15 Confessions About Mental Patients That Will Keep You Up At Night

People with mental health disorders suffer from all sorts of terrifying hallucinations and delusions that can cause them to do crazy things you never could have imagined. When humans are driven to madness, they are capable of horrific things, like pulling their own eyeballs out with their bare hands, drinking another person's blood off the floor, and doing unspeakable things to some innocent dogs. It can be hard for even a trained professional to witness the disturbing things that some of these patients have done.

Even some of these doctors and nurses had to pull away from these mental health patients because of the boundaries they crossed. Many professionals who have worked in the mental health industry have understandably had trouble sleeping after witnessing some of the things that these people have done.

Imagine if you had someone scream bloody murder in your face and telling you that you were going to burn in hell, or having a patient tell you that someone was coming to abduct you.

These 15 people have confessions about mental patients that are so creepy that they will keep you up at night. The medical professionals who dealt with these patients were all pretty traumatized by what they saw during their time working with these mentally disturbed people. Some of these stories sound like they are straight out of a horror film, but the scariest part is probably that all of this really happened. It's incredibly shocking and disturbing to hear about how twisted the mind of an individual with a mental illness is.


15 The Blood-Drinking Patient


Someone who worked in a forensic psychiatric ward confessed one of the most disgusting things that he’d ever witnessed on the job. One day, a mental patient randomly punched one of the healthcare workers in the face. She was an older African American woman, and she had fallen and passed out after she had been hit. Her face bled so much that a puddle had pooled up on the floor.

The staff members rushed their colleague out of the room to get her some help, leaving the mental patient locked in. When they returned to get him, he was down the ground on all fours licking the blood up off of the tile. Did this patient punch the woman on purpose, causing her to bleed so that he could drink her blood?

14 Pulled Her Eyes Out With Her Fingers

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A neuropsychiatrist's son recalled a terrifying story his mother had told him about working in a psych ward during grad school. While making routine room checks, she came across a terrifying scene.

She turned the corner to see a staff member's body on the floor, his legs halfway out the door. She went into the patient room and found a young woman with "severe postpartum psychiatric disorder" sitting on the floor with her gouged out eyeballs in her hands.

The staff member lying on the floor had apparently had a heart attack when he came across the mental health patient injuring herself. The creepiest part? The neuropsychiatrist called for help, and as the staff rushed in to help, the woman just sat there looking tranquil and holding her eyes in her hands.

13 A Ghost Encouraged Her To Kill Herself


A doctor confessed that he once had a client with "pretty severe schizoaffective disorder" who believed that her house was haunted. The doctor went on to say that this mental patient would go into "vivid detail" about the ghosts that were invading her home like a "woman with really thin, stringy black hair without any eyes."

The woman told him that one night, she woke up and the woman was smiling at her creepily in a corner of her room, telling her to commit suicide over and over again. She also said that when she awoke the next day, she found a kitchen knife next to her and had no recollection of how it got there. The mental health professional even said it was hard for him to sleep after experiencing this woman yelling that the ghost was behind him and had stabbed him in the head.

12 He Knew Things No One Knew


A psychiatric nurse practitioner confessed that she had a fellow nurse ask her to care for a patient who made her "uncomfortable." She had never seen her colleague act this way and was concerned. The nurse was crying and visibly upset after taking care of this patient, but she wouldn't tell her what had happened, just that she couldn't work with him anymore.

When the woman took over the mental patient's care, the man told her "things about [herself and her] family that he had zero way of knowing." She also said everything he said to her consisted of things that no one else would have known. Although this patient did not "threaten" her, she was spooked out enough to ask her supervisor to take over his care.

11 Stripped To Prevent Suicide


A psych tech revealed that one of the most disturbing things that he witnessed on the job was the "few child f*tish people" he has met over the years. He described the p*dophiles as seemingly normal people with average lives, who unfortunately could not stop their disgusting s*xual attraction towards children.

When p*dophiles are caught and placed in a prison or mental hospital, this psych tech was horrified to see that these people would "enter a state of pure self-destruction." It was "the worst depression and ideation" he had ever seen in his career. The individuals have to be stripped naked and cannot even be given a "gown cloth" without trying to kill themselves with it. Seeing someone so desperate to end their lives can be a detrimental experience that would surely haunt anyone while they try to sleep at night.

10 The Polite Little Boy With The Sick Past


A female pharmacy technician who worked at a hospital recalled a pretty traumatizing incident that occurred while she was delivering medications to the patients in the psych ward. A nine-year-old boy with pale skin and dark hair greeted her kindly every day, was well-spoken, and could hold a casual conversation.

After a few nurses saw her talking to the young boy in the hallway, they called her over and told her that when he was in kindergarten, he formed this unhealthy obsession with his female teacher. It got to the point where the kid was calling her "Mom" and leaving notes telling her how he wished he was her child. The strange thing was the boy had a seemingly normal home life with his parents, and the teacher tried to explain to her student that he already had wonderful parents and that it would hurt his mom's feelings to know he was saying these things.

The boy went home and cut his mother's throat while she slept, killing her, thinking the teacher would be his new mom. The nurses informed the pharmacy tech that the female staff wasn't supposed to form any kind of special relationship with the kid.

9 The Man Who Swallowed All The Fish


The son of a man who worked in a psychiatric hospital confessed that as a child, he remembered going to work with his dad and being entertained by feeding the small fish that swam in the pond in the lobby. His father also had a patient who would sit by the pond and watch the fish for hours, sometimes all day.

He said that some of the staff had been a bit weirded out at first, but that they got used to it and he wasn't bothering anyone. Well, it turned out that the mental patient had been sitting there every day catching these little fish with his hands while no one was looking and eating them. He estimated the patient ate about 40-50 live fish from a pond.


