15 Cold Facts About Mitchelle Blair, The Woman Who Left Her Kids In A Freezer

It's not easy having and raising children. Yes, we can chalk that statement up to being perhaps the most obvious understatement of the year so far, but it's true. Not everybody is cut out to be a parent because being a parent is such a daunting task. The responsibility can weigh heavy on any individual's mind and drive them to their wits' end. Proper parents are able to disregard their own frustrations and rather than draw their hand back against their children's faces like they so desperately want to, they try to reason with their children and find the proper means to deal with the children's issues. That may mean seeking professional help (i.e. a doctor or psychologist) or taking things away as punishment, but whenever there's a problem with children, there's always a reasonable solution no matter what. A good parent doesn't go to extreme lengths to deal with the problem by harming the children. Mitchelle Blair, unfortunately, went to extreme lengths against her own children.

Not everyone may remember the crimes of Mitchelle Blair, but those who live in the Detroit area know just how badly her crimes shook the city to its core. Blair's crime was that she beat and suffocated two of her children to death and for a year or so, hid them in her freezer while her surviving children roamed the house as if nothing was amiss. What could these children have possibly done to convince Blair to do such a horrible thing to her own children? Continue reading to find out.

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15 How She Got Caught

Back in March 2015, the then 35-year-old Mitchelle Blair and her surviving children (aged 11 and 17) were evicted from the family's low-income townhouse on Detroit's lower east side after Blair failed to pay the rent. They lived in the house for a decade, but after Blair became unemployed, she owed $2,206. As the family's belongings were removed from the household by a crew from 36th District Court, the dead bodies of two children were found in Mitchelle Blair's freezer. Those two children, aged 11 and 14 years old, were later discovered to be Blair's own children. Blair was later arrested in handcuffs and placed in police custody. Perhaps the only thing more shocking than the crime itself was the fact it took so long before Blair's crimes were discovered.

14 Murdered Children a Year Apart from Each Other

The bodies of Mitchelle Blair's young children were found around 11:30 AM on Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 inside of a townhouse at the Martin Luther King homes on the 800 block of St. Aubin. Months later, when Blair pled guilty to killing them, she admitted that she had killed her 13-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son several months apart from each other. On the contrary, when the children's bodies were inspected for autopsies, police and criminal analysts came to the conclusion that they were actually killed years apart from each other, one child murdered in 2012 and the other child murdered in 2013. The idea that Mitchelle Blair casually lived in her house for 2-3 years while her children remained dormant in a freezer is arguably one of the more startling revelations to come out of this case.

13 Reason Why She Killed Them

In taking her plea, Mitchelle Blair provided shocking and graphic details explaining exactly why she killed her children, 13-year-old daughter Stoni and 9-year-old son Stephen. Blair made the astonishing claim that she had first killed Stoni because she had discovered that the girl was sexually assaulting her youngest brother, who was 6 years old at the time. After her youngest son approached her and told his mother what Stoni had been doing to him, Blair suffocated Stoni with a grocery bag. She then proceeded to force her oldest daughter to stuff her sibling's body into the freezer. A year later, Blair discovered that Stephen was sexually abusing her younger son as well. Much like what she did to her daughter, Stoni, Blair punished Steven by suffocating him to death.

12 She Was Molested Herself

The shocking alleged reasons why she killed her children aside, most people still find it flabbergasting to think that a mother could kill her own children when there were so many other options readily available to deal with the situation. Blair clarified in an interview with Crime Watch Daily that the reason why she had felt like she had no other options and the reason why she had felt so strongly about the situation was that Blair herself was sexually abused as a youth. When she told her mother about what had happened to her, she told her,"It's over with... what do you want me to do about it?" Blair's abuser wasn't brought to justice, and so, when her younger son came to her years later about his siblings abusing him, Blair refused to disregard her child in the same way.

11 Was She Lying?

When Blair admitted that she had killed her children for molesting her youngest son because she herself had been molested, it brought several skeptics came out of the woodwork in an attempt to invalidate Blair's claims. Some people found it all too coincidental for Blair to discover her children had been abusing their sibling when Blair had been abused many years beforehand. Some critics blamed Blair's accusations on an undiagnosed mental disorder stemming from PTSD, such as schizophrenia perhaps. Some critics hypothesized that Blair truly believed that foul play was afoot even when nothing had really happened. Other critics claimed that if her youngest had made this claim to his mother, that he had probably been lying, but surely, no child would take a lie that far. Then again, the same can be said about Blair herself. The truth is that there are multiple sides to every story, one of those being the 100% truth. We may never be sure of what that truth really is, and every hypothesis regarding this story sounds just as plausible as the last.

10 She Has No Remorse

Considering the shocking nature of the murders of her own children, Mitchelle Blair feels no remorse about her crimes at all. She's admitted to this sentiment time and time again and even admitted so while copping her plea in her court testimony. Not only did she admit that she felt absolutely no remorse whatsoever in killing either of her children (particularly in relation to killing her daughter, Stoni), she also admitted that she would do it again in a heartbeat if she had to. The closest to remorse she ever felt was when she considered turning herself in when she first killed Stoni but quickly decided against it in order to continue taking care of her youngest son and victim of his sibling's sexual assault.

