelling is bad cologne. If it’s something else, it can make being a stripper so much worse. Who needs that? This poor girl had to deal with a sweaty man who smelled like onions, and he didn’t wear any deodorant. Some jobs just really stink! Why couldn’t he at least wear deodorant?

“I had this one guy who really stunk. He was a college boy. He didn't wear any deodorant. He was sweating nasty. He smelled like onions. I was in there an hour with him, and I had to deal with that smell for so long. I kept, like, rubbing my nose trying to give little keys like, you need deodorant. It was horrible.” (Reddit)

It’s one of those moments when a girl really wishes that she could just say no.

14 Their Grocery List


It’s true! Some girls will think about the things they need to do after work instead of the task at hand. After so many lap dances, the whole thing becomes a little boring for the girls. It’s the same old thing after a while, so why not think about something else? "Eggs, milk, cereal, chicken breasts, my breasts, coffee, apples, coffee... It's true; some lap dances are especially catered to the recipient. But some are so mundane that I’m literally making a mental grocery list while I gyrate, massage, or wiggle. But who's to say that the customer isn't doing the exact same thing?” (Thrillist)

It’s true the guy could be thinking about mundane things as well, but it’s also highly unlikely. They don’t pay for those things just to think about milk and eggs while it’s happening. Or do they?

13 They Think Men Are Pathetic

Strippers typically have a low opinion of their clients; we've already seen that. They see the men who come into strip clubs as weak and ridiculous. They don’t like their jobs, and the clients coming in asking for services usually don’t help matters, so it’s not surprising to have a stripper think of men in strip clubs as pathetic.

“I did it, and it made me realize just how pathetic men are. I don’t hate them; I just hate that they come get lap dances and watch naked women dance and go home to their wives and lie about it.”

It’s true: most men that go into strip clubs are in relationships or are married, and yet, they're in there ogling naked women. It’s weird that it’s become a social norm, but be that as it may, the strippers don’t hold their clients in high regard.

12 They Laugh At and Mock Their Clients


It’s not hard to imagine that a girl who doesn’t like being a stripper probably makes fun of her clients.

“If you’ve ever given money to a stripper, you’ve probably given money to a girl or woman who has spent the last 20 minutes laughing at you, either with the other girls or on the inside. You buy a lap dance, and inside, she’s criticizing you, laughing at you, mocking you. She’s mocking what you’re wearing, how you’re speaking, and everything about you. When a man would pay me to give him a lap dance, I would spend the entire time internally laughing at his breath, his pimples, his fat belly, anything and everything I could. These women hate you, and no amount of money you can give them will make them like you anymore.… So while we may be thinking about how disgusting your teeth are, how horrible your breath is, what a stupid shirt you’re wearing, and how we’d like to run a cheese grater over your smug face, we’re smiling and looking at you through submissive eyes as we robotically rub our bodies over yours.” (Reddit)

11 They Hate Their Clients

Seriously, it’s kind of funny, but then it’s also not as well, but this is truly a thought that goes through some strippers' heads when they're giving you a lap dance. They look at you with lust in their eyes, but they're feeling something closer to hate.

“It makes me feel sick. A lot of the time, I try to imagine they’re not there or something, but part of it is making them feel special. Looking into their eyes is really important. I hate having to do that because I hate them all. I always have thoughts like ‘I hate you so much. Please die.' while I’m kneeling in front of them, smiling and staring into their eyes.”

Well, can you really be surprised when most of the women that work in strip clubs do it because they have to, not because they love going to work every day?

10 They Think Men Go Too Far


It wouldn’t be the first time that a guy went into a strip joint and thought it was a free-for-all. Just because a girl strips for a living doesn’t mean that she wants a guy to paw all over her. We almost feel bad for these girls; they must have to deal with an awful lot.

“I hate every customer I see…. Some guy at the club started rubbing my crotch through my panties last night. I said, ‘You can’t do that.” He said, ‘Why not?' I said, ‘Because I don’t want you to.' He looked shocked. Like… dancers aren’t just walking sex dolls [are they]? We actually have wants [don't we]? The recurring theme seems to be that no matter where I go, men treat me like I’m theirs…. I’m so tired of being touched and smirked at and catcalled like my body was made specifically for them to enjoy. I hate them all so much.” (JellyShare)

9 They Worry That They'll Be Recognized

We can imagine how awkward it is to run into a client out in public and hope to God they don’t recognize you. That's what some of the girls think about when they're working. They prefer to keep their private lives private, but that’s not always the case. One stripper always feels weird when people say they recognize her from somewhere. Especially if it’s a girl that was a former stripper, she would probably hope that her past would stay in her past.

“I get nervous when guys say they recognize me because I used to work the pole.” (The Talko)

It’s not surprising, of course; we can imagine the humiliation a girl musty feel when she worries about being recognized for her pole work. Chances are, if you remember seeing her, it might be from the strip club.


