15 Chilling Things You Should Never, Ever Google

Google can be like your Instagram feed at 1am in the morning – raw and unfiltered and contain images of a somewhat graphic nature. Sure that can be fun when you’re looking at drunken topless models but what about a site on reborn baby dolls or some of the most unappealing skin conditions. The problem is you don't even have to fill in specific details. Google is so clever the results will pop up instantly, images and all. If you're multi-tasking at the time of the search while simultaneously having a bite to eat, we wouldn’t recommend trying this. You won't be able to finish eating. It’s safe to say Google has become the world’s most loved search engine of all time but it’s anything but safe. Trust us, we know!

On Google you can find everything from outrageously gross and disgusting things to things so terrifying and disturbing it makes the Haunting sound like a kid’s bedtime story.

We've all done it before. We've typed in the wrong key word by accident or somehow got distracted by other search options and clicked images and before you know it, we're looking at something shocking. To save you the trauma, we’ve compiled a list of 15 Chilling Things You Should Never, Ever Google.

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15 Puzzle video

Just when you think you can breathe again and let out a sigh of relief we’re ready with another terrifying item on the list that’s guaranteed to keep you awake at night. Sure the words “puzzle” or “video” aren’t scary or chilling in the list. Put them together and Google it and bloody hell it’s traumatizing.

Puzzle Video is a video that arrived on the scene back in 2015 and shows a man in a cloak and a mask with a long pointy nose walking around a mental hospital. We were well frightened just reading that but if you’re brave enough to continue you’ll discover that the video was filled with all these Morse codes and hidden messages. These messages spell out the end of the world and it even appeared to hint at killing the president.

14 Reborn Dolls

According to RebornBabies.co.za a Reborn doll is a Real Baby Replica, created directly from computer photometric scans of a precious real newborn baby. Doesn’t sound too bad right? Wrong! The target audience is directed at women who have unfortunately given birth to stillborn babies and looking online to dress up their dead fetuses for photographs - hence the reborn doll was created.

It’s disturbing and creepy but devastatingly sad all at the same time. We can’t help but think the makers of Reborn Dolls have their hearts in the right place and the very best of intentions but this whole concept freaks us out.

13 The Anneliese Michel Exorcism

This is a site dedicated to the real-life exorcism of Anneliese Michel so duh - it’s an absolute shocker. The most horrifying part of all though is the fact that it contains an actual audio clip of Anneliese Michel screaming in fear as the exorcism itself is taking place. Oh and did we mention there are even pics! We bet you only last through 15 minutes of it - max.

If you’re feeling a little in the dark and have never heard of Anneliese then allow us to take you back to a time when “The Exorcist” was just released. The press went crazy when they learned of a real-life case involving the possession of a young girl. Her parents and the local priest involved in her exorcism were then taken to trial and found guilty and this girl was in fact the Anneliese Michel which was the inspiration behind the cult classic “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”.

12 The 4Chan Serial Killer

A few years back an anonymous user on a website "4Chan” posted a startling confession that he had killed “several women for pleasure” and urged other users to guess the name of one of his kills. He said he would upload their picture if any of the users guessed correctly. This went on and soon the user was uploading pictures of a woman first alive and then dead, whose killer had never been caught. The user then changed it up a bit and uploaded a pic of a man that appeared to be dying and then another pic of him appearing dead.

"I have killed several women for pleasure. If you can guess a name I will upload a picture. If you can guess a name of any of these women I will upload their photo. No more than ten names per post. Any more than that will be ignored. Some are Polaroids and others were taken with a disposable camera. I also have pictures of them before death when I was able to do so. If you guess all of the names I will show you where I dumped a body in 1999. The first one is free as her name is unlikely to be guessed."

4Chan website fans believed the whole thing was a joke but it was soon discovered that the deaths were in fact real and that the 4Chan serial killer remains uncaught to this day.

11 Cannibal Holocaust

Surely the words “Cannibal” and “Holocaust” are chilling enough without having to put them together but when you do and dare Google it, you are left with something that’s all kinds of creepy.

If you’re a fan of The Blair Witch Project then perhaps this is for you as it is linked to found footage and reads as a thriller.

Ever wondered what the very first found footage movie ever made was? Well the answer is Ruggero Deodato’s Cannibal Holocaust, and it was released almost two decades before the cult classic Blair Witch Project.

Cannibal Holocaust went on to become one of the most controversial horror films of all time and still is today. It involves footage of a disastrous expedition to the Amazon Basin and footage of their trip is later recovered by a rescue crew. The footage is so real and so horrific that people refused to believe it was a work of fiction. Fancy watching it for yourself, be our guest but do make it a private screening thanks…

10 Post-mortem Photography

This next entry has the makings for giving you nightmares for days. Post-mortem photography is also referred to as “memento mori” which is Latin for "remember that you will die". Thanks to the type of photography it will be very hard to forget seeing that all the subjects in the pics are in fact very, very dead!

It’s the kind of photography where people propped the deceased people up for their portrait pics as if they were living so we could always remember them the way they were. The problem only lies in the fact that we can tell that they are dead and that we have their lifeless, cold, dead eyes staring at us from every terrifyingly creepy photograph. We told you – nightmares for days.

9 CreepyPasta

The following site CreepyPasta contains some material so chilling and vile that it caused us to have PTSD along with the chills, night sweats and several nightmares. If you are too afraid to continue this article then you’re welcome to view a recently published post by author Chia Kougianos such as “15 Things You Should Never Do In The Buff” which is perhaps equally as shocking to view or “16 Chilling Images Of Olympic Venues That Are Left To Rot” and we’re willing to call it even. If you dare to read on then kudos, you’re just as intrigued as the rest of the editorial team.

