15 Confessions From Crazy Girls Who Tricked Their BF To Marry Them

Marriage is not an easy decision to make and when it comes to finding true love, that can be the hardest thing to do, especially in today’s society. There are men out there that like to take their sweet old time when it comes to popping the question. We really can’t blame them, especially because the divorce rate seems to be increasing every year.

There are also some women who have all the patience in the world when it comes to their man popping the question. They will wait for 7, 8, even 10 years just to get that coveted gold band with a solitaire diamond. Those aren’t the women we are going to discuss in this article, however. The ladies here are the ones that got tired of waiting and decided to take matters into their own hands. These women wanted their men no matter what and some of them even tried deceptive methods to keep a man who wanted to leave. We’ve never really understood why a woman would want to trap a man who wants to leave, but it's nothing new.

These women have found creative ways to make their man marry them, and although some of the stories are pretty funny, there are others that are heartbreaking as well. No one should be tricked into marriage if it’s really not something they want. Check out these 15 confessions from crazy girls who trickled their man into marrying them.


15 Her Cheating Man

This woman had quite a mess on her hands when she found out the man that she was in love with was cheating on her. The affair had been going on for quite some time, but instead of dumping him,

she formulated a plan with her pregnant best friend to make sure her man wasn’t going anywhere.

“I told Anthony I had some exciting news. He looked nervous, so I tried to calm him by explaining ‘It’s good news, darling! I’m pregnant!' He looked very alarmed and asked me if I was sure, so I presented him with the pregnancy test with a positive plus sign (courtesy of Michelle). The following day, we began to plan our wedding. Anthony's parents were very ‘moral’ so we couldn't let them know that I was 'pregnant' until we were married. We decided that we would take an unexpected holiday and we came home the following week as Mr. and Mrs. and I couldn't have been happier. I had a 'miscarriage' two months later when the cheating stopped and we were happily married.”

14 Insecurities


This girl has been married now for five years and she confesses that her boyfriend was terrified of marriage, mainly because he thought the intimacy would suddenly end. That seems to be a big worry for a lot of men. “One day, I realized that my boyfriend was scared  of marriage because he thought our bedroom life would suddenly dry up. Whether he got that impression from movies or friends, I don’t know. It’s a pretty common theme: Marriage leads to a never-ending dry spell. So, I started subtly reassuring my boyfriend that he and I would never have a stale bedroom life. I’d say things like, ‘Just because two people are married, doesn’t mean the fun stuff has to stop.’ And I went out of my way to spice it up in bed every now and again. Eventually, it all paid off!”

13 She Poked Holes 

We can’t say that this is the first time that we've heard something like this. Though we find it so bizarre that a woman would want a man who doesn’t want her as much. Wouldn’t it be better to break up and find the man that you are actually supposed to be with? It sounds so easy and yet, these girls are determined to keep their man no matter what. This girl is planning to get pregnant to keep her man. “I’m so desperate to keep a man that I will poke holes in the you-know-what.

I will make him feel safe and loved and then when he’s least expecting it, I will trap him with a baby!”

This woman sounds like she is in the planning stages of trapping her man and hopefully he still has time to get away from this crazy girl.

12 She Didn’t Need A Big Ring


There are some guys that fear weddings because of financial reasons. They don’t want to spend what could be the cost of a house on a wedding. Nor do they want to have to buy a huge diamond to please their fiancé. In this case, the girlfriend eased his concerns so he wouldn’t worry about that. The next thing she knew, she was engaged. “Over time, I hammered the message that I don’t believe in expensive engagement rings into my wonderful boyfriend’s thick skull. Once he knew that it wasn’t going to cost him tens of thousands of dollars to propose, he wasn’t turned off by the idea. I think a lot of women fail to see how financially intimidating the nuptial process can be for men.” Women can be pretty sneaky when it comes to getting what they want.

11 He Wanted To Go to College

There was a man who wanted to get his graduate degree, but unfortunately for him, he was dating a small-minded woman. She didn’t like the fact that he was going to move away for a little bit and she wanted to keep him near. So instead, she told him she was pregnant so he would marry her.

She then worked really hard to get pregnant and his dreams of graduate school disappeared.

“I got pregnant so that my boyfriend wouldn’t leave me to go far away to grad school. My secret, I got pregnant after I told him I already was. We’re married now.” This woman is insanely selfish because she took away his dream of a better education. We’re not sure how she can say that she genuinely loves him. He probably will always regret not being able to go to grad school.

10 Trapping Him With Pregnancy


This happens so often, it's shocking. We don’t know where women ever got the idea that it was okay to trap a man when he wants to leave. In this case, the girl got pregnant just because she thought her man was going to leave her. The saddest part is the guy usually leaves eventually anyway and

now you've dragged a child into the mess as well.

This girl got pregnant and her boyfriend ended up marrying her. “I got pregnant on purpose to keep him from leaving. We have been together for five years now and we are getting married. He still doesn’t know.” Well, hopefully, he never finds out because he probably wouldn’t be too happy about it. These women don’t deserve to be married.

9 Getting Rich

This woman might actually be evil, it’s hard to tell. She got pregnant in order to get married and have financial security only to realize that the baby wasn’t even his. She was clearly cheating on him at the time. She has no intention of telling him, of course, because that would threaten her financial security. We feel so sorry for this poor guy because not only is he in a situation where the child isn’t his, but he’s married to a very manipulative woman. Hopefully one day he will find out the truth. “I trapped him by getting pregnant to have financial stability for the rest of my life.