8 They Think Men Are Creepy


The part that sucks about working in this industry is that the girls don’t always get to pick who their clients are, so they have to give a lap dance whether it's a hot guy or a really old guy. They never know who their clients are going to be, and they can’t really refuse a client. “I danced in 2002 & I HATED it. The men were so scuzzy in there, but generally, the women don’t mind. If they are stupid enough to hand us their $ for NOT getting laid, then that’s cool. I have never been shy about nudity, but when the OLD men or the ones who are in strip clubs for a reason (BUTT-UGLY!) & want a lap dance…UGH!! That was the most degrading money I ever made & the hardest. It’s not easy to pretend that you are turned on by some fat-ass loser wanting a lap dance, but that is the only way to make $ as a stripper…. I didn’t hate the men. They were just being men… I hated the job.”

7 They Think About Paying For College

It’s no big surprise that most strippers are doing the job to pay their way through college, and once college is finished, they say goodbye to the life, so oftentimes, while they're stripping or giving lap dances, they'll sit there and calculate how many times they have to do their job before they have enough money to quit. Many women don’t want to be a stripper for the rest of their lives, and they dream of getting out as soon as they can.

"How many lap dances is it per college credit? I'm about that (math) life. 'Time is money' is a cliché and yet applicable when you work for gratuities. Anyone who works in the service industry knows this.” (Thrillist)

They want to make as much money as they can as quickly as they can so they can move on with their lives.

6 They Wonder If a Client Is a Serial Killer


It could happen, right? Sure, there's nothing to say that there haven’t been serial killers in strip clubs before, and it’s not unusual for a stripper to question who's really sitting in front of them. This poor girl has heard some seriously weird things from clients that would make anyone question whether they were serial killers.

"Oh, this guy is definitely a serial killer: 'Your legs would look good mounted on the hood of my car.' OK, so not all interactions are tender and poignant. Sometimes my face hurts from wearing a fake smile, hoping my client doesn't whisper some Hannibal Lecter-type shit in my ear. 'Your cl-----s looks chewy.' Yeah. That’s a real quote. It's nice to have hand signals to nearby bouncers. A thumbs-up to security in my circles means, 'I'm fine.' An 'A-OK' means, 'HALP!'” Yikes, those are creepy things.

5 They Worry They're Going To Get Ripped Off

It’s probably something that's happened more often than you would think. Men go into strip clubs and sometimes try to get a free lap dance before they run out of the club. In the case of this girl, she had a guy come in and get multiple dances and then try to leave without paying. The man in question came with his girlfriend, which isn’t uncommon. It’s a funny story that includes a girl's impression of a scuzzy guy.

“Girl, your man owes me 60 dollars. About your man: white, early 30s, balding, slightly chubby, suited, small p---s rubbing into my a$$. Your typical strip club patron…. I gave him five lap dances before he claimed he did not know they were $20 per dance, then bolted without paying me.” (Reddit)

That’s when you get the bouncer to help you out to make sure that you get paid.

4 They Often Hate Men


Being in the sex industry isn’t always as fun as it looks, especially for the girls that work at strip clubs. They see some pretty incredible things day in and day out, and it often leads to the women feeling negative toward the men that they're servicing.

“Many of the strippers I know hate men and want to use them, and unfortunately, this is the outlet, one which is not ultimately powerful for women…. I used to hate every single customer for being male and being in a place, which uses and ranks women, but now I see individual stories, and I can’t hate every single customer, especially when they tell me they know they are messed-up inside.”

Messed up or not, the sex industry can have a lot of creeps and men who use women, so it’s hard to not have a bad feeling about the whole thing.

3 Whether They Need to Change Their Tampon

Oh, now that's really gross. It’s probably not something that guys even think about when they go to the strip club, but the truth of the matter is, strippers have to work whether or not they're on their period, so when it comes time to work, they really hope that they have time throughout the night to properly change their tampons. Obviously, we all hope that the girls have that kind of time; otherwise, things can get a little gross for the clients. Apparently, it’s known that only the bravest of girls will wear white when they're on their period, but it happens all the time. That’s really surprising to hear. Why not wear black on that particular week, so there aren’t any embarrassing moments?

“I really hope my tampon was changed recently enough.” (Thrillist)

Yes, we all hope that's the case as well.

2 Some Think Men Need Tenderness


Yes, it’s true: not all the girls hate men and want to see them die. There are some strippers who feel like a man needs some tenderness in his life after a hard day at work. It’s natural for a woman to be a nurturer to a man in need, and in this case, this stripper feels like certain men need a little extra love to get them through the day.

"I had a very rugged man come in after a long day of masonry, and while I was giving him a dance, I was thinking to myself how wonderful it must feel to have a soft, sweet, and bubbly lady all over you after a long day of hard labor. I found so much joy in that moment and for men who are truly lonely getting to feel that someone cares. It's important, and I am truly thankful I get to provide that for the world." (Thrillist)

1 They Want to Quit Their Job

The frustration of the job can lead a stripper to not even want to do her job at all, and we really can’t blame her.

“There is a common belief amongst society that strippers hate men… the more common and specific scenario in which strippers can be guilty of disliking men are [sic] quiet nights or nights the club is swarming with men who are only interested in swigging on alcohol and being boisterous with their other drunk mates. The temporary, situational anger and frustration that derives [sic] from such nights can be quite intense. The hopelessness that is felt on one of those sh!tty nights can be enough to make me want to quit; within minutes an interesting, not-too-drunk-and-irritating customer who wants to pay heaps of money to hang out can wipe away that feeling. The trick is to be patient and see men as individuals, not a whole.”

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