15 Chilling Things You Didn't Know About The Bilderberg Group

While conspiracy theorists don't all agree on the level of nefarious activities our government partakes in, basically all of them believe in some form of shadow government. They believe that there is a group of elite individuals who meet in secret to plot the upcoming events in our world. One of the front runners for this real life Illuminati may be the Bilderberg Group.

Unlike many other conspiracy theories that involve puppet masters pulling the strings from the shadows, the Bilderberg Group actually exists. Not to say that others do not, but there are confirmed yearly meetings of the Bilderberg group complete with guest lists and a public agenda. Of course, the group denies that it takes part in controlling much of the modern world, but there is no denying that high-powered individuals from the US and Europe meet at a yearly retreat to discuss the political climate of the western world.

Apart from some scraps thrown to the public to make everything seem above-board, virtually all that the Bilderberg Group does and says during their retreats is never released to the public. Here are 15 Chilling Things You Didn't Know About the Bilderberg Group.

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15 The Origin


The first meeting of what would become the Bilderberg group was initiated by several powerful European individuals, including Józef Retinger of Poland, who was growing concerned over increasing anti-American sentiment in Western Europe. He suggested a conference that included heads of state, businessmen, and influencers from Europe and the United States. The goal of the original group was to work in the best interest of furthering the western world.

Retinger brought the suggestion to some of his peers who reached out to Walter Bedell Smith of the CIA to get the Americans involved. Two people from each region were invited to the first gathering, one representing a conservative viewpoint and the other representing the liberal side. They met at the Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Netherlands, from the 29th to the 31st of May in 1954 for the first time.

14 Goals

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As previously stated, the original goal of the group was to simply strengthen the European and US relations. On the heels of the second World War, this group of elites gathered to ensure that nothing of the sort ever happened again. They wanted to make sure that the US and Europe remained on good terms, and created a platform where people could speak freely about what they felt about their nations.

Now, the group's goal is different and fairly vague. They want to promote a consensus on Western capitalism and congregate to discuss important issues facing the world. While their official stance on a one-world government—something conspiracy theorists love to mention—is not exactly correct, the group aims to promote cooperation rather than the senseless killing in which wars often result to.

13 Chairmen


There have been seven chairmen of the Bilderberg group since its inception. The current chairman is a French man named Henri de La Croix de Castries, who is currently Chairman and CEO of the insurance company AXA. Castries took over for the previous chairman, Étienne Francois Jacques Davignon, in 2011.

All chairmen of the Bilderberg group, as can be expected, were men at the top of their industry. Most of them were even members of their country's parliament or ruling class, giving them true insight into the inner workings of their country as well as the power to influence the way members of the ruling class respond to situations. It makes sense that these type of people are chairing the Bilderberg Group, as this is the most exclusive club on the planet.

12 Secrecy

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The Bilderberg Group isn't the most secretive of secret societies as they give the public a little taste of what they'll be talking about and who is in attendance. The select people who are invited to attend the annual meeting is released to the public, though it's never explicitly stated whether or not these people will show up. The itinerary for the group is also on display but usually just contains some of the hot-button items from that year. For instance, last year's members discussed China, Europe, migration, the Middle East, Russia, among other things. Still, knowing the topics doesn't give any real insight into what these elite few are talking about.

While this is all public record, it's never explicitly stated what is said behind closed doors. The group operates under the Chatham House Rule which allows attendees to use any information they gather, but prevent them from revealing the source of the information. Basically, they can repeat anything they hear but are not allowed to say who told them. The reasoning for this rule makes sense, as it allows members to speak their mind without fear of any public backlash that may be associated.

11 Security

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Despite the fact that the Bilderberg group tries to put on the facade of transparency, they are actually extremely strict when it comes to intruders. It is clear that this group wants to keep all of their cards close to the vest, as any city in which this elite group meet is virtually turned into a police state for the duration of the conference.

Multiple journalists have tried to infiltrate the group, but have all been turned away. Many of them get arrested for trying to get in the door. Sneaking into a conference that holds some of the world's most elite members must be one hell of a rush, but it has a near 100% chance of failure and will likely result in prosecution.

10 Kingmakers

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The official stance of the Bilderberg Group's politics is that it doesn't interfere. They would have us believe that they take no part in deciding who will become the next president or prime minister. If anyone on the guest list is asked, they will say that the group only discusses issues and never puts one of their members in a position of influence, but the results speak for themselves.

Bill Clinton was invited to attend the Bilderberg Group's meeting in 1991. At that time, he was only the governor of Arkansas with little national notoriety, but by the next year, he would see himself elected president of the United States. Tony Blair experienced similar success after his invite in 1993. At the time, he was only a shadow minister.

Keep an eye on the Bilderberg guest list each year. Even if some of the political leaders on the guest list are unknowns, they may be rising in the ranks after only one conference.

9 The New World Order


The New World Order, The Illuminati, or basically any other name you can think of for the shadow government that conspiracy theorists claim are controlling the world can be seen manifested in the Bilderberg Group. Many conspiracy theorists claim that this is the true meeting place where the policies of the world are decided, and there are some validity to these claims.

Due to the secrecy surrounding the Bilderberg group, as well as the success of its members, leads many people to theorize that this is the ominous New World Order meeting place. Some members are cagey about their involvement in the group and some are open about it. But virtually, nothing that happens when the Bilderberg group meets is released to the public. Whenever a group of elite politicians and industry leaders meet in private, there is going to be some speculation and not all of it is unfounded.

