15 Confessions From Ex-Cons We Wish We Never Read

Life behind bars is obviously different from living in the outside world. There's little to no freedom, no family members to talk to and very few things to do. Most importantly, no one to trust. We've heard of prison stories left and right and these kinds of tales terrify us to our wit's end. Hearing these stories forces us to become the best law-abiding citizens ever to avoid a year or more in jail.

Some people go to jail for the rest of their lives. Some are lucky enough to make it through their sentence. Talking to ex-cons is possibly the best way to get an idea of what it's like living behind bars as these guys have seen it all. They have really terrifying things to confess from inside prison. What we see on TV and film is a lot different to what actually happens inside jails and we're very lucky to not have to spend even a second in there.

Aside from violence, there's just so much more to fear while behind bars. These ex-cons were brave enough to share their terrifying confessions.

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15 Prepare To See The Worst

Some convicts are really deranged and crazy. Long years spent in prison isn't going to help them get over their demented side, either. Many ex-cons will tell you that being in prison is having a front row ticket to some pretty violent scenes. The violence isn't always inmate-to-inmate confrontations as some inmates are so crazy, they hurt themselves in excruciating ways.

One ex-con shares a terrifying tale of the worst thing he saw in prison. One really crazy inmate was cleared to be with the rest of the prisoners. When it was recreational period and the inmate got to the yard, the first thing he did was rush to the razor wire fence. He didn't try to escape or anything. He grabbed a dangling piece of the razor wire and tried to end his life. Things got bloody but, somehow, the inmate survived.

14 Showing Emotions Could Mean Trouble

Prison guards can be rough at times and there have been countless accounts of the guards abusing their authority. It's a sad reality but it's one we must accept. Even in prison, abuse and violence will play a part in the rehabilitation of a convict. For one inmate, he found out the hard way that showing any emotional weakness could get one person into a really bad situation.

It was this ex-con's first Christmas in prison and he was visited by his family. When he was alone again, he punched the wall out of frustration and one guard saw him. The guard asked if he wanted to talk and the ex-con saw this as a sign of good will. It was not. He was put in a room for suicide watch and it was just basically solitary confinement. It was cold and, even worse, he was stripped naked of all clothing.

13 Jails For Women Could Be A Lot Worse

Netflix's Orange is the New Black is a show beloved by many. The story revolves around a group of women in jail and many regard the show as an accurate representation of what it's like in an all-female prison. Before this show, female prisons were rarely depicted on film or TV. If we're taking into consideration the very few stories about female prisons, one would easily conclude that these are a worse place to be as compared to male prisons.

One ex-con shares the crimes female inmates are in for. There's one mother and daughter who abused a child. And there were a lot more horrifying stories. Most of the crimes that female inmates are in for are related to child abuse. By these stories alone, most of the women inmates are definitely scarier than the male ones.

12 Judging A Book By Its Cover Is A Bad Idea

Once a person steps into prison for the first time, a whole new world will be waiting for him. Life behind bars will be filled with people he doesn't have any clue about. Some new inmates will tend to befriend the inmates who are quiet and friendly, but judging a book by its cover is a bad idea while in prison as it's hard to know what a person is capable of.

An account from an inmate tells how the quietest guys in prison are often the most dangerous. One quiet inmate was apparently part of a killer gang. That gang was known to kill people and harvest their organs to sell on the black market. As compared to the other criminals who are more social and open to discussion, that one quiet inmate is far more dangerous.

11 Things Get Violent

In maximum security prisons, most of the guys are in for murder or other violent crimes. As we see in film and TV, life inside prison is more dangerous than in the outside world. In real life, there have been countless reports of prison violence and that shouldn't be a surprise anymore as most of these guys are already used to resorting to violence.

It's not just the inmates that get violent though, says one confession. According to the source, he saw the emergency response team beat an inmate to death. That's violent on its own already but when it comes to inmate-to-inmate violence, things can get way worse and even more bloody. He tells the story of how eight guys stabbed another inmate to death and even allowed his body to fall from a height of 10 feet.

10 It's A Traumatizing Experience

It's obvious that prisons are made to change a person for the better. But things don't always go as they were intended as even if the law's intentions for prisons are good; the other inmates, the guards, and the jail staff aren't always following the rules they are set out to follow. In worst case scenarios, people who get out of jail get so traumatized, they feel like they've never even set foot outside of it at all.

An inmate who did time in a low-security prison shares how horrible his experience was. The nurses didn't care about the conditions of the inmates. The other inmates were bullies. Everything was just horrible. The moment he got out of prison, he found out that he can no longer sleep in a bed as it reminded him of what prison was like. Since he got out, he had to sleep in a chair. He shares that the police even knock at his door late at night to scare him sometimes.

9 Some Don't Regret The Time Lost

When we think about prison, we begin thinking about how hard it would be to spend days upon days with criminals with various offenses, while barely getting to see any of our loved ones.  Prison serves as a rehabilitation center for criminals and many of those that get in come out a better person, as they regret the crime they did and they certainly regret the time they lost while in jail.

That's not the case for everyone though. One inmate shares that he does not regret doing the crime he committed. He even admitted to not regretting the time he spent in prison because, in it, he managed to find himself. We're sure that many criminals in jail don't regret the time they spent there and the crime they did to get that prison time. It's just chilling to hear that for some, prison is just another day in the life of a person.