Yesterday I found out that the baby isn’t even his.

I’m not going to tell him, though.” As we said, this woman is probably evil, and certainly selfish for what she did.


8 Promises, Promises


We aren’t really sure what to think of this confession other than the fact that this woman must be out of her mind. The man she was dating wasn’t really into getting married, so she tricked him by promising to include a third person in the bedroom with them every six months. Now that sort of thing is sure to get old after a while. “I was one of those bohemian types who resented the institution of marriage throughout my teens and early 20s. Then I hit 24 and something changed.

Suddenly, I wanted all the things I’d spent so much time and energy rejecting.

I found myself a decent dude and we started dating, but he wasn’t ‘the marrying type’ and I couldn’t exactly blame him for it. So, I made some bedroom promises and just like that, he was game.”

7 She Threatened To Keep Her Name

Her boyfriend was scared of marriage because of what his parents went through when they got divorced. We have to feel bad for the poor guy, but this woman decided to threaten to keep her last name when it came time to have children if he didn’t marry her. “My boyfriend’s parents went through a horrible divorce and he swore off marriage the day they put him on the witness stand in family court at age 10.

I knew that when we started dating, but I also knew that he desperately wanted kids.

When I decided it was time to make things official, my plan was simple. I pointed out that if we had babies out of wedlock, the kids would get my last name. A man’s ego is a beautifully fragile thing.”  They've been married for three years now.

6 She Has Regrets


This foolish woman got pregnant in order to trick her boyfriend into marrying her. Pregnancy for the purpose of marriage is always a bad idea. What are these women thinking? She finally got what she wanted but then realized later that she really didn’t want it anymore. That’s what happens when you trick a man into marrying you when he doesn’t really want to. We suppose she got what she deserved. “I got pregnant so that my boyfriend would marry me. It worked.

Now I wish I weren’t married.” 

We can’t believe these women are tricking their men into marriage. Not only does it make them crazy but it also makes them pathetic. Now she’s stuck in a marriage that she doesn’t want. Hopefully, they will divorce and get on with their lives before they wreck it even more.

5 Selling Her Citizenship

This girl has honed trickery to a fine art. We would never have even thought about this sort of thing and yet, she knew exactly what she was doing. “My approach was subtle, but genius. I’m a singer-songwriter and my boyfriend is a copywriter at an ad agency by day and a drummer by night. Since we don’t exactly rake it in,

I knew my boyfriend would believe that I was planning to sell my citizenship for a few extra thousands

if he and I weren’t going to tie the knot. I never said anything outright, but I started leaving tabs open on my computer about the whole "citizenship for sale" process. One night we were hanging out with our lawyer friend, and I asked about all the legal risks (my cover was that I’d read an article about it recently). Six weeks later, we were at City Hall swapping long-term love contracts.”

4 Stealing A Man


This girl is dating a guy who is married, but she wants him for herself. Her goal is to get pregnant in the hopes that he will finally leave his wife for her. It’s certainly risky business because she should be sure that he loves her. Otherwise, she may find herself pregnant and alone and that wouldn’t be a lot of fun. She needs to be sure of the love between them because there is no guarantee that he will leave his wife.

“I’ve been trying to get pregnant by my married boyfriend for a year.

I think if I have a baby he will leave his wife for me.” This is such a bad idea, we actually feel sorry for this crazy girl and the wife! Hopefully, she gets what she wants in the end because it doesn’t sound like a very good situation.

3 What A Tangled Web

This girl told a lie to her boyfriend in order to get him to marry her. She told him he could sleep with other people throughout their marriage. We’re not sure why a guy would believe it, but we imagine that he’s going to end up cheating on her to get what she promised him. “Three years into dating, I got the wedding itch. My boyfriend, on the other hand, was a little too content with the status quo. To make him more comfortable with the idea of getting married, I told him that every five years he could sleep with someone else.

I obviously didn’t mean it, which is going to pose a problem at some point down the line,

but I got the job done in the meantime!” We feel like this is going to end badly.

2 She Threatened To Leave


These women are all great at manipulating their men to get what they want. In this case, the woman threatened to leave her man for her “guy friend” if he didn’t marry her. Won’t these girls ever learn? “My first serious boyfriend was this hot, ripped Australian surfer named Ronan. We stayed close long after we broke up, and every guy I dated after him was predictably threatened by our friendship. When I needed a little ammunition to encourage my boyfriend of three years to get married, I casually mentioned that

Ronan and I had one of those pacts that we’d get hitched if we were both still single at 32.

It wasn’t true, but Ronan would’ve played along if I needed him to corroborate the story. My boyfriend proposed six months before I hit the magic mark.”

1 Stopped Using Birth Control

Getting pregnant seems to be a go-to trick women have to get their men to marry them. This girl knew her boyfriend would marry her if she ever got pregnant. So, she stopped taking her birth control without telling him. She got exactly what she wanted and they have been together for thirteen years now. If only these men knew how manipulative their ladies were, it’s actually kind of scary. “I wanted to get married and he didn’t. So, I stopped taking my birth control and I got pregnant. He decided it was best that we get married and we've been together for 13 years now.” It sounds like things worked out exactly the way she wanted it to.


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