15 Chilling Trophy Pictures Of Victims Taken By Their Killers

Killers, particularly serial killers, are often fond of their trophies. Sometimes, it's a body part, a piece of clothing, or personal items belonging to the victim. That's bizarrely creepy enough. But what if they take "trophy" pictures of their distressed victims, sometimes bound and gagged with terror in their eyes? The advent of Polaroid cameras in the 1950's and 1960's meant that killers had a way of building their "collection" and maintaining that all-important anonymity. Snap, wait a minute or two, and with a click and a whir, the camera produces a print. And these days? Cellphones provide killers with a handy way of taking those compelling images and, if things get too hot, making them disappear again. Although, as we will see, "deleting" is not the same as "destroying." The cellphone and social media have seen the advent of a truly horrific phenomena—the murder video. So, here are 15 images of terror, torture, death, and ego captured by killers. Some go back to the 1950's or 1960's. Some are as current as today. All are chilling.

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15 1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick


Born Eric Newman, Luka Magnotta was fond of doing videos of himself torturing kittens and getting plastic surgery. By the time he was 21, he was making "adult" videos and working as a male escort. Then, in May of 2012, it turned nasty. Around May 18th, Magnotta filmed a video of a drugged man sleeping. He was tied to a bed and Magnotta is straddling him. Then he reaches for an electric saw. Apparently, that one got away. But a week later, Magnotta picks up Chinese exchange student, Lin Jun, takes him back to his place, drugs him, ties him to a bed, and then, in a frenzied attack, stabs him with an ice pick some 100 times while filming a video. He then dismembers him, does a spot of necrophilia, and, some say, goes in for a bit of cannibalism. The 11-minute video, 1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick was posted on Bestgore.com. No word on who the one that got away is. Magnotta was banged up for life.

14 Live On Facebook


The picture of an elderly man in a blue plaid shirt was allegedly taken by Steve Stephens on Easter Sunday, April 26, 2017. It was Easter Sunday on a nice Cleveland, Ohio Spring day and Robert Godwin, Sr. and his cat hat were out for a stroll. A car pulled up to the curb near where Godwin was walking. The driver, said to be Steve Stephens, tells Godwin to say the name of a woman who is believed to be Stephens' estranged girlfriend. Then, he pulls out a gun. The elderly Godwin repeatedly tells the younger man he does not know the woman. Then Godwin crumples to the ground after having been shot in the head and mortally wounded. Then, horror of horrors, Stephen posts the video of the murder to Facebook Live and flees. The video is taken down...like really fast. 48 hours later, Stephens shoots himself in the head and dies.

13 Post Mortem Selfie

via YouTube

16-year-old Maxwell Morton posted a selfie of himself and his friend Ryan Mangan. The only thing is that Max is alive and breathing while Ryan is dead. WTF! It seems like Max blasted his pal and then posed with him for a selfie. Friends saved it and forwarded it to police who said that the victim was sitting in the [black] chair with a gunshot wound on the face... It also depicts a black male taking the "selfie" with his face facing the camera and the victim" behind him. The boy's body was found. Guess what? The Pennsylvania teen was found guilty of third-degree murder in February of 2017. Third degree? The jury bought his story that it was an accident. So, after an accident, the guy coolly posts a picture of his dead friend? Crying on the stand, Max said, “People think I am a monster. I am not. I’m just a chill kind of guy.” Sure.

12 The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs

It's Ukraine in 2007, a Ukraine terrorized by two 19-year-old men named Victor Sayenko and Igor Suprunyuk. The murderous pair were wandering the streets and forests, preying on random victims while capturing murders with images and videos on their cellphones. Their weapon of choice was a hammer. Their attack on a cancer survivor was the subject of a video which they posted under the title 3 Guys 1 Hammer. It concludes with the two guys smiling for the camera. They were captured and imprisoned for life. These guys took trophy pictures to a new level... a disgusting one.

11 R.I.P. Murderer Posts Picture Of Wife's Body

Hubby, Derek Medina, and wife, Jennifer Alfonso, had a fight one morning. Something about his not waking her up in time to watch a movie. Footage taken by security cameras shows Medina pointing a gun at Alfonso. "That's it," she says, "I am leaving you." He can be seen, gun in hand, following her into the kitchen. She grabs a knife and bang! He shoots her dead. OK, so the whole thing was caught on camera. It gets worse...a lot worse. There she is slumped in a corner of the kitchen and what does Medina do? He snaps a picture of her body and then posts it to Facebook with the tag "Rip Jennifer Alfonso."  The former resident of South Miami was sentenced to life in February of 2016

10 The Haunting Polaroid

via Tellwut.com

On September 20, 1988, a woman named Tara Calico set out from her New Mexico home for her daily morning bike ride along New Mexico Road 47. She was on her own. Her mother had stopped riding with her because she felt that she was being followed, stalked by a motorist. She advised Cara to carry mace. Tara disappeared, never to be seen again. Then, a year later, a woman in Florida saw what appeared to be a Polaroid face down in a parking lot. When she turned it over, she saw the harrowing image of a woman, believed to be Tara, and a young boy trussed up and gagged with duct tape in what could be a van. The authorities compared the image to one of Tara's. Her coloring, hair, and size all matched. And despite gaining a lot of publicity, the fate of Tara Calico remains an unsolved mystery. Is this the last image of her? Some say yes.