CreepyPasta has been absolutely slated on the internet for its uncanny ability to terrify and shock. The content on their website showcases everything from the Russian Sleep Experiment to Urban Legends and Chilling Tales for Dark Nights. Check it out, we dare ya and if you don’t then it's done its job…

8 Unusual Deaths

This next item on the list may not sound too horrifying at first glance, thanks to the success of “A Million Ways to Die in the West”. Let’s face it: the movie was an outrageous comedy and it made dying in unusual ways almost appealing. Alas this website is anything but and it details death in its primal nature – horrific and oh so unappealing.

Death is part of life. It’s natural and most times it’s inevitable. The thing with the Unusual Deaths website however, is that it opens up your mind to a realm of new possibilities. Just when you think you’ve come to terms with the notion that you could die in a car accident or perish in a fire, they throw new threats your way and make you worry about dying in ways that used to think were impossible.

7 World Births and Deaths

What if we told you there was a way to experience the births and deaths taking place all over the world simulated in real-time? This has been made possible thanks to World Births and Deaths and it consists of a world map showing exactly where in the world people are currently dying and where they are being born.

The world’s population is forever changing and with new life comes death but seeing it take place in front of your very eyes really does put it into perspective. It’s like you can visualize the globe’s age-old dance of death and life and it’s something that’s haunting as well as beautiful.

The website is completely interactive and when you enter it a map will immediately appear and on it you can see red dots popping up all over the place for deaths and green dots popping up for new births. If you don’t happen to find this too chilling then you have the option to only view deaths and once this happens you are essentially watching people die all over the world in front of your very eyes, in real-time.

6 The Original Night Stalker

This next entry is one that certainly kept us up all hours of the night thinking about it. Enter “The Original Night Stalker”, a serial murderer who was never caught!

It’s been said that he murdered a total of 12 people across southern California and raped 50 women from the late ’70s through to the ’80s, and in his decade-long crime spree he was never captured. The Original Night Stalker targeted couples as his murder victims of choice and he used to force the woman to tie up the man before shooting them both.

Now, nearly 40 years after his first known crime, the FBI has issued a plea to the public to assist in identifying one of America’s Most Wanted criminals. They now believe he is responsible for more than 175 crimes including rape and homicide across California. Did we mention he was never caught!

5 Bedbugs on your Mattress

Bedbugs are small, brownish looking insects that thrive on the blood of animals and people.

The sneaky pests enter our homes undetected through travel luggage or clothing and thanks to their ridiculous flattened bodies it makes it possible for them to fit in the tiniest of spaces. You may not see them but you’ll sure as hell feel them as they tend to bite at night. They feed by piercing into the skin and withdrawing blood through this creepy elongated beak that they have going. They then proceed to feed for anything between three to 10 minutes to become engorged and then crawl away unnoticed.

You know when a search engine asks you if you want to “Turn SafeSearch On or Off”? Well we highly recommend you do this before searching for “bedbugs on your mattress” but the worst thing is it probably won’t help. You should even hide the Images folder and try only looking at the information provided. You see, the images are almost as shocking as the info itself so really you’re going to be screwed either way…

4 Peanut - The World's Ugliest Dog

What if we were to tell you that we have discovered the world’s ugliest dog? Would you immediately want to leap onto your PC and Google search? We did and soon discovered that Peanut is in fact a burn-victim dog with deformed lips and scarred eyelids and patchy fur. He was deservedly crowned the World's Ugliest Dog at a ceremony in Petaluma, California.

Besides being a victim of a fire, he was a victim of abuse as well and was ever so kindly rescued by Holly Chandler. "He doesn't have lips anymore," Chandler says. "His eyelids are also gone, and so he can't close his eyes, so therefore his eyes water. The tears drain into his nose and so he has nice little snot bubbles because of it. So it's great that adds to his character."

3 Goodbye Warden

We couldn’t help but include “goodbye warden” on the list as the content on the website is definitely chilling.

Goodbye Warden consists of the final statements of death row inmates in Texas before they are executed. It showcases real people saying real things in the minutes leading up to their final moments on earth. If that isn’t chilling then we don’t know what is…

Perhaps it’s because their final words more often than not are thought-provoking and heart-breaking. Let’s just say hope is not in abundant supply and some of the last words and phrases we discovered left a haunting impression. If you’re in the mood for browsing morbid, crime-related content then this is the perfect site for you.

2 Skin Condition

If you’re eating right now at this very second, stop! Put the fork down and back away slowly from your screen. If you intend on eating soon -don’t. And if you choose to search images after you read this then good luck to you!

This next item on the list is horrifying and disgusting in ways you could never imagine. Before the Smurfs movie we had never envisioned Blue Skin and we sure didn’t know that the Werewolf Syndrome is in fact a real disease. We also didn’t know what Tungiasis was and then we learned it was involves fleas being burrowed into your skin and laid eggs.

There are thousands upon thousands of skin diseases and disorders and every one of them is truly terrifying to view. Some are so weird and horrific that they will leave you speechless while others will leave you scratching your head wondering if it’s a real thing.

1 Cannibalism Forum

In its very nature the meaning of cannibalism involves eating people and the only thing more terrifying and shocking is finding a forum surrounding it. It takes it a step further (if at all humanly possible) and features a forum about eating people as well as being eaten by people.

Some of the members of the forum even chat and arrange meetups as if wanting to eat someone was as easy as saying “I’d like someone to eat, I’m in the market for some fresh meat”. Talk about people being bat-shit crazy.

It’s been rumored that a guy called Perro Loco started the Cannibal Café back in 1994 — and when, in 2002, one of its users “Franky from Germany” was arrested for killing and eating another man, the Cannibal Café was shut down by the German authorities. The link for this website is not accessible anymore due to the criminal content of the website. We can’t help but think it’s probably for the best…

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