8 Movies Are Actually Shot There

There are only two ways we learn about prison; one is through watching movies or TV, the other is by going to prison ourselves to get a first-hand account of what it's like behind bars. One of the two is obviously better. Films and TV shows have been depicting life in prison for decades now and many are beginning to question whether or not that depiction is true at some point.

According to some inmates, many of the things we see about prison in movies and TV are true. How do these scenes get filmed, anyway? Many accounts from those behind bars reveal that production teams do get inside jails to take a few shots and scenes. It's the most cost-efficient option for them, but most importantly, it makes the scenes as real as it gets and everything from the atmosphere to the overall feel is on point.

7 Things Could Go Wrong For Unfair Reasons

Prison violence is common across jails in the world. Inmates are all on edge and some are just violent in nature.We've heard terrible stories how violence starts in prison. Some are the result of gang disputes. Some are the result of petty arguments. These reasons are not justifiable to start violence of course, but sometimes, even the most unfair reasons can cause an inmate his life.

This terrifying tale of one inmate details how one inmate got hurt because of the language barrier. It was an American prison and the inmate was Hispanic and didn't know how to speak English. When the Hispanic inmate failed to put his towel on a pile on the floor because he couldn't understand the instructions, the guards beat him up. It started with the inmate getting tasered and from then on, things didn't go well.

6 Cigarettes Are A Big Deal

There have been countless accounts that say cigarettes are a big deal in prison. This shouldn't come as a surprise though as they are easy to smuggle and the nicotine in them is pretty addictive. It's believed that cigarettes function as a currency inside prisons and inmates use this to get goods that they want. Exactly how important are cigarettes in jail?

One inmate shares his rather disturbing story. One of the guards was smoking a cigar on the way to his shift and he stomped on it outside to put out the smoke. The cigar got lodged in his boot and it fell on the floor for the inmates to look at. Once the cells opened for recreational time, the inmates literally battled for the used and stomped-on cigar. There was a pile of bodies battling for it and the person telling the story knew then and there just how big a deal cigars are.

5 No Asking The Guards For Help

In prison, there's no one else to go to aside from the inmates. There have been many tales that say inmates are on their own once they get locked behind bars but no one has ever detailed what exactly this means. There are a few tales about how guards rarely look after the inmates but it may come in a case by case basis. There are a few prisons out there, where guards are not treated as a lifeline.

According to one inmate, no one asks for help from the guards. After seeing an inmate bludgeon another with a bag full of cans, the inmate who saw it all unfold was concerned immediately. Upon seeing that the victim wasn't taken care of even after a few minutes, he asked the other inmates if he should call the guards for help. He was then told stories and a lesson that no one asks help from the guards.

4 Dying For A Phone Call

In prison, inmates value the things that give them contact with the outside world. Aside from getting visits, inmates value the phone calls they can make to the outside world. Apparently, these phone calls are very important to them as one inmate would find out. Some inmates are willing to break the law even more if they think that others are making them lose their valuable phone call time.

A former inmate shares his terrifying tale. It was early in the morning when another inmate came running out of the shower, naked and bleeding. That inmate died on the basketball court. It was obvious that this inmate was stabbed by another but what's the motive behind it? According to the inmate telling the story, the victim was stabbed because he made two phone calls in a row while other inmates were waiting for their turn.

3 Prank Calls Can Be A Ticket To Jail

Prison is a place that's meant to rehabilitate the world's criminals and to make sure they won't cause others harm ever again. These criminals are put there for crimes including murder, arson, theft, and so much more. One would think that to go to jail, a person needs to commit a really heinous crime. As one teenager found out, prank calls can be a one-way ticket to jail.

The prank call in question wasn't threatening. It was just a standard practical joke pulled by a rowdy teen. The person on the receiving end of the call was having none of it and soon enough, the caller was arrested and facing trial. He was jailed for two years. It's surprising that the court would imprison a teen for making a prank call. Even a day-long imprisonment sounds like way too much for a prank call.

2 Solitary Horror

A juvenile in solitary confinement. (Richard Ross/www.juvenile-in-justice.com)

Being in jail is bad enough already. Being locked up away from your loved ones and being put up with other hardened criminals is a big punishment on its own already. However, there are things way worse than jail time. For inmates who become too rowdy or break a few rules in jail, they are sent to solitary confinement. In this small room, inmates are left to be alone with no one else to talk to but there's so much more to it.

An inmate who's been in solitary confinement shares that no light or sound gets through the small room provided to rowdy inmates. With no sounds to hear and with very minimal light to see, the other senses get stronger. The inmate adds that his sense of smell became so advanced, he could smell guards before they even opened the door. And when the guards do come, the inmate gets beaten up.

1 Avoid The Universal Gym

There is not a lot that inmates can do in prison, but one of the things they can do is workout. However, working out in the prison's gym isn't advice you'll hear from ex-cons. In fact, most of these guys will warn anyone that asks to stay away from the universal gym or the one that everyone gets to use. One ex-con found out the hard way why that part of the prison is basically no man's land.

This ex-con managed to befriend an inmate on his first day. As they were going through the universal gym, he saw four guys gang up on an inmate who was using it doing bench presses. The four guys held him down and beat him up with a sack filled with cans of food. It was a rough lesson, but it was a lesson he was proud to have learned before it was too late for him.

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