9 Killed By Her Adoptive Parents


They were a wealthy, professional childless Spanish couple who, like many other affluent Westerners, had in 2001 flown to China and adopted a baby named Asunta. As the child grew, she became a kind of golden, gifted child who was shunted from one lesson to the next by her apparently doting parents, lawyer Rosario Porto and journalist Alfonso Basterra. The perfect family. Or not? In September of 2013, her parents reported her missing. Then, her lifeless body was found dumped by a road. When the autopsy revealed that Asunta had been fed sedatives over a period of time, suspicions focused on her parents. Add to this the fact that, reportedly, deleted pictures of the drugged child were recovered from her father's cellphone together with some getting onto naughty ones of an unidentified woman. The pair were convicted in 2015. Why did they do it? Nobody knows.

8 BTK Killer

BTK? It stands for "Blind, Torture, Kill." Meet Dennis Rader, respected member of the Wichita, Kansas middle class community by day and perverted murderer by night. He took loads and loads of trophy pictures of his victims before and after their death. And even worse? He took pictures like the one here of him re-enacting, reliving, or rehearsing his murders. His thing was terrorizing his victims, blinding them, torturing them, before finally killing them. He has killed around ten people in all. The Cub Scout leader's hobbies included torturing animals and re-enacting his crimes. And when they arrested him, they found a treasure trove of writings, pictures, and artwork. Oh, if you're interested, he claimed to be writing a book from prison. Why? To raise money for his victims' families. Nice guy.

7 Beaten For Stealing


It's getting onto Christmas in 2016. The 20-year-old was smiling when he came into the apartment, but not when he left. Delvin Mendoza-Chaparro was with Sarah Zakzesky and Devin Katzfey. There was a fight over whether Delvin had stolen weed from the pair. A shouting match gets nasty and the drug-dealing pair set about brutally beating him up, gleefully recording the assault in a graphic video, which the thoughtful pair then posted to the victim's Snapchat account. Images of his bloodied face and crumpled body are just about impossible to watch. Then, they apparently considered getting him medical help before going for Plan B and dumping his body in the streets. The charge? First degree reckless homicide.

6 Haunting Snapchat Pictures Of Murdered Girls

via elitedaily.com

Did their killer take the haunting pictures of two slain Indiana teens before killing them? He certainly makes an appearance in an audio clip, ordering the two terrified teens down a hill. 13-year-old Abigail Williams and her 14-year-old friend, Liberty German, disappeared shortly after the pictures of them walking along a railroad track were posted to Snapchat. Someone, maybe one of the girls, captured the image of a man walking near the crime scene in a brown hat, dark jacket, and blue jeans. He is the cops' number one suspect. The girls' bodies were found on Valentine's Day of 2017.

5 The Lonely Hearts Killer And His Victims


Harvey Glatman grew up sick. When he was only 12, he showed a real talent for sadomasochistic s*xual activity, tying a rope around his own neck to achieve an erotic high. As an adult in Los Angeles, he posed as a professional photographer, telling girls he was looking for models. A lots of girls believed him and went back to his room. But when they got there, they were tied up, sometimes r*ped, and then killed. Oh, he did take pictures of "his" girls, but the snaps were sometimes of terrified trussed up victims and sometimes of lifeless dead ones. [We can't show you the whole of this pictures because the woman is topless and trussed up in a kinky S&M manner.] And our Harvey had a sick, sick sense of humor. He told police the girls had asked him to kill them, joking that they would rather be dead than with him.

4 The Academy Maniacs


Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery. Three years after the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs, came the so-called Academy Maniacs, a pair of seemingly school age boys with murder in mind. They terrorized the streets of Irkutsk, Russia beginning in November of 2010. The two boys followed the lead of their "heroes" from the Ukraine and filmed their murders, randomly attacking drunks and homeless men, people they considered weak. They favored mallets and knives. Police nabbed them after a video surfaced online of the deadly duo mutilating the body of a young woman.

3 The Serial Killer And His Deadly Desert Photoshoots


Back in the 1980's, William Richard Bradford murdered his 15-year-old neighbor, Tracey Campbell, and pretty barmaid, Shari Miller. When he killed Shari Miller, he was out on bail awaiting trial for r*pe. He told Miller that he was a professional photographer and offered to help her build a modeling portfolio. So, she went with him to a remote spot in the desert North of Los Angeles. There, he photographed her, strangled her, and dumped her body back in the streets of Los Angeles. There she was in the desert prettily posing and looking forward to better things. The next moment, she was dead. The desert spot he took Miller to was familiar to the guy. It was the scene of the alleged r*pe for which he was awaiting trial and, reportedly, the scene of Tracey Campbell's murder. So, two victims? We'll see.

2 The Guest Who Never Left


Bob Berdella was a homos*xual serial killer who r*ped, tortured, and then murdered at least six men in and around Kansas City, Missouri. Like the others on this list, Berdella enjoyed taking trophy pictures of his  victims before and after their death. In 1985, an 18-year-old "friend" of Berdella, Robert Sheldon, came to visit. He never left again. For some reason, he annoyed Berdella. And he paid a high price. Sheldon ended up drugged, gagged, bound, and was imprisoned in Berdella's basement. This picture and all the pictures of Berdella's victims were prized mementos, souvenirs of Berdella's dreadful spree. Drain cleaner in the eye and electric shocks were part of his repertoire. In Sheldon's case, his end came when workman were due to come to Berdella's house. Well, he had to shut him up.

1 54 Victims?


In 2006, the police issued a chilling gallery of pictures that had been found at William Richard Bradford's place when he was arrested for the desert murder of Shari Miller. Why on earth would they do that? Well, it seems that number 28 has been identified as Donnalee Campbell Duhamel, a woman whose decapitated body had been found in Malibu, California in 1978. It's kind of creepy to note that some of the pictures seem to have been taken in the desert, perhaps at Bradford's "favorite" remote spot. Police also found out that Bradford had met Duhamel at a California bar a few days before here body was found. So the others? Most have remained unidentified, leading authorities to suspect that there may be many more of Bradford's victims buried somewhere out in the desert.

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