8 An Unexpected Visit From A Patient


A student confessed a story that their professor had once told them. They had once had a psychiatric patient with borderline personality disorder. The patient apparently believed that the doctor had "too much control" over them. To regain their sense of "control," the mental patient drove several states away to the professor's mother's house and invited herself in to have a cup of tea, saying they had been a "colleague" of her daughter's.

The professor's mother had called them and told them that she had met this person over the weekend, giving the patient's name. So when the patient came strolling into the doctor's office after her weekend away, they already knew what she was up to. Regardless, the patient creepily asked if she wanted to guess what she had done over the past few days. Shockingly enough, the doctor didn't really do much but tell her that if she "pulled" something like that, she would have to find another psychologist.

7 "They're Coming For You, Dear"


Someone working an overnight shift on the Alzheimer's ward of a nursing home facility confessed that he nearly peed his pants when he was working there one night. He was making his routine rounds and checking in on patients when he poked his head into one room that he wished he hadn't.

This 83-year-old woman sat straight up in her hospital bed staring at a blank wall. The nursing home aid walked slowly into the patient's room and asked if the woman wanted to lie back down. He said the elderly woman twisted her head slowly and looked him straight in the eye and said, "They're coming for you, dear." Then, she let out a "full-on hysterical, insane, cackling" laugh.

Once this old lady finally settled down a bit and he got her to lie down, she looked him in the eye again and said, "I'm going to miss you when they take you" and passed out asleep seconds later. The nursing aid was understandably "terrified" for the remainder of his evening shift.

6 The Not-So-Sweet Little Old Woman


When a woman first started working as a nurse at a hospital, she sat with this "sweet little old woman" and talked with her for hours. That same night, it was determined that the woman no longer needed the heart monitor she was wearing and she was transferred to another unit.

The nurse went with the patient to her new room, but said she started acting extremely strange and "just generally angry." The old woman tried to jump out of bed and the nurse tried to stop her. She started yelling that her house was on fire and her family was inside and she needed to go get them out. The patient was inconsolable and told the nurse she would "rot in hell" and that she was "responsible for her family's death."

The old woman looked right into her eyes and said that she would "burn in eternal flames" and was "filled with evil." When the nurse tried to get the patient to get back into bed, she screamed in what was either Latin or pure gibberish, ripped her dentures out and threw them at her, and then pulled the skin back, stretching her face into a creepy smile. She then let out a "blood-curdling scream while her eyes rolled back into her head like some sort of possession in a movie." The nurse confessed that she still gets chills thinking about the woman's toothless, stretched out smile.

5 He Spat Blood Into Their Mouths


This woman confessed that she had a friend who was a psychologist that had a patient who had a serious case of paranoid schizophrenia. He also happened to be HIV positive. The mental patient was apparently convinced that the nurses at the hospital were all trying to kill him.

As a patient in a hospital, he obviously didn't have access to much in the psych ward that he could "defend himself with." It appeared that the only thing he could think to do was to use his disease as a weapon. So every time the nurses would come into his room, he would bite his tongue hard enough to make it bleed and then spit his blood all over their faces and in their mouths. From then on, all of the nurses had to wear full masks and gloves to go in and care for that patient.

4 His Parents Just Kept Buying Him New Dogs


This psych ward worker was not a psychologist, but worked closely with the mental patients. One patient was a schizoaffective guy that would have s*x with dogs, kill them, and then cut their heads off. Schizoaffective people often hallucinate and have bizarre delusions, as well as suffer from bouts of mania and depression. This also is an example of grotesque b*stiality and the brutal killing of a living creature.

The worst part was that the patient's parents kept buying their son new dogs until he was finally committed. It's not exactly known how many dogs the man had killed before he was caught, but he had clearly had a routine going. The image of that patient doing those horrible things is enough to leave anyone feeling deeply disturbed.

3 There's Something Wrong With Jane


A young woman was brought into custody and placed in a psych ward with various mental issues. Let's call her Jane. The first night that Jane arrived, the staff found Jane sitting in a puddle of her own blood while they were doing their nightly rounds. Jane had sliced the skin around her shin with her nails and was "pulling the skin up her leg, essentially de-gloving her calf."

The young girl also had a "ritual" before bed that consisted of her walking to every wall of the room and touching them in the pattern of a crucifix. She would do this for hours, sit on her bed for a while, and then go to sleep. One night, the staff saw that Jane was frantically pacing and was heard screaming, when someone rushed in to see if she was okay she replied, "What makes you think you are speaking to Jane?" The staff was convinced she was possessed. 

2 She Was Convinced He Was Sending Her Secret Messages


A man who holds a Ph.D. in psychology once taught a class and had a female student in her late twenties that was "convinced" he was sending her "secret messages" that only she could decrypt during his lectures. She thought he was telepathically communicating with her and telling her that they should be together.

The woman wrote him a love letter and sent it to his home address, telling him all about how she was convinced he loved her. The professor said that these "ideas of reference" were typical of schizotypal personality disorder. When he tried to confront her in private and tell her that he was not sending her secret messages of any kind, she thought that he was the one in denial.

1 The Stories Under The Bed


While being treated at a mental hospital, this woman recalled a fellow female patient telling her about writings that she found written underneath her bed on the wooden frame. She got down on the floor and under the girl's bed to see for herself, and sure enough, there was writing not just under her bed, but every single bed in that room.

The writings were stories from mental patients who had stayed there before. There were scribbled notes from patients planning out the different ways they were going to kill themselves and who the good and bad nurses were. The woman said she was never able to get a good night's sleep in her hospital bed again because she just thought about all the past patients and got creeped out.



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