9 Forced Daughter to Help

One detail from Mitchelle Blair's case that shook several onlookers in the wake of it all was the fact that Blair had actually forced her older daughter to help Blair stuff the bodies in the freezer. Police reports expressed that Blair herself had admitted that she had had her 17-year-old daughter help her lift up her two dead children's bodies in the freezer, place them in the freezer, and stack them on top of each other. Months later, in an exclusive interview with Matt Doran of Crime Watch Daily, Blair denounced and denied having made her oldest daughter "lift" the bodies but stood by the fact she had made her daughter help her. Considering what she watched her mother do to her siblings, the oldest daughter likely feared so much for her life to even consider refusing the mother's request or tell police right away.

8 Tortured Them Years Beforehand

Long before she killed two of her children, Mitchelle Blair had been abusing all of her children for years. When brought in for questioning, Mitchelle Blair's eldest daughter recalled times when she and her surviving brother had been beaten with extension cords, a piece of wood, and a hot curling iron and had been burned with a clothing iron. She also watched her mother abuse her siblings by choking them and throwing scalding hot water at both of them. Autopsies on her sibling's bodies confirmed that Blair had abused the deceased siblings long before killing them, as numerous visible and long-lasting scars were on them. Blair was actually investigated by the state over suspicions of child abuse in 2002 and 2005, but Blair was only condemned to counseling.

7 Denied Children of Education

Knowing how long both Stoni and Steven Blair were kept in Mitchelle Blair's freezer, one may wonder why no one, not even the schools, wondered where they were. For the record, she also kept her surviving children out of school. A neighbor of Mitchelle Blair's named Shanetria Lanier came forward and expressed that she had wondered herself what had happened to Blair's children after not having seen them for about a year or so. Lanier admitted that whenever she or anyone had asked Blair about children, Blair would say they were at their aunt's house or that they preferred staying inside all day because they didn't like people. No schools wondered where Blair's children were because she had homeschooled her children. An official of Detroit Public Schools confirmed that there was no record of the children attending any classes in their district.

6 Aunt Knew About Abuse, But Not at That Level

In the wake of Mitchelle Blair's heinous crimes, Blair's two surviving children were put in the custody of Blair's great-aunt, a former Detroit police child abuse investigator named Angela Gordon. When asked how someone in her field never saw the signs that Blair had been abusing her children, Gordon admitted that she knew that abuse was going on in that household for years, but never suspected that Blair could take it to the levels that she had. When Gordon one day approached Blair and told her that "she needed to start taking care of her family," Blair was offended enough to break off all contact with her aunt. Even though she never knew just how far her niece could've possibly taken the abuse, Gordon still wishes she could've seen the signs early on.

5 One Child Murder Was Intentional, the Other Wasn't

Although Mitchelle Blair has expressed time and time again that she feels no remorse for killing her children, she did admit that one of her killings had been an accident. When it came to the death 13-year-old old Stoni, Mitchelle Blair definitely meant to kill her. Mitchelle feels no remorse after hitting her daughter repeatedly over the head, burned her with hot water, and strangled her to death with a grocery bag. With her 9-year-old son, Stephen, on the other hand, Mitchelle claims that she only meant to seriously harm him. She put garbage bags over his head, choked him with a belt, punched him, kicked him, poured boiling hot water over his genitals, and made him drink Windex. Despite all the things she did to him, she didn't mean to actually kill him, only to punish him.

4 Contacted Police for Advice

Perhaps one of the strangest revelations to come out of this case was that Mitchelle Blair, in the wake of killing her children, actually did call the police afterwards, but not to turn herself in. While Mitchelle Blair stands by the fact that she feels no remorse for killing her children, Blair did call the police once asking "advice for a friend." Remaining anonymous over the phone, she asked police what should be done if said "friend" found a child sexually assaulting a sibling and also what would happen to the other children in the home afterward. The call never went much further than that as Blair quickly came to the conclusion that Child Protective Services could remove her other children from the home if they knew it was her calling.

3 Allegedly Starved Them

In addition to the several horrible things that she had already done to her children, Mitchelle Blair also was accused of starving her children and denying them of food. Blair would deny that she ever starved her children, but she did admit to denying her late son, Stephen, from eating. After learning that Stephen had been stealing food from her youngest son, Blair decided to take away Stephen's meat for dinner. She didn't clarify whether this was a one time deal or if she denied Stephen from eating on multiple occasions. Either way, police experts came to the conclusion that this would explain why Stephen appeared morbidly thin in autopsies, and Blair herself confirmed her denying him food as the reason why he had lost so much weight.

2 Fight in Prison

Mitchelle Blair is currently serving a life sentence in prison. Even behind bars, Blair continues to do horrible things to the people around her. Last we heard anything about Blair was back in 2016 when Michigan Department of Corrections spokesman Chris Gautz reported that Blair was "not adjusting well" to prison life. She partook in several acts of violence against her fellow inmates and guards. Such acts include throwing her own urine at prisoners and guards alike, punching people in the head, and threatening to kill again. On March 2nd, 2016, an assault and battery report was filed against Blair after she spat on a prisoner's head. After the incident, Blair was placed in segregation, meaning she was put in a separate special unit away from other inmates.

1 Orphaned Children Today

The year right now is 2017, meaning that it's been a little over two years since it was discovered that Mitchelle Blair had stuffed her children in the freezer after killing them. When she was convicted of her crimes, the parental rights of her surviving children were terminated and said children (who were never publicly named or photographed) were relocated to new homes. What we do know about Blair's surviving children is that the oldest, aged 19, has graduated high school this year and plans to attend college in the fall. When asked about her younger brother, the oldest child commented that he'd since been adopted. It's good to know that despite the rough ordeal these children went through with their mother, both appear to be doing well for themselves nowadays.

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