8 Alex Jones

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Alex Jones of Infowars is one of the most famous and vocal conspiracy theorists out there. He can mold virtually any piece of information into a conspiracy and is famous for connecting dots that may or may not exist. There are certainly some conspiracies trumpeted by Alex Jones for ratings (he openly admits that he fell victim to the Y2K hype train). The Bilderberg group is something he genuinely feels strongly about.

Alex Jones is the most vocal opponent of the Bilderberg group, claiming that these are the people pulling the strings of national and international events. He's attempted to expose the group multiple times, and even worked with an undercover reporter to capture an inside look at the notorious Bohemian Grove gathering.

The Bilderberg Group is obviously aware of Jones and stoked the conspiracy theory flames when they had him detained prior to their meeting in Ottawa. He was interrogated for 15 hours and his belongings were thoroughly searched. Many people, including Jones, take this as a sign that he is onto something and the group attempted to intimidate him.

7 2013 Protests

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Jones is not the only one who's been critical of the Bilderberg Group and is far from being the only one who takes exception to the fact that these elite leaders are meeting without transparency. The 2013 conference held in England was met with protesters who demanded to know what was going on inside the hotel. Of course, security didn't allow anyone to get close but this was one of the only times the Bilderberg Group was met with official protests. No one was arrested, and the protest didn't seem to change anything. But they signified that people want to know more about this mysterious group.

While there are leaks from the group here and there, none of them have any official validity and it's tough to know what's real or fake. Since the group claims it doesn't keep any minutes or official documentation, it's impossible to know what's truly discussed at these meetings.

6 North American Union

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One of the biggest conspiracy theories coming out of the Bilderberg group is that it was attempting to establish an alliance between Canada, Mexico, and the United States similar to that of the European Union, with open boarders and a single currency. This information was based on leaks from the group, though the official stance is that these are fake documents.

High profile conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones took this information and ran with it. In all honesty though, it's not that far-fetched. As of now, it looks like the prospect of a North American Union is far from being realized, but it's still possible down the line. Opponents of this idea, such as Jones, believe that this is merely the next step towards a one-world government and that the establishment of a universal currency that will tank the US economy.

5 Oil Prices

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While virtually all of what's discussed when the Bilderberg Group meets is secret, the guest list is released to the public by the group's official website. Some people receive an invitation virtually every year, and it is almost a guarantee that oil company CEOs will make the cut.

BP, Shell, and Exxon Mobile are companies that are almost always represented at the Bilderberg group, and there was a supposed leak from the group that foretold the increase in oil prices during the 2006 meeting. Alex Jones and other conspiracy theorists claim that the group dictated the substantial increase in oil prices before it eventually transpired. The group denies that the leaked information is accurate, but the fact that oil prices rose so sharply after these documents were released is certainly fishy.

4 Jim Tucker


Jim Tucker is known as the number one authority in the world on the Bilderberg group. He dedicated his entire career to exposing the group, even leaving his sports reporting job in Washington to investigate them full-time.

Much of the information about the Bilderberg group that people cite comes straight from Jim Tucker. He even wrote a book about the group entitled Jim Tucker's Bilderberg Diary, where he details his 30-plus years of searching for information and insight about the suspicious Bilderberg Group.

Among Tucker's notable insights were the rise and fall of Margaret Thatcher in her relation to the Bilderberg Group. He was also able to tell the story of how a little-known governor of Arkansas, by attending the Bilderberg meetings, was able to rise to the top of American politics.

3 Donald Trump

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If you subscribe to the idea that the Bilderberg Group's goal is to eventually establish a one-world government, then it should come as no surprise that the group is opposed to many of the ideas that made Donald Trump so popular. The populist movement that seems to be catching on in Europe and the US is generally against much of what the Bilderberg Group is theorized to be planning, which is why people like Alex Jones are such fans of Trump.

Hillary Clinton was never invited to a Bilderberg Group meeting herself, though her husband has been and so have many of her top advisers. The same can be said for former President Obama, and it is believed that the group had Hillary Clinton pegged as the next President of the United States. With this in mind, all of the drama surrounding Trump's ties to Russia can be seen as this elite group working to oust him as the president. Some say that this isn't the first time they've done such a thing.

2 Margaret Thatcher


To hear Jim Tucker tell it, Margaret Thatcher is one example of a politician who was not approved by the Bilderberg group and what can happen. Apparently, Thatcher didn't like the first Bilderberg meeting she attended and was vocal about her opinion.

Tucker claims that Thatcher told him that it was "a tribute to be denounced by them," which gives some insight into what kind of people attend these meetings. Apparently, she didn't like what she saw even though she was invited back in subsequent years. Many people connect this instance with her resignation, which they claim was forced by the nefarious forces who are controlling the world from behind the scenes. Despite the fact that Thatcher remains a political icon, the abrupt ending to her career shows what this group may be capable of doing.

1 A Satanic Cult

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While some conspiracy theories about the Bilderberg group are relatively reasonable, many of them assert that the group is responsible for some of the worst things to have happened in the world. Many people connect the group to the events of September 11 as well as other tragedies, and some others say that the people involved in the Bilderberg group are actually Satan worshipers.

Much of this speculation comes from another chillingly secret gathering that takes place in Bohemian Grove, California. One journalist working with the aid of Alex Jones was able to gain access to Bohemian Grove and documented a strange ritual that included robes, chanting, and even the burning of a giant owl effigy. The guest list of Bohemian Grove overlaps with many of the Bilderberg Group attendees, which leads many to theorize that there is some sort of ritualistic nature to these gatherings.

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